Can Hair Systems Be Colored?

Dye Hair Systems

Color is an important component in completing the overall look for any non surgical hair replacement system. It is especially vital on how it will look on the wearer. If the non surgical hair replacement system is great but the client hates the color or it does not match well then the wearer will be uncomfortable wearing the toupee and unlikely to repurchase. At Bono Hair we take every step in creating an all round high-quality hair system starting from production to finish, to help you select the color for the clients to make sure we get the desired perfect color.


One of the most asked questions by wearers is if it is possible to have their custom hair system colored? The answer is yes! One of the most amazing aspects of wearing a hair replacement is the versatility you get. From the styling, the hair texture, the hair density, and the color. For some wearers they want to stick to their natural hair color, others want to experiment with a new but subtle color, but for the fashionistas, this is their opportunity to be different and go bold with loud colors. What makes human hair replacement systems so popular is the ability to color them without worrying about damaging the hair. At Bono Hair 50% of the toupee sales are made for men aged between 20-40. Most of the hair system wearers are young and adventurous enough to try out a new color.


Now for the clients who already own a hair replacement system they would want to dye hair system for a varying number of reasons;


  • Oxidation- When the hair is overexposed to the sun, the harmful UV rays get in contact with the oxygen , mix and cause a process known as oxidation. This will gradually turn the non surgical hair replacement system into a brassy red / orange color.
  • The use of harsh products such as shampoo or conditioners for a toupee can change the color.
  • Over washing your men’s hair piece can cause color fading overtime.
  • Not being gentle can lead to color fade.
  • Time in general can naturally cause the human hair systemto fade color.
  • The wearer just wants to change the color of the current hair system to something completely different.


Not all hair systems are created equal and some will not be able to take color well while others will absorb in the color and have vibrant color results. Can you dye 100% human hair? Human hair replacement systems are from collected hair donors so the hair strands can be dyed or bleached into any hair color. You need to know what type of human replacement system can take in color. It all depends on the hair replacement that has been purchased.


Virgin Human Hair – Are the best in dying hair system. It has not gone through chemical processing, permed, dyed or bleached. As the hair strands have not been compromised in any way, they take in color extremely well.


Non-Virgin Human Hair – It has gone through chemical processing, therefore, it is not as porous as virgin human hair. Nonetheless, it can take color very well and the color results will be great.


Synthetic Hair – Are made from plastic fibers that are meant to mimic human hair. It can not go through the same process as human hair extensions. It cannot hold color pigment well and the coloring process will likely damage the hair replacement system.


We always recommend wearers should seek a professional hair colorist for the best results. You should be able to provide them with this information.



How To Choose Wig Color

dye hair systems

Bono Hair has 104 color hair system color chart available for custom hair systems. We provide a stock toupee color ring chart to choose from. They can also match a sample of the hair that resembles their own. The wearer can also send pictures that will help ascertain and choose a color that matches their own hair perfectly.


If Your Customers Want to Dye Hair System, How To Choose Hair Color


Hair color is a commitment for that much needed self-confidence boost. Color is very crucial in complementing the wearer’s whole style and look.


Pick A Color To Compliment Your Skin Tone


This can be a bit tricky as you want to pick a color the client will be comfortable wearing daily. So how does one figure out how to choose a wig color that complements them? A great way to achieve a good hair color match is knowing skin undertones.


There are 3 traditional undertones;


  • Warm-choose hair colors with cool shades of brown such as chestnut or ashy colors.


  • Cool– choose hair colors with warm blondes with caramel or amber colors.


  • Neutral – skin will be complemented with both shades from warm and cool undertones.


And for the adventurous, fashion setters, do not be afraid to go wild with any colors you want.




As a hair system manufacturer, we always advocate for distributors, wholesalers, and salon owners to trust us with the coloring process but we understand sometimes you as professionals might want to color the hair for your own clients. As much as it is beneficial for a hair system to be colored by a professional hair colorist, the wearer might opt to do the coloring on their own for convenience reasons. We took all that into consideration and thought it is important to give a guideline on how to dye a human hair wig at home.


First, you need to choose a professional hair color as opposed to over the counter commercial colors


Items Needed

dye hair systems
  • Professional coloring kit
  • Styrofoam or wig head
  • Aluminum foil
  • Rubber gloves
  • Comb
  • Application brush
  • Old t-shirt
  • Shampoo
  • Leave-in conditioner


Before You Start

This may not be obvious to some but apply the color to the hair system in a well-lit room. Preferably daytime and with natural light is the best time to do the hair system coloring. You want to ascertain you can judge and accurately see if you are achieving the color desired.



You need to account for how thick the hair system is. The hair density of the toupee will determine how much color the hair needs during the dying hair system process.



The base must be protected at all costs from coming into contact with the color. This will damage the hair system and will compromise the integrity of the toupee.


Wash the Dyed Human Hair Wigs 

For the non surgical hair replacement system to properly take in the color, it has to be clean. Gently wash the toupee a few days prior with a shampoo that will not damage the hair system. The hair needs to be cleaned from dirt, product build-up coloring, or pollution. Clean hair is the perfect canvas for optimum color absorption. Use ONLY shampoo and no conditioner. Let the hair air dry.


You first need to protect the male wigs head from being stained by the color by layering aluminum foil on the Styrofoam. Once the hair system is secured on the wig head, gently detangle the hair. There should be no tangles or you will waste time later detangling as the color is processed.


Prepare the Dye

It is always beneficial to section the hair in quadrants. Working in sections will help you be more precise, save time, and be accurate when applying the dye.


Mix the dye

First, wear your gloves on. Follow the instructions as given on the color package.


Apply the Dye 

Carefully start applying the dye into each section divided in the human hair replacement system. Start from the back and work your way to the top. As you apply gently, brush the hair to evenly distribute the color and make sure each strand is well coated.


Leave the color in for the time directed until the hair system reaches its desired color.


Kindly note that non-growing hair is more porous than growing hair meaning the hair will process faster than your natural hair would.


Remember to check every few intervals to make sure the hair is achieving the color you want.


Rinse the Hair 

How to remove hair dye from wig? Once the hair has achieved the color you were aiming for, rinse with warm water. It is crucial to make sure all the color residue is rinsed out.


Shampoo the Hair

Shampoo the hair system to make sure any remaining residue left has been thoroughly removed. Any residue left can cause damage to the hair system over time.


Dry the Hair System

One can either let it air dry, gently use a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt to avoid damaging the toupee. Remember the hair system is extremely brittle when wet plus you do not want to cause any tangles.  


Use a Leave-in Conditioner

Hair gets dry after color as the hair strands are left more porous. Use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner to replenish and hydrate the hair. Style as desired.


The great thing about owning a hair system is the wearer gets to enjoy the hair in the most diverse way. This is the perfect time to experiment with that color you were afraid to try. Enjoy and embrace your new color!


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