How Much Does Your Customer’s Hair System Cost Per Year

hair systems cost

The demand for owning hair replacement systems thanks to continued improvement in toupee quality production has skyrocketed with supply and demand at an all-time high. As you continue to access new clients in the market, most of them have no clue how much buying, applying, and maintaining a toupee will cost them annually. Not all hair is created equal with most quality human hair pieces averaging at around $1,000. For most clients, they will want to know why the men’s hair system cost is expensive when there are synthetic men’s hairpieces that can cost as low as $150.

As a hair replacement system manufacturer, we know the importance of having this information for both you and your clients in breaking down the many components that determine the exact cost of our top-notch toupees, and why your clients should be confident in investing in men’s hairpieces that may seem costly.

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  1. Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is very cost-friendly compared to human hairpieces. The hair is made from a blend of various plastics that are created to mimic human hair. This means the manufacturer can produce many hairpieces. Unfortunately, the low pricing of synthetic hair reflects on its quality. Synthetic hair will not give the client that seamless natural look they desire and the hair is more prone to dryness and breakage. They are not adaptable to different styles and they often come pre-styled. Due to the plastic material, it cannot be heat styled and can easily damage when overexposed to the sun.

  1. Human Hair

As a hair replacement system manufacturer, we manufacture premium human hair wigs. The quality of the human hair pieces determines up to half the cost of the hair replacement system. After human hair is sourced from donors it has to go through a rigorous process of cleaning and disinfecting it from any diseases, dirt, germs, or bacteria. The human hair is manually arranged to ensure that the ends and the roots all lie in the same direction. When well taken care of, human hair wigs can last for a very long time.This labor-intensive process is important in producing excellent high-quality men’s hairpieces that are extremely adaptable to any styling, use of heat styling tools, and coloring. All this quality control steps make human hair pricier and better than synthetic hair.


hair system cost

These are ready to be delivered men’s hairpieces to distributors, wholesalers, and salon owners. The stock pieces are based on a standard design for the base, materials, colors, density, length and style At Bono Hair, we have a high-quality stock range with over 10,000 men’s hairpieces in 25 different models, in 35 different colors readily available to be dispatched within 24 hours and delivered within 3-5 working days. Pricing of stock hair systems depends on several factors which will be addressed below.


Custom Hair System

With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing hair replacement systems, Bono Hair is one of the biggest hair replacement system manufacturers in China, with 50 plus technicians and 500 plus ventilators ready to create a wide range of up to 7,000 custom human hair men’s hairpieces per month. Depending on the client’s individual needs, varying factors will be added to the pricing.

  • Wefted

These are constructed using a machine. The hair fibers are sewn in to uniformly create a row of aligned strands on the base material. Of course, machine produced means many wigs can be produced faster and therefore cost-friendly. However, one is limited to parting the hair to achieve certain styles as the hair only moves in one direction.

  • Hand-tied
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This is an extremely intricate process that requires skilled technicians and skilled ventilators to make high-quality human hairpieces. Construction of a toupee can take 30-150 hours because each hair strand is individually hand tied into the base material. Due to them being hand-tied, the hairpieces have a seamless natural appearance, versatility in parting, and the hair can move in any direction. The lack of weft gives the hair replacement system a soft luscious look. This process makes the men’s hair system cost more higher than wefted wigs.

  • Base Design and Size

Depends on how much baldness needs coverage. The client has no control of this and can only be determined after consultation. Additionally, this can change over time if the wearer continues to experience more balding or hair thinning.

As a hair replacement system manufacturer, we produce at a standard base size of 8×10″ for stock hair systems. Custom stock pieces may change pricing depending on the sizing. Our smaller sized 8*10, 6*8, 6*9, 7*9, 7*10 will cost less than our larger sizes.

  • Base Material

We cannot emphasize how important the base material is in toupee selection and overall cost. It is the foundation of the non surgical hair replacement system and comes in different materials depending on the client’s individual needs. The construction process of the base will affect the pricing if more work is accounted for in its making.

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  1. Lace Hair System: Lace is made from a finely knitted mesh fabric that gives that natural appearance. It is lightweight, comfortable, and undetectable making it extremely popular amongst wearers. The cost of the lace base material is costly than others. and the complex making process makes lace hair system cost more high than all the base materials.
  1. Mono Hair System: Made from a mesh that is a gauze-like material of polyester or nylon. It allows for very heavy densities and provides fantastic coverage for those who want more thickness to the hair system. It has small holes that can take up extra heavy density. But it is more affordable than most base materials.
  1. Skin Hair System :Made from a thin translucent polyurethane material that gives the appearance that the hair is growing from the scalp. As a hair replacement system manufacturer, we supply invisible ultra-thin skin hair systems (0.03mm), super skin hair replacement systems (0.06mm), and skin toupee (0.08mm). The extreme thinness of the skin material provides more transparency to the scalp, lightness and is more comfortable to wear. The hair is injected into the thin material to give the seamless illusion that the hair is growing from the scalp as there are no knots. Injected hair gives the hair that natural bounce, natural lift, and the hair can move in any direction.
  • Density

The amount of hair fibers attached to the base material will affect the cost of the men’s hairpiece. The thicker the density, the more expensive the toupee will be.

  • Length

Length is a personal preference as the longer the hair it is the more work it will be. Additionally, the longer the hair, the men’s hair system cost will be higher.

Before Application Cost

Your clients need to be aware of the men’s hair system cost involved prior to the installation of their toupee. Whether stock hair system or custom hair system, the toupee needs a bit of alteration to perfectly fit on the client’s head. Preparation to apply the hairpiece is essential for the health of the client’s hair and the hair system itself. The hair replacement system color may be altered to match the client’s hair. Depending on the client’s desired style, the toupee is cut and styled to become the perfect toupee for the wearer.

Application Cost
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This is dependent on whether it is a semi-permanent attached toupee or a temporary attached toupee.

  • Semi-permanent attached- They are human hair wigs that are installed by a salon technician. They are men’s hairpieces that can be worn for a longer period of about 3-6 weeks. It is fixed, later removed, cleaned, and refixed by professionals. This can be slightly costly for the client as they rely mostly on a professional so as not to damage the wig.
  • Temporarily attached – This can be done by the clients themselves using toupee tape or toupee glue. The client needs to invest in the adhesive plus a removing solution to properly apply and remove the toupee.
How Many Pieces of Hair System does Your Client Need Per Year

This is very important information for the clients to take into consideration even before their purchase. Ideally, the lifespan of the toupee depends on various factors;

The Base Material
  • Lace material- can last 1-6 months
  • Mono material – the most durable, can last 6-12 months
  • Skin material – can last 1-4 months

How well the hair replacement system is taken care of will have a significant impact on how durable it is. In a year, your client is likely to own a minimum of 2 human hairpieces.

As a hair replacement system manufacturer. It is recommended to consult with clients and advise them on at least having two toupees on rotation, the main wig and another one to cater to; the weather, outdoor sweaty activities, or a sleeping wig. The wearer can alternate wearing them to preserve the integrity and lifespan of the hair system.

Being well informed in the men’s hair system cost breakdown of each step; from the cost of the hair replacement system to the point of application on the client is relevant in assuring the clients that highly skilled experts, sufficient time, energy, and quality materials have been accounted for in producing their high-quality human hair replacement systems they will wear.


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