Nonsurgical Hair Replacement System vs Hair Transplant

Nonsurgical Hair Replacement System vs Hair Transplant


Hair loss is a natural part of the aging process, but for some men, this can happen well before their time. It is usually the result of hereditary conditions, such as androgenetic alopecia, which leads to baldness. Other types of hair loss include a receding hairline and thinning around the crown of your head, resulting from Dihydrotestosterone, a by-product that leads to genetic sensitivity. Most men will deal with hair loss at some stage in their lives, with more of them looking for hair loss treatment options for men to give them back their confidence.

Research carried out by the American Hair Loss Association estimates that 25% of men who deal with hereditary baldness begin losing their hair before they turn 21. At the age of 45, 66% of men will be dealing or have dealt with a form of hair loss. By the time they are 50 years of age, 85% of men will see their hair thinner considerably. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why more men are starting to consider hair transplant options or hair replacement systems at an earlier age.

At Bono Hair, we’re an industry leader in nonsurgical hair replacement systems, offering our products to wholesalers, salon owners, and new e-commerce businesses. Now We’re taking a deep dive into two of the most popular hair loss treatment options for men, including the pros and cons for each and the different hair replacement systems that can be used.

What is The Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

Nonsurgical Hair Replacement System vs Hair Transplant

Treating your hair loss doesn’t mean that you have to go under the knife. One of the most affordable and painless methods is non-surgical hair replacement. This solution is a step up from your traditional wig as it includes a membrane that is bonded to your scalp to give you the most natural appearance possible.

At Bono Hair, we offer our non-surgical hair replacement solutions with French lace, thin skin systems, monofilament base and combination to give you a natural look without compromising on comfort. You can match the replacement system to the color, and texture of your natural hair to get as close a match as possible. At Bono Hair, we offer a full spectrum of colors to make this process easier for you to choose the right hair replacement system for your client.

The Pros and Cons of Hair Replacement System

A hair replacement system gives you the most natural look possible. They’re easy to style, just like your natural hair. Within a few days of wearing the system, most people no longer notice that they’re wearing it. What draws men to this option is that it gives them instant results once the scalp cap is installed.

Unlike a hair transplant, there’s no downtime involved so you can head straight back to work and continue to go about your day. There’s also no discomfort involved with the process, making it ideal for salon use as it usually has a high client uptake, making it the perfect way to bring in additional revenue to your salon. There are no side effects related to the installation of hair replacement systems, with no concerns about scarring to the scalp.

One thing to consider is that these hair replacement systems typically last for 1-6 months, although this lifespan depends on lifestyle factors and different base types. However, teaching your clients or customers how to remove and reinstall the hair system themselves in the right way can improve its longevity.

The hair system needs to be replaced at regular intervals, around every eight weeks. You can use the nonsurgical hair replacement system as a way of building a core client base who returns to your business or salon each time that they need the hair system replaced.

The frequent replacement of the hair system gives you a guaranteed stream of revenue, whether you’re a wholesaler, e-commerce site, or a salon.

What is a Hair Transplant?

Nonsurgical Hair Replacement System vs Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure that is not offered by public health agencies. Although this is fairly popular, it’s one of the most expensive hair loss treatment options for men. Depending on the condition of their hair and the amount of hair loss they’ve endured, clients can expect to pay several thousand dollars for even basic hair transplanting.

We only recommend this surgical solution for those who are suffering from permanent baldness because of hereditary factors. During the procedure, the patient is put under a local anesthetic, leaving them awake for the treatment without feeling any pain.

There are two types of hair transplants: Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUT involves removing a strip of hair from the back of the head and dividing it into multiple people to create hair grafts. We place these grafts into small cuts in the scalp, while stitches are used to close the gaps left by the hair as it is lifted. With the FUE version, the back of the head is shaven and individual hairs are removed from the scalp one at a time to create the grafts, which are placed into the tiny cuts in the scalp. FUE leaves your scalp with a variety of smaller scars, and it can take several treatments for you to start seeing any results in your hair.

Any hair plant transfer surgery has a waiting time of around 10 minutes to several hours, depending on the circumstances. After the transplant, your scalps can feel itchy with a little scabbing on the area where the incisions were made.

The Pros and Cons of Hair Transplants

Nonsurgical Hair Replacement System vs Hair Transplant

The most obvious consequence of a hair transplant is its cost, making it inaccessible to the average man. Another negative is the restrictions around the treatment. In the UK, hair transplant surgery is only available if you suffer from hereditary permanent baldness. Other hair loss conditions like alopecia areata do not qualify you for the treatment.

A hair transplant will leave at least minimal scarring. While these are sometimes not visible, you can be almost certain that passers-by can see them if you have shorter hair. It can also take multiple treatments for you to start seeing results with a hair transplant.

Another thing to consider is the recovery time involved with your hair transplant. If you opt for the FUE option, it’ll take most of the day for your transplant to be carried out. You’ll have to look after the grafting to prevent any infection and to encourage hair growth. It can take multiple treatments to start seeing results with your hair transplant.

There is some risk involved with undergoing a hair transplant. You’re likely to be left with a single scar or several smaller ones depending on the hair transplant method used on your scalp. Although a hair transplant is considered a safe procedure, it’s still possible to experience bleeding and infection, along with having an allergic reaction to the local anesthetic.

Like any surgical treatment, there is always a risk that the hair transplant won’t take properly and that the hair will fall out. A noticeable scar can also occur on your scalp, worsening the appearance of your hair loss.

For most men suffering from hair loss, a hair transplant isn’t a viable option. The difficulty of accessing the treatment, along with its side effects, means most men choose to opt for a nonsurgical hair replacement system instead.

What is The Difference Between Hair Transplant and Hair Fixing?

Nonsurgical Hair Replacement System vs Hair Transplant

Now you have a feel for why some men are put off by the hair transplant. If they’re lucky enough to be able to access one, it comes with a myriad of risks and a high price to pay to have the surgery performed privately. The alternative hair loss treatment options for men focus on nonsurgical hair replacement systems.

Hair fixing is a non-invasive way of covering hair loss and making it appear as though you have thicker hair. Instead of grafting the skin, hair fixing focuses on using pre-styled hair systems to create a natural look, often using a specialist method to install it to the scalp.

At Bono Hair, we split our hair fixing systems into two main styles: lace and skin hair systems. A lace toupee uses human hair to create a high-quality wig that sits seamlessly onto your scalp for a natural look. The lace is breathable, making it easier for you to wear the hair system. While a hair transplant can be uncomfortable and have unwanted side effects, a lace toupee hair-fixing system, by comparison, is softer to your scalp. We use both French and Swiss lace to create these toupees, offering something for every budget.

For the most lifelike hair-fixing system, our skin hair systems are available in four varieties. These options differ depending on the thickness of the skin material and the ventilation method chosen. These hair systems give you the look of natural hair without the discomfort or the price tag of a hair transplant.

For hair fixing, lace and skin are the most popular choices for membrane bases. The main difference between the two is that the skin base is not as breathable, but it is more durable and easier to use tape. Lace membranes are more breathable, making them ideal if your salon or business is based in a warmer climate.

Why Choose Bono Hair to Supply Your Hair Replacement System Service?

Nonsurgical Hair Replacement System vs Hair Transplant

At Bono Hair, we’re the premium choice for nonsurgical hair replacement systems. We pride ourselves on putting customer service at the heart of our business, being on hand to answer your queries as swiftly as possible. We have a wealth of experience in manufacturing hair products, giving us the skill set to create any style of hair solution that you want to offer for your clients and customers.

Our in-house manufacturing team allows us to monitor your products through the production process while also enabling us to give you the lowest price possible without compromising the hair quality. We pay attention to detail with every aspect of our toupee hair products, creating a streamlined process that allows us to avoid unnecessary delays so you can receive your shipment as quickly as possible.

If you’re a wholesaler looking to enlist a new toupee manufacturer, our in-house production line allows us to offer you a competitive wholesale price. Our strict quality control measures mean we can assure that there is consistent quality across every item in your wholesale order. We can facilitate any size of wholesale order, with our team of over 80 skilled technicians and 500 ventilation workers who create 7,0000 pieces of custom hair systems each month.

Our hair loss treatment options for men are ideal for salon owners as a non-surgical hair replacement system. We offer customization of our hair products, putting you in control of the designs, and allowing you to create the products your clients are looking for. We pride ourselves on delivering our products on time with the promise of consistent quality across every hair system in your order.

With over ten years of experience in producing hair systems, we’ve helped dozens of new businesses get off the ground. We can help you introduce an implementation strategy to start your business. We offer a professional consultation service where our sales representatives will work with you to help familiarise you with the hair industry. At Bono Hair, we offer a wide range of hair solutions for men and women, giving you a full catalog of products to choose from. As a new business, you’ll also benefit from our wholesale pricing, making it more affordable for you to launch your hair business.


Do you want to find out more about our nonsurgical hair replacement system for men? You can contact us at [email protected] to find out more about our products and how you can place your wholesale order.


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