Choosing Different Hair Systems for Your Clients This Summer

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Summer is the time of the year when most people spend their time outdoors: vacationing, traveling, and enjoying a lot of social gatherings. This can be a harrowing time for most male wigs wearers because of the excess heat and sweat that comes with the hot weather. How can one enjoy and be comfortable in a male wig? Nobody wants to be forced to trade in their comfort for style. Wholesale hair replacement companies should be well-equipped and knowledgeable on how to navigate and provide high-quality comfortable summer wigs for their clients. The demand will be high for men’s hairpieces as everybody wants to look good in the summer.

The Negative Impact of Hot Weather on Male Wig Wearers

As a toupee factory in China with over 10 years of experience in non-surgical hair replacement systems, we have become experts in producing men’s hairpieces that are great to wear in the summer. Below we will address how the hot weather can negatively affect the male wig wearer and shorten the lifespan of the toupee in the summer.

1. The Sun

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Basking in the sun and getting a good tan are some of the many pleasures of summer weather, but we all know too much sun is bad for the skin. Too much sun is also harmful to the hair.

  • Heat

Sweat: The scorching sun will leave you hot, flushed, and sweaty. Sweat can be a huge issue for wig wearers for many reasons:

    • Glue: When sweat is in constant contact with toupee glue, it can react and weaken the strength of the hold the toupee glue has on the scalp.
    • Odor: A combination of adhesive glue, sweat, moisture, oil, and heat up in the base material of the men’s hairpiece can leave the wearer with an unpleasant hair odor.

Dryness: Continuous excessive exposure to the sun can dry men’s hairpieces. The excess heat can weaken the bond structure of the hair cuticle and leave strands very dry and brittle.

  • Oxidation

Overexposure to the sun can expose a person to harmful UV rays. When the ultraviolet rays mix with the oxygen from the air and come in contact with the hair system, it causes oxidation. This gradual process of oxidation will leave your hair with an orange/red hue color.

2. Wind

The summer winds are strong. This can cause matting and tangling if you do not have a short summer wig. The hair system is also likely to be exposed to pollution which can compromise the lifespan of the hair system.

3. Humidity

Humidity is an enemy of shiny and moisturized hair systems. Humidity will draw out moisture from the hair strands out into the air and break down the hydrogen bonds in the hair. This can weaken the hair system. This will lead to frizzy hair and excess dryness on the wig. Dry hair and heat on the hair system will result in excess friction that will lead to the likeness of hair breakage.

4. Swimming

A lot of water activities take place during the summer and as a toupee manufacturer in China, we have accounted for this by creating high-quality men’s hairpieces that men can swim in. Nonetheless, swimming in pools or the ocean can be damaging to toupees and even our own natural hair.

  • Chlorine: Will cause a chemical reaction when in contact with hair. It will weaken the strands, causing split ends, and tangle the hair system. Constant swimming in chlorinated water can cause the wig color to change.
  • Salty water: Salty water will dehydrate the hair system and strip it of its oils and moisture leaving the hair extremely dry, weak, and brittle.

Maintaining Your Hair System In the Hot Summer

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Maintaining a toupee during the hot and humid weather can be slightly tasking but it is doable with a few changes wholesale hair replacement manufacturers can advise their customers to make:

1. The Sun

  • Avoid spending long periods outdoors. If this is not possible wear a hat or satin/silk scarf when out in the sun or when it gets really windy.
  • Opt for toupee tape instead of toupee glue. Toupee tape is light, water-resistant and, thereby, will not be weakened by water or sweat. Additionally, you can avoid the incidents of the toupee glue leaking from all the heat down your face! As a toupee manufacturer in China, we provide strong toupee tapes that wholesale hair replacement companies can provide to their clients for their summer wigs.
  • Cornstarch-based baby powder can be used to soak up sweat and prevent skin irritation.
  • To prevent oxidation or protect the hair system from UV rays, use UV-protective hair products.

2. Moisture

A well-moisturized men’s hairpiece is crucial in maintaining the lifespan of the wig. Hair dryness is prevalent in the summer and the key objective should be to moisturize the wig.

  • Use a well-formulated leave-in with SPF.
  • After moisturizing the hair system, follow up with a light oil to lock in moisture and protect the hair strands from dryness caused by the hot weather.
  • Use a product that contains humectants. They are moisture magnets that will attract moisture from the air into the toupee. The hair system will be moisturized throughout the day.
  • Apply a leave-in before you swim and follow it with an oil. If the hair is well moisturized and sealed, it is unlikely for the chlorine or salty water to penetrate into the hair.
  • Always rinse off and shampoo the hair system immediately after swimming in chlorine or salty water.

3. Wear a Shorter Wig

A lot of sweating happens in the summer. One needs to avoid wigs that touch the face, neck, or back. Friction and sweat are harmful combinations for a toupee. Having a short summer wig is an ideal wig to have. As a toupee company, we are aware of the demand for short summer wigs and we create and manufacture the best short summer wigs that clients will love for the summer.

4. Base Material

As a toupee factory in China, we take the utmost priority on the base material of all our wigs. It is the foundation for a great hair replacement system. For the summer, a wig wearer should heavily rely on their base material as the main criteria for their wig selection. One should be comfortable despite the heat and avoid scalp sensitivity during hot weather.

Below are our favorite popular short summer wigs that we recommend to wholesale hair replacement companies that customers will love.

Perfect for the summer weather. It is a soft, lightweight material, with a finely knitted mesh fabric that makes it extremely comfortable and breathable in the hot climate. Clients can enjoy their vacation, swim in, or hike in, and due to lace being extremely breathable. It is also easy to clean up.

We recommend:

Are made of thin translucent polythene material that will give the illusion that the wig is growing directly from the scalp. Being made extremely thin but durable, skin-based wigs are great for short hair summer wigs.

We recommend :

  • Combination

A combination of French lace at the front and skin base at the back, perfect for a short summer wig. The wig wearer will get a combination of two high-quality materials. Both are ultra-thin, soft, comfortable, and breathable to enjoy in the summer.

We highly recommend :

  • Base Material to Avoid

Mono base – It is not great for the weather as it is tightly packed with hair strands to create a very dense toupee.

Silk base – It is constructed by layering two bases on top of each other. This is not favorable for breathability in the summer.

Thick skin – Aim for an ultra-thin skin base for the summer. The thicker the skin base, the less breathable during the heat.

5. Storage

This is very important in preserving the lifespan of the male wigs. Store the wig in a cool place away from light or heat. Store the hair system in a well-ventilated area that is free of any humidity.

6. Wig Cap

A good quality lightweight wig cap will be a great barrier for absorbing any sweat by being a protective layer between the scalp and the wig. A stretchy cotton cap will absorb the sweat and prevent skin irritation. They are easy to hand wash and will dry overnight ready to be used the next day.

7. Take Off The Wig

Take the wig off at night and let your scalp breathe. Stick to men’s hairpieces that can be easily removed and put on daily. Avoid semi-permanent attached wigs that need to be installed by salon technicians and kept in for long periods. Opt for wigs that require no professional installation and one can easily take off to clean any sweat or dirt at the end of the day.

8. Wash The Hair Often

One needs to regularly clean the hair system in the summer to get rid of sweat, oil, dirt, and pollution. Aim to clean the toupee on every week with a gentle shampoo followed by a deep conditioner to penetrate and repair any damaged hair strands.


Hopefully, a great guide to wig selection and maintenance for the summer. Men can find the perfect summer wig that is the right fit for them and will not be left out in all the summer activities.


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