Tips For Maintaining and Caring For Men’s Hairpieces

hair systems

Owning a high-quality toupee is a great investment for your customers. They become part of one’s everyday life as toupees can conceal thinning hair, balding, or a receding hairline. Men are purchasing hair replacement systems and want to know how they can take care of men’s hair pieces. Most men have a very simple hair care routine that works for them, however, their routine cannot be applied to men’s wig care routine. This is very important in ensuring one gets to enjoy a healthy-looking toupee for the limited lifespan the male wigs has. Every customer wants the toupee for men to remain thick,  shiny,  seamless just like the first day they wore it.

Your customers should know how to take care of the male wigs as any damage to the base material or the hair strands of the hairpiece will have irreversible adverse effects on the structure of the male wigs. Toupee owners rely heavily on information from wig manufacturers as wig care can be tricky. One has to know how to clean, secure the toupee with toupee tape and even know how to put men’s toupee glue on.

There are several things the wearer needs to consider if they want to guarantee the longevity and overall appearance of the hair system.

hair systems

This is very important. One should clean the hair system to get rid of product build-up,  pollution, adhesive residue, or even dead skin cells and germs that may have transferred from their hair when brushing. Not thoroughly cleaning the toupee can destroy the root of the hair and damage the base material due to all that gunk stuck on the material. Do not wash too frequently as this can weaken the hair system. A general rule of thumb is to wash the hair system at least every 7-10 days. However, that depends on how dirty the hair is.

Use a gentle shampoo or a well-formulated shampoo recommended by the wig manufacturer to effectively clean the men’s hairpiece. Read the shampoo ingredients avoiding harmful or harsh chemicals. As you wash the hair system using the best shampoo for hair systems, be gentle and do not rub it vigorously. Do not over shampoo and only use lukewarm water. Hot water can damage the hair roots, weaken the hair and leave it dry, dull, and frizzy. Thoroughly rinse out all the shampoo. Air-dry the hair or use a microfiber towel to gently remove the excess water as this will prevent tangling or possible damage to the toupee for men.


Synthetic hair is made up of plastic fibers so it tends to be dry. Human hair wigs are porous and can open to allow moisture absorption. Hence the reason human hair toupees are superior. A human hair wig needs moisture to stay shiny and healthy. So it is important to ensure the hair system is adequately hydrated. An unmoisturized wig will be dry and brittle resulting in matting and probably damage.

The best way to ascertain the hair system is hydrated is by using a well-formulated rinse-out conditioner, recommended by the wig manufacturer to help restore moisture lost during the shampoo process. Deep condition the hair system perhaps once a month and use a leave-in conditioner before styling.  Avoid products that contain alcohol such as hair sprays as that can damage the structure of the wig and leave the hair very dry.

Do not over condition the toupee. Too much water will swell the hair and the hair cuticles are left open. Too much moisture over time can leave the hair system feeling dry, weak, mushy, and limp.

   3. WET HAIR

Hair is weakest when wet and is vulnerable to breakage at this stage. Do not detangle the toupee when it is wet as one can easily tear off the delicate base material or break off hair strands. Wig manufacturers advise against sleeping in a wet toupee at all costs to prevent matting and possible damage to the wig.

   4. OILS

There is no sebum production in male wigs, so both synthetic and human hair tends to be naturally dry. No sebum means there is no oil traveling down the hair strands to nourish, protect and coat the hair strands. Therefore, adding light oil to the wig will be highly beneficial. The oil will seal and lock in the moisture, coat the hair strands and leave the hair feeling soft and shiny.  Avoid oil on the base of the wig and the roots.  Focus on the middle, down to the ends of the hair strands.


hair systems

It is very important to keep the hair system for men free from tangles to reduce the chances of the hair tangling or matting. The hair system has no follicles and hair will not grow. Every hair strand in the toupee matters as no hair will regrow.

Use a wide-tooth comb or a detangling tool recommended by the wig manufacturer to brush the hair at night and in the morning. Be really gentle as one wants to extend the lifespan of their by limiting the amount of hair shed. When extra detangling is needed use a conditioner to help with the detangling process.


Too much sun can be harmful to our own hair and overexposure to the sun can expose the toupee to harmful UV rays. This and additional oxygen can turn the hair system to an orange/red hue color. This process is known as oxidation.  It is a gradual process that can affect the hair color of both human hair and synthetic hair. Too much sunlight and oxidation will compromise the lifespan of the wig. Too much sun will gradually damage the outer layer of the hair shaft. To prevent this it is recommended by;

  • Spend less time outdoors.
  • Use UV protective hair products. A lot of well-formulated leave-in conditioners have SPF and some are formulated to repair sun-damaged hair.
  • Wear a hat.


Friction is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to damaging men’s hair replacement systems. Friction causes excess matting, tangling, and drying out the hair, this will eventually damage the hair. Friction can also damage the base material of the wig.

How to prevent friction;

  • Sleep in a satin/silk pillowcase- cotton material absorbs moisture and oil dyes out the hair.
  • Avoid excess combing.
  • Keep the hair moisturized.
  • Avoid sleeping in the toupee. Even with men’s toupee glue on, friction can still happen.
  • Avoid touching the hair during the day.


hair systems

Toupees are great for swimmers, as the toupee tape is waterproof and men who love swimming can enjoy themselves. Nonetheless, chlorine water and salty water can be damaging to the hair system and will extremely dry out the hair system and leave it dull and brittle. Try using a swimming cap or a leave-in conditioner and an oil to coat and protect the hair strands. After swimming immediately rinse off the chlorine/salty water with a gentle shampoo.

  9. HEAT

Avoid heat as much as possible. Do not blow-dry the hair system. This can damage the integrity of the hair strands. Let a salon expert trained to deal with wig care, heat style the hairpiece if need be. When the toupee is wet, let it air dry.


How one stores the toupee when not wearing it will greatly determine the durability of the hair system.  Hairpieces are delicate and expensive.  Do not just throw it anywhere once you take it off.

Properly storing the wig makes sure fewer tangles occur, the wearer is ready to go in the morning, preserves the style and it stays clean. Wig manufacturers provide a well-structured and sturdy wig package for proper storage of the wig during transportation. Use that to store the toupee.


 If one is unable to take the proper care of the wig or struggle to style it, find a salon expert who specializes in handling and styling wigs. If you have a semi-permanent attached wig, the toupee should be strictly handled by a professional to avoid damage to the scalp or the toupee.


Using toupee glue or toupee tape is a great way to seamlessly secure the wig in place and allows the wearer freedom of movement throughout the day. They are strong adhesives applied on the wig to keep it fastened for a long period of time. Buy a toupee glue and toupee tape recommended by the wig manufacturers. How to use a toupee tape and how to apply men’s toupee glue on is very important in giving one that freedom movement. Proper use of toupee glue and tape will affect the lifespan of the toupee.

Always make sure areas of the skin intended to come in contact with the toupee glue or toupee tape are clean and free from dirt or oil. One should take their time when taking off the toupee tape/ toupee glue so as not to damage the skin or damage the toupee. The wearer should try to take the wig off daily. Use a solvent or alcohol-based adhesive remover for removal and take their time so as not to damage the hairpiece.

Men’s hairpieces are structured to last the wearer for a  long period of time if well taken care of. Your customers should take time to learn and adjust adding a healthy wig care routine to guarantee the longevity of the toupee. Maintenance of wigs is readily available from great wig manufacturers. Taking great care of the toupee will have one with voluminous, shiny, and healthy-looking hair every day.


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