Can You Sleep In A Toupee ?

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With the popularity of men’s hair replacement systems high in the market, more men are concerned if it is okay to sleep in a toupee. And we are sure that it is a most asked question by your clients in your salon or barbershop. At Bono Hair, a toupee factory is producing expensive high-quality male wigs and one does not want to ruin it.


A lot of clients may not be comfortable with their partners/wives, family, or friends seeing their bald spots or receding hairline that they have successfully been able to conceal throughout the day. As toupee factory, we will consider this aspect when making their male wigs. So yes, they can technically sleep in a toupee, however, most experts will advise them against it. Ultimately,  the goal is always to maintain the integrity of the male wigs during its lifespan. Various elements can help you decide on what is best for their sleep and toupee.

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Advantages of Sleeping in a Toupee


  1. One does not have to spend every morning and every night taking off their  male wigs, especially if theyhave a busy lifestyle.
  2. One can retain the integrity of the male wigsby leaving the handling of the toupee to a salon expert.
  3. One gets to feel comfortable both day and night as you conceal your receding hairline or bald spot.


Disadvantages of sleeping in a Toupee


  1. Friction is the main culprit of causing damage to your hair replacement system when sleeping at night.
  2. Due to possible tangling caused as you sleep, you may need to spend more time in the morning brushing it out and trying to tame it.
  3. As you are too worried you may mess up your expensive hair, it might make the wearer restless and unable to sleep, reducing the quality of sleep.





So they are still on the fence on if it is still okay for them to sleep with their toupee. Below we detail key factors that will guide you to decide whether sleeping in a male wig is right for them.





Despite the advanced technology used in a toupee factory for wig making, the structure of the toupee is based on how well the wearer takes care of it. One of the most damaging things that can harm men’s hair replacement systems is friction. Most friction happens when you wear wigs in the bedroom. Functioning humans sleep 7-8 hours a night. That is almost a third of the day spent asleep and causing possible friction to the hair.


Why is friction so bad for a toupee? Synthetic wigs and human hair wigs are naturally dry. Our scalp produces hair sebum which is a natural oil that travels down hair follicles to coat the hair strands, protect and provide nutrients.  With no sebum production, male wigs are dryer than our own hair,  therefore, prone to more friction as one sleeps. Additionally,  friction on your hair will open the hair cuticles, causing hair to be dryer and more susceptible to friction. When friction occurs, the hair tangles, the hair sheds, and possibly causes breakage. The overall durability of your high-quality toupee is negatively affected. Friction can cause hair loss to the male wigs and affect the density of the hair. It can also cause frizzy hair in the morning.




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The base material is used to construct the foundation of the hair replacement systems and holds the hair fibers in place. The material used in different bases of the wig construction will determine if sleeping with a wig may compromise the quality of the men’s hair replacement system.


  • Lace

The lace material is made up of lightweight material making it extremely breathable and comfortable to wear. Their scalp will be able to breathe and they will be comfortable sleeping with a hair patch made of lace. The lace material is also stretchable to perfectly fit on the head, therefore, is secure and will be great as their sleep.


However, due to its light material, it is very delicate and can easily tear.  Swiss lace is especially fragile with an already short lifespan of 4-8 weeks. Sleeping in it may cause harm to the hair system.


  • Mono

Are one of the most durable base materials. They are also soft and comfortable to wear. This means they are great for one who chooses to sleep in a mono base toupee.


  • Skin

Are high-quality wigs that are light and comfortable to wear. Nonetheless, as it is constructed by injecting hair fibers into the skin base, it is not breathable like lace and mono which are constructed by making holes. This might make the skin base wig slightly uncomfortable for the wearer at night.





Will sleeping with the toupee be comfortable for the wearer? No wig should ever compromise the quality of their sleep. The ideal purpose of the men’s hair replacement system is to improve one’s quality of life.

Are they worried that they will ruin their toupee and now position their body in an uncomfortable position in bed? If it is uncomfortable on their head they should probably take it off.  The hair wig should feel like part of their skin. What kind of sleeper are they? If they move around a lot when they sleep chances are they will ruffle up the hair system at night.




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Synthetic hair is less expensive and might be more affordable to replace, unlike human hair wigs. They have a permanent style due to the plastic material which means not much styling will be needed in the morning, thereby saving more time. However, as they are more prone to dryness, there may be more tangling or hair shedding caused by friction during sleep.


Human hair is expensive and one will want to reserve the lifespan of a human hair wig as long as possible. They do require more effort when it comes to styling to your preference and you may need to consider this if you choose to sleep in one.





Semi-Permanent attached male wigs are great for convenience. They are attached to the scalp using adhesive glue that bonds the base material to the scalp. Semi-permanent wigs are not designed to be removed every day. They are affixed by a salon technician,  can be removed,  washed, and reattached every 2-6 weeks. These are fantastic wigs for the wearer to sleep in.


Temporary attached wigs are great for flexibility. A toupee factory will sometimes install double-sided tape that the wearer can easily attach to their scalp. It can be removed easily and anytime by the wearer and also takes a minute for the toupee to be reattached back on the wearer. Sweating in the bed may loosen the glue residue of the tape.




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Making a few small changes in their bedtime routine will help preserve the structure of the toupee for as long as possible.



 Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture and oils from the hair. The cotton material will cause friction, dry out the hair system, cause frizz, and over time cause damage. Invest in a satin or silk pillowcase so that the men’s hair replacement system is protected from friction and dryness when you sleep.




Have a day wig and a night wig. Get a comfortable and cheap wig to wear for those nights they do not want to sleep without one on.



As a preventative measure, brush any tangles before bedtime to reduce the chances of the hair tangling and matting as you sleep. In the morning,  brush the hair wig and fluff the hair to remove any tangles or shed hair that may have occurred as you slept.



A healthy bedtime routine and a great sleeping habit are important to consider in maintaining the toupee. The better one sleeps, the less tossing around. Go to bed in a calm state for quality sleep. Moreover, make certain they have a great quality mattress for a restful night’s sleep.




 Hair is extremely vulnerable to breakage when wet and can cause breakage. Sleeping with a wet toupee may lead to matting and waking up to very tangled hair.



A toupee factory can create custom hairpieces designed to be adjusted so they can fit the wearer perfectly. Ascertaining the toupee is not loose-fitting will guarantee it does not move or come off at night.



 A toupee factory creates hair systems that have adjustable tabs the wearer can tighten or loosen and double-sided tape that secures the wig in place. A secured hairpiece will not be affected during the nighttime and come off when you sleep at night.





If they want to preserve the lifespan and quality of the male wigs so sleeping with toupee should be less than often. Giving the toupee a break at night is a great way to maintain it. If they can, sleep without it. Letting their scalp have a chance to breathe at night is also great for them.

Men’s hair replacement systems provide security and comfort in the daily lives of men, so it’s understandable for the need to want to also want to sleep in one. Take precautionary steps in deciding if it is the best decision for them and toupee.  If they are more comfortable sleeping in a toupee, take the time to make necessary changes to ensure the longevity of their hair patch.


2 thoughts on “Can You Sleep In A Toupee ?

  1. Wilfred shepherd says:

    I use extend wear tape for my toupe and a satin night cap for sleeping how often should I leave it on the tape said 3 to 4 weeks it is water proof can I shampoo it while it is on

    • service says:

      Thanks for your comment. It is generally recommended to remove and clean your toupee every 1-2 weeks, even if the tape is waterproof. Leaving it on for longer durations can lead to buildup of oils, dirt, and sweat, which may affect the adhesion of the tape and the overall cleanliness of the toupee.

      While the tape may be waterproof, it is still important to maintain proper hygiene and care for your scalp and hair. Shampooing your hair and toupee regularly will help keep them clean and free from any potential issues such as odor or scalp irritation. Therefore, it is advisable to remove the toupee before shampooing and clean it separately, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

      Additionally, make sure to thoroughly dry both your natural hair and the toupee before reapplying it to ensure proper adhesion.

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