How Do Hair Replacement Systems Work?

hair systems


It is undeniable that a receding hairline or a thinning temple can cause emotional stress to most men. Hair makes a huge difference in any man’s appearance. Hair balding can lower one’s self-esteem as the face and the hair are the first thing people see when one presents themselves in public. Hair loss has a psychological effect and affects interpersonal relationships at home and work lifespan. Men are not exempt from this feeling.

hair systems

According to the America Hair Loss Association, 85% of men have significantly thinning hair by the age of 50. Male pattern hair loss can begin as young as 18 years of age, with 25% of men suffering from hair thinning before they reach the age of 21. The thinning starts at the hairline and spreads across the temple.

To deal with baldness, men have had to rely on men’s hairpiece toupees. However, years ago men’s hairpiece toupees were a bit taboo as we all know they have been the punchline of a lot of TV shows. Men’s hairpiece toupee production was limited to no or very few hair system manufacturers producing male wigs, thereby, lacking in variation and quality. Men’s hairpiece toupees back then were extremely detectable and obvious on the wearer.

With more knowledge of male pattern hair loss and a demand to boost self-confidence, there has been a high demand for high-quality men’s hairpiece toupees, thus, increasing the production of wholesale male hairpieces and wholesale wigs for distribution.


Hair Type

Men’s hairpiece toupee factories have borrowed and adapted advanced technology and materials from the female hair industry to revolutionize men’s hairpiece toupees. Hair system manufacturers are creating male hairpieces that provide a wide variety and versatility for men. Men’s hairpiece toupees are no longer embarrassing to own. They are now sophisticated and undetectable with their natural seamless appearance, inevitably increasing in popularity amongst men. There is an impressive and extensive catalog available for wholesale wigs and wholesale male hairpieces.


hair systems

The quality of the wholesale male hairpieces determines up to half the cost of the toupees’ price.  The men’s hairpiece toupees can be made up of either human hair or synthetic hair.

  • Human Hair

As the name states, they are made out of real human hair collected from donors. It is crucial for hair system manufacturers to ethically source their hair as this is a key factor and information the toupee wearer will want to know. Ethically sourced simply means the donor is paid. This is also fantastic for the toupee factory as ethically sourced hair guarantees the hair is healthy, therefore, high-quality human hair, which in turn, equates to higher pricing.  Wholesale male hairpieces and wholesale wig manufacturers, distributors, and salon owners who disclose this information to the public automatically attract more clients.

  • Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair fibers are made from synthetic blends of plastic that are made to mimic human hair. They are cost-friendly and much cheaper than human hair making them high in demand in the wig market. Nonetheless, due to the synthetic material, they do not blend easily with hair and are not as soft or as natural looking as the wearer would want.

Base Material

For hair system manufacturers, the base material is the most important detail taken into consideration when creating a great toupee. The base material is used to construct the foundation of the hair system and holds the hair fibers in place. It is what lies on the scalp. Additionally, the men’s hairpiece toupee wearer’s individual needs will ultimately determine the selection of the right base material.

Base material selection relies on: the lifestyle, the environment, length, density, durability, or the lifespan of the male wig. Lace, mono, and skin base are the most common materials in a toupee factory for male wig construction. Let’s look at what each base material offers.

1. Lace

hair systems

Lace is made up of a finely knitted mesh fabric that easily blends in the scalp giving the illusion of a seamless hairline. It is the most popular material for male wigs. It is made of a lightweight material that makes it breathable and comfortable to wear. This gives it a natural-looking appearance which makes it extremely popular. It is also popular because it is soft, undetectable, and durable. However, due to the lace material’s lightness, it is delicate and has a tendency to tear easily, therefore, it needs to be handled delicately. Keep the lace out of direct sunlight to prevent the color from fading.

There are two types of lace:

  • French Lace

French lace is soft, lightweight, and breathable. It is ideal for men who want coverage perhaps from a receding hairline. The front of the lace is made using single split knots that are small and give that natural and seamless look. It is flexible and can be stretched to fit the areas of the scalp needed. French lace is extremely popular contributed by its lightness and breathability. French lace is great for men who live in warm areas. Also, fantastic for men who live an active lifestyle, exercise a lot, and participate in extreme sports. Sweating will not be an issue and the toupee will not feel heavy on the head. It is great for medium to heavy density and has a lifespan of 4-5 months.

  • Swiss Lace

Swiss lace is more undetectable, breathable, finer, softer, lighter, and more delicate than French lace. Single split knots are used as it is more delicate and may easily tear. It is also great for warm weather and men who live an active lifestyle. Its fragility means it has a short lifespan of 1- 2 months and needs to be replaced frequently. It can take up a light to medium density.


2. Mono

Also known as monofilament. Mono base is made up of a fine-grade layer mesh that is a gauze-like material of polyester or nylon. It is one of the most durable base materials made by hair system manufacturers. This allows for heavier densities. The fabric is translucent and gives the natural-looking appearance of hair growing directly from the scalp.

Depending on which mono base thickness is chosen, it takes a medium to extra heavy density. Mono creates the most durable base foundation for men’s hairpieces. It can also bear the weight of both human hair and synthetic hair. The sheer material of the mono base makes it softer and more comfortable. Ideal for men with sensitive scalps, suffering from a medical condition, or wanting full coverage due to balding.

It is hand-tied with small holes; therefore, it is extremely durable and one does not have to worry about tearing. Mono base provides fuller and thicker coverage for men’s toupees. Its durability gives it a long lifespan of 6-14 months and it can be washed and styled more often than other base materials. However, due to the small holes and the ability to take on more hair density, cleaning is more difficult. Not cleaning it thoroughly can damage the hair root, clog the base and compromise its quality, thereby, reducing its lifespan.


 3. Skin

hair systems

Like the name, it is made up of a thin translucent polyurethane material that gives the illusion of human skin. Men’s hairpiece toupees made of skin base, give the illusion that hair is directly growing out of the scalp. It is the most undetectable of the 3 materials as it is made to look like part of our scalp and it is made extremely thin by hair system manufacturers.

Whilst lace and mono are ventilated using hand-tied knots, the hair fiber is injected into the skin material and this is what gives it that undetectable natural appearance. The skin base is made up of material that resembles human skin tones and wholesale male hairpieces and wholesale wigs are provided with a variety of different skin tone materials to cater to the huge demographic of male wearers.

This advanced technology gives the skin base the ability to mold into the scalp giving that flawless realistic appearance. Being injected into the base makes the wig light and comfortable to wear. Its lightness takes up a light to medium density. Skin material is extremely popular amongst men. It has a lifespan of 1-6 months.


Hair System Application

Hair system manufacturers produce toupee hair wigs to wholesale male hairpieces and wholesale wigs distributors that are one size fits most. This is great as it allows flexible customizations and versatility of toupee hair wigs.

Most toupee wearers are not sure, or simply not bothered in the process of installing the hairpieces and heavily rely on wholesalers, distributors, and salon owners for that. Toupee is cut and customized to what best suits the wearer.

Maintenance of the Hair Replacement System

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Wholesalers, distributors, and salon technicians should be able to provide the wearers with tips on caring for the men’s hairpiece. Many things can be done to extend the life of the hair system.

  • Wash the toupee properly.
  • Avoid hot water.
  • Avoid using shampoos with harsh ingredients.
  • Be gentle when dealing with the hairpiece.
  • Avoid hair products that contain alcohol.
  • If using wig glue, ensure the base material is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Do not be heavy-handed when using products.
  • Condition the toupee carefully.
  • Do not over-brush the hair.


It is beyond doubt that the male wig business has been propelled into the mainstream within the hair industry. Hair replacement manufacturers are increasing their focus on specializing and creating high-quality sophisticated male wigs. As more men continue to seek a quick-fix solution for balding or hair thinning, the demand for male wigs will continue to soar.


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