Distinguishing Between Different Base Materials

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Successfully, being able to distinguish between different base materials is what separates the high-quality best wigs retailers from the amateurs. In this blog, we will be covering the materials, visibility, hair toupee price differentiation and life span for each base Bono Hair manufactures in our wig factory.

Whether you are a specialist store, wholesaler, hair saloon or online e-commerce site knowing what non-surgical hair replacement solution meets the needs of your customers portrays a reliable and trustworthy business that customers are likely to return too and recommended.

As a wholesaler, as you increase the variety and options of luxury high end toupees that is stocked, your market and potential client base will expand accordingly. Strategically located wholesalers able to access markets in surrounding countries can leverage a variety of stock hair systems to profit in different countries with different customer needs.

However, as a boutique or hair saloon specializing in men’s toupee having a large variety is not necessary you should conduct market research that includes the climate, the age and specific niche market your business is targeting and stock your china made toupees accordingly.

Let’s have a look at the most commonly use based materials for men’s toupee, firstly we should make well clear and known that all information that follows with reference to the life span of each non-surgical hair replacement solution manufactured in china has been as a completed product. Furthermore, we would recommend that all hair pieces once sold come with either a verbal or physical instruction for how to maintain the hair piece as good maintenance will allow maximum life span.

Commonly used wig base materials for men’s toupee:

Lace Base Toupee for Men:

The use of fine nylon multifilament synthetic thread is used to knit together high-quality mesh fabric. The lace base has large holes that use a knotted ventilation method which allows increased air flow that allows the users scalp to have a more natural and comfortable feeling in warm – hot climates where perspiration occurs frequently.

If you client has a very active lifestyle filled where they are constantly moving or is a sports athlete, you can recommend them to use a lace-based hair system. This would meet their needs effectively.

French Lace

We highly recommend clients to always ensure they have of French Lace in stock as it is the most popular wig base materials chosen by men when deciding which non-surgical hair replacement solution is would make the best toupee for them. This wig base materials have very good breathability, extremely soft and easy to clean.


The life span of a French lace base toupee is between 2 – 3 months. The maximum hair density workable for French lace is medium heavy 140%. The lace mesh has larger holes this allows the material to breath more, perfect for suppliers located in markets that have warm-hot climates, also this base material is extremely soft and easy to clean.


Swiss Lace

There are two types of Lace materials used to create the base for all of our China manufactured toupees French and Swiss lace. The main differentiator of Swiss lace is that is more comfortable and softer than French Lace.


The life span of the swiss lace is less than the French lace with only 1 to 2 months of use. It too has good breathability due to the large holes in the lace material. Swiss lace base has a medium light density of 100% hair density at most.


Thin skin base

Customers who are looking for the most natural hair toupee that is extremely undetectable the 0.03mm thin skin base is the perfect base for them. Especially customers that are insensitive to the price, there are also 0.06 and 0.08 that is also thin.

Extremely undetectable and consequently the breathability is satisfactory. In fact, thin skin 0.03 and 0.08mm hair system is the top 2 bestsellers. Especially the sale of thin skin 0.03 hair system is increasing rapidly because of their invisibility factor. The material used to manufacture this base is an ultra-thin polyurethane material with a life span from 3-4weeks up to 4 months depending on the thickness chosen.

0.03mm | Example: Stock Toupees -> Skin -> Model BH3 Air Light 0.03mm
Ultra-thin skin toupee has a short-term span of only 3 to 4 weeks depending on how well the piece is maintained. This toupee base thickness works best with a V-loop ventilation method that is consistent throughout the entirety of the hair system.

0.06mm | Example: Stock Toupees -> Skin -> Model BH4 0.06mm

Ultra-Thin base material with a short to medium life span of 2 to 3 months. With the same effect of invisibility as 0.03mm. V-loop ventilation method that is consistent throughout the entirety of the hair system.

0.08mm | Example: Stock Toupees -> Skin -> Model BH1 Transparent 0.08mm

Thin base material with a life span of 3-4 months. Being the longest lifespan amongst this base material. V-loops on the front hairline to create a more natural finish, whilst the remainder of the hair system is constructed with single-split knot.

Skin with gauze

This material is usually only used around perimeter or on sides and back for easy tape sticking. There is 3 layers to this base style. First there is a layer of brushing polyurethane (skin), secondly on top of that is a layer of Gauze on the interlayer this gives the men’s toupee more strength and a longer life span.

0.12mm to 0.14mm | Example: Stock Toupees -> Medium -> Model BH5P.


Thin base material with longer life span than full skin based. Increased strength due to the increased number of layers as mentioned. Usually it is only used around the perimeter or on sides and back of the base. Example as below model BH5P hair system.

Clear Polyurethane / Clear PU

Combination of two materials for example French lace and Clear PU is often used to create some of the best men’s toupees on the market. These two materials offer their own advantages, the lace is knitted with large holes that make the super thin skin toupee extremely breathable and adds comfort on the top. The advantage of the Clear Pu increases the durability and life span of the hair system, it also allows users to remove the hair piece for maintenance and cleaning with ease.

0.01 to 0.16mm | Example: Stock Toupees -> All Stock -> Models Q6 and Australia.


Clear PU is usually placed around the perimeter of the toupee’s base or on the sides and back, whilst the rest of the toupee is either French or Swiss Lace. The hair density for these types of toupees are 100% Medium Light and 120% Medium density.


NPU/ PU with net/ PU coated

Previously, we covered a three-layer base with two layers of skin and gauze in the middle. Now we will discuss the 4-layer base model: The very first layer is brushing polyurethane, the two inner layers, one layer is Gauze, the other one is the base net, such as lace or mono.  the last layer is another layer of brushing polyurethane. The PU is usually coated around the sides and back or the whole perimeter which a width of 1”.

Example: Stock Toupees -> All Stock -> Model BH10


This base style is very strong and durable it has a very long-life span and due to its thickness when the PU coat is used on the front hairline of the piece the hair piece looks more natural and decreases visibility of the hair system. When PU is coated it makes it easier to use tapes to stick and to take of allowing the maintenance process to be conducted in a safer manner.

Nylon Mono-Filament Base Material

Out of all the possible bases materials to choose from the Mono base has the longest life span, for example with reference to the Fine mono base if well maintained and cleaned properly the hair system can last up to a year.

When kitted together this base system has smaller holes in comparison to the Lace base, airflow and perspiration is reduced. Furthermore, this material is slightly rougher, and this allows the user to remove the hair system more frequently with less risk of damaging the system.

Fine Monofilament

The strongest out of all the bases also provides room for air flow due to the holes in the mesh, these holes make the hair piece breathable the air holes are close together making them smaller and stronger. It is very important to ensure the hair system is cleaned and keep the holes clear.


Fine Mono has the longest life span ranging from between 6 months until 12 months. Fine mono is so strong that the maximum hair density workable for this material could reach to heavy density 160%.

Fine Welded Monofilament

This hair system is very soft and has a medium durability. It is not as strong as the Fine Mono, but it gives a more realistic finish. The wrap and weft are welded together strongly meaning that the hair system is not easily broken.


The life span of Fine Welded Mono base is on average around 3months to 4 months. The main characteristics of this base model is that its maximum hair density is 140% Medium Heavy.

Super Fine Welded Monofilament

This material is softer than the Fine Welded Mono, it has good breathability and when making this men’s toupee similar to Fine welded mono the warp and weft and welded together making this system stronger and not easily broken.

Example: Stock Toupees -> Mono -> Model BH9 Super Fine Mono


Similar to fine welded monofilament this base has a life span of roughly 3-4 months. As well as being softer this is a popular base amongst stockist. The maximum hair density for this material is 100% Medium light to 120% Medium.


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