Shower and Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments

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Hair loss is a common issue that affects people of all ages and genders. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, hormones, illness, and stress. According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, hair loss affects approximately 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States. It is also prevalent across the globe, with an estimated 180 million people affected by Androgenic Alopecia, the most common form of hair loss.

There are many causes of hair loss, ranging from genetics to medical conditions to medications.While it’s normal to lose a few strands every day, the first sign of hair loss is losing an ample amount of hair while showering. Although it is not life-threatening, significant hair loss can be a significant source of anxiety for many people.

Fortunately, there are treatments available that can help to restore hair growth. So let’s explore the causes of hair loss in the shower and the available treatments.


If you have noticed more hair in your drain after showering, you’re not alone. Hair loss in the shower is actually one of the first signs of hair loss. While washing hair too vigorously or using harsh shampoos while showering can trigger hair loss, there could be other reasons behind the problem as well.

Noticing more hair in the shower does not necessarily mean you are using the wrong hair care products or you are washing your hair the wrong way, as there could be multiple reasons behind hair loss. Hair loss is more noticeable in the shower because we can observe how much hair is clogging the drain.


How Much Hair Loss is Normal in the Shower?

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Most people lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day. It’s normal to lose a few strands of hair in the shower. But if you notice more hair in your drain than usual, it could be a sign of an underlying health condition.

A healthy adult loses about 100 to 120 strands in a day, with or without showering. Hair follicles keep making room for new hair while naturally shedding the older and weaker ones. You can call it the body’s self-cleansing mechanism.

However, new hair appears as soon as the older hair falls out, so the hair does not feel thin due to this regular hair shedding or what scientists refer to as telogen effluvium.Problematic hair loss is visible, and hair feels thinner than usual, along with receding hairlines and viewable scalp.


Causes of Hair Loss in Shower

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While showering alone cannot cause hair loss, it can definitely facilitate hair loss if done wrong. Here are a few mistakes most people make while showering;

1- Taking Hot Shower

For many of us, a hot shower feels like a luxurious experience. However, did you know that extreme hot showers can actually cause hair loss?

Hot showers might feel amazing, but they can be really bad for your hair. If you turn the water temperature up too high, it can strip your hair of its natural oils, causing it to become dry, brittle, and more likely to break. Plus, if you shower too often, your hair never has a chance to recover from all that heat damage. So if you are noticing more hair in your drain than usual, try scaling back on the heat and showering less often.

2- Exposing Hair to Heat Right after Shower

How often do you blow-dry your hair? If you are like most people, the answer is probably “every time I shower.” But what you may not realize is that this habit could be causing hair loss.

When you blow-dry your hair, you are using high heat to remove moisture. This can weaken the hair shaft and lead to breakage. And if you are using a brush to dry your hair, you could be putting even more stress on your strands. If you want to protect your hair, try cutting back on how often you blow-dry it. Let your hair air dry whenever possible.

3- Using Harsh Formulas

People use harsh shampoos, conditioners, and masks to keep the scalp clean in an attempt to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss; however, the results are often the other way around.

Unfortunately, using harsh chemicals in your hair care routine can actually contribute to hair loss. Chemicals can damage the hair follicle, causing the hair to fall out and be unable to regrow. If you are concerned about hair loss, try switching to natural, organic hair care products.


How to Prevent Hair Loss in the Shower?

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Hair loss in the shower can be a frustrating and embarrassing issue. There are several things you can do to prevent hair loss in the shower;

Use Lukewarm Water

Avoid using hot water when showering. Hot water can strip the natural oils from your hair, making it more susceptible to breakage.

The heat from the water can strip your hair of its natural oils, leading to dryness and breakage. So, if you’re looking to keep your locks healthy and strong, stick to lukewarm water when showering. Your hair will thank you for it!

Use Gentle Formulas

Use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to avoid further stripping your hair. Oiling hair before showering and using homemade organic masks also helps prevent hair loss in the shower.

Organic masks and hair oils help replenish hair moisture, strengthening hair from within. Oiling also nourishes the scalp, retaining lost moisture due to heat and styling tools exposure.

Rinse Thoroughly

Be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly to remove any product buildup that could weigh down your hair and cause breakage. By following these simple tips, you can prevent hair loss in the shower and keep your locks looking healthy and strong.


Best Treatment for Hair Loss

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Fortunately, there are various options to treat hair loss. Some people use medications, while others resort to hair transplant surgeries for a permanent solution. However, those requiring instant and affordable coverage use alternative hair systems like wigs and toupees. Wigs and toupees are often seen as a last resort for people suffering from hair loss, but they can actually be a better treatment than hair loss medications.

Medications for hair loss can have a number of side effects, including sexual dysfunction, weight gain, and dizziness. On the other hand, Wigs and toupees are relatively safe and can be a more effective treatment for hair loss.

Hair transplant surgeries, on the other hand, require extensive medical procedures, greater post-surgery care, and cost a fortune. These surgeries are not affordable for common people.

Wigs and toupees, unlike hair transplant surgeries, provide a low-end solution to those requiring substantial hair support. These hair systems are now available in various sizes, styles, and hair texture making sure everyone out there is able to find a perfect hairpiece.


Where to find the Best Wigs and Toupees for Hair Loss?

If you want to supply your customers with high-quality, comfortable wigs, look no further than Bono Hair. At Bono Hair, We believe that hair loss should not define who you are. Whether you are a man or woman, young or old, hair loss can be a difficult thing to deal with. That is why we are committed to providing high-quality wigs and toupees that help people suffering from hair loss feel confident and stylish.

Our wigs are made with comfortable fabric and genuine human hair, so you can feel good about your appearance – and your purchase. With Bono Hair, you’ll look great and feel even better.


The loss of hair can be a sensitive issue for many people. Our hair is often seen as a defining aspect of our identity, so experiencing hair loss can be very distressing.

Although thinning hair can be difficult to come to terms with, it is important to remember that hair loss is a natural part of the ageing process, and there is little one can do to stop it; however, with a little effort, you can maintain a full, healthy head of hair for many years to come.

Good showering habits like using lukewarm water, investing in gentle shampoos, and detangling hair before showering can help prevent excessive hair loss in the long run. However, if you often come across clients who have already lost their hair and wants an instant fix to cover bald spots, using wigs and toupees is one of the best options.

Bono Hair provides natural-looking wigs and toupees for men and women suffering hair loss and hair thinning. Our huge inventory includes hairpieces for clients from every walk of life, so you will find remarkable wigs and toupees for each of your customers.


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