Hollywood Star Tom Cruise’s Most Iconic Hairstyles

Hollywood Star Tom Cruise’s Most Iconic Hairstyles (5)

Dauntlessly one of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood, with millions of followers around the globe, Tom Cruise has been ruling Hollywood for over three decades now. The best thing about Tom Cruise is that the actor doesn’t only possess a charismatic persona but also has remarkable acting skills, which effortlessly made him dominate Hollywood for such a long period. Tom Cruise is that name that abruptly comes to your mind whenever you talk about the most outstanding actor in Hollywood; he has been an inspiration for millions of people, be it for his looks, acting, lifestyle, or haircuts.

Tom Cruise’s haircuts and hairstyles have always been in discussion; his fans are curious to know how the fifty-seven-year-old actor has managed to keep such a neat hairline. This article will answer this question and all the other queries regarding Tom Cruise’s hairstyles. We will follow the following structure to help find all the right details about the most popular Hollywood star.


The global cultural icon Tom Cruise who has had an immeasurable impact on cinema and his fans’ lives, was born Thomas Cruise Mapother on July 3rd, 1962, in Syracuse city in New York. Tom’s father was an electrical engineer, and his mother was a teacher; the actor has three sisters. Tom Cruise had a deprived childhood and was brought up in a disturbing atmosphere as his father was a chaotic personality.

The actor changed 15 schools in 14 years due to the uncertainty of his dad’s job; he has spent some time in Ottawa, Canada, where the family moved for his father’s job. Tom discovered his love for acting in fourth grade when he first participated in a drama at the school drama festival. He earned remarkable appreciation from the audience, which boosted his confidence. Tom was in sixth grade when her mother divorced his father and moved back to the United States with her kids; she married again with Jack South.

Tom Cruise developed a drinking habit in his teenage years and faced many expulsions. He wanted to be a priest and attended seminary on scholarship but got expelled from there for drinking, while for a similar reason, he also got expelled from the high school football team. The actor moved to New York City when he was eighteen to try his luck in acting but became a busboy instead. He then moved to Los Angeles to act in television but fortunately got his break in films. He started his career in 1981 with a small role in Endless Love but got a supporting role in the film Taps in the same year. After that, there was no looking back for this legend; in 1983, he got some career-defining movies that became classic cult-like Generation X, Risky Business, and All The Right Move. Within just five years of his acting career, Tom Cruise earned superstar status in 1986 after the release of Top Gun.

With time Tom Cruise developed as a renowned action hero, he starred in many science fiction films, but most of us know him by his portrayal of superspy Ethan Hunt in the famous Mission: Impossible Series. The actor has so far done six films in the popular franchise.

Tom Cruise has been honored with many awards and accolades for his remarkable contribution and achievements. Many magazines have ranked him as the most powerful star of Hollywood; he got many awards like the American Cinematheque Award and Harward’s Man of the Year Award. He is a three-time Golden Globes winner and has been nominated for Academy Awards numerous times.

On the personal front, Tom Cruise has been married thrice and linked with many of his co-stars. He married Mimi Roger, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes and divorced all of them. The actor has three children, two of them are adopted, while he has one daughter with Katie Holmes.

Tom Cruise Hair Condition: Does He Wear A Toupee?

Hollywood Star Tom Cruise’s Most Iconic Hairstyles (7)

Tom Cruise’s career spans three long decades, and throughout this long journey, the actor has always managed to look stylish and charismatic, primarily because of his beautiful hairstyles. The fifty-seven-year-old still looks so dynamic with his head full of hair that his fans think he might be wearing a hairpiece or toupee.

Tom Cruise has the most fine-looking natural hair; the star naturally has healthy and thick hair, which is why he has been experimenting with a wide array of new looks. There has never been any news of Tom Cruise wearing a toupee or a wig in his movie or reality; he always sports his natural hair with various iconic hairstyles.

Tom Cruise Haircut

Hollywood Star Tom Cruise’s Most Iconic Hairstyles (1)

Tom Cruise has been very popular for keeping different hairstyles; over the years, his haircuts have earned him an immense following and has become an inspiration for many of his followers. Age hasn’t stopped him from looking dapper and charismatic; from elegant pulled back to extended blonde highlights, this star has rocked them all.

Here are a few of his famous hairstyles.

1.      The Classic Tom Cruise Look

The pulled-back hairstyle is an exclusive Tom Cruise hairstyle; the star has worn this iconic hairstyle for a long time, from 2016 to 2019. When the actor started aging, he wore this haircut throughout to reach perfection and made it his trademark look. This look is also called the classic tapered look, in which the hairs are short on the sides while the top has long hairs to maintain a pulled-back hairstyle.

2.      The famous Top Gun Hairstyle

The Hollywood heartthrob ruled the hearts with his all-time famous Top Gun hairstyle, the actor sported this look for his 1986 release Top Gun which became an instant hit, and his hairstyle received colossal popularity. The Top Gun hairstyle was just a versatile summer crop that allowed you to style your hair with many options.

3.      The Short Buzz Cut

Tom Cruise is a living example of hairstyles personified; a short buzz cut is a hairdo that this superstar has worn quite a few times. This hairstyle gives you a casual and younger look; that’s why the actor has rocked this haircut entirely on and off to look younger.

4.      Tom Cruise Trendy Shaggy Hair

The actor has proved that no man looks as dapper as Tom Cruise with long messy hair. Tom Cruise’s long hair is one of the world’s most famous fashion trends. The actor wore this shaggy razor-cut hairstyle for a very long time. The actor sported this style with side-swept bangs and layers to make his features more visible. Besides these shaggy hairs, Tom has rocked long hair with honey blonde highlights.

How to Be Like Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise is one tomboy aging very slowly and has a gifted, captivating personality. We all know that the star has an inspiring personality, and most of his followers want to achieve his looks by getting a similar hairstyle. Hence, if you also want to make a similar hairstyle to Tom Cruise, then Bono Hair is here to serve you to get the most authentic hairstyle precisely the same as Tom Cruise.

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Hollywood Star Tom Cruise’s Most Iconic Hairstyles (2)
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Hollywood Star Tom Cruise’s Most Iconic Hairstyles (3)
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Hollywood Star Tom Cruise’s Most Iconic Hairstyles (4)
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Fans always keep a check on their favorite celebrities’ hairstyles and attire, and Tom Cruise has never been a disappointment to his followers. Most of Tom Cruise’s hairstyles became popular fashion trends; however, there is no evidence or confirmed report of the actor using hairpieces to enhance his looks.


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