2022 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig


Men who are experiencing hair loss as a result of aging or health conditions can look better and feel better when wearing men’s wigs. Wigs serve more than just as a means of covering bald heads; they add to the wearer’s personal style. When people are wearing men’s wigs, the men’s wig needs to be styled to match the wearer’s personality.

Whatever men who don’t suffer from hair loss or have hair loss problems pay attention to their hairstyles and haircuts. Those who wear men’s wigs, on the other hand, are most concerned with their hairstyles and want them to be fashionable. Obviously, wearers of wigs can choose the same haircut and hairstyle that is fashionable for normal people.

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2022 Top 10 Most Popular Hairstyles for Men

Men often struggle to find the best haircut or hairstyle that fits their face. There are, of course, a lot of factors such as face shape, hair products, and hair type that matter in this regard. Every year brings a new trend and fashion in hairstyles. After the bolder looks of last year, this year brought some more brilliant hairstyles and haircuts. Undercuts, fade haircuts, long hairstyles, quiffs, Mohawks, and buzz cuts — everyone has a stylish option to choose from in 2022.  Let’s take a look at the top 10 most popular hairstyles for men in 2022.

  1. Short textured hair
  2. Undercut
  3. French crop
  4. Fade haircut with a beard
  5. Quiff hairstyle
  6. Mohawk
  7. Buzz cut hairstyle
  8. Slicked back haircut
  9. Bro flow hairstyle
  10. Man Bun

1. Short Textured Hair

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Whether your hair is thick or thin, a short textured haircut fits any type of hair. If the wearer has thick short hair, a short textured haircut offers a sleek look and reduces volume. When it comes to thin hair, it gives an impression of having a fuller head of hair.

Stephen Marinaro, a popular hairstylist, says a short textured haircut does not take much time to create, all it needs is matte paste or clay. With a little tangle on the top of the head, the wearer would look more modern and textured. The hairstyle is trending, and you will see every other man wearing it on the street.

One may get a short textured haircut in several ways depending on which classic styles they wear, such as short spikes, crew cuts, and Ivy League hair. However, it is only using 2 inches of hair that can produce a natural-looking tousled look.

  • Short Spikes Cut

Easily achieved with a small amount of styling product, the short spikes haircut is short and stylish. By using a strong-hold product, the wearer can shape the spikes in any direction.

  • Crew Cut

In a crew cut, the hair is cut short at the top and then gets even shorter, eventually fading away to a taper.  The edgy short hairs on top look more prominent with the razor fade and shaved sides. A wearer can achieve this look by teasing the top hairs with wax or matte pomade.

2. Undercut

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (15)

Over the last few years, men’s undercuts have been among the most popular hairstyles. What makes this hairstyle unique and memorable is its highly contrasted structure. Combined with several styles on top like quiffs, pompadours, and fringes, the undercut gives a classy appearance to the wearer. Since this hairstyle is in fashion, it’s the guys’ preferred option.

3. French Crop

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French Crop is a classic short hairstyle that has been trending again recently. Featuring short hair all over with a prominent fringe, this look is all about short hair. There is often a mixup between French Crop and Ceasar Cut. Although both haircuts may appear similar, they differ significantly in their fringe styles. The French Crop has long fringes, while the Caesar cut has short fringes.

Those who want their hairstyle to require little maintenance should choose this style. The cut is simple, and very little styling is needed. Additionally, the hairstyle does not require frequent visits to the barbershop to maintain its appearance. Older people with gray hairs can also look great with French Crop hairstyles since the cut compliments their grey hair. A perfect hairstyle that is chosen by millions of men.

4. Fade Haircut with a Beard

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These days, a fade haircut with a beard is one of the chicest looks for men. The hairstyle is in style in 2022, and men (especially those with beards) are getting this haircut at a tremendous rate. The combination of short or medium hair on top faded at the sides, and a scruffy beard may feel a little off. Wearing it, however, gives a person a totally classy appearance. Even a simple beard style looks cool with fade haircuts. Furthermore, there are a variety of styles to choose from, so the wearer can select the one that suits their personality the best. Fade Haircut with a Beard style can make the wearer’s personality stand out in a crowd whether it is a high fade or a low fade, luscious long beards look, or tapered look.

5. Quiff Hairstyle

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The quiff hairstyle has been around for a long time. A quiff is a simple hairstyle made up of long hair on top and short hair on the sides. In a way, it looks like a pompadour. The modern quiff style, however, also includes an interesting messy texture. Any hair type can be styled with a quiff style, whether it’s long hair, medium hair, or short hair. It is even possible for men with thick, wavy, curly, and straight hair to style it in various ways and achieve a sexier appearance. The style of a man’s quiff can range from a messy style at the top to a taper fade at the back and sides.

6. Mohawk

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In recent years, the mohawk has become a fashionable haircut. This haircut for men gives a cool and edgy look. For men seeking something more experimental in their pubic appearance, a mohawk hairstyle is a good option. The hair is long on the top and short on the sides and back, making it a versatile and trendy style. Where the old Mohawk style was just limited to rebellious types, the modern version has become quite famous with athletes, celebrities, and hipsters. Whatever type of hair one has, whether curly, straight, wavy, or thick, a mohawk style can give them an appealing appearance.

Various styles are available, some prefer long hairstyles with shaved sides giving an edgy appearance, while others prefer a short mohawk with an undercut giving a more elegant look. Choosing the perfect style is difficult since there are so many to choose from.

 7. Buzz Cut Hair Style

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An extremely short haircut known as a buzz Cut is very popular throughout the world. A stylish hairstyle like this has been sweeping the earth for more than a century, and for good reason. The advantage of this hairstyle is that the wearer does not need to style their hair after waking up in the morning.

The buzz cut was brought into the fashion world by a group of famous celebrity hunks like Zac Efron, Kanye West, Channing Tatum, and Ryan Reynolds. Not only did they adopt this hairstyle, they also used it as their signature appearance. Military members also use buzz cuts for practical reasons, since they are easy to maintain and give them a serious appearance.

The first image that comes to mind when people think of buzzcuts is a shaved-hood look, but there is more to it than that. In modern times, buzz cuts offer many variants that are more than just a bald head. Among the new features are both long and short buzz cuts. A buzz cut hairstyle is perfect when worn with a beard or fade, specifically with the long top hair.

8.  Slicked Back Hairstyle

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The slicked back hairstyle is among the most popular among men because of its sleek appearance. Hair that is slicked back features short sides and a longer top that is pulled back. Just like pompadours and quiffs, slicked back hair should be polished with products to give the hair a smooth look so it can be combed back. The flat top of a slick backed haircut might suit some people, but others may prefer adding texture or volume to it. A person with short slicked back hair can easily style and maintain their hair. While longer hair is versatile and offers several styling options, it is not as easy to maintain.

Slicked back hairstyles are reminiscent of greaser hairstyles from the 1950s. It has been on trend again recently after celebrities and hipsters started using it. Regardless of whether someone chooses a short style with a slick back or a longer style, the overall look is formal, neat, and cool, yet trendy and sexy at the same time.

To create an elegant look in today’s slicked back hairstyles, men put long or semi-long hair on top, combined with a low or high fade. Also, some wearers try an undercut with a slick back, which looks even bolder than a slick back fade.

9. Bro Flow Haircut

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There is the latest top trend in hairstyles for men, known as Bro Flow, and some guys have already started wearing it. The Bro Flow hairstyle is being worn by many people today and it gives off a classy yet new vibe to a person’s attitude. If a person loves long hair but also wants to go for something that works with the office environment, bro flow is the best choice. The serious style of this haircut is suitable for men of all ages, and it lends a sense of sophistication to a person’s personality.

Where other trendy haircuts including undercut and pompadour give an elegant appearance to a wearer, the bro flow reflects a more casual look. Men who don’t want to spend half an hour styling their hours in the morning can go for this hairstyle since it doesn’t require much maintenance.

Keep in mind, bro flow can either work on medium-sized hair or long hair. Someone who is looking to increase the length of their hair or someone who just likes medium length can create an excellent version of Bro Flow. With the medium-length, it is just right to be neat and cool, but long enough to impart a rugged bro flow look. A medium-sized bro flow can therefore be used for both works and to go out to the pub for a drink.

Bro flow also looks cool if matched with a beard. No matter what kind of beard a person has, whether it is short and neat or messy and long, brow flow can drastically change the way a person looks. Together, it will result in giving a manly and edgy appearance to a person, which has a more masculine bearing than preppy.

10. Man Bun

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Man bun aka hipster bun or bro bun is a modern style cut that is among the most unique, sexy, and universally appealing haircuts for men. Men’s long hair can be styled in a variety of ways, but the man bun is an attractive, stylish alternative. This hairstyle is created by tying all the hairs on top of the head with a tie or hair strap so as to make a ponytail. It is recommended that a person’s hair is at least ten inches long in order to tie it up comfortably in the Man Bun style. Thus, if someone wishes to experiment with this style, they need to grow their hair several months in advance.

Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa, Harry Styles, David Beckham, Orlando Bloom, William Single, and Jake Gyllenhaal are just a few celebrities who frequently experiment with different styles of man buns.

Best 10 Hairstyles for Receding Hairline 

The first step that a person should take when they realize they’re going bald is to acknowledge it. Now, they need to figure out a way to handle this loss, and choosing one of the many elegant hairstyles for receding hairline is one way to deal with it. Many men’s hairstyles are available to suit receding hairlines. In some receding hairline haircuts, the balding area beneath the hairline is covered, while in others, that bald area is visible to the eye but leaves the person looking graceful. No matter if one has thin hair, a widow’s peak developed badly, or simply has a receding hairline from the outset, men will note that they do not have to shave their heads because there are best haircuts for receding hairlines that create a gentlemanly appearance.

For retreating hairlines, you can choose from crew cuts, buzz cuts, slicked back styles, faux hawks, comb overs, spiky looks, and mohawks. A person with a retreating hairline will quickly understand that there are plenty of styling options to pick from.

The following are ten hairstyles for receding hairlines that can make guys look more edgy and trendy. Back combined with long or short hair on top, and short sideburns or fades on the sides giving men experiencing receding hairlines the option of dealing with hair loss elegantly.

  • Buzz cut
  • Textured layering
  • Faux hawk
  • Comb over
  • The taper fade
  • Fringe haircut
  • Long hairstyle
  • Side part
  • Pompadour
  • Clos cut

1. Buzz Cut

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (24)

While the buzz cut looks great on men with normal hairstyles, it is also a great option for men with receding hairlines. This hairstyle has a military vibe to it. It minimizes the contrast between the individual’s scalp, temples, and forehead. This chic and stylish haircut is perfect for people who don’t want to shave their heads. Besides suiting receding hairlines, the buzz cut is also a good choice for men with thin hair. Moreover, it also gives an elegant look to the person’s facial features.

Despite this much shorter haircut, there are still several styles to choose from. Some men with receding hairlines opt for the traditional buzz cut in which all their hair is cut at the same length. While others try a look of high and tight fade. Then, there is the tapered side cut that gives a clean and fresh fade. Choosing a thick beard with a buzz cut will give a man a rugged appearance that most women love.

 2. Textured Layering

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (25)

A textured layering hairstyle is a perfect choice for concealing a receding hairline. Textured layered haircuts are angled towards the forehead. Flanked by rough textures, creative layering, or perhaps a touch of contrast in color, the receding hairlines will appear less noticeable. This haircut will be even more effective if paired with an undercut.

When layering hair, it is imperative to find a high-quality hair product and apply it, otherwise, the results will be unsatisfactory. With textured layering, a wearer can achieve a style that falls between sports boy and business executive. It is a perfect disguise to mask the retreating hairline.

3. Faux Hawk

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (26)

The faux hawk is the best hairstyle if a wearer doesn’t want to go bold to conceal receding hairlines. In spite of its on and off popularity, the faux hawk is a perfect style for men with receding hairlines. This hairstyle, also known as a fohawk, pulls all the hair off the sides of the head, thus drawing attention away from messed up hairlines and putting more focus on the center of the head. A faux hawk looks good with all types of hair: short, medium, and long. Furthermore, it can be manufactured using matter or pomade hair products to create a more natural appearance.

Look closely, and one can see this hairstyle was specifically designed for receding hairlines. Faux hawks are highly recommended for men who naturally have thick hair since they can hide bad hairlines very easily. Its name may seem bold, but it gives a sensible, subtle vibe to wearers and can be used in an office environment as well.

4. Comb Over

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The comb over style isn’t just for receding hairlines. It’s a very popular hairstyle even among normal people. Its neat and subtle appearance gives the wearer a perfect gentleman appearance, regardless of whether they have a receding hairline or not. Comb over hairstyles feature a sleek and stylish haircut that arranges all the hair on one side of the head by using the natural part.

A comb over hairstyle can be styled in many different ways. Choose between the high fade, low fade, mid fade, skin fade, undercut, taper fade, and many more styles. For fine hair, using thickening hair products like wax or clay pomade can make the hair look thicker, covering more of the scalp.

5. The Taper Fade

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A taper fade provides the same benefit to the individuals with receding hairlines as many other short hairstyles do. A taper fade hairstyle is a good option for people with receding hairlines because it hides the balding area on the head by focusing attention on other areas of the head. Unlike a square fade, taper fade looks so slick and fashionable that people don’t even notice the bad hairstyle.

Both “taper” and “fade” are actually different hairstyles. The difference between taper and fade is that fade is usually shorter than taper. In general, fades are cut with scissors while taper is cut with hair clippers. A taper requires at least one inch of long hair that gets shorter as it approaches the hairline.

This hairstyle is achieved by keeping the top hair long and gradually fading the sides and back until only bare skin remains. With so much top hair on the head, a taper fade offers a lot of styling options. The taper fade hairstyles come in several varieties. Aside from high and low taper fade haircuts, drop fades, temp fades, razor fades, bald fades, and burst fades are quite popular in modern styles. Taper fades are appealing when mixed with afros, mohawks, high tops, curly hair, or comb overs.

 6. Fringe Haircut

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Using a Fringe Haircut is one method of concealing the widow’s peak or receding hairline. In order for a person to obtain the most benefit from this hairstyle, they must have long fringes or long hair overall. In the straight fringe style, the person’s bad hairline is completely hidden since their bangs cover their eyebrows. Those with long faces are usually the best candidates for this haircut. Furthermore,  a style like this is perfect for those who like an undercut, but don’t want it to be too bold. A side undercut creates a cool, but not wild look to the straight fringes in this hairstyle.

There is also an option for messy fringes in this haircut if a person doesn’t wish to have a straight fringe. This stylish variation of the fringe haircut conveys a feeling of casual attitude or youthful vibrancy to a man’s personality. If the messy fringe style sits perfectly on the wearer, it can be an excellent way to conceal a retreating hairline. A person, however, needs to have a high quality hair product in order to create this style. There are not many styles involved in a messy fringe haircut. In addition to being one of the most unique haircuts for receding hairlines, it draws more attention away from the hairline and puts it on the hairstyle.

7. Long Hairstyle

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (30)

A long hairstyle can hide a receding hairline in plain sight. If an individual with a receding hairline doesn’t want to wear a short haircut, they can always wear a classy long hairstyle instead. People believe that one should cover their bad hairline if they are going bald, but why to hide it when you can actually make it look cool. A long hairstyle can work perfectly well here.

People who would like to have long hairstyles with some length on top might consider slicked back undercuts, long comb over fades, messy quiffs, hard side parts, and shaggy mop tops. Also, some trendy options are the classic man bun or a classic bro flow. The best way to choose one, however, is to experiment with different styles and see what suits the wearer best. When combined with an undercut, fade, or taper, medium-length to long hair can create a beautifully defined receding hairline, though it depends on how far the individual’s hairline recedes. There are many ways to style the long hair at the top, including the wavy curly style that gives the look of a rough, casual look.

8. Side Part

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (1)

Side Part hairstyle can also be a good option to deal with a receding hairline. A classic haircut that has been around for a long time. Individuals, not only with receding hairlines but also with normal hair, choose this style throughout most of the world. When worn correctly, a side part style lends a gentlemanly vibe to the wearer. This haircut is developed based on an individual’s natural hairline.

A balding area is exposed on one side of the head, making it part of the hairstyle, whereas the other side is covered entirely with hair swept to the side. This hairstyle gives young people an opportunity to experiment with different bold styles, such as making the sides tapered and faded, with a side part.

If someone wants to give this style a strong look, they can try a long side-parting top and thick beard. A longer top will make the part appear more elegant, which will make the person’s appearance appear more dynamic. It’s the long hair on top that steals the show here since it makes the hair look so good that people overlook the retreating hairline. Despite being tapered on the sides, the clipper offers enough volume to make the hair blend well with the beard.

9. Pompadour

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (2)

Pompadour is the perfect hairstyle for receding hairline if the person has thick hair on the top with extra volume. This haircut actually makes a person’s receding line even more visible by pulling back all the hair on the top. Pompadour works excellently with fades or undercuts since it adds more edge and a sleeker appearance to a person.

A modern pompadour looks great on both short and long hair, as long as the wearer has a little volume in their top hair. Wearers can also experiment with disconnected sides to this style, which will result in a whole new and bold look.

10. Close Cut

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (3)

Another short haircut is a Close Cut, but it’s not as short as Ivy League or Crew Cut. As a matter of fact, it goes one step further than that. A person with a receding hairline should use this hairstyle while their bad hairline is still in its early stages. A little (but not too much) long hair on top, which can cover up a bad hairline. With a natural texture look at the top, this style will be even more appealing.

This is not a fancy type of haircut to deal with receding hairlines, instead, it is subtle and effective. The wearer doesn’t have to keep their hair long to style it in different ways, but they do want enough length that their hair looks wavy.

Top 10 Haircuts for Balding Men

A lot of people panic when they notice their hair thinning out. But rather than feeling sad about it, it is better to accept it and find a way to move forward. The process of balding is natural and happens to most of individual. Few people begin experiencing it in their twenties. Some people get it after living a full life. The study conducted by American Hair Loss Association shows that 65% of people start noticing hair loss after the age of 35, even if they don’t want to admit it. Almost 85% of men are almost completely bald by the age of 50. So what can they do to deal with this natural process of getting bald? Choosing a hairstyle that fits the person’s personality is the best way to cope with it. There are many hairstyles a person can choose from, regardless of whether their hairline is receding or if half of the hair on their head has been lost.

There is no doubt that actors like Dwayne Johnson, Jude Law, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, and John Travolta have exhibited the fact that older males with balding heads can look sexier than the younger males with plenty of hair on their heads. In 2022, these top 10 hairstyles for balding men will be fashionable and a person will totally look cool with an elegant personality.

1. High and Tight

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (4)

Almost all military cuts are suitable for men with balding heads. A high and tight haircut is also a military haircut, like the crew cut and buzz cut, which has been a popular choice for most people who are experiencing hair loss for many years. While there may not be much room for styling, High & Tight is masculine, functional, easy to maintain, and deals well with balding.

High and tight haircuts are cut by cropping the top of the hair and then gradually fading both sides and back until the hair is shorter. In order to give the person’s appearance a cheeky look, the top mane is always longer than the sides. With a high and tight haircut, the person’s face is drawn more attention rather than the balding area on the head. Since there isn’t much versatility in styling options, a person can add a little bit of texture to their hair by using the hairstyle product. An elegant appearance will be added to the person’s appearance by the texture.

2.  Skin Fade with Short Hair

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (5)

It’s a common tendency for people to start going bald to begin wearing short hair, and when that’s combined with fading of the skin, it creates a classy hairstyle with more styling choices and a more authentic look. Featuring tapered hair on top and trimmed sides that are cut to skin level, this hairstyle gives a sophisticated appearance and makes a person look younger.

This elegant hairstyle makes balding patches less noticeable by placing a lot of emphasis on the long manes at the top of the head. It is a great option for someone who has recently been suffering from baldness. In order to make the bald patches even less obvious, one can try a thick beard with it. Wearing it will give a graceful appearance to the wearer and the area near the thinning hair will no longer attract attention.

3. The Butch Cut

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (6)

The butch haircut is an excellent choice for those who are interested in an easy-to-maintain, sleek haircut. Throughout the whole head, the hair is cut equally between 1/4 and 3/4 inches. In addition to being completely maintenance-free, it is a great way of dealing with bald patches. The butch cut will appear even more effective if being matched with cool facial hair. Wearing this will add a classy touch to the appearance of the wearer. People who have busy lives and don’t have enough time to style their hair in the morning can definitely go for this style. Moreover, this haircut is perfectly suited for people with elongated heads since it retains the volume on the sides, unlike many other modern haircuts.

4. Shaggy Hairstyle

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (7)

Each of the hairstyles above is about exposing bald spots more and more. Here comes something different. A shaggy hairstyle is all about concealing the wearer’s bald spots on the head. People who are going bald will love this product, as it adds hair layers up front on the forehead, which is like a dream come true. One of the best things about this hairstyle is that it looks good on all types of hair. On top of that, it gives a cool look to the person’s appearance. While a shaggy style may look casual, it works perfectly well on professionals as well.

In addition to short hair, this hairstyle also gives a macho look to people with medium or long hair. Bald or not, a shaggy hairstyle is worth trying since it gives a cool vibe to a person’s personality. In addition, this style doesn’t require much maintenance as well.

5. Bald Head with Beard

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (8)

Bald head is always an option if nothing else is working for a person who is experiencing baldness. There’s no denying that bald heads aren’t ideal for everyone, since it all depends on the types of heads, but one can’t know for sure until they try it. In case a person feels uncomfortable with the whole hairless look, they can always go for a beard. So what, if a person doesn’t have hair on their head, they still have facial hair, so why not use it. This hairstyle should be done with a hair clipper, rather than a razor, and the hair should be trimmed very short until the skin shows. A bald look can be both appealing and powerful. With a goatee, it can look even sexier, remember Walter White from Breaking Bad.

6. Messy Side Trim

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (9)

It is not easy to deal with balding and graying simultaneously when a person is getting old. They have rocked all the hairstyles when they were young and had a lot of hair. Now that they are entering into old age where not only their hair is thinning, but those that are left are becoming grey, what can they do? Messy hair with side trim is the best option for that. Consider this haircut, in which the sides are kept short while the top is left messy, with the sideburns eventually blending into the facial hair. Cuts in this style create more structure and thickness in the hairstyle. Since there are a lot of top hairs on the head, its wearer can style their hair in many different ways. Furthermore, a messy hairstyle requires less maintenance and is suitable for both casual wears as well as professional appearance.

7. Razor Shaved Head

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (10)

Shaving the head with a razor is probably the best option for balding men who have completely lost their upper crowns. Balding the head is one thing, but shaving the entire head with a razor requires a great deal of courage. Even if shaving the head with a razor seems daring, it is better than losing patches of hair. A razor shaved head gives a man a masculine appearance and makes him stand out from others.

The razor shaved head has been popular with celebrities like Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel for decades. The style is now recognized as one of their signatures. With his dapper style, Dwayne “Rocks” this style and has made it popular among women.

Shaving one’s head allows one to try out different looks. They can either choose different styles of beard or go for a thick mustache to add an extra elegant touch to their appearance. In addition, an individual doesn’t have to visit the barbershop frequently to keep the shaved head looking fresh. They can shave their heads on their own using a razor.

8. The Peninsula

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (11)

Instead of hiding the balding area, one can make it more prominent and incorporate it into their hairstyle. This is exactly what The Peninsula haircut does. This design uses the widow’s peak to its advantage while making the wearer look attractive. The entire portion of the manes is pulled into the center of the head, like a peninsular. When added to the mane, some natural waves can create a textured look. Those who lack natural texture can create one by using a product like clay or gel.

9. Ivy League Cut

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (12)

For balding men, an ivy league haircut could be the perfect solution. People have been using this haircut for years, and it still gives an appealing vibe to a person. It not only looks fashionable but will also conceal receding hairlines effectively. Ivy league, also known as Harvard clip or Princeton cut, has the sides and the back trimmed short, while the fringe in front is kept long. Start combing the hair along the side part near the hairline which is less balding. Then, comb all the hair towards the other side and cover the balding areas on the head. It is ideal for guys with strong jawlines and high cheekbones, as well as people with large foreheads. This aesthetic style can be worn both in the office and in the bar. There are several options for this haircut. An individual can choose the one that’s right for them.

10. Flat Top with High Bald Fade

2021 Best Haircuts & Hair Styles For Men Wig (13)

Choosing one that turns half bald into a stylish look is a good idea for those who are already half bald. This way, baldness is no longer a matter of hiding. Instead, they can exploit the problem to their advantage. Individuals who don’t wish to try any of the above hairstyles for balding problems can opt for Flat Top with High Bald Fade. It is suitable for all types of baldness. During this haircut, the top is kept extremely flat, while the sides and back remain bald. A negative aspect of this haircut is that it makes one look like an army general.


Whether a person has a full head of hair or a receding hairline, or even if they are going bald. There is a haircut available for everyone regardless of hair type, face structure, and type of personality. It is just a matter of choosing which one suits the person’s appearance the best.

There is no doubt that balding is a serious issue among men from all over the world. Sadly, there is a large number of men who suffer from hair loss, and different approaches can be used to deal with it.  It is possible for people to choose the best hairstyle if they are comfortable accepting the fact that they are going bald or there is always the option of wearing a wig as a cheap and classic way to conceal baldness. Modern types of wigs are available in nearly all styles that people with natural hair wear.

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