How To Order The High-quality Men’s Hair Systems: 17 New Guide

How to order the high quality men's hair systems (10)



It is normal to see people lose their confidence after hair fall. This situation is mostly faced by younger men. They will never predict that they will suffer hair loss at this peak time of age. To overcome this situation, people diverted and started purchasing various kinds of hair systems.

But this will not always work. Sometimes the hair system is not proper curvature, sometimes the hair color is not totally match. You may want to know how to order the best and high quality men’s hair systems for my clients? Here in this article, we will combine it with our production process to explain how to order the high quality men’s hair systems for your client.


How do you know your toupee base size?

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Knowing the hair system base size is the first step for regaining men’s hair over the scalp. This is the important part that needs to be performed in a proper way. The base size of the toupee must measure perfectly so that a perfect match your customer scalp and the hair system will look more natural and feel comfortable. Tape is a good tool to help us to get the exact measurement of the hair system. According to the base size, we divide them into four kinds of hair systems:

  • Partial Size
  • Regular size
  • Oversize
  • Full Cap

Partial Size

It covers hair loss area equal to or smaller than 4 inches x 4 inches, like the front hairline or crown area. In the early stage of hair loss, some clients experience hair loss in isolated areas. In this kind of situation, a partial system would be the best choice.

Regular Size

Hair loss area is larger than 4″x4″ and up to 10″x8″. It’s the foremost popular choice for men with traditional male pattern baldness and covers hair loss on the highest of the top from the front hairline to the crown.

Over Size

Hair loss area is larger than 10” x 8” and up to 10” x 10” covering the top from the front hairline to the rear of the top. It’s about a 3/4 cap that doesn’t have a temple area or nape area. The hair loss area extends further down the side and back of the top.

Full Cap

Full cap hair systems are commonest with women or men who have complete hair loss or prefer total scalp coverage. These full cap hair systems cover entire head and most times even include sideburns and nape areas.

Having a correct base size and curvature is key to create a comfortable and natural hair system. Stock hair systems base size and curvature are standard for average customers. Custom-made orders are made exactly according to customers’ specifications, including base size, curvature, hair length, hair color, hair density and hair curl/wave. That’s why most customers would like to have a custom-made order although they need to wait for about 6-8 weeks.


How to measure the wig size?

How to order the high quality men's hair systems

We believe that you are very familiar with measuring toupee size and do it perfectly. But you will have customers that need a full cap wig. Wig measurements is a little complicated than toupee, and the exact measurement will help to make a correct wig. If you don’t know how to measure wig size, you can follow the steps below:


The circumference is the longest part of the scalp. Now start measuring with the help of a soft tape from the hairline at the middle of your forehead. Then mark it behind the ears. The next point is the nape of the neck and back to the beginning. Then make a complete mark of circumference. Now with the help of a scale, measure the units or distance of the circumference.

Front to Back

Place the tape on the middle of the forehead and measure the hairline at the nape of the neck. Run the tape through the center of the head. If your customer have no hair, then place three fingers (index, third, and ring finger) flat on your forehead. These fingers should be placed before the brow bone because this is the good straight point at the top of three fingers.

Ear to Ear Over Forehead

Lay the tape from the right ear. Run the soft band from the middle of the forehead and end it to the left ear. Measure the number from left ear to right ear.

Temple to Temple over top of the head

Place the tape on the rock bottom fringe of the sideburn ahead of your ear and go straight from the highest of the top to the rock bottom fringe of the other sideburn.

Ear to Ear over the top of the head

Place the tape against your head at the front fringe of the hairline (temple area), going from the membrane bone to the other fringe of the hairline (opposite to the temple area) around the head.

Nape width

Nape width measures the width of the hairline across the nape of the neck. Place the tape at the rock bottom point on the bone behind your ear (mastoid bone) and measure across the neck to the other mastoid.

Put these data to your hair system consultant for a custom made wig making. Our production manager will check and will get back to you if any problem.

Hair system front contour

After you measure the base size for your customers, you will decide the front contour shape. The front contour helps to provide a natural effect. We have a wide variety of front contours. The reason behind that is all people have different front contours. Some people have flat ones, and some of them have irregular ones. The basic need is you need to fit the perfect front contour to your customer. Then it will provide the natural and perfect and natural front hairline.

The Front contour comes in various shapes and sizes. Just to inform you that as per suitability and preference, you can reach out for the best piece and choose from the wide selection of our front contours.

When you’re selecting a perfect hair system, the Right Front Contour shape is one factor you should never ignore. As you age, the contours of your front hair gradually change. Having a disproportionate frontal hairline recession is a common sign that you may be wearing a hair system. But with the right front contour shape, people can hardly tell that you’re wearing one.

Normal front contour include A, AA, C, CC. If these front contour shape can’t satisfy your customer’s need, you can also make a template for making the best suitable hair system for them.

What is a hair replacement system scallop front?

Scallop front is more recommended for skin/poly hair systems, especially for thicker skin base. On very thin skin hair systems, we will knot V-loop hair at front hairline, it’s super natural and don’t need to cut with scallop front. The scallop front will help to avoid the straight hairline at front. So the hairline will look more natural and softer.

Here are several scallop front choices for your customers as below:

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How many kinds of base materials for hair systems?

There are many kinds base materials for hair systems making. And there are 3 main base materials we are using widely now in hair system business: lace, skin and mono base.


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Lace is transparent, light, soft and breathable. It’s a very good choice for those who live in hot or humid weather, or sweat a lot. Lace hair systems always have a good front and top appearance thanks for its delicate and transparent lace. Besides, the technique of bleaching knots can also help to get a realistic hairline. But lace hair systems will need a very careful and regular maintenance. In our hair system production, we mainly use French lace, Swiss lace and super fine Swiss lace. Let’s have a look at the difference between these three lace materials.

French lace- French lace is the most common base material during these three kinds of lace. It’s transparent and can also be dyed with other colors to create a natural hair system. It’s soft and delicate. The largest hair density applied in French lace is 140% medium heavy density. The French lace hair system lifespan is about 3-4 months, 2-3 months with bleaching knots.

Swiss Lace- In terms of the lace thickness, softness and and lifespan, Swiss lace hair system is between French lace and super fine Swiss lace. It’s also very natural and comfortable. The largest density applied in Swiss lace is 100% medium light density. The Swiss lace hair system lifespan is about 2 months.

Super fine Swiss lace- Super fine Swiss lace is the most delicate and softest lace material. It’s a little fragile, so it can’t hold too much density, the largest is about 90% density. And it will take the most care to attach and clean it. The lifespan is about 1-2 months.


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Skin, also known as poly or PU, is getting more popular among many customers, especially the thin skin hair systems. Skin base is soft and comfortable. Skin hair systems with V-loop hair and Injection hair is especially natural. Another advantage of skin is that it’s very easy to attach and clean-up. There are three different categories of skin/poly such as clear skin/poly, skin with gauze and PU coating.

Clear Poly – The appearance of the clear poly base material is transparent in nature. It’s available in different thickness, the most common skin thickness is 0.03mm, 0.06mm, 0.08mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm and 0.14mm. 0.03mm thickness skin hair system, we also call it ultra thin skin is very popular among young people. It’s made with V-loop hair, it’s the most realistic men’s hair system. But the lifespan is only about 3-4 weeks due to its ultra thickness. 0.08mm BH1 skin hair system is another top-sale products in our factory. It’s both natural and durable. 0.10-0.14mm skin is mostly used at sides and back or poly perimeter.The lifespan is longer if the the skin is thicker.

Skin/poly with Gauze – For skin gauze, we add one layer of delicate lace among the skin base. It will be a little thicker, but also increase durability to the whole hair system. This can be used for a wholesale hair system, it can be also used at sides and back.

PU Coating This is the thickest type of poly base material. PU Coating has more capacity to hold heavy hair. This is totally a combination of lace or Mono material. This is very easy to see, so we suggest using it under the hair to cover the poly well.


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There are four types of Mono material used commonly: fine mono, fine and super fine welded mono and silk mono.

Fine Mono-  This is the most commonly used mono base material. It’s very durable and also breathable. Fine Mono base material holds a large density. While using Fine mono base material of a hair system, poly or ribbon must be attached to the edge.

Fine welded mono & Super fine welded mono-  Fine welded mono and super fine welded mono base material are basically the same. The only difference is that the net thickness. Fine and super welded mono are a little stiff, it’s not so soft as lace base material. They’re also breathable. And we can use the technique of bleaching knots for welded mono hair systems. So the hair system will be natural,breathable and easy to maintain.

Silk Mono- These are usually used under the silk top so it is very soft. It is more comfortable to wear. This system is very natural because ventilation is injected into lace. It is hard after knotting it to the scalp, and it is very uncomfortable to wear. So,.to make it comfortable, a silk mono material layer is to be added over it. The alternate way is to apply a diamond net under the silk top. And there are also some customers using silk mono as the base to knot directly.


How to choose hair system base material color?

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Choosing hair system material color is not difficult. Here we are going to introduce different base material colors that will help to make the right choice. The selection of the color depends upon the skin color. For transparent skin, customers go for the normal color. Because it is transparent and still reflects your own skin color. If skin color is brown or dark, flash base color is good. You can also choose brown or dark color. But this is only for lace and skin base. We have lace color and skin color charts, which will help you to choose the best base color for your customers.


Men’s Hair system base design

Since you have a better understanding of different base materials, we will go for the base design. There is no the best, only the most suitable base design according to your customer’s life style and habit. Here we recommend several base designs for you.r reference

Full Lace Base Designs

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The lightest and most breathable base available, also undetectable. Placed against the skin, the lace becomes invisible, rendering a particularly natural hairline and scalp appearance. There’s a compromise between durability and appearance. The lace base is more delicate than a number of the opposite hair system options available to require replacement more frequently. Some models like full French lace, full Swiss lace or French lace with Swiss lace front.

Lace Front Base Designs

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Ideal for those that want appearance but don’t want to sacrifice durability. The front hairline is a lace design, while the remainder of the system is made with skin/poly or mono base. And maintaining a lace front system is much easier than caring for a full lace system.

Skin Type Base Designs

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There are full skin hair systems with different skin thickness, such as our stock hair system BH1, BH3, BH4, and BH4T. Skin/poly are also used at sides and back or at perimeter, which can increase the durability and easier to clean-up.

Monofilament Base Designs

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Monofilament is very durable and has breathability. Base designs are very classical, like mono center with PU coating all around, then with a lace front. Such hair systems are natural and durable. Because fine mono hair systems are very mesh holes, we need to clean it very thoroughly to avoid residue left in holes.


How to choose the right hair type for men’s hair systems?

There are various types of men’s hair systems available in the market, but we are going to deliver you the best quality of men’s hair systems. Apart from that, there are different types of hair to be used. Many of you may face lots of difficulties regarding choosing the right hair type for your clients. Now, this issue is going to be resolved by reading all the types of hair of men’s hair systems. These are listed below.

Indian Hair

Indian hair is the most common hair type we use now. It’s more close to the feel of European hair, but it’s much cheaper than European hair. Indian hair is soft and fine, and we will only select the best Indian hair quality for hair system knotting.

Chinese Hair

Chinese hair is more coarse than Indian hair and European hair. If your customers need a not fine or coarse hair, you can choose Chinese hair. Most usually, we use Chinese virgin hair, which we select thin and fine hair about 1KG from 10KG hair. Chinese virgin hair is also widely used for long hair hair systems.

European Hair

All our European hair are imported. And because the European hair is very fine and soft, we suggest European hair without bleaching and color dyeing, if your customers can accept a little color difference. But if your customer can’t accept, we will dye color to match the hair sample.

Synthetic Hair

At our factory, synthetic hair is more often used for gray hair. With good maintenance, it can last for 4-6 months.


Human hair is the best gray hair for men’s hair System?

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Gray hair has a special characteristic in men’s toupee hair system. There are three types of gray hair such as

  • Human hair
  • Synthetic hair
  • Yak hair

Human hair

This is the most natural of all these three types of gray hair. This hair is collected from old age men and women. This is why the supply of this hair is limited, and the price of this hair is very high.

Advantage of Human gray hair

  • After wearing a hair system of human hair then it looks natural.
  • It is flexible and does not get curled easily at the time of comb forcibly.

Disadvantage of the Human hair

  • These hairs come from the end of the human life cycle, so the nutrition is completely lost. So, these are not so strong.
  • After some time exposing to sunshine, you will see that human hair changes its color from gray to light yellow.
  • The human gray hair will also be dyed to dark hair if you dye the dark hair part for your clients.

Synthetic Hair

This is completely different from yak Hair and human hair. These hairs are not collected from any animals or humans. It is made up of chemical fiber with a polymer compound. Many people use this because of its many advantages, such as being cheap in price. Color does not fade easily.

Advantages of Synthetic Hair

  • Its durability is very high. There is no color change like human hair after some time.
  • Users can dye their hair on their own.
  • Its finish length is not limited.

Disadvantages of Synthetic Hair

  • Its elasticity is not good, which makes it fragile.
  • Gray synthetic hair is not able to afford high temperatures.
  • Over high temperatures, it loosens the curl.

Yak Hair

This hair is collected from yak animals. The texture of this hair is similar, and response is also good after dyeing and converting into human hair. This hair is not much more expensive than a human hair.

Advantage of Yak Hair

  • It is highly thicker, harder, and brighter than a human hair.

Disadvantage of Yak hair

  • All disadvantages are similar to those given in human hair. Because this hair is also from a living thing, it also dies slowly as human hair dies.

Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair

This type of hair has more versatility with the help of heat-friendly construction. In terms of styling, it challenges human hair. But the durability of this hair is very less in the last 2-3 month with proper care.


You need to know about the toupee hair length.

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It is also important part of choosing a toupee hair length. Now you are not very clear about what type of hair length should you provide to your customers? It is very simple. Now we are going to discuss in detail the toupee hair length for men. With that, we are also going to discuss some important points related to getting the correct hair length.

  • Measure men’s hair from roots to the tip with the help of a soft ruler. Make sure that the sample of hair is chosen from the top, crown, or back.
  • If men’s hair is in a curly position, then first straighten and then measure.
  • Most of the customers need to add shorter hair length on the front and perimeter.
  • The return hair on these sections is longer, ensuring that it will not be left too short after cutting. which will create an odd appearance
  • At Bono Hair, we guarantee that a minimum of 75% of all the hair in our hair replacement system meets the relevant hair length requirements for a given system of hair.

The hair nearly always comes with an equivalent length for men’s hair systems, as men’s hairstyles are usually much shorter. For instance, our stock toupees have a hair length of 6 inches (except for the BH6 model, which is 6 inches -8 inches). Our clients usually cut and elegance the hair for her clients after purchase.


How to choose curl and waves according to the curl chart?

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Hair curl/wave is another part others see obviously. So it should match the customer’s hair curl/wave. We have curl chart that will help you to choose the suitable hair curl. You can also send us the hair curl sample for reference. For stock men’s hair systems, the hair wave is standard 3.0cm. For customer orders, we can make from 0.4cm Afro curl to 4.0cm straight hair curl.


Hair density options of hair replacement

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Choosing the correct density is an important factor in hair replacement system. The density is to be chosen in such a way that the hair system looks natural and smooth. We know that choosing the wrong density means it looks unnatural and also noticed from far away. We recommend that at the time of choosing the density, you must go for the transitional density, so it looks natural. This means opting for a denser coverage that has subtle graduation, like real growing hair.

Check out the density option of hair replacement. Many believe in choosing a heavy density while they mean that the hair system lasts longer. But this is a big bluff. Hair system durability depends upon the quality of workmanship and care at the time of use. If you choose this option for the above reason, then the complete hair system looks unnatural.

We offer you all different kinds of hair density that meets your requirements. This gives you the flexibility to lower or increase the density in several parts of your hair system, creating a natural transitional density almost like that of naturally growing hair. It gives a more natural look to your hair that is authentic to nature. This is often where we are different. All of our system bases create a flawless illusion of hair that appears to be growing straight from your scalp.

We move with the latest trend. Now lighter density is in the trend, and we are giving you a variety of variations in the lighter density.

Variations of the density of men’s hair systems

  • Extra light 60% – Aged people look natural in this density.
  • Light 80% – The scalp is easily visible in this density. It has a very light density.
  • Light to medium 100% – This is the modest common and natural look density. It contains the average volume of hair.
  • Medium 120%- This density is chosen mostly by the youngsters.
  • Medium to heavy 140% – This is quite heavy for men, and it is suitable for twenty to thirty years of men.
  • Heavy 160% – This is the heaviest density for normal wear. This is used for the heavy theatrical wig.

Choosing the density is also determined by these factors that are given below.

Self hair density – Choose the same density that matches your customer’s remaining hair density. With the help of the hair, the hair system density can mix with your hair perfectly.

Age – The younger guys always go for the thicker density. Thicker density is also known as medium density. Because your remaining hair density is almost the same, it is natural that our hair gradually falls with the increase of age. However, we need to reduce the density of the hair system.

Hairstyle – Thick hair is suitable for layered styles, while thin hair is usually better fitted to more blunt styles. People with thin hair often prefer styles with extra curls to offer the illusion of more hair.


Talk about the toupee hair direction

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You can select the suitable hairstyle by customizing a hair system. It is very feasible to choose any kind of hairstyle, such as going for a similar hairstyle or choosing a hairstyle that suits or is comfortable on your customer’s face.

With the help of a customization hair system, you can go for any hairstyle that your customer like or wish for. You can choose funky, fresh, classic, or regular. We are representing all common and most very popular hair system hair directions/styles.

  1. Freestyle – This is the most popular and common style. With the help of this style, you can change the direction of your customer’s hair and parting. If you leave it messy, then a funky look will appear.
  2. Center Crown – This can be the main option of the hairstyle, and few people pronounced it as the center crown. The remaining hair will be freestyle.
  3. Left Crown– The Left Crown is created with a clear crown on the left side of the scalp, and as a result, the hair flows outwards. This is useful for those who want only a slightly pronounced parting.
  4. Right Crown – This is totally opposite to the left crown. It is created with a clear crown on the right side of the scalp, so hair flows outwards from it.
  5. Center Parting – Hairs are attached normally, but a subtly pronounced parting is done from the middle of the scalp.
  6. Left Parting – It is popular among old generations of customers. However, it is available for everyone.
  7. Right Parting – It is popular among old generations of customers. However, it is available for everyone. Completely opposite to the left.
  8. Right Break – It is similar to the right parting. The difference is it is covered with hairs. So the scalp is not visible on any part.
  9. Left Break – It is similar to the left parting. The difference is it is covered with hairs. So the scalp is not visible on any part. It is just opposite the right break.
  10. Flat Back – All hairs are knotted to the backside.
  11. Pompdour- The hair are knotted as freestyle, but style it as brush back.


How to get the perfect hair color match hair system?

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Hair color is one of the most important part of the hair system. If you fail to choose a correct hair color that match your own hair, it looks very unnatural. You need to send a sample of the hair color of your customer’s existing hair. We are having a proper hair color chart with different codes. There are two options that are most popular to match your hair color.

  • Take a sample of your customer’s existing hair.
  • Use our color ring/swatch to choose your color.
  • Send us your color ring and choose color code from it.

Option 1- Take a sample of your customer’s existing hair

This is the perfect option to take out a hair color match for the hair system. For getting the best result, you need to send a sample of your natural hair to a minimum of three different areas of your customer’s head. Taking one hair sample is also no problem. Please cut hair from the back area of your customer’s head. Because the hair at back area is the most real and darkest hair color, it seldom expose to the sunshine.

  • Back – Center of your scalp from the back region
  • Sides- Both ears sides
  • Crown – Top back part of your scalp
  • Top – Top part of your scalp.
  • Front – From the front hairline.

Option 2 – Use our color ring/swatch to choose your color

In case you are not convenient to send us the customer’s natural hair sample, then with the help of a color ring, we can evaluate the perfect hair color match for the hair system. There are more than 150 shade rings or color swatches that are present on the hair color chart.

Option 3- Send us your color ring and choose the color code from it

If you have normal use color ring, it’s also not a problem. Please send us your color ring and choose the color code when you place custom-made order. Please send us at least two same color rings, one is used for production, the other one is used for quality control.


What is the difference between injected, v-loop, and single knot hair toupee?

We mentioned the skin base hair systems before, and there are two unique knotting method used on skin hair systems. If you are new to this men’s hair system business, it is very difficult to choose a perfect skin toupee from Injected, V-looped, and Single Knotted Hair. Injection and V-loop is only used for skin hair systems, and they are different from the appearance and hairstyle.

Injected Hair

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For injection knotting method, the knot worker insert the hair to the skin base with hands. And then we will brush poly to lock the hair. There is no knots left on skin base, so this is super natural, just like hair growing from own scalp. Injection hair is much more flat than single split knots hair, so your customers have flat hair effect, you can choose this from them. We now have BH6 injection model in stock. And recently we have a new model BH6D, it’s also injection hair but with machine. It’s cheaper and quicker production time than injection hair with hands. You can look through our products page to choose the best one for your clients.

V-looped Hair

How to order the high quality men's hair systems (20)

Same with injection hair, his kind of V-loop hair skin toupee is not tied, but they are looped into the base so their visible knots show. These are very popular in the world because they can be divided into any direction according to your requirements. These can be made for super thin. These types of hair have a huge market in the world. It’s super natural and can be styled freely.

Single Split Knot Hair

Single split knot is one common knotting method used for both skin and lace. The single split knotted hair is attached to the base with the help of a very tiny hook. It is almost like sewing, and therefore the hairpiece maker patiently knots each strand of hair one by one. It produces numerous small pores everywhere on the bottom, and hence the knotted hairpiece has more ventilation. To create a natural hairline, we always knot 1/2” front hairline with V-loop hair. Like our BH1, the most popular stock hair system, it’s 0.08mm skin with single split knots and with V-loop hair at first 1/2”.


What’s bleaching knots?

How to order the high quality men's hair systems (21)

To get a high quality men’s hair system, natural-looking always come the first factor. How to make hair system look natural? V-loop hair and injection hair are the techniques we use for skin hair systems. How about lace hair systems? Bleaching knots is the technique we widely use for lace hair systems.

Bleaching Knots is a process after being knotted to the hair system base. Mostly all dark color pigments are to be removed from the hair. Bleaching knots are virtually invisible, so all hair looks like that they appear from the scalp. Root bleaching makes the knots invisible. Knot bleaching mimics the feel of your own hair because hair growing near the scalp appears lighter in color.

It is a very important part of the knotted hair system. As for the good appearance of the front hairline, bleach knots are to choose. After wearing a hair system, a realistic look is very important. It looks more effective if you have dark hair color. If you have lighter hair density, then root bleaching is to be added to the whole system.


Should I order stock or custom men’s hair systems?

It is very easy to understand the custom hair system. For custom-made order, hair system is designed unique or for an individual person. This has a perfect match of all things and customizes all things according to the client’s requirement. Customize all things such as density, color, wave and even hairline. Many clients go for the custom hair system because everyone has different hair loss levels, different patterns, head shapes, and many other things. Almost all things are different. If your customer has a hair system in use and he is not harry to get a new one, at this situation, you can consider custom-made hair systems. Custom-made hair system is best for those customers who expect a super natural looking.

The stock hair system is ‘buy-in stock.’ Once you make the payment, you can get it in a few days, but you won’t have the various options offered by custom hair systems. All stock men’s hair systems have standard features, from base size, hair length, hair color and hair curl. If you need a hair system for your customer urgently, stock hair system is a very good choice. And if the customer’s specification is standard, you can order stock hair system directly, since custom -made order take about 6-8 weeks for production.



In conclusion, a good hair systems is related to every process of production. Base side, base design, hair type, hair length, hair color, hair density and hair curl, all these are essential to make a high quality men’s hair system. At Bono Hair, we take every detail carefully and make every single hair system with the most care. Consistent quality and good customer service are always what we are seeking for.

If you’re new to this hair system business, we hope this new guide will help you have a better understanding of hair system. And this will also help you to choose the best quality hair system for your clients. If you are already in this business, we hope this article will give you some new ideas. If you have any question, please contact with us freely, we are always happy to help.


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