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Toupees have evolved throughout the centuries and are more worn and common than we think. We always get to see celebrities in the spotlight with perfect hair all throughout the years. It has come to focus that indeed a lot of male celebrities wear toupees. So at Bono Hair, we want to look at different male celebrities and determine if they wear a wig. So in this article, we will focus on the TV personality, Tucker Carlson. Does Tucker Carlson wear a wig?

Tucker Carlson is an American television host who is on the very popular television show, The Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News. Despite a lot of controversy surrounding him and his views, he is exceptionally popular with millions tuning in to watch him every night.

Tucker Carlson has been a media personality since the early 90s and one thing that has really stood out is his hair which has remained consistently voluminous. This has brought the question: Does Tucker Carlson wear a toupee? There has been little said, especially by Tucker Carlson himself on whether he wears a wig. He once joked with Chris Matthews on the show “Hardball” on MSNBC about wearing a real human hair wig. We have seen the infamous picture of Tucker Carlson pulling his hair back to reveal an M-shaped hairline that is somewhat receding. This brought about a satirical article that even joked that Tucker Carlson wore a LEGO wig.

In a 2021 interview, he joked with Billy Bush of Extra TV when he was asked “ How do you keep your hair so luscious, thick, and un-gray?” Tucker Carlson laughed and joked about having a guy in Mumbai where he gets his real human hair from! Was it a joke? Was it not? Does Tucker Carlson wear a wig? Yes. We do believe that indeed Tucker Carlson wears a wig.

Why do We Believe Tucker Carlson Wears a Toupee?

  • His hairline- Once Tucker Carlson pulled his hair back to reveal he did have a receding hairline. Rarely does one have such a head full of hair and a receding hairline?
  • The thickness- His hair has been extremely thick since the 90s. Hair tends to lose density with age and stress. Being one of the biggest and most popular live TV media personalities it is safe to say he has one of the most high-pressure and stressful jobs out there. So it is strange his hair has remained thick from his early 20s all the way to his 50s. Additionally, it seems his hair appears thicker and fuller in recent years, a great indicator that he indeed wears a toupee for that type of extra thickness.
  • Partition- His hair has the exact same partition for the past 20 years, a sign he has a toupee that creates the perfect partition throughout.
  • Hair color- His hair color seems to have interchanged from light brown-dark blonde to black. Perhaps sometimes changing his Tucker Carlson wig for a different color.
  • No graying- For his hair to remain a shiny and vibrant color of black, especially in his 50s. With a toupee on he is able to consistently maintain his shiny and vibrant hair color.

Why Would Tucker Carlson Wear a Wig?


Many men considering whether to get a toupee will be able to relate to the reason why Tucker Carlson would get a wig.

  • Confidence- Nobody wants to lose hair. It represents our appearance and adds more attractiveness to one’s overall look. Many men feel very insecure to be seen balding or losing hair. Imagine Tucker Carlson who is in front of the camera every night and watched by millions of viewers. He wants to be ridiculed and probably will also feel insecure without the thick hair he had in his early 20s. Wearing a toupee gives Tucker Carlson a boat of confidence for all men who want to get the toupee they desire.
  • Guaranteed results- Tucker Carlson once accidentally pulled his hair back to reveal an M-shaped receding hairline. Many people would wonder why he doesn’t get a hair transplant, he can afford it! Hair transplants do not have guaranteed results. We have seen celebrities who have gotten hair transplants still lose hair. Tucker Carlson wanted consistent instant results. This is why his hair or the Tucker Carlson wig has remained the same look in the last 20 years.
  • Easy to attach- Tucker Carlson probably has an extremely busy life, therefore, wants to spend as little time as possible styling his hair. A toupee offers him the flexibility of quickly putting on and taking off his toupee daily if he wishes to.
  • Ability to customize the toupee- One of the biggest advantages of a toupee is the ability to be able to cut, style, and shape the toupee how you would like to wear your own hair. Tucker Carlson has a signature style and the way he partitions his hair. The only way he has been able to consistently wear his hair the exact same style throughout the years is thanks to Tucker Carlson wearing a wig. He is able to have more control of his appearance due to his toupee.
  • Natural look- Does Tucker Carlson wear a wig has been the most debated question for a long time. The hair looks like it is growing out of his own scalp. Tucker Carlson wig has been able to achieve this thanks to getting a high-quality toupee. It is obvious Tucker Carlson doesn’t want anyone to know Tucker Carlson wears a toupee and he can continue with this because of the natural look the Tucker Carlson wig gives.
  • Volume- Obviously Tucker Carlson has kept his signature thick hair look for as long as he has appeared on the TV screen. He never wants to appear to be balding or have thinning hair. This is how Tucker Carlson has always had an extraordinary thick head full of hair. This can easily be achieved by wearing a toupee.
  • Toupees are great for everyone- When done well Tucker Carlson realized this very early in his career. Tucker Carlson realized if he invested in a high-quality toupee that he would be able to provide thickness and look natural.
  • Lightweight and comfortable- Tucker Carlson is in front of the camera every night, with bright cameras, and constantly in a full suit can get hot. It is extremely crucial for him to ensure that he wears a toupee that is very comfortable and lightweight so he would not feel uncomfortable as he worked. Toupees are lightweight and breathable making them perfect for any man who is worried about sweating.
  • Versatility- We have seen Tucker Carlson switch between light brown- dark blonde to a dark toupee he has maintained very thick hair and we have also seen his hair in different lengths. That is the great thing about toupees as they allow you to style your toupee in different colors, lengths, and densities.

Many of you may now be wondering if Tucker Carlson does wear a wig, which ones does he wear? In figuring out what type of toupee closely resembles Tucker Carlson we focused on: breathability, thickness, and natural look.

BH9: Superfine Welded Mono Toupee

We believe Bono hair’s super fine welded mono toupee is the closest toupee that will give you a Tucker Carlson wig. This is an amazing high-quality wig that will give you the boost of confidence Tucker Carlson has.

This superfine mono hairpiece is made of a super fine mono base that will give you the exact flawless finish Tucker Carlson has been able to achieve. Durability is the key to the Tucker Carlson wig and this super fine welder mono hair is able to do this. Mono base is one of the sturdiest materials in the wig market. Because of this great durability, it means one can get a very high-density toupee. This is what Tucker Carlson’s hair is known for.

He has had consistent thick hair throughout. With this super fine mono hairpiece, you are not only guaranteed to cover your bald spots but also to have very voluminous hair just like the Tucker Carlson wig.  The sturdiness also means this toupee has a much longer lifespan than most wigs and can be worn for a very long time.

This toupee has its mono-material closely threaded and combined in an effortless manner that provides a flawless look throughout the structure of the toupee just like a Tucker Carlson wig. The toupee gives a natural appearance and the illusion that the hair strands are growing off the scalp. Additionally, one gets to enjoy versatility in parting the toupee as it can be parted in whatever direction the wearer wants.

This toupee comes in a Bono standard base that can be cut and styled to fit one’s personal preference. You also get to enjoy softness, comfort, breathability, and lightness just like the Tucker Carlson wig because of the super fine material used. The toupee comes in multiple colors just like Tucker Carlson’s wig can be customized to the wearer’s style preference.

Other similar Tucker Carlson toupees


I hope we have confidentially answered the question does Tucker Carlson wear a wig. Wigs are great and extremely popular with your favorite great and extremely popular with your favorite personalities so don’t be afraid to get yourself one.


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    I had no idea Tucker Carlson wore a wig! That’s wild. I never would have guessed he had such a different appearance underneath. It’s interesting to see the different ways people choose to present themselves in the public eye.

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    I had no idea Tucker Carlson wore a wig! I mean, I’ve always suspected something was off about his hair, but I never thought it was a wig. This is wild. Does he wear it to cover up his receding hairline or is it just for style? Either way, I’m here for it. 😂👀 #TuckerCarlson #WigLife

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    I’m still on the fence about whether or not Tucker Carlson wears a wig, but I have to say that the arguments presented in this post have definitely given me something to think about!

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