Was Steve Harvey’s Hair Real or Fake?

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Who doesn’t know about the famous American television and radio presenter Steve Harvey who is known for his shows like “The Steve Harvey Show” and ”The Original King of Comedy.” The renowned celebrity was born on January 17, 1957, Broderick Stephen Harvey; he is celebrated for hosting many successful shows and is also famous for his iconic bald look; he embraced the no hair look when he noticed some drastic changes happening to his hair.

Harvey is a multi-talented famous figure; he is not just a standup comedian but also an author who has written four books. His first book, “Act like a lady, think like a man,” was a best-seller and earned him immense appreciation.

Harvey is dauntlessly the most successful standup comedian and a remarkable host; everyone knows that he faced a hairline dilemma at the peak time of his career. The actor has used many wigs and hairpieces to cover his bald patches. He used hi-top wigs, afro-textured, S curve wigs, and more, which complemented well with his masculine figure.

However, he finally opted to shave his head and rocked the iconic shiny head that did not harm his successful career. Here we are discussing the story of Steve Harvey with hair, fake or real, his toupee and wigs. 


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Steve Harvey is a popular name in almost every American household; the renowned American television host, comedian, broadcaster, and writer started his career as a comedian in the early 80s. He gained immense popularity from his shows like Showtime at the Apollo and The original kings of comedy. Harvey has hosted many famous shows, little big shots, family feuds, the celebrity family feud, the miss universe pageant, The Steve Harvey Show, and more.

The 65-year-old star is famous for humor and witty instinct; he is the reason behind the success of many shows like Little Big shots. The famous host always stays in the news for all the good reasons, be it for his philanthropic stunts or shows, but he recently came under the scanner for his fake modifications wigs and artificial teeth.

Harvey has also authored a book named Act like a lady, think like a man that ruled as the best book on The New York Times best-seller list for twenty-three weeks. The six times Emmy Award winner has an estimated net worth of 180 million dollars. 

Besides, Steve Harvey also hosts a radio show called “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” which started in 2000. The show has been running for two decades now, and Harvey is supposed to host it till 2026 as he recently renewed his radio-syndicated deal. 

The celebrity who now appears with a shaved and shiny head used to sport a nice haircut in his early days, so most people now wonder whether Steve Harvey used to wear a toupee or it was his haircut. 

Does Steve Harvey Go Bald?

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Steve Harvey’s lack of hair is not hidden from anyone; he was about to hit 50 when he witnessed significant baldness. Anyone who faces hair fall can imagine how crucial it becomes when you start losing your hair and face receding hairline at the peak of your career. The celebrity initially tried to fix it by various procedures and did all it took to grow his hair naturally but ended up embracing the bald look. In the beginning, Steve was very uncomfortable about his bald look, he didn’t realize that his bald look would become iconic and things would certainly turn out great for him. 

The famous comedian used an afro-wig in black color that gave him a judge-like look for a long time. Afro style is a hairdo that gives you a sober look; it’s the haircut in which the hair is trimmed neatly. This type of wig is pretty famous among black men and looks great on them as well; that can be one of the reasons that Steve also kept this hairstyle. The wig was neatly trimmed and always styled in good shape, giving the impression that Steve cared his hair well. The hair piece was so effective and fashionable that the star could hide his patches instantly by himself. 

The event that revealed that Harvey wears a toupee was one of the games of NBA All-star where it was exposed that the star was wearing a hair weave that he kept fixing in the washroom. This procedure didn’t last for a longer time, and Steve succumbed to shaving his head. Harvey has always kept a Horseshoe mustache that remained unnoticed because of hairstyles; however, after getting his head shaved, his mustache became more prominent and complimented the bald look more.

Steve Harvey with Hair

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In the early years of his career, Steve Harvey rocked an afro-textured hairstyle with a well-maintained hairline and neat corners. He was famous for sporting different hairstyles that covered his scalp like a rug. That was when people pointed out that his haircut was bogus, and he was hiding his bald patches with an S curls toupee.

High-top fade is the hairstyle that Steve rocked the most in his younger self; the versatile haircut with long curly hair on the top looks incredibly great on African-American men. If you see the old pictures of this star, you would see that a high-top fade hairstyle with a light beard was certainly the best look he sported. Harvey sported this hairdo throughout the 1980s. He used to wear hairstyles that covered his scalp like a rug; he wore many wigs to get the desired hairstyle.

Where to Get a Steve Harvey Wig

Steve Harvey used various wigs at the peak of his career since the most sought-after African-American celebrity has a huge fan following among the Afro-American community; many fans idolize him and want to keep his hairstyles. The Bonohair is a popular toupee whole-seller with almost all kinds of Steve Harvey hairstyles in their stock. 

We at Bono Hair provide our products to the best wig and hairpiece vendors and salons around the globe. We are trusted for our premium quality products and for selling 100 percent human hair. We have many hairstyles specially designed to make our distributors look like Hollywood stars. Here are a few hair units that can look the best as Steve Harvey with a hair look. 

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  3. FM Afro hair unit

1. L6 Afro Hairpiece

This hairpiece is the best hair unit for Afro-American men; this piece is specially designed to cater needs of people who have Afro-American hair textures. Afro men have a naturally thick hair texture, so the Q6 Afro hairpiece this piece goes perfectly well with them. People who face balding and hair thinning can use this hairpiece as an alternative as it provides full scalp coverage and can easily be customized to your style.


2. PU Afro Skin Toupee

The PU afro skin toupee is the most long-lasting hair unit for African-American men in the market. We have noticed that this Afro toupee has become an instant hit among our distributors and a go-to choice of salon owners. This unit is the kind of weave that Steve Harvey used in the 80s when he noticed his hair thinning and baldness. This hair unit is also a wig that Steve rocked during his career.


3. FM Afro Hair Unit

FM Afro hair unit is another great premium quality hair unit specially designed for Afro-American men. This natural-looking hair unit is long-lasting, fits best on the scalp, and is made up of 100% human hair. This hairpiece is certainly the finest choice to cover the bald patches of those who suffer from hair loss.

Other similar Steve Harvey toupees


This post is for those who want to learn more about Steve Harvey, the toupee he wore, and how it can help you achieve the desired look. This will help every black man who looks up to Steve Harvey as an idol and wants to follow his hairstyles. They can get inspiration from this blog on what kind of wig will suit them or whether they should opt for a hairpiece or a wig. 

However, one thing that matters the most is that Steve Harvey, with his hair, looked equally phenomenal as he looks with his iconic bald appearance, he is what he is not because of hairstyles or his signature bald look but because of his sheer hard work and immense effort. The man who slept in his car because of homelessness and survived on a bologna sandwich to follow his dream never gave up on anything, be it hair loss or joblessness.


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