Male Celebrities Who Have Hair Systems, Toupees, And Men’s Hair Wigs

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Ever noticed how some of your favorite male celebs seem to defy age, sporting flawless hairlines and luscious locks that seem almost too good to be true? Well, here’s a little Hollywood secret – it’s not all natural. Hair systems are the go-to solution for many male celebrities looking to maintain a youthful appearance and rock those red-carpet looks. Let’s discuss top actors with toupees, wigs, or hairpieces and why they chose to wear them.


Men’s hair systems are back in vogue. Whether to treat hair loss and thinning or for a confidence boost, more men are turning to toupees and wigs to change their look. You know a trend has become mainstream when your favorite celebrities are on board. Some of the most recognizable—and handsome—men worldwide use hair systems. You’re guaranteed to find a few surprises on our celebrity hair system wearers list.

At our hairpiece factory, our clients often use these celebrities as inspiration for their hair systems. Businesses know that their retail and salon customers also have their own celebrity muses that inspire them to venture into the world of hair systems. We’re sharing our round-up of actors who wear hairpieces and hair toupees wearers you should know about. With their endorsement, hair systems are becoming even more popular than ever before. So, let’s get started.

Top Male Actors with Toupees

Below is the list of top actors who wear hairpieces:

1. Matthew McConaughey

1.Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey, one of Hollywood’s hottest and most wanted guys, shines bright in Tinsel Town. Heartthrob, famous for his unique curly blonde hair, faced some real battles with baldness back in the early nineties.

Matthew faced serious frontal hair thinning and receding hairline issues in his early days. He now covers his bald patches with premium-quality hair systems. The natural-looking hairpieces give him a flawlessly undetectable appearance, so no one can guess that the actor is in his fifties. If McConaughey can sport a hair system, so can you!

How to Recreate Matthew McConaughey’s Hairstyle with a Toupee?

If you want to recreate Matthew McConaughey’s hairstyle, you need the right hair type. If you have naturally thick and straight hair, you can’t copy his hairstyle. However, if you have fine to medium textured hair, you can softly curl it or add a slightly wiry texture to create the same hair as him.

If you want to cover your bald spots and want to copy his style, you can simply get this BLN246810 Full Cap Hair System from Bono Hair. After that, go to your personal hair stylist and ask for a similar hairstyle as Matthew’s with the right hair dye tones.

2. Charlie Sheen

2.Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is another Hollywood celebrity who rocks a hair system; although he never admits to wearing one, his receding hairline and bald spots in several images indicate that he doesn’t sport his natural hair now. Charlie usually wears a frontal hairpiece to hide his bald spots and receding hairline during public appearances and acting jobs. Paparazzi have caught him with his natural look, which has some bald patches, which makes him look a little older.

3. Robert Pattinson

3.Robert Pattinson

The dapper Edward Cullen from Twilight Saga, who got Hollywood below his feet for his cult performance in the series, has admitted to flaunting fake hair. Robert Pattinson, who ruled million hearts with his blonde locks in the Twilight series, rocked multiple wigs for his famous look. In his twenties, Robert bagged the Twilight series, facing severe hair-thinning problems due to excessive dying and bleaching. Like Robert, many other young actors have switched to hair systems to cover their damaged hair.

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4. Al Pacino

4.Al Pacino

One of the greatest Hollywood stars of all time, Al Pacino is known for his remarkable performances and deadly looks. If you go through the long career of this legend, you will notice that the actor faced hair problems throughout his career. Al Pacino’s hairstyles and hair shades changed with every role and performance, which signifies that he invested much in hair systems and wigs.

5. Brad Pitt

5.Brad Pitt

The heartthrob of Hollywood, king of hearts, and one of the sexiest persons in Hollywood, Brad Pitt is not only famous for his deadly looks but also his tremendous acting skills. Pitt is known for setting men’s hair trends by making inspiring hairstyles; however, the actor is also on the list of celebrities who sport hair replacement systems.

Although the actor has never revealed the truth of his hair story, he once appeared at an event with his receding hairline and bald spots, which gave much speculation about his hair loss problems. Hence, it’s no lie that the sexy Pitt wears different toupees and hairpieces to cover his hair problems.

How to Recreate Brad Pitt’s Hairstyle with a Toupee?

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Brad Pitt is seen wearing hairpieces of different styles and lengths. You can recreate his look by selecting the right color, length, texture, and cut. Choose the right hair system or wig from our selection of Lace Hair Systems and ask your stylist for a similar hairstyle to Brad Pitt’s. You can try his iconic look from the ‘Flight Club’ or ‘Ocean Eleven’ depending on your personal choice.

6. Kevin Costner

6.Kevin Costner

Oscar-winning Hollywood legend Kevin Costner is one star who inspires others to use hair systems. Costner is a known wig-wearer, as he has faced hair-thinning issues since the early days of his career; the actor conceals his hair problems with seamless wigs and hairpieces in most of his films and promotional events.

7. Sean Connery

7.Sean Connery

Sean Connery, who gave life to the iconic character of British spy agent James Bond wore specific different hairpieces for his role in this movie. Sean Connery has done 7 films of the series and he was the first person to portray Bond. Connery was seen confidently sporting his bald look during his old days, but not many people know that the actor rocked hair systems during the early performance of his career. Sean faced male pattern baldness because of his genetics, and he wore a toupee for every James Bond franchise.

8. Daniel Craig

8.Daniel Craig

The incumbent James Bond, has a huge fan following worldwide for his deadly looks and smashing performances as Bond in Casino Royale, Spectre, and Skyfall. This British actor is on the list of actors who wear hairpieces to hide their baldness or receding hairline. Even though Daniel Craig doesn’t struggle with hair problems like Sean Connery or Kevin Costner, he still rocks toupees for styling and to keep everything looking sharp during shoots.

9. Hugh Laurie

9.Hugh Laurie

Who doesn’t love Hugh Laurie? He is a talented British actor, comedian, and author who has won the hearts of millions and got 3 Golden Globes for his amazing work. Hugh also deals with some hair challenges and has occasionally been spotted with thinning hair. Interestingly, in his popular TV shows and movies, the actor sports a full head of hair, suggesting Hugh might be wearing a hairpiece to cover any bald spots.

10. David Spade

10.David Spade

Did you know David Spade from Just Shoot Me and Saturday Night Live wears a wig? He has been open about his hair loss journey and shared that he’s been rocking wigs for over a decade now. David started facing hair-thinning issues in his late twenties. Since then, he has been using hair systems to cover up his bald head. And guess what? He even cracked a joke about it on SNL, calling himself “David Spade, the guy who wears a wig.”

11. Nicolas Cage

11.Nicolas Cage

This Hollywood icon openly shares that he wears hairpieces for various roles, but he’s just as happy showing off his natural locks. Over time, he experienced some age-related hair thinning, but Nicolas never hesitated to embrace wigs or hairpieces to enhance his look. His diverse movie appearances are solid evidence that he wears hair systems with confidence and style.

12. Brendan Fraser

12.Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser, the star we all love from The Mummy movies, has been in tons of comedies and adventures in Hollywood. Known for his charming looks, Fraser started to lose some hair on top of his head. But now, he’s rocking a full head of hair, though it’s receding a bit, making us wonder if he went for a transplant or maybe uses wigs to cover up the bald spots. However, you can still create the Brendan Fraser hairstyle with a toupee:

How to Recreate Brendan Fraser’s Hairstyle with a Toupee?

  • Choose the right toupee: If you want to recreate Brendan Fraser’s hairstyle, the first step is to correctly select a toupee that mimics the legendary actor’s color and hairstyle. Bono Hair provides custom-made toupees to help you make the best possible selection.
  • Cut and style the toupee: After getting your toupee, you simply need to take it to your hairstylist and ask him to style it just like Brendan Fraser.
  • Use hair products: To maintain the toupee and make it look natural, style it as desired with hair products like gel or pomade. This will also help the toupee blend in with your natural hair.
  • Regular maintenance: Just like natural hair, a toupee needs regular maintenance to keep it looking good. Wash and condition the toupee regularly and visit a hair stylist for touch-ups when needed.
  • Confidence is key: Whether you’re wearing a toupee or not, confidence is the most important factor in pulling off any hairstyle. Embrace your new look and rock it with pride, like Brendan Fraser!

13. Jude Law

13.Jude Law

Jude Law, the famous British actor who won the British Academy award, undergoes visibly severe receding hairline issues. His ever-changing hairline indicates that the actor covers his bald patches with some wig or toupee. Although we are slightly baffled by his case, he surely experienced some noticeably serious hair loss issues requiring a hair system to be fixed. We hope the star comes forward and talks openly about his experience with hair loss and how he uses wigs to cover it up.

14. Jon Cryer

14.Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer, the star actor in the Emmy award-winning show Two and a Half Men, is also on this list of hair system wearers. The actor has confessed to using unique techniques to hide his hair problems. The actor has happily embraced his baldness and never shies from admitting he covers it with several hairpieces and techniques for his acting job. He also revealed that he uses a combination of dyed hair, scalp coloring, and microfiber filler to create the illusion of a full head of hair.

15. John Travolta

15.John Travolta

One celebrity who never shies off wearing a hairpiece is John Travolta; the Grease star is occasionally spotted in public without his wig, embracing his baldness. John Travolta’s baldness could be due to age, but the star is never afraid to appear publicly without his hairpiece. He has even poked fun at his own hairpieces in his movies like Hairspray. Despite people knowing about him wearing wigs, his fans still choose to love him.

16. Chuck Norris

16.Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris proudly wears male toupees and wigs. This iconic actor firmly believes that hairpieces are the best and easiest way to cover hair loss issues. He believes that hair thinning and bald patches are natural phenomena, and most men experience them as they age. Chuck Norris happily embraces his hair thinning and conceals it with hair systems during public appearances. The actor believes hairpieces have helped him maintain his action-hero image, and he feels comfortable and confident wearing them.

17. Pat Sajak

17.Pat Sajak

Another famous TV personality, Pat Sajak is one of those people who prefer to disclose that they wear hairpieces to put their balding scalp out of sight. He has been struggling with baldness for years now and uses hairpieces and wigs to conceal his thinning hair. Regardless of his use of hair systems, Pat Sajak has never been nervous about his baldness and use of wigs. Instead, he appears on the screen confidently just like any other onscreen personality.

How to Recreate Pat Sajak’s Hairstyle with a Toupee?

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If you want to achieve Pat Sajak’s look, you can opt for LINJ Wholesale Men’s Toupee or LP Men Wig to create the perfect full and thick head of hair. He has a natural-looking hairline and you can easily recreate his iconic hairstyle.
However, the key is to choose the right toupee that closely matches his hair, and then ask your hairdresser to trim it to fit your head. Use proper gel, pomade, and hair sprays to style it. Moreover, use regular maintenance to keep it looking natural and fresh.

18. Tim McGraw

18.Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw also suffered from the problem of receding hairline and baldness. However, he adopted a different approach to counter this issue. Instead of using hair pieces or wigs, he went straight for a hair transplant, and the results seemed to be incredible. Tim McGraw seems to grow hair and get his old look back while amazing the fans with his music.

19. Jeremy Piven

19.Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven from Entourage has been super open about his journey with hair loss, sharing that he’s used all sorts of products and techniques, like scalp concealers and fibers, to get that look of thicker hair. But guess what? In the past few years, it looks like he’s opted for a hair transplant and now sports a fuller head of hair, all without the extra help from hair systems.

20. Elton John

20.Elton John

Who does not know Elton John for his flamboyant and dazzling outfits? But not a lot of people know that the flashy singer also wears hairpieces. Elton John’s hair started to thin due to excessive styling and the use of extensions. But he continued to style crazy hairstyles to create his signature extravagant look. The good thing is, he has never tried to conceal the fact that he uses wigs. He even seems to joke about him wearing a wig for a lifetime to stay dazzling.

21. Jason Alexander

21.Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander is yet another lovely TV personality who has also been wearing wigs for years, and people did not know about it. Even the signature look of George Costanza was created by the use of a wig. However, Jason Alexander seems to accept his natural hair tendency and even appears confidently in public with his natural hair.

22. Jimmy Fallon

22.Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Falon is yet another talk show host with a lot of fans across the globe. He also faced the problem of hair loss and used hair pieces to cover his receding hairline. However, he always talks openly about how he uses hair-thickening products and touch-ups to cover his hair loss before the start of every show. Jimmy Falon now seems to be considering getting his hair problem fixed permanently by hair transplant. He has also admitted it publicly. Let’s see what the talk show host decides about his hair problem in the future.

How to Recreate Jimmy Fallon’s Hairstyle with a Toupee or Wig?

If you also love how natural and stylish Jimmy Fallon’s hairstyle looks, you can style your hair just like that using a toupee. You can adapt the following ideas for creating a Jimmy Fallon’s hair look:

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  • BH8 Lace Front Toupee: This toupee is just an amazing option because it offers you a flexible approach to style your hair in any way, also like Jimmy Fallon. It gives a natural look, no wonder because it is made from real human hair. It has a perfect size of 8*10″ from base and 6″ to 8″ length, which makes it the best choice for recreating Jimmy Fallon’s hair look.
  • LP Men Wigs with Double Lace Toupee: This toupee is for you if you have a sensitive scalp. It is equipped with a double lace base that helps to provide durability and make it comfortable for you. Made with real human hair, this toupee gives a natural look. It has a short length of 6″, but comes in a myriad of hair colors and base sizes from 6*8″, 6*9″, 7*10″ to 8*10″.

23. Gene Simmons

23.Gene Simmons

Who does not want perfect black hair like Gene Simmons? What if we tell you that this perfect look is also a wig? Yes, the KISS frontman revealed himself that he has been using a wig for his signature perfectly black hair. He has been wearing it since the 1980s and proving that baldness can’t beat confidence, and he can still win the hearts of people even with hair systems.

24. Andre Agassi

24.Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi, the former tennis star also uses a wig to support his signature long hair look. It turned out that Agassi had hair loss since a young age and he started using hair systems since then to cover the baldness. The autobiography of the tennis star revealed that he has been uncomfortable and exhausted by using wigs. He finally decided to get rid of this discomfort and accept his natural hair. It did not have a lot of effect on his media appearance, and he continues to inspire others with his talent and confidence.

25. Kevin James

25.Kevin James

Kevin James has also been using hair systems for ages, since his starting days in stand-up comedies, and he seems to openly talk about his use of wigs. But now, he has accepted his natural hair and also throws puns over his hair. This step has inspired others to be confident about their hair loss and helped them in their hair struggles.

26. Ted Danson

26.Ted Danson

Ted Danson has always appeared to have luscious silver hair on his screen appearance. But in recent years, people have spotted his receding hairline and thinning hair. The Good Place actor has now been believed to have undergone a hair transplant because his previously receding hairline again got a youthful look. However, the use of hair systems or baldness problems has not affected the charisma of Ted Danson.

27. Ben Affleck

27.Ben Affleck

At some point, you must have loved the luscious hair of Ben Affleck. But sadly, he has also been facing the issue of hair loss in recent years. Speculations say that the actor has also undergone hair transplant to combat receding hairline. Whether it’s true or not, Ben Affleck is an example for people to accept their natural hair and keep shining.


The problem of hair loss has become so common that even celebrities with the best hair products and hair stylists are suffering from this problem. To overcome this issue, hair systems, and better technologies enable people to hide their baldness or hair loss.

The actors and various media personalities have also been confidently using such hair systems and been open about it to people. It inspires the common people to accept their hair issues and adapt to various options for overcoming them.

Whether you want to conceal your baldness or style like your favorite media personality, Bono Hair is here to provide you with fine-quality hair systems that meet your demands. So don’t let hair fall stop you from walking confidently in public; rock your favorite celebrity hairstyle with Bono Hair.


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