How Long Does a Toupee Last?

How Long Does a Toupee Last (2)

Every hair toupee system that we stock and sell is unique. Most of our customers care for how long do toupees last? and its individual durability and lifespan is dependent on four main factors: the base material used, the hair quality, human hair toupees attachment&remove and the end-users maintenance of the hair toupee system. In this blog we will consider all the elements that contribute to the longevity of a hair toupee system. We will also provide you with some useful tips that will allow the end users to be able to significantly prolong the overall lifespan of their hair toupee system.

Base Materials Used

The lifespan of a hair piece toupee varies significantly from product to product. The base materials used to construct a hair piece toupee has an impact on the overall longevity of said hair toupee systems. Different base materials have different levels of durability and will therefore last for differing amounts of time.

The general rule that we would advise you to inform your customers of is that the more realistic a hair system looks, the shorter the lifespan and the more durable a hair system is, the less natural it looks. If your customers want an incredibly natural-looking front hairline then it is important to remind them that the overall longevity and durability of their hair system may be compromised.

The base materials used on men’s toupees can be divided into four main categories as follows:

1.Swiss Lace toupee(generally last between 1-2 months)
2. French Lace Hair Systems(generally last between 2-4 months)
3.Ultra Thin Skin Hair Systems(generally last 1 month)
4. Poly-Base Hair Systems (generally last between 3-6 months)
5. Combination Mono with Poly Skin Hair Systems (generally last between 6 – 9 months)

Please Note: The lifespans listed above are only an indication. The overall lifespan of a hair toupee system depends on other factors as discussed in this blog.


Quality of the Hair
hair systems

The quality of the hair used on the end user’s toupee will have an impact on the overall lifespan of the hair system as well. There are different dypes of hair made with hair systems on the market which are very popular such as human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair includes remy hair, indian hair, virgine hair etc. How long do toupees last? It denpends on all kinds of hair.

Many men’s hairpieces that we sell to our business partners use lightly treated high-quality human hair, such as Remy Hair. Remy hair systems have all the cuticles running in the same direction, this reduces friction and therefore improves the overall durability and finished appearance of the toupee. Remy hair is available on both our men’s toupees and women’s hair systems.

Toupee wigs made with Remy hair or 100% natural human hair have the longest lifespan. Conversely, hair systems that have overly processed or poor-quality hair have much shorter lifespans.  Hair systems made with human hair are also very adaptable and stylish, these toupee wigs come in a wide variety of textures, densities, and colors.

The color of the hair on the toupee hairpiece also impacts on how long the hair system will last. Darker hair colors and straighter styles require less processing, whilst lighter hair colors and curly hair require a lot more treatment. The level of processing the hair toupee system has undergone will impact on the lifespan of the hair system, but with proper care, the lifespan of any toupee hairpiece can be extended significantly.

How long do systhetic hair toupee last? It is important to note that synthetic toupees can last anywhere between four to six months if worn daily. Synthetic hair systems usually have a much shorter lifespan than human hair toupees as they are prone to tangling and discoloration which can affect their resilience and overall look.


Human Hair Toupee Attachment and Remove
hair systems

The method your customers use to attach the human hair toupee to their scalp will also influence how long the men’s hairpieces toupee will last.

Before attempting to adhere the toupee to the scalp, the area should be properly prepared to ensure a safe and secure attachment is achieved. If there are any remnants of adhesive on the scalp, then the bond with the new toupee will not be strong enough to hold and may even damage the hair system. Here is the link of how to choose the best tape or glue for your hair systems.

Some of the easiest attachment methods include hairpiece tape and metal clips. These methods are gentle on both the scalp and the men’s hairpieces toupee and are therefore highly recommended as they will enhance the overall lifespan of the hair system being used.

If your customer prefers liquid adhesives, then there needs to be more care taken when attaching and removing the toupee. It is essential that the proper adhesive removal process is followed to prevent and damage to the scalp and to the toupee.

How to remove hair systems properly also influeces how long hair systems last. Before removing the hair systems, it is important to spray some hair systems remover all around the perimeter area you used tapes or glues on the base or scalp. Waiting for a couple of minutes for the bond to release. Then you could gently lifting the hair systems toupee away from the scalp of your clients.

Please note: In order to protect your front natural hairline, we recommend always peel off your hair system from back to front.


Hair System Maintenance

It is vital that your customers understand proper and regular non surgical hair replacement maintenance that goes beyond simply attaching and removing the system. It is important that end users understand how to properly clean and detangle their hair systems.

Keeping the toupee free from knots and tangles is easy to do. This also allows the toupee to look healthier, shinier, and more realistic for longer.  We also advise that your customers regularly apply a leave-in conditioner to the hair system. This will prevent the hair system from looking dull and becoming worn out.

If your customer is wearing a hair system with a lace base or lace front, they should also apply a knot sealer to the hair system periodically. This will ensure that the fragile knots remain in place and intact for longer.


Top Tips to Extend the Lifespan of a Toupee
hair systems

These are our Top Tips to follow to extend the lifespan of a toupee! A human hair wig does not receive oils and vitamins from the scalp like normal hair does, so ongoing maintence is essential in keeping the hair system looking and feeling fantastic. These will be incredibly useful for both you and your clientele to follow to get the most out of their toupee:

  • Avoid the Sun: The sun releases harmful radiation that can damage the hair on a toupee. The sun can reduce the green pigment in hair, turning it into a red or orange color. As we use 100% natural human hair on men’s hair replacement systems, the hair will be vulnerable to the harmful effects of the suns rays. Your customers should always wear a hat when venturing out on hot and sunny days and avoid spending long periods of time in the sun. Furthermore, if the toupee wearer is planning to go swimming in a chlorinated pool then it is recommended that they cover the men’s hair replacement system completely as chlorine can be very damaging to the hair.  
  • Proper Shampooing and Scalp Cleansing: If your customers want to increase the lifespan of their toupee, then they should shampoo it at least twice a week. They should avoid shampoos that contain sulfates. Using sulfate- based shampoos will irritate the scalp and strip the hair reducing its shine and color. Using a sulfate based shampoo will also leave the real hair toupee looking limp and dull. Using a toupee- friendly shampoo will allow the hair to look shinier, healthier and more realistic for longer. Shampooing the hair also helps it to maintain a fresh and vibrant scent.  It is recommended that the toupee is cleaned every three days, this will enable your customers to keep the hair for longer. The toupee should be removed so the scalp can be properly cleansed, this will reduce the build up of dust and oil.
  • Untangling Hair Systems: Hair toupee systems can be prone to tangling so it is vital that your customers understand how to properly detangle their hair system to increase its longevity. We suggest that your clients brush their hair systems using a hairpiece for men friendly hairbrush or comb and use a high-quality leave-in conditioner regularly. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is also highly advisable. This will prevent the toupee from tangling in the first place by preventing friction when the end user is asleep.
  • Hair Coloring: The human hair used on our high-quality toupees gives the end user a truly phenomenal and undetectable finished look. However, natural hair can begin to lose its color over time due to over-exposure to heat, dirt and other stress factors.  
  • Avoid Heat: Toupees are especially sensitive to heat omitted from hair styling tools such as hair dryers, curling irons and hair straighteners. We recommend that your customers only use hair products that are specifically designed for hair systems. When using hairdryers or heated styling tools it is essential that the “cool” setting is used and nothing hotter than this. Alcohol based gels and sprays should never be used on hair toupees. In fact, it is best to style the toupee when the men’s hair replacement system is slightly damp to ensure the hair does not become too brittle or damaged from over styling.

Evidently, a variety of different factors impact on how long hair systems last. Whilst human hair toupees last longer than synthetic hair toupees, it is essential that proper hair system maintenance and care tips are followed to ensure the toupee looks undetectable for longer and the integrity of the system is upheld.


If you want to find out more or ask any questions about our products, then why not send us a WhatsApp or drop us an email to [email protected]. One of our friendly customer-service advisers will happily assist you with all  your toupee queries.



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