How to Design Your Order Form for Men’s Custom Hair Systems?

hair systems


Hair system wholesaler or hair salon specialist provides non-surgical hair replacement systems for men, you will be faced with an Order Form that is focused on custom-made hair systems.  This form will help both business types keep on file and manage orders effectively. Acting as a tool of communication to confirm order details with us, the manufacturer. Some clients may wonder how to design their own order form, in some cases, this is done to fit the company’s operation style and add value to their own customers.


Important Contents & Our Order Form


Bono Hair‘s order form contains everything you need in order to provide us the manufacturer with the exact data we need to create the men’s custom hair system to exact specifications with minimal room for error.

hair systems

Basic Information


1. Order Number

When choosing your order number, we recommend that you take into consideration your own organizational filing habits. The order number should follow some rules that make it easy to understand, classify, and manage. An example of when it would be convenient to have an order number is when the end-user in the same case your client wants to check the order with you, or another example when you want to check the process of the order with us. This is similar to the tracking number you will receive from the express delivery company that delivers the hair system to your doorstep.


2. Client Name

hair systems
hair systems

Ideally, the Client’s name should be that of the end-users, in other words, the person who puts the custom-made men’s hairpieces on. Both client name and order number should also be written and displayed on the client’s scalp template, which is submitted to us, as well as in or on the bag that contains a hair sample. Upon completion of the base we would also attach a printing mark with the client’s name on the bottom side of the base. By doing this, it makes it easier for us to keep consistency among templates, hair samples, order forms, and emails, nice and tidy. This is especially important when dozens of orders are received and placed at a specific given time.


3. Quantity

Here you can input how many pieces of the same men’s custom hair system are being ordered. If the wearer intends on using the hair system for long-term use, we suggest ordering one more piece as a backup unit for any emergency. Sometimes, unexpected things may occur, such as the base breaking during the process of washing due to much force being applied. Another example could be during the ordering of the next men’s custom toupee, there is a late delivery. Having an extra hair system on hand can decrease stress for both parties, yourself and your clients.


4. Rush or Standard

We offer express service for production in the cases when the clients cannot wait due to an emergency. There is an extra charge for this service, understandably as we must alter the scheduled production plan to prioritize your order as fast as possible. Luckily, if your client has a spare piece on hand there will be no extra charge or rushed service required.

Order Specification

Regardless of the basic information and order specification layout, you can modify it to your preferred format, and design according to your preference. As long as all the information is provided, there shouldn’t be any problems. Some clients at times send us orders only by email format. What you need to do is just to list all the needed data and details, and to make sure nothing is missed out and as clear as possible to avoid any misunderstanding, ensuring proper communication.


1. Base Design

We have a full set of ordering tools including different base designs. If you have one set on hand, you can just write down the base code on the order form and we will know what you are talking about.

Words could also be used to describe the base design. For example, a Full French lace base or full thin skin base in 0.06mm:

If the base design is complicated, we suggest you create a drawing with a clear indication of each material used and at which part of the base. So, a blank area for drawing is preferred when designing the base on the order form. Besides drawing on the order form, you could also draw it directly on the template, which will be more visualized and easier to understand.

2. Base Size & Front Shape

The standard base is an Oval shape, not a special shape and there is no template that we have taken the average shape to come up with the most effective shape for most head types. We need three key data points regarding the shape, Width, Length, and Front Contour Shape. Please note that all the data should be declared in one single unit of measurement, to keep consistency and efficiency at the most optimal level during production. Inches, centimeters, or millimeters are the preferred units of measurement.

3. Follow Template

Templates carry many data points about the base, such as size, shape, contour, radian, and even the base design. A good template can fit the wearer better, resulting in a more comfortable and natural hair system. This is the difference between a men’s custom hair system and a stock unit, similar to a tailored fitted suit in comparison to a stocked suit.

It is highly recommended to get the client to agree to the creation of the template when it comes to ordering a custom hair system for men. The benefits of custom hair toupee are for everyone, it allows us to do what we do best, by creating hair systems people are constantly proud of using. It allows you to provide great customer service with added value, and it gives the wearer a more original feeling head of hair that is tailored for his scalp. Just like when you invest money in a suit, tailored fitting is always better than stock-sold suits.


Now we have come to the most important part and data points that are crucial when delivering to the customer a custom-made hair replacement system that matches their original hair. Data for hair include Hair Type, Length, Curl / Wave, Density, and Color. The hair color is divided into three detailed parts, basic color, high-light color, and grey. All the data should be listed and fully correct in the order form, this is to ensure that no miscommunication and errors occur during the production process.


We don’t have to describe and explain all the data covering hair individually. Instead, we shall focus on the main three important points that we think you should be aware of. 

1. The Eight Sections of the Scalp

hair systems

The picture above showing the eight different sections of the scalp is shown on our standard order form shown at the top of this post in the section regarding hair data.

We have divided the base into 8 small sections: Front, Top, Crown, Back, Left Temple, Right Temple, Left Side, and Right Side.

It’s not uncommon for clients to have different hair data for different sections of the base. So, it is necessary to make it as clear and accurate as possible. Furthermore, some of our clients, specialists who have been in the industry for a rather long time, have their own dividing method of different sections for the base. If you have your own ideas or designs for splitting the base into sections, it is very important to inform us before placing custom orders and to supply us with your design, explanation, and information regarding each section. Different standards may cause the completely wrong production. This is caused by poor communication, and can be avoided.

2. Ordering Tools

hair systems

A full set of ordering tools for curl, density, and color are available and can be purchased from us. This is a standard and well-established form of easy communication to avoid any difference in understanding. For example, Medium Light 100% density, different wholesalers and manufacturers may have different standards. Considering this, when you place a custom order, besides designing and filling in the order form, having a standard ordering tool will also be necessary.

3. Grey Hair

Besides the percentage, for grey hair, you still need to declare what kind of hair type should be used for grey hair. The hair types for grey hair include three main types: Human grey hair, Synthetic grey hair, and yak hair.

To review the difference among three grey hair types, please check out our previous blog post How to Choose the Right Hair Type for Grey Hair Toupees for Men.


Other details to take into account are, Under Hair, Areas of Bleached Knots, and Hair Direction. All the data listed above are the basic data needed for a custom order.


You may notice that did not mention ventilation methods on the order form. Well, that is what we are experts at. Our technicians will help you choose the best ventilation method according to your base materials, detailed sections, and the final effect or even the hairstyle you want.


Clear, concise, and descriptive data is key, and the best way to communicate this information to us is by an easy-to-read order form. You can use our one, create your own, or even send us an email, as long as all the information is provided, we will make it work! Remember, to write the customer name and order number on the bag containing hair samples and on the bottom of the base/scalp templates.

We hope this blog post was helpful, for inquiries into order forms for men’s custom hair systems, feel free to contact us anytime!

By Bono Hair -The World’s No. 1 Hair System Manufacturer.


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