Which are the Key Ordering Tools Essential for Any Startup Men’s Toupee Salon?

Hair systems base kit


Ordering tools are useful for ensuring proper communication during the order process, especially for the startup men’s toupee salon. It allows the manufacturer to understand and implement the requirements with ease during the production process, making it possible for the finished hair replacement to be the exact hair system desired.

The majority of ordering tools and charts are used for custom orders, for example, the hair density chart, curl/wave chart, and PU thickness chart. Alternatively, if you only purchase stocked hair units that we offer, there will be no need to equip your business with all ordering tools. Even though our stocked toupees are world-class and of high quality, your customers would get a more tailored and individual experience wearing a custom-made hair system.

Ordering Tools for Stock Hair Systems

New startups in this industry may want to focus on stocked hair systems first, to test the market and gather a customer base first. In this way, you can also know the quality of the toupees from different manufacturers and establish the ideal supply chain infrastructure that works best for you and your business. Starting with stock units will also allow the new business to touch, feel, and visualize in detail the different base materials, hair types, ventilation methods, and different special processes such as bleached knots, etc. This could help you get the necessary knowledge about this industry at the fastest speed possible.


Back to our main point, what kind of ordering tools are needed for businesses that focus only on the sales of stocked products?

Color Rings are the most basic and very useful tool to match color with ease.

All stock units manufactured by Bono Hair have the same Curl of 3.2cm, similar to a natural wave, which is the best one on average to fit most male end-users around the world. In terms of hair density, our stock units are either Medium Light or Medium. Therefore, if stock units are of the only interest to you, there is no need to purchase the Density&Curl charts.

However, on the other hand, stock units may not meet all the needs of different end-users, preferences by the end-users usually about individual shape and contour, special color, the percentage of grey hair, higher or lower hair density small curls, etc.

Wholesalers tend to be our biggest clients for stock units. Alternatively, if you are the owner of a hair salon, it’s more likely that your clients want more individual and special treatment and requirements on toupees that stock hair systems cannot offer.

In the scenario of the hair salon, having ordering tools at your fingertips will help you gain the trust of the end-users and win more loyal customers, as it portrays a more professional and experienced image of your business. This is something important and should be taken note of. The industry can be a very sensitive one for the end-users and usually, their first experience will determine whether they stay or find a new specialist.

Ordering Tools for Custom-Made Orders

For those who are still not that convinced you need it, you may be asking yourself why do me and my business need ordering tools?

Let’s look at a brief case study:

An entrepreneur named Susan has noticed a demand for a market for our products in their city, so she decided to start a small business, with a reasonable size investment. She can open a physical shop on the Highstreet, specializing in non-surgical hair replacement solutions focused on men.

As previously covered, as a saloon she is more likely to have a higher sales volume of custom toupees rather than stock units. So, wisely she purchases all the Ordering Tools available. Her ideology – “Preparation meets opportunity”.

She has her first customer and uses all the tools to understand the exact wants of the customer. Instead of providing descriptive text and finding pictures or taking pictures to relay what she has understood from the client, all she must do is give us the code on the ordering tool. As simple as that… the same for the density, volume, curl, base material, and base design.

We use the codes to ensure that the final finished hair unit looks exactly what the end-users wanted. Ordering tools help solve the problem of misunderstanding and poor communication.

Hope you get an idea, from this briefcase example, of how the ordering tools can help in your business of the startup men’s toupee salon.

Order Specifications

order form

Ok, now we are going to review the order form, which is needed for custom-made orders, and check out what kind of data is needed and how the ordering tools help you complete the order form as effectively as possible.

1. Base Size

2. Front Contour Shape

3. Base Design (Thickness, Color, Material, Design)

4. Hair Type

5. Hair Length

6. Hair Density

7. Hair Wave

8. Hair Color (Basic Color, Highlight Color, T Color)

9. Grey Percentage

10. Under Hair

11. Bleaching Knots

12. Hair Direction

Looking at the data provided above, all are included in the order form, some data have different standards and are hard to express clearly by words and images. These data include base design, hair density, hair wave, hair color, and grey percentage. Ordering Tools can help us solve the problem, setting up a uniform standard and offering you and your clients visualized choices.

hair system order tools

Whether you want to design your hair pieces and stock up on them or place custom-made orders, a full set of ordering tools will help you a lot achieve these goals.


Let’s look at each of them in more detail:

Color Ring of 104 colorsThis ordering tool contains a wider range of grey percentage samples than that of the 38-colors color ring. It is more useful when matching grey hair and is also extra useful as it covers a larger color shade variety.

Density Chart – There are six main density types, Extra Light, Light, Medium Light, Medium, Medium Heavy, and lastly Heavy. This chart will give the end-user the ability to choose the one that’s right for them. Perhaps in their youth, they had always had Light-density hair, and this would give them a more natural feel.

Hair Volume Chart – This is made just like small pieces of toupee. It provides a more accurate example of the finished product compared to the Density Chart. Therefore, if you have this, you would not necessarily need the Density Chart as it covers it and more.

Curl / Wave Chart – This chart consists of 9 different curl types. The exact curl options are as follows: 0.4cm, 0.6cm, 1cm, 1.3cm, 1.5cm, 1.8cm, 2.5cm, 3.2cm, 4.0cm.

Base Material Chart – Different kinds of the main base materials and different variations of those materials are displayed providing you with a visual tool to consult your client accordingly on which base material is best for them and why. Clear PU, Skin with Gauze, French Lace, Swiss Lace, all kinds of Monofilament, and so on are included in this ordering tool.

Base Design Chart – It includes designs of different combination bases. Poly, Lace, and Mono are all combined in different forms to be more natural, durable, and breathable, with the bonus of ease of use with tapes and maintenance, etc. Every base design has a code, therefore when filing in the ordering form you just have to match the base with the base code and insert the base code in the appropriate section.

Lace Color Ring & Skin Color RingTo assist in matching the color of the wearer’s scalp, this ordering tool can help in choosing the right color of the base materials in order to create a more invisible and natural-looking hair system.

PU Thickness Charts – The description is in the title, for those more experienced specialists, being able to consult on different thicknesses of PU can be handy for communicating more detail and adding additional information for what the end-user is looking for. So, we can create the perfect best-quality hair system for you.

Advice / Suggestions

For beginners, a full set of ordering tools is recommended. As it can help you enlarge your business on custom-made non-surgical hair replacement solutions, which will fit your clients better and provide a more professional customer service, increasing the likelihood of them returning.

For the experienced specialist, 3 ordering tools are basic, including a color ring, density chart, and curl/wave chart. This is because different hair system factories may have different standards for these parts.

For those who have been in this business for a long time, they may have their own ordering tool set, that fits them and their business better. That’s Great! Please send us your ordering tools before placing custom orders so that we can have one uniform standard to avoid any misunderstanding and errors in the production process.


The ordering tools are offered with the purpose of setting up a standard and clear communication from your client → to you → to us.  Making the data sent to us on the order form easy to understand and easy to follow, avoiding any possible misunderstanding and then any mistake during production. What you see is what you get. That is what the ordering tools help us to realize.

By Bono Hair The World’s No. 1 Hair System Manufacturer.


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