How to Choose the Right Hair Type for Grey Hair Toupees for Men?

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Grey hair in men’s toupees has special characteristics. During the use and maintenance, we may find some problems, such as the grey changing after some time, the curl turning straight when using a hairdryer, many tiny curls turning out while combing, etc. Why could these phenomena happen? Is there any way to avoid these? In this blog post, we will look into different types of grey hair materials used in men’s grey hair wigs and hairpieces and hope that this can help you find the answers.

Types of Grey Hair

There are usually three types of grey hair materials, including Yak Hair, Synthetic Hair, and Human Hair.

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Yak hair – Yak hair is the hair harvested from the yak animal – an ox-like mammal. It has a similar texture and similar response while dyeing and styling as Human Hair. Since the supply is sufficient, Yak Hair is inexpensive, much cheaper than Human Hair.

Synthetic Hair – Different from Yak Hair and Human Hair, Grey Synthetic Hair is not the hair from an animal or human being, but a chemical fiber made from a polymer compound. It has been accepted by more and more people because of its many advantages, such as cheap price, not easy to discolor, etc.

Human Hair – Human Hair is the most natural of these three types of grey hair. It is collected from old men or women. Since the supply is limited, the price of grey human hair is the highest. But grey human hair wigs for men are still the most popular due to their naturality.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Gray Human Hair – It is the most natural one as mentioned above and this is also the biggest advantage for Gray Human Hair. It is also flexible, not easy to get tiny curled while combing with force. However, there are also some disadvantages to this gray hair type. Let’s look at the table below first.

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This table is about the tensile test we have made recently for different gray hair materials. Obviously, Gray Human Hair did the worst in the test. It comes from the hair collected from old men or women. This kind of hair has almost come to the end of a hair’s life cycle, which means the hair has lost nutrition and vitality and is not that strong. Then the raw material will go through processes of steaming and bleaching, which make the men’s grey wigs fragile.

On the other hand, the main component of human hair is protein, which means the hair would be easy to get dyeing. Maybe you will find that some gray hair can change color to a light yellow shade after using it for a period of time. This is because of the same reason.

Gray Synthetic Hair – The advantage of this fiber is that it is not easy to get dyeing or to discolor. This character is important both for the end-users who will dye the hair by themselves but still want to keep the same gray percentage and for the users who go for outdoor activities frequently, which means the sunshine can accelerate the color changing of the gray hair. Another advantage of this synthetic fiber is that the finished length is not limited while that of Gray Yak Hair needs to be less than 6 inches, and that of Gray Human Hair is less than 10 inches.

The disadvantage of Gray Synthetic Hair is that it is not in good elasticity, which makes it fragile, easy to get broken while being pulled, and easily causes tiny curls like yaki when combing with force. Gray Synthetic Hair cannot afford high temperatures, which asks for more carefulness when using a hairdryer. Otherwise, under constant high temperatures, the synthetic hair may lose the curl, turn straight, or even get burnt.

Gray Yak Hair – Compared to Gray Human Hair, Yak Hair is thicker, harder, and much brighter. The main component of Yak Hair is also protein, the same as Human Hair. So, it could be easy to get dyeing, too. But for normal daily use, it performs better than gray human hair, not that easy to change color to a light yellow shade.

How to Choose a Right Gray Hair Type for Custom Men’s Hair Toupee?

With the development of techniques, Gray Synthetic Hair has almost as similar texture and appearance as real human hair, and is being largely used in the industry of hair toupee making. If the hairpiece for men and women would be dyed by yourself after buying or if you have experience of how to take care of synthetic hair, the inexpensive gray hair in 100% synthetic will be a good choice. Again, pls note that do not comb with force, and pls try to avoid constant high temperatures while using a hairdryer.

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If you would like to find the most natural gray hair, would not dye the hair after buying, and could accept the color changing from gray to a little light yellow shade, gray real human hair would be the best choice. Anyway, this kind of gray hair type is real human hair. For example, the real gray hair of a human being will also face color changing to a little light yellow shade, which is exactly the most true and natural effect. Naturality is definitely the most important dimension to value a hair system.

Last but not least, let us look at Yak hair. The using of Gray Yak Hair is not that common like the other two gray hair types during the custom men’s hair system making. But some of our clients prefer gray yak hair. They would use 100% gray yak hair or mix it together with gray real human hair. This is because gray yak hair is the strongest among these three gray hair types just as the tensile test shows, which means a longer life span and no worries about hair shedding quickly. On the other hand, compared to gray human hair, gray yak hair looks much whiter and is not that easy to change to a light yellow shade. These two characteristics exactly meet the needs of some clients.


All three grey hair types have both advantages and disadvantages. The best grey hair type is the one chosen according to the needs, experience and use habits of the end-users. Hope this blog post could help you a little bit in choosing the right hair type for grey hair toupees for men.


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