Does Global Star Sylvester Stallone Wear A Toupee?

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Who doesn’t know Sylvester Stallone, the bodybuilding tycoon known as the real Macho Man of Hollywood? The American legend who has had a five-decades-long acting career has inspired millions of people around the globe to act and look like him. His movies, persona and style are something his fans still follow, and they want to learn every little detail about his life.

We will cover the following format for this article to get all the details about your favorite superstar’s hair.


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The macho man of Hollywood and one of the most celebrated action heroes of the world, Sylvester Stallone, was born in New York on July 6th 1946, to Francesco Stallone and Jaqualine Stallone. His father was an Italian immigrant living in the US, while his mother was a French and Jewish descendant. Sylvester was born with speech hindrance and a droopy eyelid, an outcome of forceps delivery that damaged his facial nerve.

The seventy-five-year king of action Sylvester Stallone had a troubled childhood; until he was five, he spent his childhood in foster care and then shifted with his parents in Maryland, which made him expelled from different schools and ended up attending private schooling. He later moved to Philadelphia for further studies and joined the football team there. His love for football made him a football instructor in an American college in Geneva, where he worked from 1965 to 1967 before hitting big on the big screens. The golden globe winner returned to the US to study drama at the University of Miami for two years, from where he got his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

During his spell at the University of Miami, he started bagging small roles on stage that made little difference to his earnings. The actor was homeless for many days and then bagged his first role in an erotic movie, earning him $200 for two work days. Sylvester then moved to New York for better opportunities and did many odd jobs to meet the ends. His time in New York was when he polished his writing skills by frequently visiting local libraries.

This legend’s life is no less than a fictional character; Sylvester was broke and jobless when he wrote his Oscar-winning movie Rocky just in three days in 1976. Rocky was Sylvester’s brainchild and his ticket to stardom; the star that only had $100 in his account when he helmed that character is still known by his cult character Rocky Balboa. Sylvester was in his thirties when he created and helmed Rocky; he is the only star of Hollywood whose movies reigned at the box office as a number-one film for six decades.

Sylvester has lived a romantic and colorful life. He married three times and has five children, two from his first wife and three from his third. The actor only has one brother Frank Stallone who is also a celebrity.

Sylvester Stallone Hair

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Sylvester Stallone, the Tough Guy of Hollywood, instantly rose to fame with his stint as Rocky Balboa. The Hollywood star, the symbol of masculinity and strength, has all the ingredients in his personality that make him a heartthrob. Sylvester was famous for his chiseled jaw, thick black hair, and buff physique. Sylvester Stallone’s hair has slightly changed over the years, making his fans suspicious of its originality. At the beginning of his career and when he bagged his career-defining movie Rocky Sylvester possessed thick black hair and a fuller head. The superstar kept giving blockbuster movies like the Rocky series, Demolition Man and Rambo throughout the eighties and nineties with his natural hair with no signs of hair loss.

The speculations regarding Sylvester Stallone’s hair and bald patches started in the 21st century. At the same time, news regarding Sylvester facing male pattern baldness was also doing rounds. However, none of these things was visible as his hairline was not receding, and he still had thick hair, but the media was off the point the actor had grown some serious bald patches on his crown that he covered with a hairpiece.

One of the main reasons that make everyone suspicious about Sylvester’s hair is his infamous 2007 Australian visit, where he got arrested for illegally carrying human growth hormone. The actor said he carried those hormones to boost his body but did not disclose whether those steroids were for hair or muscles. Since that time, Sylvester’s hair has looked incredibly well-maintained and beautiful.

At seventy-five, the Rambo has a head full of silver locks. The star, known for his signature black hair, has now embraced gray hair; he embraced this new look in 2020 by replacing his signature dark hair with a gray beard.

Does Sylvester Stallone Wear a Toupee?

Usually, men, as they age, suffer various hair problems; some face bald patches, some undergo thinning on the temples, and some have receding hairline issues. They all look for different options to overcome this issue and look younger. The same is the case with celebrities; they must maintain their hair to look healthier and fuller as you play a vital role in overall appearance.

From the famous star of the James Bond franchise Daniel Craig to Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, Celebrities are known for boasting fake hair to maintain their charismatic look. It’s also important for them to look their best, as their fans want to see them young and dashing forever. Similarly, the Rambo star hasn’t given up on his looks at seventy-five. Even at this age, he possesses a head full of thick and healthy locks, but the question is how he has managed to maintain his hair growth. It is believed that the legendary man wore different toupees to attain his signature macho look for his movies during the first decade of the 21st century.

During this time, his slightly changing hairstyles and shades made many speculations about him struggling with male-patterned baldness. Looking at Sylvester Stallone’s hair now, you would realize that the actor has a much fuller hairline than he had at the start of the 21st century. This change indicates that he is not rocking his original hair but is wearing a toupee or other hair replacement options.

Whether the star wears a wig in real life is still a mystery, but if Sylvester Stallone wears one, he is wearing a high-quality and expensive piece. His rich hair color, density, and thickness look seamlessly incredible and give an impression of natural hair.

How to Get Sylvester Stallone Hair?

The hair replacement system-producing industry has evolved greatly; they produce a wide range of hairpieces that can instantly transform you by adding volume to your natural locks. Many celebrities have confessed to using toupees for their professional requirements and public life, including Hollywood Tough Guy Sylvester Stallone. These celebrities get the assistance of highly skilled professionals to make their toupee look natural. Hence, if you are balding and want a durable and chic solution for your hair problem, you should get a premium quality hair replacement system.

As hair is an essential part of your personality, thus deciding which brand to trust for quality hair pieces is important. It would be best if you always opted for the brand that uses premium quality material and the latest technology for their production. There are many trustworthy manufacturers like Bono Hair that you can check; they produce some high-quality human hair and synthetic hair replacement systems that are also in bulk. All of their models are long-lasting, comfortable and extremely authentic looking that can fix well with your natural hair. Hence if you are looking for a Sylvester Stallone-inspired toupee that can give you a similar appearance to the Macho Man, you must check the following hair replacement models from Bono Hair.

  1. BH1 0.08mm Skin Hair System:
  2. BLN465810 French Lace Men’s Toupee:
  3. Oct Men Double Lace Toupee

1. BH1 0.08mm Skin Hair System

If you are looking for a thin and light hairpiece, the BH1 model is perfect. BH1 made with 0.08mm thin skin, is Bono Hair’s best-selling article as it gives an extremely realistic appearance to its wearer. Available in Indian human hair and synthetic gray hair, this model is highly famous in America, the UK, Brazil, Italy and France. The gray strands give you the look of Sylvester Stallone’s current hairstyle, so this article is a treat for Sylvester’s fans.

2. BLN465810 French Lace Men’s Toupee

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This French lace hair replacement system is our most sought-after men’s toupee because of its easy functionality and usage. The unique PU layering of this hairpiece makes it super comfortable and highly durable and gives you a flawlessly natural hairline. This product is made of premium quality Remy Hair that gives an impression of your original hair growing from the scalp. The breathable skin in this also allows you to wear scorching summer heat.

3. Oct Men Double Lace Toupee

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Sylvester Stallone has had a fuller and thicker head with dark locks throughout his five decades-long careers. Those looking for a similar appearance must check out this Oct double toupee. This model is popular for transforming thinning hair into flawlessly natural-looking fuller heads. Made of human hair, this product is a timeless hairpiece that can give its wearer an attention-grabbing silhouette.


Whether Rambo wears a toupee or not is still a mystery that only Sylvester can disclose, but one thing is certainly wearing a hairpiece can completely transform your hair thinning into a fuller head, and there’s no shame in wearing it. The rocky star is well aware that his thick and dark locks played an important part in making him a heartthrob and a sought-after star of all time. That is why even at seventy-five, the actor makes an extra effort to maintain a thicker and denser full hairy head by using different hair replacement techniques.


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