Guideline for Hair Extensions Care and Usage

Guideline for Hair Extensions Care and Usage (2)

There’s one thing that all of us loved about the Disney Princess of our childhood: her long fancy hair; it’s something that every girl wishes to have, but not everyone could have that at the time. But now, with the rapid growth of the hair replacement industry, you can turn your short and thin locks into healthy and thicker ones with the help of some premium quality hair extensions. Hair extensions have gained immense recognition over time as it instantly improves your hair game by making it look voluminous and fuller. So if you are looking forward to investing in hair extensions, you must learn how to take care of your hair extensions. Hair extension care is critical. We are writing this article to help our clients learn everything about this unique hair product.


Guideline for Hair Extensions Care and Usage (3)

Hair extensions are the simplest and best way to add volume, freshness and thickness to your thinning hair. Women who want to enhance the appearance of their hair opt for hair extensions. Many people with hair-related problems also use hair extensions to get their heads a fuller look. On the other hand, many women use hair extensions to change their faces into chic ones instantly. These extensions significantly change your silhouette by adding volume and length to your hair; that’s why many big celebrities use hair extensions in their daily routine to get themselves a wow-worthy shape on special occasions.

Several types of hair extensions are available to suit different hair types and textures. These hair extensions last six to eight months if correctly cared for. The traditional permanent extensions come in two forms micro bonds and micro rings that can be attached to your scalp through glue and other new sticking options.

Does Hair Extension Need Lots of Maintenance?

From your skin to your hair, every part of your body requires proper nourishment and a care regime; similarly, your hair extensions also become an essential part of you, just like your natural locks, and they demand a daily care routine. Although it doesn’t need much maintenance, proper maintenance is essential to prolong its life span and make it look healthier and shinier. Providing an appropriate care routine for your hair extensions reduces your regular visits to your hairstylist. Well-maintained extensions don’t damage your natural hair and stop its further thinning.

Hair extensions can only be your thing if you are active because they require a commitment for care. Taking good care of your hair extensions makes them look healthier and increases their lasting and durability.

How to Take Care of Hair Extensions?

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Like your natural hair, hair extension care is also very important, as the hair taken care of rightly has a longer lifespan. Here is a list of a few tips for you to take care of your hair extensions.

1.      Properly brushing your hair extensions regularly

Often brushing makes your hair extensions tangled-free; just like our hair, hair extensions also get tangled, but that can be managed by brushing. Brush your hair extensions at least twice daily to make them look their best.

How you brush the hair is also very important, as rough brushing can cause breakage and shed to your extensions. It would help if you were very gentle while brushing your hair extensions; the best way to start brushing is from the bottom and then gradually brush the roots so that you can easily detangle every knot that comes in between. A wide-toothed comb or a brush with flexible bristles is something you need to take care of your extension. There are specially designed hair brushes for extensions available to make brushing more manageable and more proper.

2.      Washing your hair should be a low-maintenance affair

Although your hair extensions need a lot of care, they must be a low-maintenance thing when it comes to washing, as too much washing can remove moisture from the hair and make it dry. Hence if you are using extensions, we suggest you wash your hair only twice a week to avoid the risk of drying out. Hair extensions shed a lot when dried, and frequent washing can make it worse.

For optimal health of your scalp, we also recommend you double shampoo your hair; in this manner, you can make your hair healthier. It is also suggested to always use conditioner, especially on the dried and damaged area, to make your hair heal. Your hair extensions don’t naturally get the oils and nutrients required to stay healthy, so ensure moisturizing them with sulfate and alcohol-free products to make them hydrated. Once you wash your extensions, gently squeeze the water out with a towel rather than blow drying.

3.      Always use the right hair products on your extensions

Be it the extensions or your original hair, the health of your hair partially depends on the products you apply to them. It is recommended to use hair products that keep the hair hydrated and moisturized because hair extensions are prone to get dried out when products that contain sulfate and alcohol are applied to them. The presence of sulfate and alcohol in hair products has negative consequences for hair extensions’ lifespan; it causes breakage and shedding to the extensions. Thus we highly advise our clients to use sulfate and alcohol-free hair products like shampoos and conditioners on their hair extensions.

The best way to moisturize the hair extension is oiling, oil plays an essential part in hair nourishment it makes the hair silky, shiny and hydrated. Oiling is healthy for your natural hair and hair extensions; you should always start oiling your hair with less quantity initially and then gradually increase the usage.

Besides these nourishing agents, you can also apply hair masks on your hair and extensions, as it’s highly beneficial for keeping your hair healthy. You can use these masks at least once a month to get satisfying silky and smooth hair results.

4.      Sleep with your hair extensions carefully

People who excessively use hair extensions worry about one thing whether they can wear their extensions while sleeping or not. Well, you can wear the hair extensions while in bed, but careless movement in sleep can cause tangling, leading to hair damage. However, you can avoid this unnecessary tangling in sleep by taking some practical measures. One such step is leaving your hair in a loose low ponytail when going to bed, which would shield the hair from unwanted tangling and knots.

You can prevent shedding and breakage in sleep by using silk pillow covers; silk covers produce less friction that can reduce tangling and shedding. The last thing you can do to protect your hair from sleep damage is to avoid sleeping with wet hair. Your hair is too vulnerable when damp, and sleeping with wet hair can cause extra frizz and breakage, so we recommend that you never sleep with wet hair if you want healthier hair. 

Not to Do Things for Hair Extensions

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  • Refrain from excessive washing of your hair extensions as it would make them tangled and dry.
  • Do not brush your hair extensions when wet, as they are vulnerable at that time and have the risk of breakage. Instead, always brush your hair extensions before the wash or after the hair has dried thoroughly.
  • Avoid using heating products like hot iron and a hair dryer on your hair extensions to styling them because heating would damage the hair and make the hair extensions lose their silky and shiny appearance. However, if you want to do heat styling, always use UV protection to prevent your hair extensions from burning.
  • Using suitable products to maintain your hair extension is very important as it is crucial in making your hair stay soft and manageable. Hence always check which ingredients the product contains, as the hair extensions only need alcohol-free and sulfate-free hair care products.
  • You must not buy hair products that contain chemicals like ethanol, SD Alcohol 40, Alcohol Denat, Propyl, Isopropyl, Parapanol and Sodium Lauryl and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Excessive and regular use of these ingredients gradually removes the natural oil from the hair, making it tangled and matted. Usage of these chemicals also significantly affects the life span of your hair extensions.
  • Avoid using sticky hair products like hair sprays, gel and wax on your extensions as they would clog it up and won’t get better without washing.
  • Never leave your hair extensions tied in a bun or a ponytail for a few days, as it would result in the worst matting and tangling and would create a mess out of your hair.


Hair extensions are the easiest way to add length to your short locks; it doesn’t only help you follow the long hair trend but also boost your self-esteem by concealing your hair problems. These hair extensions can be a savior for those who suffer from the alopecia and patterned baldness as they quickly add the desired volume to their hair. And if these extensions are given adequate care, then you can prolong their lifespan and make the most use of them. We hope our hair extension care guidelines helped you learn the right ways to take proper care of your hair extensions.


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