As women stock hair pieces suppliers, our wholesale hair toppers are designed to add volume for thinning hair or add hair length to existing hair. We offer the best women hairpieces in a wide array of sizes, colors, and lengths to cover most of your customers’ needs. We also make medical wigs in inventory for people who suffer hair loss caused by medical treatment.

What kinds of women stock hairpieces do you provide?

As a professional women hair toppers factory, we stock different kinds of hair toppers for instant delivery. There are silk base hair toppers, mono top hair toppers, PU hair toppers and pull through hair integration pieces. We understand that your clients may require different topper sizes to cover the bald patches, so we prepare the topper hair pieces according to different women hair loss stages, such as parting toppers to cover the parting line, a bigger topper size to cover the top even the crown areas. If your customer is in advanced hair loss stage, she may need larger women’s toupees, you can also check our custom made hairpieces to find the suitable design for her.

In our women hair toppers factory, all women stock hairpieces are made with the best Mongolian hair, the same hair material with Jewish wigs. We select only 1kg Mongolian hair from 10kg raw hair material. And they are made with different hair lengths and colors to meet most of your clients’ needs.