All You Need To Know About Celebrity Hair Extensions

All You Need To Know About Celebrity Hair Extensions (2)

You love a specific celebrity or hate them; there is one thing that everyone admires about them; these celebrities know pretty well how to look perfect all the time. And one thing that plays a major role in elevating your silhouette is your hairstyles; these famous stars know what type of hair suits them well. Celebrities are famous for quickly changing unique hairstyles for every new occasion and event. Have you ever wondered what makes them change their hairstyles so instantly?

These celebrities’ secret weapon for always coming up with a fresh look at every event is hair extensions. These hair extensions are the beauty tool that makes them look fresh and young. Here we reveal the secret behind these celebrities’ dapper looks, what kind of hair extensions they use and what they’re favorite. We will be covering the following structure to get you all the details.


Hair extensions have evolved significantly over time; it has become impossible to spot whether a person is wearing a hairpiece or sporting his hair. These hairpieces are a great way to conceal your hair loss problems and give you an eye-catching and attention-grabbing silhouette everyone admires. Because of these reasons, hair extensions are gaining huge popularity among celebrities; most celebrities have included hair extensions as a regular beauty tool in their daily routine. The day-to-day transformation you see of your favorite rock stars and celebrities is because of these super manageable hair extensions that help these celebrities maintain a certain look according to the occasion.

What Kind of Hair Extensions Do Celebrities Prefer?

Hair extensions extend the length and volume of your hair and transform your over hair look, color, and texture. Celebrities usually wear them for hairpieces when they want to sport wavy and long hair, and they opt for those extensions that blend well with their hair strands. There are normally three kinds of hair extensions that most celebrities have.


Clip-in Extensions

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Clip-in hair extensions are the most popular kind of extensions amongst celebrities as they are super relaxing and easy to use; installation only takes a few minutes. These are perfect for all occasions; you can use them daily and look perfect at special events. Clip-in hair extensions are super durable; you can keep them in your drawer for as many as five years and still use them as they have no expiry.


Hand-tied Wefts

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This kind of extension is hand-sewn and is also widely adored by celebrities. These extensions are famous for their undetectable appearance; they give their wearer the most seamless and natural look as they blend extremely well with your original hair. The best thing about this kind of extension is that they are easily customizable according to your preferences.


Keratin-bonded Hair Extensions

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These extensions are also popular among celebrities; keratin extensions are attached to your original hair strand through the keratin bond. The keratin procedure is time-consuming and takes a couple of hours, but the final effects are amazing and worth the wait.

These are the three most common kinds of hair extensions used by celebrities nowadays. Here are a few reasons for what type of extensions are mostly used by celebrities and why. Celebrity hair extensions are usually made of human hair; this type of extension is the one that is generally preferred by celebrities for the following reasons:

  1.  Human hair extensions are lightweight and extremely comfortable on the wearer.
  2. Just like your hair, human hair extensions have a silky texture that gives you a soft and gentle feel as they are made of human hair.
  3. The best thing about these extensions is that you can dye them any color of your choice, one of the main reasons why it’s celebrities’ favorite.
  4. Usually, the use of hot instruments is prohibited on synthetic hairpieces; on the other hand, you can give any style to human hair extensions by using a hot iron or dryer.
  5. Human hair extensions give you a natural feel and shine, unlike synthetic hair extensions that are too glossy, which makes them look fake.

List of Celebrities Who Sport Hair Extensions

You will be amazed to see the before-after images of these celebrities with hair extensions since they make their hair look voluminous and shinier and elevate their overall appearance. Here is a list of celebrities who never feel shy about wearing hair extensions.



All You Need To Know About Celebrity Hair Extensions (3)

Jennifer Lopez is known for her chic styling and beautiful hair game. The super-star owes this to her hair expert, who used human hair extensions to transform her appearance.



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There was a time when Rihanna was known for her experimental nature and especially for playing with her hairstyles and hair colors. You would see her one day in a super-short haircut, which would change into luxurious long curls the other day; this drastic change in styles ruined her natural beauty. That’s why the singer now prefers experiments on her extensions.


Pamela Anderson

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Who doesn’t know the blonde beauty Pamela Anderson who is pretty famous for her blonde look? Pamela also prefers hair extensions since her natural hairs face serious thinning due to excessive bleaching.


Lindsay Lohan

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Did you know this star’s voluminous and healthy hairs are not her original ones? Lindsay also spoiled her hair by excessive heating and dying, which pushed her towards human hair extensions.


Britney Spears

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Britney Spears needs no introduction; the gorgeous celebrity uses extended hair strands to get her voluminous and stylish hairstyles.


Selena Gomes

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The famous face of tinsel Town also owes a big time to her hair extensions for her luxurious styling. The actor’s natural hair is different from the one she usually rocks.


Kardashian Sisters

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The Kardashian sisters are also known for using hair extensions. They all make everyone jealous with their chic hair styling and shades. The most famous of all, Kim Kardashian, also uses extensions to increase the length and volume of their hair more often. Kim doesn’t only use extensions, but the star has also admitted to using various wigs to achieve certain looks.


Lady Gaga

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Nobody can beat Lady Gaga when it comes to trying unique styles. The singer is famous for trying unique hair shades and styles for her live performances using different hair extensions.


Kate Middleton

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The Duchess of Cambridge is also on the list of celebrities who occasionally use hair extensions. Kate’s using extensions came into the limelight in 2021 when royal fans were stunned to see the duchess in thicker and longer tresses, much different from her original ones. Extension experts worldwide soon found out that Kate wore a few pieces of hair extensions to make her hair look longer.


Victoria Beckham

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Former spice girl and fashion mogul Victoria Beckham, famous for her sense of style and sleek look, has a secret ingredient that spices up her silhouette. David Beckham’s wife has admitted using extensions to make her hair look voluminous and classy.

It’s wonderful to see celebrity’s hair extensions before and after as it encourages others to overcome their complexes and hair issues by rocking these gorgeous hair extensions. Fans usually get inspired when they notice their favorite celebrity using hair extensions or wigs; this makes them try some on them.

Where to Get Hair Extensions?

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Most celebrities normally hire high-profile stylists to do their hair job. According to these stylists, Slavic hair is famous among celebrities besides human hair. Slavic hair extensions are ideal for women for their elasticity, low porosity, and finer texture. Generally, celebrity stylists buy hair extensions and wigs directly from the buyer, which makes them get the most authentic, premium-quality hairpieces.

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Hair extensions have gained huge popularity over time, be it for hair loss or for elevating one’s looks. Almost all of us use hair extensions for different purposes; some try them to get new looks, some use them to extend the length or add volume to our hair, and some use them to hide hair thinning. Hence, hair extensions have become a common beauty tool of our daily regimen; the reason behind this is their durability, affordability, and easy installation. So, you are looking for the most trustworthy manufacturer that makes celebrity-inspired hair extensions at a reasonable price. In that case, we can only recommend one brand with a huge collection of all types of hair. Bono Hair is the ideal place to get all sorts of premium quality hair products.


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