All You Need to Know About Clean-up, Installation, and Removal of Hair Replacement System

All You Need to Know About Clean-up, Installation, and Removal of Hair Replacement System (4)

Men’s hairpiece installation sounds tricky as you need a margin for mistakes; a mishap can make it look too visible. Hence always be very careful while attaching and removing your hair systems, as your hair system’s durability and longevity are also based on it.

People who use hair systems are usually worried about hairpiece installation and removal; here, we have devised a complete guide to make this task easier and quicker. Here is the structure of the things we will be covering in this piece.


With the ever-evolving salon business, people prefer going to the salon for their hair system installation. But for days like lockdowns where you didn’t get access to the salon, it’s better to learn the hairpiece installation process at home. Learning proper installation and removal of your hair system is extremely important because there are times when you need to remove your hairpiece to maintain its top condition. However, removing and installing your hairpiece at home sounds scary and difficult, which is certainly not true. You can do this process easier if you have proper guidelines regarding how to do it, and learning this process will help you practice good hair system care.

Hair system removal is easy but quite time-consuming; you need to spare an hour or two to perform the step-by-step process properly, But once you learn how to do it at home, you can save many salon visits and a hell of a lot of money.

How to Attach a Hair Replacement System?

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Fixing your hair system can be difficult for the first time, and if you attach it in the wrong position, it becomes more difficult to remove. So be very attentive while placing your hair system on your scalp. Attaching the hair replacement system is tricky, but if you learn the process before installation, attaching becomes super easy and fun. The process involves the following steps.

  • The first thing you must do before installing a hair system is to make sure that the size of your hairpiece fits perfectly to your scalp so that you don’t need to alter it later.
  • The next step is getting your scalp ready for installation; you must wash, clean, and trim the area where you are placing the base properly.
  • After cleaning and drying your natural hair, it’s time to apply alcohol-based cleanser on the bonding parts of your scalp and apply some scalp protectors to avoid irritation and itchiness. Also, mark your hairline to determine its starting point.
  • Now you need a bonding agent to attach the hairpiece; you can do the application two ways: glue or tape. Full lace hair system requires Adhesive all over its base, while for lace front and lace with poly bases, you only apply adhesives on the perimeter as applying it on the middle of the scalp would ruin the base.
  • Lastly is the time to attach your hair system; gently position the hairpiece from the marked hairline area and slightly move backward while adjusting it to remove air bubbles. Once you have completely installed the system, press it on the head for some time, so it sticks perfectly.

How to Remove a Hair Replacement System?

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Fortunately, removing a hair system is straightforward, but you must be very careful, as doing it all wrong will be painful for your scalp and hair. You only need to place glue remover spray on different perimeters of your hair system. Once the glue starts losing up, gently remove the hairpiece from the back without ruining your hairline.

The most important thing in the hairpiece removal process is the adhesive removal from the skin, as it plays an essential part in the top maintenance of your hair system. Adhesive removal from the skin is very important since if hair system residue is not removed at regular intervals can cause serious damage to your hair and scalp. Your hair system is usually attached by either wig adhesive or wig tape, and in most cases, some of the Adhesive residues get into your hairpiece or original hair that causes severe damage. Here is how you can remove that residue.

● For Liquid Adhesive

To remove liquid Adhesive, you need alcohol spray, towels, and adhesive removers like WalkerC-22 Solvent or KP Pro Solvent  Just spray one of these solvents on the affected area and wait for the glue to loosen once it’s easily peeled; gently remove the Adhesive residue.

● For Tape

Tapes in adhesives are also commonly used for bonding and attaching the hair system. Alcohol-based removers are best for removing tape-in glue; spray the solvent on the area generously and give it 30 seconds to break down. Once the glue has left, gently peel; the system off and shampoo your scalp to remove glue residue.

How Can You Clean and Reuse Your Hair System?

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To maintain your hairpiece in excellent condition, always remove, clean and reuse your hair system bimonthly. Although it looks tough, no crucial techniques are involved in this process.

To start the procedure, spray some lace release remover on the base or scalp areas where you used adhesives or tape. Let the spray absorb for a minute so that it starts breaking the bond, and then you can gently remove the hair system from your skin.

Once the hairpiece is pulled off, you will notice the Adhesive residue on your scalp, which you can remove through glue remover solvents. Just spray and massage these solvents over your scalp and then shampoo your head for a clean scalp.

Once your scalp is clean, clean the base of your hair system to peel off the glue. Once you have cleansed your scalp and hair system, you can always reattach the system using glue or tape.

Top Ten Hair Systems Liquid and Adhesive Removers

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Here are the ten best hair system liquid and adhesive removers easily available in the market.

1. Walker Tape C-22 Citrus Solvent

C-22 is certainly the most popular solvent for glue removal; it’s an oil-based solvent that quickly breaks down the Adhesive.

2. KP PRO Solvent

KP Pro is an oil and alcohol-free solvent specially formulated for sensitive skin. It’s a 2-in-1 solvent, a cleanser, and a sanitizer that is very effective for adhesive removal. This amazing Adhesive remover also has antifungal and antibacterial properties that do wonders for odors.

3. Walker Tape Lace Release Spray

Lace Release is a hair replacement system wearers’ favorite as it is super easy to apply, works quickly, and gently removes the base without damaging meshes.

4. PURE Adhesive Remover

Pure Adhesive is a cost-effective residue remover that is safe for the skin and scalp. It’s best for removing tape and glue residue from hair systems.

5. Walker Tape Action Adhesive Remover

Action is Walker’s fastest and safest Adhesive remover for wigs and hair systems. It quickly cuts off the glue, leaving only a little oil residue that one can wipe with a paper towel. The presence of 100% organic Lanolin oil in this product acts as a soothing agent on your scalp.

6. SAS Adhesive Remover by True Tape

This solvent effectively removes rigid and stubborn glue residue within a minute. SAS remover is best for erasing all tape remains and soft bond adhesive from your hairpiece.

7. Ghostbuster Adhesive Remover

This product from the house of Professional Hair Labs is a citrus-based glue remover that quickly cleans your hair system. Ghostbuster has no lanolin and aloe, so it doesn’t cause any oil residue.

8. PHL Ultra Safe Adhesive Remover

This solvent is another super fast and effective Adhesive remover from Professional hair Labs.  Ultra Safe is a natural and biodegradable remover that not only removes the bonding adhesive but also soothes your scalp with all-natural properties.

9. Walker Tape H2GO White Glue Remover

Generally, adhesive removers are made of harsh flammable chemicals, but H2GO by Walker Tape is the first non-flammable remover that is also safe for your skin.

10. PURE Citrus Spice Adhesive Remover by True Tape

Most hairpiece wearers worry about how to remove hair glue from their hair. The answer is Pure Citrus Spice Adhesive remover; this solvent safely and smoothly removes all the tape residue and soft bond glue from your hair system.


Always remember that regular hair maintenance is necessary; sometimes, you think there isn’t any residue on your hair system as it’s not visible. But it creates a real mess when you plan to reattach the hairpiece, So always clean your hair system properly.

However, there are many more options available in our houses that can remove Adhesive if you don’t have alcohol spray, like liquid dish soap. You can apply liquid dish wash on the affected area with Adhesive and gently rub it, then let it rest for an hour. Afterward, rinse your hair system with water and adhesive would be washed. So these are the few ways you can easily remove adhesives from your hair system and scalp and maintain the good condition of both.

We hope we have cleared all your reservations and queries regarding hair systems installation and removal through this blog, So keep rocking your hair systems!


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