Men’s Toupee: Types, Care, Costs, And More

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In this day and age of digital work, men want to look respectable, smart, and presentable on the camera. For young adult males in their twenties to forties, they may notice a receding hairline, baldness, and hair loss as they age. Many become conscious about this and find all possible ways to change it. There are many ways to prevent hair loss, such as medical treatment, hair transplant and non-surgical hair replacement systems. Non-surgical hair replacement systems or toupee are getting more popularity now thanks to its available price and quick effect.

Different from traditional heavy-looking wigs, modern toupee is light, breathable, easy-to-attach and the most important, it’s undetectable. And in this article, let’s find the secret of toupee!

We will talk about toupee types, attachment and maintenance methods, and we will also recommend several toupees for you. If you are already in hair system business for years, you can pay attention to the parts of maintenance methods and toupee recommendation. If you are at the beginning of this business, please read this article carefully to have an overview of toupee. If you have any questions, we are very happy to discuss further with you.

What is the type of men’s toupee?

Understanding the main types of human hair men’s toupee can help you market your product better as well as provide a good solution to your customers. Human hair Men’s toupees can be classified accordingly to different characteristics, including its base, wave type, type of hair used, base shape, hair length, lifespan, etc.. Base type is one of the most important character, so we would like to talk more about the base types of men’s toupee.

Here are the main types of human hair men’s toupees based on its base:

1.     Lace Hair Toupee

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Lace-based hair toupee is one of the most common types in the market. Lace is delicate, transparent and breathable. So lace hair toupees enjoy the advantages of natural-looking, breathability and comfort.

We use mostly French lace and Swiss lace for hair toupee making. You may doubt how should I choose different lace base for my customers? Here below you will find the advantages and disadvantages of French lace and Swiss lace hair toupees, so you can choose the suitable hair systems for your customers.

a)   French Lace Men’s Hair Toupee

French lace hair toupee is undetectable, breathable and comfortable. It’s air-light and soft.


  • Natural-looking

For hair system wearers, the most important thing is that the hair system is natural so others will not tell they are wearing hair systems. For French lace hair toupees, we are making all possible ways to make it realistic. Bleaching knots and dye after are two techniques to make it super natural.

  • Breathability

The other advantage of French lace hair toupee is breathable. If your customers leave in hot or humid weather, or they go to gym frequently, or sweat a lot, French lace hair system is a perfect solution.

  • Comfort

French lace hair system is air-light and soft. It’s very comfortable for wearers.

Because French lace is very soft and delicate, the hair system life span is about 3-4 months. If the hair system is with bleaching knots, the lifespan is about 2-3 months. Besides, the end-users will take more attention and time to take care of French lace hair systems.

b)  Swiss Lace Men’s Hair Toupee

Swiss lace is another lace type of human hair men’s toupee. It’s thinner than French lace, but a little thicker than super fine Swiss lace. Same as French lace hair toupee, Swiss lace toupee is also

Breathable and comfortable. Swiss lace hair toupee is more natural than French lace ones. But the lifespan is a little shorter than French lace. Besides, Swiss lace hair system won’t be able to support heavier density than medium light.

c)   Super Fine Swiss Lace Men’s Hair Toupee

Super fine Swiss lace is the most delicate lace base. The hair toupee has all advantages of French lace toupees, like undetectable, breathable and comfortable.

Since it’s the most delicate, it’s the most natural lace hair systems, but the lifespan is the shortest, about 1-2 months. Because it’s delicate, so end-users must take care of it very carefully.

For all our lace hair toupees, we can dye the lace base into light brown, brown and dark hair to match wearer’s skin color better.

Summing it up, here’s how it goes:

-If your clients sweat a lot, or go to gym frequently, lace hair system is a better solution;

-If your clients want a natural and a little long-lasting hair systems, we suggest French lace hair toupees;

-If you clients pursue a super natural front and top appearance, or they are a star, regardless of lifespan, super fine Swiss lace hair toupee is best;

-Regarding natural looking and lifespan, Swiss lace toupees are between French lace and super fine Swiss lace toupees.

2.Skin-based Hair Toupee

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Skin hair system is getting more popularity among young wearers. It’s with a super natural looking, and very easy to attach and clean-up. This type of toupee base is made up of the material polyurethane and comes in varying thickness to suit for different customer requirements. Different knotting methods help the skin-based hair toupees to meet customers’ different needs.

a) V-loop Skin-based Hair Toupee

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V-loop is a special knotting method on skin hair toupees. There is no knots left, so the hair system is totally undetectable. We have 0.03mm, 0.06mm, 0.10mm skin hair toupees with V-loop hair in stock. 0.03mm ultra thin skin is the most realistic and comfortable skin hair system. It’s soft, stretchy and air-light. But the ultra thin skin hair system lifespan is only about 3-4 weeks. This hair system is recommended to those who pursue super natural, regardless of lifespan and cost. The lifespan is a little longer if the skin is thicker.

b) Injection Skin-based Hair Toupee

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Injection is another special knotting method on skin hair toupees. Same as V-loop hair, there is also no knots left on skin base with injection knotting method. The injection hair is knotted the same hair direction as our own hair, so it looks like the hair grow from wearer’s own scalp. Injection hair toupees are more suitable for combing forward hairstyle. Besides, injection hair effect is much more flat than V-loop and single split knots hair. If your clients have such hairstyle, you can recommend this injection hair system for them.

c) Single Split Knots Skin-based Hair Toupee

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Single split knots are the most common knotting method on skin hair toupees. Since there is knots left on skin base, so it’s not so natural as v-loop and injection hair toupees. To make it natural, we usually make v-loop hair at front hairline, so the hair toupee is undetectable. Skin hair toupees with single split knots have longer lifespan. BH1 is the most popular skin hair systems with single split knots. It’s both natural and strong.

3. Mono-based Hair Toupee

Men's Toupee Types, Care, Costs and

Mono hair toupees are very classical toupee models. Compared with lace and skin hair toupees, it’s popular for its durability and high density. If your customers expect a durable hair toupee or a heavy density hair toupee, mono-based hair toupee is a good choice. In terms of natural-looking, mono hair toupee is not so good as lace and skin toupees. So we usually make a lace front to give a natural front appearance.

Human hair men’s toupee, regardless of the base type, is safe to wear. Depending on the needs of the end-user, different base materials are used to suit the lifestyle of the end-user. There is no the best or the worst, the suitable one is the best. With the variety of options present, there is a solution for every hair loss or hair style issue that a men’s hair toupee can help to resolve.

How to make a human hair men’s toupee? 

All human hair men’s toupees are made with our workers with the most care. All are hand-made. For normal hair toupees, it will take about 6-8 weeks for production. For more complicated toupee and wigs, it will take about 10-12 weeks for production. If your clients need it urgently, we also have rush service.

Making a human hair men’s toupee involves several steps. If you’ve ever wondered how a toupee is made, let us walk you through the materials and steps to make a handcrafted man’s hair toupee.

Men's Toupee Types, Care, Costs and More (1)

Step 1: Making the mold

Pour 2 liters of water in the large bowl and hand mix it with 2kg of modeling plaster with gloved hands. Then, place the cup in between the template mold and pour all of the plaster around it and flatten the surface. Wait 24 hours for the mold to cement through

Step 2: Plaster Mold Design

Remove the plaster mold and with a polisher, smoothen the surface of mold. With a measuring tape, measure the dimensions you would like for the toupee and start marking it out on the plastic mold with pencil. Draw out the pattern for the base. This will help the sewing of the lace to be done for the base later on.

Step 3: Base Creation

Mix 400 ml of liquid glue in a glass container with 100 ml of solvent and mix vigorously for 100 times using a stirrer until a gooey glue-like texture. Using a metal spreader, spread the substance across the mold with the markings.

Step 4: Creating the Lace

Measure the lace against the mold and cut accordingly to its shape and size. Allow some slack so that you can staple them through to make the lace more secure.

Step 5: Skin Applying

Using double-sided tape, trace out the markings along the base of the mold and put some glue mixture over it. Then, pull out the double-sided tape. This forms a layer of the lace template from the dried glue-like substance.

Step 6: Trimming the Lace

Trim the access lace along the edges of the markings where the glue-like substance ends on the base of the mold using pliers. Proceed to remove the stapler bullets on the side as well carefully, without damaging the lace.

Step 7: Hair Knotting

Ensure that the hair bundle does not have any tangles by combing it through. After the base is ready, remove it from the mold. Then, the knotting process begins. Using the specialized needle for hair, start knotting each hair strand with the lace base through each lace mesh hole. This process can take up to 14 days for a normal toupee.

Step 8: Securing the Base

By now, you will be able to have a clear toupee formed, with one side of the base having hair and the other side being the base. Invert the lace base upward and staple the excess lace slack along the circumference. Then, to seal the knots from the sewing of the hair strands, apply the glue-like substance on the lace base. This will form a layer when dried to secure the strands and the lace mesh together. With the toupee still inverted, place it against a mold piece and leave it to dry in an incubator for 3 days.

Step 9: Styling the Toupee

Once dried, remove the toupee pieces and place them on a mannequin head piece. Style according to customer’s preference using the spray bottle, comb, and scissors and voila! There you have it.

Time for you to give it a shot and make your very own. You can now appreciate all the hard work that goes into the product, and you now have a better understanding of the process. You’re warmly welcomed to ask us if you have any question about it.


How Do Human Hair Men’s Toupees Stay-on?

Men's Toupee Types, Care, Costs and More (6)

Wearing a hair toupee is a secrete for end-users, as a part of them, they don’t like others know that they are wearing a hair toupee. Natural-looking is a one of the most important factor. The other one is if the hair toupee is safe on head, especially when they go swimming. With correct attachment ways, the end-users don’t need to worry about the safety.

And the more you know about this, the better customer service you can deliver. Usually, there are three ways to attach the hair toupee: double-sides tape, liquid glue and clips. How to choose the correct attachment method? Here below we will explain features, advantages and disadvantages of each way. So you will have a better understanding of it.

Double-sided Tapes

Tape advantage: Easier to attach on hair toupee and clean up. Disadvantage: A little thicker and shiny for hairline area; and it will take more time to attach at curve area of the hair.

Tape types: Tape rolls and front contour tape

Tape usage: Tape roll is widely used at lace base hair toupee, poly perimeter area, 0.08mm or thicker skin base, like BH1, BH2, HOLLYWOOD, Q6. Front contour tape is usually used at hairline area. There are front shape A, C and CC. So you can choose the appropriate front shape for your clients.

Recommend tapes : ultra hold tape, no shine tape, super tape, lace front tape. there are different tape sizes, like 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ width. so you can choose the right size according to the poly size when attaching the hair toupee.

Liquid glue

Hair system liquid glue refer to a professional hair toupee adhesive. It is used on any type of human hair men’s toupees. Possible you are asking if you can apply to skin and then lay the lace on top. Answer is not a good idea because the adhesive will ooze through the lace with the body heat. Best bond method is to use tape around the perimeter of the cap and now adhesive on the head. At clean up time all the glue mess is on the tape and not the cap.

Clips in human hair men’s toupees

Metal fasteners refer to clips that found in and around the circumference of the toupee. These are used to attach the toupee piece to the natural hairs on the scalp. While these are known to be more affordable and can retain the toupee and its own integrity longer than adhesives, they can come off loose easier with strenuous physical activity.

Depending on your customer’s type of hair systems, lifestyle and frequency of wearing the men’s hair toupee, either of these methods would suit. It’s recommended to try all three methods and evaluate which one fits your customer’s lifestyle. For more information, you can visit our store at

What is the difference between stock and custom human hair men’s toupee?

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As the name implies, stock men’s hair toupee refers to the toupee pieces that come in bulk, and often is in wholesale, whereas custom men’s hair toupee refers to customized pieces, which can be made to order based on the following features:

  • Head sizes
  • Base material
  • Hair density
  • Hair length
  • Hair type (Indian hair, Remy hair, Chinese hair and European hair)
  • Hair pattern (wave or curl or straight)
  • Hair colors, blends, and highlights
  • All shapes, including small frontal to full caps

Stock men’s hair toupee is great if you’re looking to open a new men’s hair toupee store soon and you need stock to sell. The turnaround time for orders as such are fast, within a week, as it’s the same type of toupees that are being produced in batches. Given its turnaround time, it’s easier to restock this type of men’s hair toupee.

Custom made men’s toupees take longer to arrive to your business location or warehouse due to the customizations that are required to be implemented on the product by the factory. If you are starting up a new business, it is recommended to plan ahead and order for these earlier, as it can take anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks to arrive to your location. It is ideal to order for this type in your store once you have stock of the stock men’s hair toupee, as you can still have the opportunity to sell custom made hair systems to customers that need special requirements while they comes to your store.

Ensure that you thoroughly check through what you receive, be it either the stock men’s hair toupee that you order or the custom-made ones, so that you can understand the product you have and sell accordingly. For

more information, please visit We’re here to help!

How much does a men’s toupee cost?

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If you are a business man and looking to start out in the men’s hair toupee space, then understanding its cost is fundamental to operating and scaling the business. Each men’s wig toupee can be priced different, and you can price customized men’s toupees at a different rate. For example, long hair men’s toupee can be priced at a higher price than short men’s hair toupee.


Men's Toupee Types, Care, Costs and More (1)

The cost of the toupees would depend on the order you make. If you order a larger quantity of the men’s hair toupees, you’re going to get a lower cost per unit. But if you order lesser, you’ll get a higher cost per unit as shipping costs would be distributed amongst lesser products. It is important to factor in the shipping in the costs too. If the quantity is big, the weight of the package is heavy and the cost of shipping is high too.


In general, you can get the toupee pieces between 90 USD to 500 USD, depending on the type of toupee. The prices will increase based on the length of the toupee, the special hair color, the hair type, and the base type. For example,  the price of a lace hair system like the french lace with human hair will be higher than a skin baseed toupee.

Toupee Type

Also, frontal hair systems would cost lesser than a full-head toupee. A frontal hairline toupee piece, be it any shape, would range between 15 USD to 45 USD. A full-head toupee, however, has a starting cost higher. This is due to the larger number of resources consumed to create the full-head piece.

Oversized, long men’s hair toupee pieces tend to be priced higher due to the sheer resources required to make it. The same is with black man toupee pieces, as only real human hair is used to make these hair pieces. Therefore, the piece for their toupee pieces start high price.

So, there you have it. A cheap and viable hair replacement solution will costly including shipping. Do you still have questions about the price of toupees and hair systems for your business? Talk with our friendly team at Bono Hair to find answers to all your questions related to selling hair replacement products. We are here to help!

How long does a human hair man’s toupee last?

A men’s hair toupee lifespan depends on how well it is taken care of. Like anything else, say a pair of spectacles or a handphone, if a toupee is well taken care of, it will have a long lifespan. Different types of human hair men’s toupee pieces have different lifetimes. For example, an ultra-thin skin toupee, which has a thickness of 0.03 mm would last between 3-4 weeks whereas a thin skin men’s toupee with a thickness of 0.06mm would last between 2-4 months. Let’s take a look at a few areas of interest which relate to the longevity of men’s hair toupee.

Synthetic vs Human Hair

Men's Toupee Types, Care, Costs and More (7)

Men’s synthetic hair toupee lasts longer than men’s human hair toupee, simply because the hair strands are made from artificial hair which has a stronger integral structure with them.

Human hair toupee strands aren’t strong and last for a shorter period of time due to being cut from humans and lack of nutritional protection.

Synthetic hair men’s toupee pieces will last for up to a long time, and real human men’s hair toupee last less than a year. Therefore, if your customer purchases human hair toupee, let them know to take good care of it, as its quality would likely deteriorate fairly quickly if not taken care of.

Care for Toupee

This brings us to the next point, which is ensuring that the toupee is well taken care of. With good protection and care, natural hair toupee pieces can last up to a long time. As a seller of human hair men’s toupee, you’ll need to cultivate a habit for your customers to care for their toupee pieces, as this will dramatically impact the quality and longevity of the piece. The product needs to be stored in a cool, dark and dry place. Other tips include using sulfate-free shampoo and softening conditioner when washing the toupee as well as never using the alcohol-based spray as that dries out the hair strands, making the overall look with the toupee to be messy.

How can I help my customers?

Besides passing these tips onto them, you can help by selling some of these products yourself or referring your customers to these platforms which sell the products. This way, you can earn some extra revenue for your business from these complimentary products that you sell as well as referral bonuses.

For more tips and information on how to sell and manage a men’s hair toupee business better, visit our store at

How to store and maintain human hair men’s toupee?

Once your customer purchases a men’s hair toupee, it is vital to educate them on how to care for the toupee so that it can be as durable as possible. This is to also prevent the toupee from wearing out before its stated shelf life. This will give a professional and holistic feel to your business, and your customers also get to save money through this.  Here are some tips that you as a men’s wig toupee seller can apply when you store the toupee before you sell them:

1.Ensure hair systems are packed in a cool, dark and dry place.

This would prevent any moisture to enter the packaging of the men’s hair toupee so that the product will be in its best form. This will also prevent any probabilities of returns by customers as the item would be in its best condition. This will also prevent any sunlight exposure to the product, as that will deteriorate the quality of the product too, especially if the human hair men’s toupee is bleached.

2.Ensure that sample human hair men’s toupees on display are thoroughly combed regularly.

Sample human hair men’s toupees on display in the salon need to be combed through regularly to prevent any hair knots from forming from the dust in the environment. Like real human hair, men’s wig toupee hairs need to be taken care of accordingly, especially long men’s hair toupee.

3.Ensure that sample human hair men’s toupees used on customers are cleaned regularly.

This is to prevent any sebum build-up from the customers’ scalp onto the product. This can be done by rinsing the product in lukewarm water and shampooing the men’s hair toupee from top to bottom and then leaving it out for air dry.

It is advisable to educate your customers about how they can care for their human hair men’s toupees once they buy them. Here are some top human hair men’s toupee hair care tips to pass onto your customers:

Men's Toupee Types, Care, Costs and More (24)

1. Regular Brushing Long Hair Men’s Toupee

It is important to regularly brush the toupee, especially if it is a human hair men’s toupees. Start doing this from the tip and work your way up to the roots. Refrain from pulling when detangling as that can impact the integrity of the toupee base. For long men’s hair toupee, you want to be extra careful while doing this part. It is advisable to sort out the knots using your fingers if needed as that provides a greater degree of care.

 2. Use Good Hair Care Products

You can sell these toupee-hair care-specific products in your store as it will be a viable revenue stream. The key with hair care products for men’s hair toupee, especially with long hair men’s toupee, is to ensure that the products do not have any harsh chemicals that may potentially dry out the hair strands. You also want to ensure that the hair is conditioned with each wash. You can use a comb to comb the conditioner through in each wash.

3. Washing the Men’s Hair Toupee

Washing the toupee piece is important as it helps to wash off any sebum accumulated in the base of the men’s hairpieces. As mentioned above, washing should be done from the top to the bottom of the men’s hairpieces, and thereafter it is crucial to turn the base inside out and clean the toupee. Be sure to be careful in cleaning out lace-based toupee pieces as they tend to be more delicate.

4. Air Drying

Always air dry the toupee pieces in a clean environment with ventilation. Refrain from using heating tools like that can damage the men’s wig toupee, especially for black men’s toupee and long hair men’s toupee, as these types of toupees tend to have curl hair textures and longer lengths, which are both prone to a higher risk of damage.

5. Sleeping With A Toupee

It is advisable to remove the toupee during sleep time. However, if your user insists on wearing it to sleep, then advise them to sleep in a cool and well-ventilated environment as that will prevent any sebum build-up for the toupee and to sleep on satin pillowcases as that will minimize any frictions to the hair strands.

With these tips, you’re sure to have a sustainable men’s hair toupee business! Learning how to care for a toupee can help with how the toupee integrates into the lifestyle of the end-users and it can impact their experience and overall perception of the men’s toupee. Therefore, it is encouraged to have conversations with your clients about maintaining the men’s hair toupee piece upfront to have maintenance habits. For more information, please visit We’re here to help!

What is the best men’s toupee?

Men's Toupee Types, Care, Costs and More (7)

There are many different types of men’s toupees in the market, ranging from a variety of colors, materials, and styles to chose from. From our experience and market research, we have found these toupee types to be the best and most popular:

  • V-Shaped 0.03 mm Skin Men’s Toupee Human Hair Wig
  • V-Shaped 0.06 mm Skin Men’s Toupee Human Hair Wig
  • Full French Lace Human Hair Wig Toupee for Men
  • Full Swiss Lace Men’s Toupee Human Hair Wig Toupee

Let us take a look at each of these to understand what gives them an edge over other toupee pieces in the market.

V-shaped 0.03 mm Skin Men’s Toupee Human Hair Wig

The name ultra-thin indicates its thickness. The toupee base is only 0.03mm, which makes it super light and easy to put on for customers who are looking for this toupee. There is a knotless V-looped hair, which provides the end-user with a natural look of the hair growing out from their scalp.

Given that it is light and easy to use, it makes it fairly easy to clean and manage, making it one of the best toupees for newcomers in the space. It also makes it easier to enter the market with this product if you are looking to test toupees out for your business. The only downside to this product is that it has a rather short lifespan once worn, which is around one month. This might not be such a bad thing after all if it’s an introductory product or to be used in events like fashion shows.

Men's Toupee Types, Care, Costs and More (4)

V-Shaped 0.06 mm Skin Men’s Toupee Human Hair Wig

This toupee has a slightly thicker base, making it more durable than the ultra-thin one. This is ideal for selling to those customers looking for something more longer-term and repeat customers. This one lasts for about two months, depending on how the customer would take care of the product, and the base is 0.06mm. The front hairline applies the V-looping hair ventilation to create a more invisible looking for this one too. The hair density of this hair system is 100%.

Men's Toupee Types, Care, Costs and More (3)

Full French Lace Human Hair Wig Toupee for Men

After talking about thin skin toupee, the next one that is worthy of mention for any list of the best men’s toupees of 2021 is the full French lace toupee. French lace is naturally soft, light, and airy making it a very comfortable base material. This is the ideal base for your customers who live in warm climates or who exercise frequently as lace allows the scalp to breathe. This hair toupee lasts for three to four months. It is recommended for customers who want a brush-back style as this can blend it with natural hair and is breathable with hair still being present on the scalp.

Men's Toupee Types, Care, Costs and More (2)

Full Swiss Lace Men’s Toupee Human Hair Wig Toupee

Swiss lace is the finest, lightest, and most natural of lace materials. It will feel entirely undetectable on the scalp. Our swiss lace toupee pieces have single split knots across the front 1/2” of the hairline to give it a more real feel. However, your customers should be aware that given that Swiss lace is so fine and delicate, it is very fragile so its undetectability comes at the expense of its lifespan which is about two months and needs to be taken care of delicately. We have this available in light to medium densities.

Men's Toupee Types, Care, Costs and More (23)

Combination type Men’s Toupee

This is becoming more and more popular amongst many in the fashion and media industry. Blended men’s toupees are proving to be good thanks to the different features different base material offers. Known as different names on different platforms, such as Australia or Hollywood, a combination type toupee is characterized by two materials on its base.

Combination toupees are often designed to make them very durable and breathable to their users, and it layered by different types of materials, like skin and French lace. Many combination toupees have a French lace center, but it has a thin skin perimeter that runs around the back and sides and through the middle of the front. Customers will find this strip ideal for attaching tape or glue to and they will still have the advantages of a bleached-knot, French lace front. The French lace top makes the hair replacement system very light and breathable so hot and humid weather and even doing exercises on this toupee is fine. It is easy to attach with its skin texture, making it good for new users, and it comes in various styles and shapes in the front, such as the A-shape front contour, making it great for those wanting to cover up any hair loss patterns.

Men's Toupee Types, Care, Costs and More (22)

Note that we have a variety of scalp sizes of toupee available and different waves and lengths. Waves are important as it provides a natural look and feels to the hair, and it can be styled accordingly too. We use smooth, shiny Indian human hair on most of our stock men’s toupees and this is no exception. The toupee is available in 25 hair colors including gray hair percentages (synthetic gray hair). For more information on our toupee types, colors, densities, and waves, please see our catalogue here.

Where to buy high quality human hair men’s toupee?

When you’re starting out a store for men’s hair toupee, you want to be sure of selling only the finest quality to your customers so that they can enjoy life with their toupee. For this, you need to ensure that the toupees you source, be it long hair men’s toupees or regular men’s hair toupees, are made of good quality materials and are packed well.

Hair Quality

First off, you would want to buy from wholesalers who sell real human hair men’s toupee. These toupees are of a higher quality and deteriorate slower. You’d also want to buy from a wholesaler which provides a variety of toupees, including those with different sizes, bases, colors, lengths, and styles, as well as a wholesaler which can provide a customized option.


Next, you’ll look at purchasing from a wholesaler that can help you with the accessories. If you are looking at providing a comprehensive package to your customers with end-to-end services, best to go to a wholesaler who can provide all products, such as adhesives and hair color rings.

Building a relationship and Finding the Best Wholesaler

Finally, you’ll want to build a long-term relationship with a wholesaler who can provide advice and answers if there are any issues that emerge. You’d want a supplier who can respond swiftly and is a subject matter expert.

You can find wholesalers in warehouse areas in your country. Given how digital things are now, it is best to reach out to these wholesalers online. At Bonohair, we are available online 24/7 and we are a premium men’s hair toupee wholesaler who can meet your every toupee business need. Our response turnaround time is within 24 hours and our hair system consultants are here to help understand your business requirements and deliver.

From full cap wigs to black men’s toupee pieces, we have got you covered. We have stock for every length, base material, hair type and colour in the market and take customized orders for specific hair requirements. With our expert styling team onboard, we can provide you with advice on how you can manage the styles in your catalogue to improve and optimize your business. Visit us at today and get started on your very own human hair men’s toupee business!


So, what are you waiting for?

Your fate is in your own hands. You can enjoy being a business owner of a toupee business with one of the most reliable and successful retail wholesalers in the industry. Come and find out more at


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