Can You Shower With A Hair System?

Shower with hair system

Owning a toupee is a very important step for many men who want to improve their quality of life. They want to boost their self-confidence as they are frustrated with the current state of their balding or receding hairline. A toupee should never be an inconvenience to the wearer. When purchasing a high-quality human hair system, customers want to have the somewhat same experience as it would be with their own hair. So yes, you can shower with a high-quality hair system. The wearer should not feel limited in their toupee. This is of course great news for wig wearers. Nonetheless, before you dunk your head under the shower, the hair system must be properly fitted with toupee glue or toupee tape. Most, if not all toupee adhesives are water-resistant and non-porous therefore if applied properly to attach the men’s hairpiece, the hair system will be fine. If your men’s toupee has just been fitted on your head, give it at least a day or two before you can wet it in the shower.



Why It Is Okay To Shower With a Hair System

Why It Is Okay To Shower With a Hair System

For many of your clients, they might be a bit hesitant to wash their hair system in the shower.


  • Convenience -men live busy lives and most are not bothered with spending so much time on their toupee. They do not want to be inconvenienced by their hair system. A toupee should provide comfort in your everyday life and one should not feel they cannot get into the shower and get their hair wet.


  • Save time -taking care of your hair system should feel like taking care of one’s hair. Many men do not want to spend the whole day washing hair system, therefore having the ability to wash hair system in the shower like they would their own hair will be perfect.


  • Refresh style – maybe you are tired of the current style you have on. Sometimes getting under the showerhead and getting water in the hair system will help you refresh your style.


  • Natural for the wearer – for most of the wearer’s life they have been able to simply wash their hair in the shower, so why should it have to be different? A high-quality hair system is supposed to compliment your lifestyle and feel like and look like your hair. So the wearer gets the comfort of continuing their normal routine of showering in a hair system.


  • Blending in – hair systems are undetectable to most people which is what the toupee wearer wants. They might not be comfortable having to take off the toupee to shower in front of their partner, at the gym,  or even on vacation with friends.


  • Chance to wash the hair system– this is the most important reason why you can and should shower with a hair system. Depending on how much coverage the hair system is providing it is a chance to get both your hair and hair system clean. Washing your hair system and your hair should be done at least once or twice a week.



The Importance Of Washing Hair System

A toupee is a valuable investment for any wig wearer so it is crucial to take care of it. Maintaining the hair system is the key to the longevity of the toupee’s lifespan. One of the crucial steps of taking care of the toupee is cleaning it. Ideally one wants to wash the hair system on its own especially to remove old residue. However, most people do not have the time and patience so consistently washing the hair system in the shower is the most convenient and effective way to clean the hair system. So why is it important?


  • Every day wearing the system it is exposed to all sorts of elements. You want to get rid of dirt, environmental pollutants, germs, dead skin cells (from your own hair ), product build up and anything that might be on the hair system. Avoiding regularly cleaning the hair system can damage it. The gunk on a lace or mono base can clog into the little holes of the base material and over time begin to give the hair system wearer problems and eventually ruin the toupee.


  • High-quality toupees are made of human hair which is porous meaning it can only allow a limited amount of water and product before discarding the rest. If the hair still has products from a previous style it may be unable to take in any moisture, oils, or more product.


  • A shower in the hair system will allow one to have a clean canvas for moisture intake and therefore hydrate the hair. The wearer must ensure the hair system is properly moisturized to avoid dryness that will lead to hair breakage.


  • With freshly washed hair one can reset the hair for a fresh new style as the hair system is clean and ready to take in styling products.


  • Washing the hair system is a great way in achieving softness if the toupee has been felt dry and brittle. After cleaning out all the gunk that has been drying out the hair and apply a conditioner that will soften the hair system.


  • It is also important not to forget that you want to maintain the health of the hair you still have. You do not want to cause any more hair thinning or balding because of neglect.


  • Bring back lust and shine. When the hair system is not clean and still has old hair products, it can get dry, dull, and just weighed down and lifeless. A great weekly hair routine in the shower will guarantee to bring life back to the hair system. Transform the hair system to a shiny, full of life voluminous hair.




Precautions Showering in a Hair System

Precautions Showering in a Hair System

As much as being able to wash the hair system in the shower, you cannot wash it how you typically wash the toupee would without the hair system on. One needs to follow a specific hair routine method to effectively clean but preserve the structure of the habit system.

Some actions can hinder or damage the hair system in the shower which the wearer should avoid before washing the toupee into the shower;


  • Use only shampoo – please do not be tempted to use normal body soap to wash the hair system just because you are in the shower. Shampoos are formulated specifically for the hair and any other soap is likely to damage the hair system.


  • Over Shampoo – washing the hair system is great however do not overdo it. Overdoing it can leave it damaged, fade the hair system’s color, and dry which leads to dry, brittle hair and eventually cause breakage. Additionally, every time you wash the hair system shedding occurs and the density lessens. You want to lose as little hair as possible throughout its lifespan.Aim for no more than two washes in the shower weekly.


  • Harsh ingredients – we love shampoos but avoid those with harsh ingredients such sulfates, parabens, alcohol, chemical fragrance, or mineral oil that will leave the hair extremely dry and brittle.


  • Hot water – hot water is very damaging to the hair system as it can strip out the hair, and damage the bond structure of the hair strands. Over time hot water will damage the base of the hair system




How To Wash Hair System in the Shower

Step 1: Start by saturating the hair system with warm water. As already explained, avoid hot water. Warm water is better than cold water at this stage to help take in products and clean better.


Step 2: Take the gentle shampoo. A fine size is enough. Use your fingers to apply the shampoo and carefully glide the fingers in one direction preferably the direction the hair strands of the toupee naturally fall. This will help in preventing forming any tangles. Do not apply too much pressure when gently scrubbing the hair clean. Rinse the hair with warm water, tipping the head in all directions to ensure that all the shampoo and gunk residue is cleaned out.


Step 3: Apply conditioner. Use the same technique you used to apply the shampoo. However,  avoid the scalp and base material of the hair system, focus on the ends and middle of the hair strands. Let the conditioner sit in the hair for a minute or two. Rinse out with warm water or if you can cold water to close the cuticles to retain moisture and add shine to the hair.


Step 4: Dry hair. You can let the hair air dry before styling or you can choose to use a blow dryer. Use a microfiber towel to get rid of excess water. Place the towel on the head and gently dab it to soak in the water. Do not use a blow dryer on high settings. Apply at this stage any of your products and gently detangle. Use the blow dryer on cool or low settings and hold the dryer a further distance than you normally would to carefully dry the hair as you style to your desire.


Do not forget to apply a light oil to lock in and seal in the moisture to the hair system.


There are so many great benefits and advantages of showering with the hair system. Take time to adjust the hair system care routine to accommodate and protect the hair system in the shower.


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