What is The Best Toupee for Your African American Hair Loss Clients?

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When it comes to hair loss, it can be an extremely sensitive subject for all men. Balding and a receding hairline can really age a man. A healthy-looking young man with a receding hairline will have them looking 40 when they are actually 30! Among African American men, male pattern hair baldness is very common. It is a genetic hair loss that affects over 60% of black men by the age of 35 who experience some degree of hair loss.

Acknowledging hair loss is becoming more common as demand for a hair solution with instant results, no health complications, and is easy to maintain for a balding black man. The continuous improvement and demand for black hair unis are getting, the more varied your customer demographic will be. You need to take into account that we all come in different skin tones and hair textures and it is important to have a diverse catalog of hair units available to be the ultimate go-to black male hair units service provider for all types of men.

When providing quality hair solutions for black men, it is crucial to remember that Afro hair is very different from Asian and Caucasian hair as the follicles are differently shaped which contributes to a lot of factors that differentiate in its hair structure.

We want all your customers to have options and access to high-quality black hair units, therefore we will discuss what one needs to consider when selecting the best toupee for their African American hair loss clients.

Synthetic Hair and Human Hair Afro Toupee

afro toupee

As always, we always recommend human hair toupee as the superior hair when it comes to the type of hair to select. It is extremely crucial for the duration and enjoyment of their Afro hair replacement systems. A synthetic Afro curly hair toupee is okay but it might be a menace for your clients. Synthetic hair that is made up of plastic fibers meant to mimic hair is not ideal for the long maintenance of an Afro toupee. Note that Afro hair types are constructed with hair strands that are curly so the hair tends to coil around each other and tangle. Synthetic hair is prone to tangling and dryness therefore the Afro hair replacement system will easily be dry, brittle, and damage the Afro toupee, shortening its lifespan. It will be a lot of work to take care of a synthetic Afro toupee. Your clients will be frustrated trying to maintain and style a synthetic Afro hair replacement system that additionally cannot be heat styled.

We encourage male wearers to get a human hair system. Afro hair has a textured pattern that human hair will be able to show off its different curl patterns. Styling, which is an important step will be achievable. Some black men may choose to use a mild relaxer to loosen the curl pattern, color the hair, braid the hair, wear the hair in a big Afro, use heat styling tools, or wear it in a short style. The barbershop culture is very popular among the African American culture and providing versatility with a human hairpiece for your client is a huge advantage. Black men take a lot of pride in shaping their Afros and they will not be able to do that with synthetic hair which remains in its original style and shape it came with from the manufacturer. Thereby, it is not very exciting as a hair solution for black men who want to have the option to be versatile with their hair.

Base Material of Black Male Hair Units

We have said time and time again that the base material is the most vital part of toupee construction as it is the foundation of the hair system and holds the hair strands in place. Choosing the right base for the Afro hair replacement system matters because of the varying circumstances in Afro texture. We highly recommend mono and skin base.

  • Lace

This is made from a lightweight material making the Afro hair toupee breathable, soft, and very comfortable to wear. It is a great material for those who live a very active lifestyle. The lace base is very delicate and might not handle a densely packed toupee. It can easily tear hence mono and skin are a much more ideal base for an Afro hair toupee.

  • Mono

Mono is a favorite and ideal base for a variety of reasons. It is made from a layer of polyester or nylon. This material allows for much heavier densities which makes it fantastic for an Afro hair system. The majority of black men have medium to densely packed hair or wear the hair in styles that may need a base that can accommodate hair weight. It is sheer and soft making it comfortable. It is also the most durable base material which will support a densely packed black male hair unit with a long life span of 6-14 months. Additionally, Afro hair can have product build-up and luckily, a mono base can be regularly washed without damaging the Afro toupee.

  • Skin

Skin base is very popular among African American customers due to the fantastic illusion it gives that hair is growing from the scalp. It is one of the most undetectable bases of the hair fibers as it is injected into the skin material, giving it that seamless look. Now, why skin material is great is it comes in different base skin tones identically to human skin that caters to a diverse clientele base of male wearers. Black men can find a skin material that closely matches their own skin tone. Also, many black men like to style their hair very short; 0.5- 2 inches short, especially for businessmen, so the skin base which takes a light-medium density will be perfect for them.

Black Men’s Hair Units Hair Length

Choosing the right hair length for an Afro hair toupee can be a bit tricky and challenging as it is not a straight texture. Afro hair experiences something called shrinkage which means the hair shrinks and it is longer than it appears. So it is important to take note of the description by the black male hair units wholesale manufacturer as a reference point when selecting hair length. All hair system manufacturers measure the length of the hair when it is already straight, so the length described is the actual length of the hair stretched, despite it looking visually shorter.

Afro Men’s Toupee Hair Color

The color of any Afro men’s toupee should not be limited by any toupee wearer’s skin tone as it should be based on individual taste which of course varies. For black men who want to match their natural hair, they will often opt for subtle colors such as different shades of black, brown, or gray. And others who have bold personalities will opt for bright colors. What should matter is your customers look their best and feel amazing in their Afro toupee.

Curl Pattern

What makes Afro hair so unique is it comes in different curl patterns that your customers might request. The hair texture can be in waves, tight curls (think of tiny coils), or even curls (think of a spring). For our Afro hair toupees, we have them in different curl pattern sizes measured in different rod curl sizes. At Bono Hair, we pride ourselves in stocking a wide supply of different curl patterns that range from 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. For your clients who want a specific type of curl pattern texture, or are unable to match our available stock pieces, our expert technicians are able to customize the specific curl pattern they want.

Hair Density

When it comes to the density of Afro hair toupee, it is preferable to go for medium density and up. Afro hair toupees should be densely packed to match the density of the wearer’s head.

Main Afro Hair System

afro toupee

Maintaining an Afro hair toupee is not like taking care of any other toupee as an extra precaution is needed as it is prone to breakage and damage.

  • Detangle

The curl pattern in the hair strands often wants to curl around each other and this can easily cause matting and tangling. The toupee should always be detangled thoroughly, daily if possible to keep the hair tangle free and maintain its durability.

  • Shampoo and Condition

 Use a gentle shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. Afro hair is prone to dryness and breakage, unlike other hair textures, so a gentle cleanse and a moisturizer are going to help protect and preserve the Afro toupee.

  • Protection 

At night your clients must protect their hair from friction when they sleep. Satin or silk pillowcases or scarves can be used. The durag is a popular hairpiece cloth used by African American men at night and can be used to protect their human hairpiece. The Afro hair toupee should also be protected against overexposure to the sun and any environmental pollutants by the use of SPF hair products and oils.

  • Heat

Avoid heat on the Afro hair toupee as this can damage the hair and cause breakage. Heat will leave the hair very dry and brittle. Heat is also dangerous for Afro hair toupees as it can damage the bond structure of the hair, loosen the curl pattern, lose its elasticity, and thus lose its signature Afro look.


We hope you get to have a better understanding of toupee selection for your African American clients. Disguising bald spots and receding hairline giving them a fresh new look and a high boost of confidence should be achievable for all your male clients no matter what.


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