How To Tell A Good Toupee From A Bad One?

good or bad toupee

Most people are often confused about whether the toupee they’re buying is a good toupee or a bad toupee. Even though they all look almost the same, some key elements differentiate a good toupee from a bad or average one.

We’ll take a look at these differences that you can remember in case you or someone else in your circle needs a toupee. But first:

1. How Is A Toupee Different From A Wig?
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To narrate this in simpler terms, a toupee covers only a portion of the area on the head that is bald. Whereas a wig covers the entire head irrespective of if you have hair or not.

In addition, you can take off a wig anywhere you want; however since a toupee has to be stick with glue, you’ll probably need extra help to remove it.

It’ll also need a professional to ensure that the toupee fits the bald area. On the other hand, you can adjust a wig anytime by yourself.


2. Difference Between A Good And A Bad Toupee

The differences between a toupee and a wig can go on; however, let’s focus on the differences that you need to know between a good and a bad toupee:

  • A Good Toupee Is Realistic

This is perhaps the primary but most important difference. You should be keen on observing it when opting for a toupee. The main purpose of a toupee is to give a natural look. Therefore, the toupee you’re getting should present a natural look, complimenting the remaining hairs on your head.

In comparison with women’s wigs, good toupees for men are designed to provide volume, covering the bald area of the head. A bad toupee will give away the secret that your hair isn’t yours. However, a good toupee brings a natural feel, adjusting with your head and your hair.

A bad toupee image-The worst toupee I have ever seen

It also makes you look as if you aren’t bald and still have hair. On the other hand, people can notice a bad toupee due to its unnatural feel and will know that you’re wearing fake hair. So, if you’re getting one, make sure it fits your head naturally.

  • A Good Toupee Has A Blend-in Base

Another difference that you can spot between a good and a bad toupee is its base. Here, the base refers to the material or fabric that hair is tied on to and will be stick on your scalp. Modern good toupees have different base designs that at composed of French lace, Swiss lace, PU or monofilament meshed combined with skin base.

The laces are super breathable and feather-light, while PU is clear and it works great with liquid glue. Either material blends into scalp skin so perfectly that makes the base look like real scalp skin. It is the key factor to the secret of the base remains undetectable. Once it is attached to the skin, it creates a natural outlook.

On the other hand, a bad toupee uses questionable base materials that may be problematic for end users. Authentic French lace is expensive as there are only a few toupee manufacturers that can produce it. So it’s not a surprise that some toupee factories reach out to alternatives. As for PU base, the composition and technique constitute our trade secrets that require years of experience. Therefore, if you’re getting a toupee, make sure to double-check the base material to get a natural look.

  • A Good Toupee Has Natural Hairs
good or bad toupee

Another great difference would help you spot a good toupee from the bad one in no time. As highlighted earlier, the concept of a toupee is to bring a natural outlook. Therefore, nothing beats real hair implanted on a toupee.

That is what you need to identify when buying or getting a toupee for your baldness. It should have natural hairs or something close to it. Most modern toupees have human hairs, which makes them an optimal choice.

However, catering to the demands, some companies have also listed human hair toupees, which are in fact replaced with artificial or animal hairs. Although these are good materials in some aspects, however, toupees need to match the layers and texture of the hair present on the head for a perfect outlook.

In simpler words, you need to ask for a human hair toupee and avoid a synthetic one. A human hair toupee has human hairs professionally weaved into the skin lace to give a scalp alike outlook. It makes these toupees perfectly suitable for men’s balding heads.

Furthermore, one can also note the difference between the strength of both hairs. Human hairs are comparatively stronger than synthetic ones as well as provide a fine touch with a natural appearance. They are more consistent as well, evenly assembled for blend witg the existing hairline.

On the other hand, a synthetic toupee doesn’t have the texture and refinement present in a good human hair toupee. It also requires extra pro care than human hair. If placed by a non-professional, the toupee will most likely be like an unassembled wig and will give it away easily.

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  • A Good Toupee Speaks Volumes

Among the factors for selecting a toupee is hair density. Here, hair density is the amount of hair knotted on the toupee that would be covering the bald area. The greater the density the more hairs tied on the base.

Here, you need to ensure that you’re choosing the right hair density to match the density of your bio hair. However, for different hairstyles, professional barbers often use higher density toupees and spread their creativity.

As for differentiating, you’ll find that a good toupee, no matter the density, hair will be knotted proportionally with gradual changes among areas. On the other hand, a bad toupee hair will have irregularities, or scattered even,in its knotting. This is also important since uneven hair density would make it look fake instantly and your cover will be blown away. Although your barber can fix it for you, still you should opt for the right one since now you know the difference.

  • A Good Toupee Has A Naturally Contoured Front hairline

Your toupee’s front hairline must be naturally contoured. Here, a naturally contoured front hairline means it looks just like a real hairline. On the contrary, a bad hair pieces will not present a natural front hairline.

If you look closely, you’ll notice uneven and messy knotting of hairs on a bad hair system that makes it look fake if noticed. Therefore, when going for one, make sure it has a contoured front hairline that is evenly knotted to give a natural front hairline.

  • A Good Toupee Is Comfortable

This is perhaps an indicator that most people often overlook and end up being uncomfortable later. A good toupee is comfortable no matter the hair density or adjustment. If the toupee feels uncomfortable, itchy, etc. then you should get it replaced. Probably get a refund or replacement from the seller too.

In addition, the skin base is only good for up to six months. After which the user has to get it replaced. However, this time is only guaranteed for high-grade toupees that are made with exclusive products for the base.

On the other hand, a bad toupee hair will feel uncomfortable after a month or two if not right away. Therefore, you need to make sure that the toupee you’re getting has a good base with a comfortable lace that won’t itch or wear out soon.

You should also consult your barber regarding the selection since he/she can recommend you an optimal choice that would suit you. Moreover, your barber will also be styling your toupee; therefore, do let him know straight away if the toupee is uncomfortable or if you are uncomfortable with its setting.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the toupee’s front hairline should also sit comfortably on your scalp. Even though that’s for the barber to ensure, the toupee shouldn’t move once placed, only removed. You certainly don’t want your toupee to be blown away in the wind now don’t you?


3. Closing Thoughts

Getting a toupee, make sure that you remember these differences so that you don’t damage your scalp skin. In addition, get to know the barber you’re getting the toupee from. Make sure he knows what he’s doing and uses skin-friendly adhesive for attaching the toupee on your scalp.

It’s important to get a good toupee since not only does it bring a natural outlook but gives you a whole new personality for as long as six months. Considering how artificial hair is being mixed in the market, you should keep these tips handy to get yourself 100% human hair, a comfortable toupee to slay a zazzy look for your personality.

Now, do you know the difference between a good toupee from bad toupee? If you have any questions about the toupee, please leave a message below.


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