Hair Wigs for Men: Answering Some Common Questions!

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It’s important for men to keep up their appearances. With the world progressing forward with some of appealing hairstyles, those men suffering from hair loss feel the need to look compelling as others.

From hair substitutes to treatment, several options are taken into consideration while treating hair loss. However, hair wigs for men are one of the options most preferred because of their viable perks and potential low-cost yet effective results. This article will answer some of the common questions regarding hair wigs for men and will give a potential insight into some of the best options that one can avail.

What Is A Wig For Men Called?

Hair wigs for men are referred to as Toupee. However, to understand better what a toupee brings, one needs to understand its use. For starters, hair wigs are used to cover the entire scalp when men are suffering hair loss problems.

The user can wear this all the time or remove it when not outdoors or not in need. On the other hand, a toupee is a specified hair wig that is worn to cover a partial area of the head. This type of wig is placed using wig glue or toupee tape and is then installed on the head.

Hence, some may call a toupee a hair wig for men and use it to cover a specific portion of their heads. The existing hair at that hair loss part may be shaved to avoid itching due to the continuous placement of the wig. However, a toupee is replaced every several months.


What Are The Different Hair Wigs For Men?

Before you even dive into choosing and picking a hair wig for men for yourself, you need to know the different kinds of wigs that are available for men. These include:

  1. Polyurethane style wigs
  2. Mesh hair unit wigs
  3. Combinations
  4. Real Wigs For Men
1. Polyurethane Style Wigs
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Generally, polyurethane hair wigs for men is thin, the polyurethane style wigs are for those that want the wig for men to blend perfectly and uniformly with their scalp. This polyurethane-style hair wigs for men can use sing knot, v-loop, and injection knot. The knots are sewn together on a thin base, which makes it even and sublime, blending in the skin.

The pros of the hair wigs for men are that the base is easy to use tape and glue. It is very friendly for new users to install and remove the toupee. Daily toupee care will become easy.

But the thing you need to know is that if not adjusted properly, the hairline tends to get wavy, which appears disoriented and uneven, unable to conceal the outlook of the wig.

However, the cons of the polyurethane style hair wigs for men are that the texture of the base isn’t breathable. The wearer’s scalp is hard to breathe.

When you choose the full polyurethane style wigs for men, you need to consider them.

2. Mesh Unit Wigs

Mesh unit wigs such as french lace and swiss lace are some of the good kinds of wigs that one can have. These toupee hairpieces, as evident from the name, have meshed hair that is sewn with great precision in the base. The reason why these are popular is the presence of the mesh base that brings nature to the hairline.

In addition, these are 100% hand-tied, which makes these hair wigs for men even more appealing. Compared to the polyurethane wigs, the mesh unit wigs are excellent in providing comfort and keeping your scalp healthy.

These are designed using breathable lace for the base, which makes it easier for air and sweat to move from the scalp. Moreover, it also has a realistic frontline that is designed to blend the front receding line of the wearer with the wig.

However, for that to happen without any issue, the base has specially crafted knots. These knots are very small and invisible. It is like that your hair is growing from your scalp.

Not to mention the versatile options that are available in the mesh unit hair wigs for men. One can easily get long hair lengths, different textures, and different colors from the market that have been processed to good quality.

What’s even more appealing about these wigs is that they can be put on easily without having to worry about itching or scalp damage. Moreover, these also provide an almost realistic outlook, which is undetected with a visible eye.

3. Combination Wigs

As evident from the name, this kind of wig is made from a combination of the different base materials. such as lace base, monofilament, skin and etc. The reason why these wigs are available in the market is that they are durable and easy to maintain.

The combination hair wigs for men are designed by hair system manufacturers is to add the hair system durable and meet the customers’ different demands. such as PU around with lace top hair systems, PU around make the type of male wigs easy to use tape and remove.

Monofilament base can’t be used alone when making the hair systems. Monofilament base must combine with other base material such as lace base and skin base.

The combination wigs for men are ideal option if the full lace and skin can’t meet your demand.

4. Real Wigs for Men

Real wigs for men are made from 100% natural human hair. These are the ones that are donated or sold by those that have good growth hair. Real hair wigs for men are expensive since they’re made from imported human hairs and processed to refine their quality.

They also present a natural outlook for the wearer, which makes these popular. In addition, these real human hair wigs for men are different base materials since the wigs for men need to present a realistic outlook with real hairs. The different base materials need various hair densities and can be bought as per requirement.


Difference Between Human Hair Wig And Synthetic Wigs For Men
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Most men that are opting for hair wigs for men for the first time are unaware of the difference between human hair and a synthetically made wig. It’s important to know the difference since it’s what your appeal will depend upon.

Here are some potential differences that you need to know about to make sure you’re choosing the right kind of wigs for men:

By Definition

As evident from the name, natural hair wigs for men are made from human hair. For those that don’t know, these hairs are sold or donated by people that have good growth hair. People from India, China, Europe, etc. offer their hairs to be used for making natural hair wigs. Since these are crafted from real hairs, it’s almost impossible for others to spot them as a wig.

On the other hand, synthetic wigs for men are made from man-made or synthetic hairs. These hairs are manufactured in a way that makes them look very much like real hairs, which also makes these impossible to decipher as a wig. The technology used for manufacturing synthetic hairs has advanced quite a lot over the years. It has helped to manufacture synthetic wigs that are almost as real as natural hairs, making them an option for wigs.

Pros of a Natural Human Hair Wig

One of the most compelling benefits that come with a natural human hair wig is the real feel. As highlighted earlier, a natural hair wig is made from real human hair. This makes the wig soft, making it more like real hair instead of a wig.

In addition, because of the natural human hair knotted in the wigs for men, it makes it easier for the wearer to style the hairs as they want naturally. The style can be altered as needed, giving a better appeal.

Moreover, one can color and style the wigs for men as they like without having the fear of damaging the men’s wigs. The hair volume remains almost the same as natural hairs, making these wigs an optimal choice for those that want to style and have a natural outlook.

One of the most prominent perks of a natural human hair wig for men is that it gives a great outlook with protection for the wearer. Most people often have a sensitive scalp that doesn’t liberate them to wear a synthetic wig. However, these people can wear a natural human hair wig for men that protects their scalp as well as gives them a great appearance.

Cons of a Natural Human Hair Wig

Even though a natural hair wig brings several perks, there are some disadvantages to it that one should not overlook. For starters, the price of a natural hair wig is higher than a synthetic one. Because it’s made from real human hairs, it has to undergo some processes to ensure that the hair is used.

Moreover, it takes a lot to maintain a natural hair wig. From oiling to washing to styling, one needs to do so much as real human hairs to keep this in good shape. Only organic washing products must be used to maintain their quality.


Pros of a Synthetic Hair Wigs For Men
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Now that you know what are the pros and cons of natural human hair wigs for men, let’s take a look at synthetic hair is also available. However, you should also know that there are two types of synthetic hair wigs:

  1. Normal synthetic hair wigs
  2. Heat friendly synthetic hair wigs
  • Normal Synthetic Hair Wigs

These wigs are pre-styled and made from synthetic hairs. They are molded into a shape and are delivered to the customers accordingly. A barber or a stylist might know how to style these synthetic wigs.

Another great perk of synthetic wigs is that they don’t lose their style or texture. They are pre-styled during the manufacturing process, which makes them appealing enough. However, unlike natural hair wigs, these wigs don’t need high maintenance or constant styling.

Even though these aren’t natural hair, modern technology has enabled the creation of synthetic wigs that are quite similar to natural hairs. This makes these an option because synthetic wigs are much cheaper as compared to natural hair wigs.

  • Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair Wigs

As evident from the name, heat friendly synthetic hair wigs are designed to bear the heat. They can withstand temperatures up to 350° which makes them ideal for men that are working in such areas. Although they are a good option too when it comes to picking synthetic wigs, however, the cons of a synthetic wig come along too.

Cons of a Synthetic Hair Wig

It’s time to see what cons do synthetic wigs have. For starters, synthetic wigs are prone to heat. Since these are attached to the scalp, they might cause itching due to the chemical processing by which these are manufactured. However, one can use heat friendly synthetic wigs.

In addition, they are limited to one style. As highlighted earlier, synthetic wigs are pre-styled during the manufacturing process. Therefore, it limits the styling to be done on these wigs, which makes it suspicious to wear them continuously since people will know that it’s not your natural hair.

Furthermore, the color of synthetic wigs is chemically blended. Not only it’s difficult to dye and color these, but the shine on the hairs also makes it look artificial, giving off the look. That is why most people are often able to know when someone is wearing a wig because of the unnatural shine in the hair.


Are There Permanent Hair Wigs For Men?
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The simple answer to this question is, no, there aren’t any permanent wigs for men. From natural to synthetic hair wigs, all of these wigs are semi-permanent.

For the lifespan of the wigs for men, you could wear hair wigs for a lifetime. One new toupee can be wear for several months. However, even these are to be replaced after some months because the texture of the toupee gets poor.

Moreover, for maintaining the hair wigs for men, wearing permanent hair pieces means you won’t be able to give proper hygiene or care to your scalp. When a person has hairs, even though they may be very little, a person is able to wash and refresh the scalp. However, wearing permanent hair wigs for men negates the care, which can further damage the scalp.


What Are Hair Systems?

Hair systems comprise solutions that involve covering your baldness. Hair replacement systems factories can supply different types of hair systems. For wigs and toupees, these can be attached and reattached as needed with adhesives glue.

Your scalp is secured with tape and glue, which then allows the hair system to be fixated. Those that are now constantly using hair systems are using adhesive solutions to install hair systems to get a new look.

Usually, One hair system can keep for the entire day. and you need to choose comfortable texture wigs for men and fit you well. This allows you to keep using the hair system without having to remove it.


Best Hair System For You

One of the trendiest wigs, the BH1 is a specially crafted hair wigs for men that have been designed to give elegance with a realistic appeal. It has a visibly attractive appearance, which makes it even more desirable.

Another compelling feature of this toupee is the single knot design that has been made to keep the hair systems more durable. The V-loop ventilation is designed to give a knot-free front, which makes the toupee look even more realistic.

Unlike the traditional low quality toupees that have knots on the front weaved together, the BH1 lacks those, making it compelling enough to give a natural hair outlook. In addition, it has single split knots that are designed to give a natural outlook, perfectly weaved together in the base of the toupee.

Speaking of the base, it has a 0.8mm base that makes it very durable. The knotting is done using competitive processes, binding the hairs to give a balanced design.

As for the hair color, you can be sure of having the perfect hair color with this toupee as its designed kinds of hair colors to be an option. such as #1, #1b, #2, #1, #1A, #1B, #1B05, #1B10, #1B20, #1B30, #1B40, #1B50, #2, #205, #210, #220, #230, #240, #250, #3, #305, #310, #320, #330, #340, #350, #4ASH, #4, #405, #410, #420, #430, #440, #450, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22 colors and with grey mix hair.

For styling, it’s got the perfect texture that any barber can work with. The hairs weaved together are made in a way that gives a lift and depth which can be molded into any style you want.

Summarizing its features:

  • 8mm thin skin cover
  • 8×10 inches cut to the base, which can be adjusted to one’s liking
  • CC contour shape
  • Indian human hair made for the perfect outlook
  • 5-6 inch hair length can be styled as needed
  • 30 mm hair curl, giving a visible realistic outlook
  • Medium light hair density designed to give a proper hair depth for covering your bald scalp
  • Available in #1, #1A, #1B, #1B05, #1B10, #1B20, #1B30, #1B40, #1B50, #2, #205, #210, #220, #230, #240, #250, #3, #305, #310, #320, #330, #340, #350, #4ASH, #4, #405, #410, #420, #430, #440, #450, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22 colors.


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If you’re looking to enhance your beauty, regain your confidence and relive the joy of combing your hairs, then the BH2 toupee is the perfect choice for you. Crafted with utmost design and care, this toupee has been made with French lace with the entire hair weaving done by hand onto the base for a perfectly natural fit.

For those who want to know what’s exciting about it, the BH2 is amongst the top 3 stock hair wigs for men that are the most preferred when it comes to selecting high quality toupees. One of the most compelling features of this toupee is that it comes with an undetectable hairline.

The single split knots of half-inch are used on the front hairline instead of the traditional double knot that makes the front hairline have a natural outlook. Moreover, we bleached the knot that the knots seem like natural hairs popping from the front, keeping your toupee a secret that only you know about.

The remaining knots are then bleached to give an appealing top, completing the outlook. Furthermore, the lace material used for this toupee is exceptional and of high quality. The benefits of using this imported French lace are what make this toupee one of the kind.

The French lace is ultra-thin with a breathable texture. It fits perfectly on the skin, making it disappear as it merges with it. It’s comfortable to wear as well as lightweight, which makes it even more of a compelling option.

Another competitive feature that makes it a viable option is the breathable texture that has been designed to keep the scalp healthy. The breathable texture is based on the imported French lace, which makes it ideal for those that want something a toupee covering their baldness that sweats a lot.

For those who don’t know, French lace is one of the best ones used in the industry. Even though it might cost a bit more than the rest of the laces, it still has several perks that make it a viable choice.

As for the hair quality, it’s made with 100% Indian hair. The reason why Indian hairs are used in most hair wigs for men is because of the high strength and flexibility with a rich texture that makes the toupee have natural composition.

So, if you’re looking for a fantastic choice for a toupee, then the BH2 is a great choice based on its reliable French lace and an appealing weaving technique that gives a natural outlook.

  Summarizing its benefits:

  • Base constructed with French lace
  • Hand sewed for a perfect and natural outlook
  • 8×10 inches cut to the base, which can be adjusted to one’s liking
  • CC contour shape
  • Indian human hair made for the perfect outlook
  • 5-6 inch hair length can be styled as needed
  • Medium-light hair density designed to give a proper hair depth for covering your bald scalp
  • Available in #1, #1A, #1B, #1B05, #1B10, #1B20, #1B30, #1B40, #1B50, #2, #205, #210, #220, #230, #240, #250, #3, #305, #310, #320, #330, #340, #350, #4ASH, #4, #405, #410, #420, #430, #440, #450, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22 hair colors.



If you’re looking for an ultra-thin skin wig for men, then the BH3 is a great choice. This toupee has been designed to have an ultra-thin appearance that fits perfectly with the scalp, giving the wearer a natural outlook.

It’s well suited for those that want a brush-back hairstyle. Even though it’s got an ultra-thin hairline, the texture is made with incredible precision, which is meant to hold the hairs steady for a comfortable fit.

Moreover, it’s got a V-loop front hairline. This kind of front hairline enables the wearer to exhibit a natural outlook as the free knots of the hairs on the front and top make it look like natural hairs growing from the scalp. The 0.03mm thickness skin wigs for men have a more realistic outlook, perfect for those that aren’t confident of wearing a toupee or a wig for men and want to keep it a secret.

Next, you get a top-class quality for the hairs. Carefully weaved into the skin, the BH3 has 100% Indian hairs that are processed with great care. Even though these are real hairs, they are passed through processing phases to make sure they are ready to use and carry the natural outlook for a long time.

It’s got a natural appeal, which is not only designed to cover the bald scalp while wearing it. The texture is breathable, giving the scalp enough air for maintaining health.

Summarizing the features:

  • 03mm ultra-thin base with specialized weaving
  • 8×10 inches cut to the base, which can be adjusted to one’s liking
  • CC contour shape
  • Indian human hair made for the perfect outlook
  • 5-6 inch hair length can be styled as needed
  • 30 mm hair curl, giving a visible realistic outlook
  • Medium-light hair density designed to give a proper hair depth for covering your bald scalp
  • Made with 100% Indian hair, also available in synthetic hairs
  • Available in #1, #1A, #1B, #1B10, #1B20, #1B40, #2, #210, #220,#240, #3, #310, #320, #340, #4ASH, #4, #410, #420, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22 hair colors


Q6 (Men Lace Front Wigs)

Another quality made wig toupee for men, the Q6 men lace front wig is a great choice when it comes to natural outlook and comfort. Made from the finest French lace, this lace front men’s wig is designed to give its wearer the natural appeal and the elegance of having a head full of hair.

The French lace is one of the most competitive features of this toupee. For those who don’t know, French lace is crafted with immense sophistication that is designed to give an appealing outlook without having to give off the look of wearing a wig.

When applied to the head, the lace fits perfectly with the scalp, merging with the skin to give a realistic look. Only on keen observance can one detect that a toupee has been applied, which makes it evenly ideal for anyone wanting to have a natural wig for men on their head.

Apart from that, the Q6 men’s lace wig is PU around. It is easy to use tape or glue and remove. The base can easily be cut according to the need and can be adjusted in width according to the wearer.

Another appealing feature about the Q6 lace toupee is that it’s made to be scalp friendly. The men’s lace wigs human hair has been processed during the manufacturing phase to provide a subtle feel, giving an elegant outlook while allowing the scalp to remain healthy for the time it’s worn.

Comparatively to most of the toupees in the market, this lace front toupee has a breathable lace that allows the sweat to move through the hairs instead of accumulating in the scalp, damaging it. Apart from that, you also get an appealingly crafted front hairline.

The front hairline of any toupee has to be designed in a way that it doesn’t give off the vibe of a wig and presents that hair as if they are real. That is what has been focused on while creating the Q6 men’s lace toupee. The front hairline has half-inch single hair knots that are sewn together to give a natural look.

Traditional low-quality toupees have multiple hair black knots on the front hairline, which not only make the toupee look messy but also give a visible vibe of artificial hair, giving off the secret. So, if you’re looking for something elegant without having to worry about people noticing that you’re wearing a wig or a toupee, then this one is perfect for you.

Speaking of its comfort, you don’t have to worry about having any scalp problems. The French lace has a high quality, which is specially designed to give appeal as well as provide an itch-free scalp.

One of its main features is uniformity. This is also something that you want to keep considering when you’re buying a toupee. If you see a non-uniform texture, then avoid buying or using that toupee since it’s not of good quality and will give off your secret.

On the other hand, high-quality toupees such as Q6 men’s lace front toupee will have a natural uniformity that will not only make the toupee appealing but will also conceal the secret that you’re wearing.

Summarizing its features:

  • Base construction: French lace in the middle with 0.08mm thin skin on the back and sides area
  • Base size: 8”x10”
  • Front contour shape: CC
  • Hair type: Indian human hair
  • Hair length: 5-6”
  • Hair density: Medium-light
  • Hair curl: 30mm
  • Hair colors: #1, #1A, #1B, #1B10, #1B20, #1B40, #2, #210, #220,#240, #3, #310, #320, #340, #4ASH, #4, #410, #420, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22



The 0.06mm thick skin hair system, BH4 is a great option for those that want to have an exquisite toupee for an appealing outlook. It has been designed on similar base material as that of BH3. However, one can find 0.03mm, 0.06mm, and 0.08mm, which makes it even more appealing.

Another appealing feature about this wig for men is that it has been crafted to meet the needs of the hair wigs for men users. The different hair densities make it even more appealing for one’s styling needs. It also has a V-loop front hairline with thin hair that is uniformly distributed throughout the entire toupee.

There are no knots that make its appeal, concealing the secret of wearing a wig for men as well as giving an amazing outlook to the wearer. Not to mention, the healthy hair is fantastically sewed on the toupee, giving an amazing outlook.

Moreover, the professional processing on the toupee is done to make sure the hair is elegantly placed to ensure uniformity. It also uses 100% Indian hairs that are sewn to bring an aesthetic uplift.

The skin base hair wigs for men can easily be placed on the scalp without having to worry about itching or having any scalp issues. The texture is also soft, which gives great comfort to the wearer while shining his way through the public with confidence.

Speaking of shining, the hair wigs for men toupee has elegantly shining hairs that are dyed for a perfect appeal. The amazing element about it is that the colors have been processed during the manufacturing phase and have been colored with a non-fading technique.

Even though average toupees don’t last much longer, this one also keeps its appeal elegant enough for the hair wigs for men wearer to have a great outlook. Moreover, you can also select between Indian Hair, Indian Remy Hair, Chinese Virgin Hair, or European hair as per your clients’ needs.

All these hair types have been processed naturally, giving an amazing natural outlook that you’re meant to have for obtaining a high level of confidence.

Summarizing its features:

  • Base construction: 06mm super thin skin all over with V-loop hair
  • Base size: 8”x10”, can be cut into any size
  • Front contour shape: CC
  • Hair type: Indian human hair
  • Hair length: 5-6”
  • Hair density: Medium-light
  • Hair curl: 30mm
  • Hair colors: #1, #1B, #2, #3, #4, #4ASH, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22
  • Hair direction: Freestyle



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Prioritizing strength and durability, the BH5P brings an amazing set of appeal and perks that makes it a viable option for a toupee. For starters, it has been crafted using monofilaments. For those who don’t know, monofilament has the most durable base material that is designed to give utmost strength to the hairs attached.

The mesh looks smaller and thinner, bringing out an appealing outlook. In addition, it also has a breathable texture despite having a durable base. This is all because of the monofilament texture that has been crafted in a way to providing an airy system for those who sweat a lot.

Moreover, it has half-inch single knots on the frontline that are responsible for giving a natural outlook. The reason for having single knots is to provide a compelling realistic feel without having to give away the secret of wearing a toupee.

Some toupees don’t have single knots, which makes the front unnatural. Due to this, the front hairline visibly feels to be fabricated, unable to conceal the idea of wearing a toupee.

However, with the BH5P you’re able to obtain a realistic outlook that has been made with the finest knotting for a perfect appeal. Apart from that, you’ll also notice that these knots are not detectable.

When it comes to comfort and size, the hair system manufacturers of BH5P have considered a lot for making this hair wig for men. For starters, the monofilament is easy to cut into a base that fits best for the need of the hair system wearer. It doesn’t itch as it provides a breathable texture for the scalp to stay healthy.

It also has a 5-50% grey hair percentage, which will make it have different options. If you’re hairstylist that need to help people choose the hair color, then choosing BH5P hair system will be a good pick.

Summarizing its features:

  • Base construction: Fine mono with PU gauze and a lace front
  • Base size: 8”x10”, can be cut into 6″x8″, 7″x9″
  • Front contour shape: CC
  • Hair type: Indian human hair, synthetic gray hair
  • Hair length: 5-6”
  • Hair density: Medium-light
  • Hair curl: 30mm
  • Hair colors: #1, #1A, #1B, #1B10, #1B20, #1B40, #2, #210, #220,#240, #3, #310, #320, #340, #4ASH, #4, #410, #420, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22


What To Choose When Picking A Hair Wig For Men?

Now that you know what are some of the viable options that you can choose your wig from, it’s important to consider some of the features while picking upon them. We’ve narrowed down some of these features that should be your primary concern. These include:

wigs for men 1 (1)

One of the many reasons why men often look unnatural when they are wearing the wig for men is because of the absurd hairstyles that they pick. If you pick a folded lace or thick base hairline hair systems, you can’t have brush back hairstyle. If you’re a person with a receding hairline or have thin hairs then you should choose the one that fits your natural hair.

In doing so, many men often feel the need to be tempted with the amazing wig hairstyles that are available in the market and end up buying the one that is completely different from their natural outlook.

Even though your barber can get the wig into shape for you, you need to understand that only a naturally fitting wig will suit your needs. Therefore, choose the one that fits your existing hairline or fits perfectly with the current style you have.

Hair Length

Next, you need to consider the length of the wig that you’re opting for. As highlighted earlier, you need to choose a wig for men that fits perfectly with your balding scalp. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a longer one.

There are various wigs for men available in the market that have more than a standard length. This is due to the fact that the stylist offering will help style your wig according to the trending hairstyles. And some men want to get a braid. Long hair wig for men is designed for them.

It’s most recommended that you pick the one that has low hair length and does keep up with the trends. That way, you can tell people that you decided to keep this as your hairstyle.

Hair Texture
wigs for men (3)

From straight flat to curly hairs, many men are often seem confused about what kind of textured wig for men do they want. However, as mentioned before, you should pick the texture of the kind that resembles the hair on your head.

For example, if you had curly hairs, then opting for a curly wig for men won’t have problems. However, a curly wig isn’t recommended for those that had flat or thin hairs since it will leak out the secret almost immediately.

The hair stylist could recommend the type of wigs for men texture that would fit best clients’ needs. In addition, make sure that the texture you’re choosing is readily available in the market. Otherwise, you might have to go bald again since it’s unavailable.

Hair Color

Coloring your hair is pretty common nowadays. You don’t have to ask for someone’s approval nor do you need to go to extreme lengths to get hair colored. One of the amazing things about colored toupees and wigs for men is that you already get various variants of hair colors to pick from.

However, try not to pick and the odd one that would stand out from the rest of your hair. You can easily choose burgundy or brown or even black. The reason for choosing the right kind of color is that wigs have been processed to have a non-fading color.

When this happens, it tends to have more shine than regular hairs. This makes bright colors stand out from the rest of your hair. If you’re choosing a blonde, violet, etc. then make sure your remaining hairs are blended accordingly.

Cap Size
wigs for men (8)

Capsize is the size of the wig that would fit your head. If the cap size is too small then it won’t cover your head. If the size is too big that it would cover unnecessary space. However, this can be taken care of as additional space is cut to adjust according to the wearer’s head.

But the hair stylist make sure to know what your client want. If your client’s sides need to be covered with the wigs for men then choose a normal capsize so that it can be trimmed to cover the sides. In case you’re going for a fade cut, then perhaps choosing a smaller capsize would be ideal.

The difference is in the pricing. The larger the size, the higher the price. Although the price difference isn’t much of a bother, still, having to cut a large portion of the base which could’ve been avoided is not sensible buying.


How To Order Custom Made Wigs For Men?

If you’re looking for buying a wig and have somehow stumbled upon features that are present in separate wigs, then you need to make a custom order. For example, you’re looking for caucasian wigs for men and have looked at some of the features that you want in your wig.

You’d need to contact the manufacturer in this case. The manufacturer will get all the details, whether it’s the length, size of the hair, capsize, color, or hair density. All these will be included in the wig you’re ordering and will be called a custom order.

It’s to note that custom orders may cost you more since you’re asking for something that is out of the usual orders for the wigs manufactured. However, meeting the needs, the wig you’ll be getting will be a great fit as per your needs.



If you’re looking to buy a hair loss wig for men, then make sure to choose a high quality wig that comes with a breathable texture and a natural front hairline. That way, you can keep your scalp healthy and breathable as well as get an amazing appeal with a realistic outlook, which will enlighten your confidence and elevate your spirits!


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