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Bono Hair has lace front tape contours in stock. It can be sent out within 24 working hours after payment. You can buy men’s hairpiece tape together with your hairpieces orders to save the shipping cost.


  • Brand: Walker Tape
  • Systems: All
  • Dullness: Dull
  • Gentleness: Hypoallergenic
  • Liner: Blue (tape is clear)
  • Hold: 2-3 weeks
  • Specifications: 36pcs/bag
  • Front Contours: A, C, CC
  • Advantages: Dullness and reliable hold

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Lace front tape contours are one of our top sellers. It’s famous for its dull finish and strong hold. It is odorless and bacteria resistant. It lifts easily, minimizing damage to delicate lace systems. The liner is blue but the actual tape is clear.

men's hairpiece tape


What are lace front tape contours?

To get a real hairline, we advise using lace front tape contours. Coming in different contours as you can see from the catalog, it’s essential to remember that lace front tape contours for hair systems are far better fit for the varying of the customer’s hairlines so on the front and rear of the toupee.

Lace front tape contours are the most preferred tape used by males throughout the world. They look like tape contours. Nonetheless, these are thinner and give a more natural-looking hairline, completing the top quality of any type of toupee for men.

Tape vs Glue


Contrasted to liquid adhesive, tapes are much easier to use as well as take much less time for male toupee cleansing and also affixing up. The drawback is that tapes are thicker, not easy to develop an invisible front hairline; some tapes are a little shinning, not appropriate for the low-hair-density toupee for men; tapes could not fit well the curve of the edge of the toupee. The advantage is that the best hair system tape manufacturers are developing new tape items to meet different needs, such as reduced shine/no shine, thin thickness for front hairline, etc. Most base materials function well with tapes except for the ultra-thin Skin of 0.03 mm. Due to the ultra-thin thickness, the tape could easily tear the base material to make it unusable.

The offered base products for tapes are as complies with:

French and Swiss Lace, Monofilament, 0.08 mm or thicker Skin, Poly perimeter, Skin with gauze and lastly NPU (Net with PU coated).


Although much more complicated to make use of, more time-consuming, and hard to tidy up, the liquid adhesive is still the preferred method of the add-on by several hairstylists. That is because of the many benefits that hair system adhesive has, such as low shine and even no sparkle, slim thickness, and ideal installation of the curve. These benefits make it feasible to get an undetectable front hairline specifically when attaching a thin skin or lace and also a low-hair-density toupee for men.

The following products or areas are suggested to utilize glue on toupee:

thin-skin base, clear poly base, thin-skin front, French lace or Swiss lace front, poly sides & back, including NPU and also Skin with gauze inside, poly perimeter.

The use of glue has two various methods, applying straight on the base and also applying on the scalp. For the poly products, whether it is thin skin, poly, skin with gauze or net with PU coated, the liquid adhesive can be used straight on the base.

Two factors must be kept in mind:

  1. Make certain not to use excessive to make the added adhesive on toupee lace or mono. It is difficult to tidy up as well as simple to trigger hair tangling and finally loss of hair.
  2. Make sure not to get any type of adhesive on the hair. If it took place, quickly use some warm water and also a fine comb to thoroughly brush out all the wet adhesive out of the hair.

When using fluid adhesive for affixing the lace front, please use the glue on the scalp, not straight on the lace base. If approached incorrectly and can trigger hair tangling as well as deterioration and also finally hair loss if it permeates into the hair origin, liquid adhesive can result in a very sticky circumstance.

Much more made complex to use, more time consuming and not simple to cleanse up, the liquid adhesive is still the favored way of attachment by many hairstylists. That is since of the lots of benefits that hair system adhesive has, such as reduced shine or also no luster, thin thickness, and perfect fitting of the curve. It is hard to clean up and simple to trigger hair tangling and also lastly hair loss.

If it occurred, quickly use a fine comb as well as some warm water to thoroughly clean out all the damp adhesive out of the hair.

How to put tape and glue on hair system?

First, make use of an A-bond spray of your selection on the scalp to prevent the Hair System Tape sticking right away, this will all you to readjust the toupee on the client’s head to get the appropriate positioning.

  • Get rid of the support of the Tape and meticulously choose the toupee up and also attach the temples first to the customers’ scalp and afterwards focus on the back as well as sides. Ensure it is in its best position.
  • Press down and safeguard the hair replacement into position, it might take a couple of minutes for the bond in between the Tape and also skin to happen so hold your horses.
  • Carefully as well as cautious pin in reverse the front of the hair system with a hair clip, making sure that no hair as well as or base is near the location of the scalp where you are using the glue– using a brush or applicator of choice careful spread a thin layer of glue on the scalp approximately 1 inch far from the edge of the toupee. You ought to duplicate these 2 or 3 times.
  • Leave the glue to completely dry, and also this can take 10-15 minutes, once the glue looks much less wet as well as thicker, very carefully allow the front down, press with your fingertips on the top part of the front hairline, guaranteeing it bonds solid as well as holds it for a short period.
  • A while and also you can start styling your clients brand-new head of hair!
Brand Walker Tape
Systems All
Dullness Dull
Gentleness Hypoallergenic
Liner Blue (tape is clear)
Hold 2-3 weeks
Specifications 36pcs/bag
Advantages Dullness and reliable hold


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