Does QVC Queen Lori Greiner Wear a Wig or Not?

Does QVC Queen Lori Greiner wear a wig or not (3)

Who doesn’t know the famous American television personality Lori Greiner, a renowned entrepreneur, and investor? Lori has been a part of ABC’s favorite reality show Shark Tank, where she is popularly known as the warm-blooded shark. The celebrity usually comes under the trolling scanners for never changing her hairstyle; her hair is always styled in the same pattern and style; it is noted that she hardly touches the hair strands on the top of her head to change her looks.

Everybody wants to learn more about this famous investor called a rare “Shark with a Heart .”Through this article, we will share the aspects of the renowned host’s personality, her life, her hairstyles, and most importantly, the truth about Lori Greiner’s hair.


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This famous American celebrity Lori Greiner grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and did her major in communications at Loyola University Chicago. Lori worked for the prominent daily newspaper in Chicago called The Chicago Tribune while she was in college. In her early years, she did odd jobs like selling jewelry and worked as a playwright for some time until she found her way to success.

It was in 1996 when she crafted and patented an earring organizer picked by the well-known American departmental store J.C Penny that helped her pay off her loans, and from that onwards, there has been no looking back for this great investor. Lori is on the list of one of the most prolific inventors of this era; she has some 120 patents and around 500 consumer products under her name.

Lori Greiner’s transition to the television industry happened at the beginning of the 20th century with QVC –TV, where she launched her show, Clear & Unique Creations, which she hosted for over a decade. Her performance also became one of the longest-running programs on QVC-TV. As a celebrity, she gained immense popularity through her stint on the reality program Shark Tank, in which she participated as an investor and earned her trademark title, the warm-blooded shark. Shark Tank is a top-rated show that has bagged the Emmy Awards four times; being a star in this show gave her a known face in every household.

Lori Greiner’s credentials are not limited to television, investment, and entrepreneurship; she has also authored a national best-seller book, “Invent It, Sell It, Bank It! Make Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality”. Greiner has many popular investments, such as Bantam Bagels, Simply Fit Board, Paint Brush Cover, Squatty Potty, and so on.

Celebrity’s lives are usually based on their fans’ verdicts; fans’ opinions play an essential part in their success. Similarly, many rumors are mill regarding Lori Greiner’s wig, or is Lori Greiner’s hair natural? To answer such a question, we are writing this piece to fetch the facts for her fans.

Does Lori Greiner Wear a Wig

Does QVC Queen Lori Greiner wear a wig or not (5)

Lori Greiner’s hair is always in the spotlight; she is known for repeating a similar hairstyle every occasion, making her admirers believe that the celebrity is probably wearing a wig. She usually keeps a scissor-cut haircut and styles her hair in the same light blonde color so that they are parted from the center; that’s all she does to them. The only change we see in her is that she mainly ties her hair in a ponytail and sometimes wears them down open. She usually curls her strands from the ends to make them bouncy and to add some volume to her hair backcombing at the crown area.

Lori has an oblong-shaped face with a low forehead; that’s why she keeps a hairstyle that goes well with her face cut, so parting the hairs to the side with cascading bangs is her favorite style. The QVC queen naturally has dark brown hair, but different shades of blonde do wonders to her silhouette; that’s why she dons different shades of blonde with subtle highlights.

The great entrepreneur has never talked about whether she wears a wig or her hair is real in public, so we can never give a final verdict on this. However, it’s a known fact that the celebrity used to wear a lot of extensions which can be the reason behind her hair loss.

Lori Greiner Wig from Bono Hair

This super-successful, powerful woman inspires many young girls; it’s noticed that Lori can predict the future of the investments she makes, whether that would earn her gold or just nuts. So if you are on the list of those who aspire to be like Lori Greiner and want to adopt her hairstyle to have a similar look, then we at Bono Hair have some great wig ideas for you to get you an identical look like her.

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1. Gigi Human Hair Lace Wig:

Does Lori Greiner wear a wig? This question is the most frequently asked about the American presenter; well, even if she does, this hairpiece at Bono Hair is the same wig style she wears. This human hair lace wig made up of Chinese virgin hair can quickly transform you into a wow-worthy silhouette. This versatile and durable wig is light-weighted, soft, and has an invisible hairline.

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2. BWN98652 French Lace Wig:

This stylish hairpiece is identical to Lori Greiner’s wig, so if you want a celebrity look, you must add this wig to your cart. This hairpiece will give you a natural, fuller, and versatile look. This piece doesn’t only have a great appearance, but it’s super comfortable and breathable. The French lace wig is easily customizable and can perfectly fit any head, so what else are you looking for?

Does QVC Queen Lori Greiner wear a wig or not (1)

3. BLN88481 Injection Thin Skin Wig:

Lori Greiner has occasionally been seen sporting honey blonde hair, so we have added this fashionable wig to our list. Bono Hair is known for providing wholesale wigs that look natural and real. This beautifully crafted wig is highly durable and super easy to use. If you want to add some glamour flare to your attire, then this is the hairpiece you should opt for.

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How to Maintain Your Lori Greiner’s Wig

In the beginning, wearing a wig was taboo; only celebrities used to wear it, which was also a secret. But now, the general audiences have also started wearing wigs, toupees, and hairpieces to hide hair loss and patches.

As we have told you the right place to find Lori Greiner’s wig, we must inform you how to take care of and maintain your synthetic hairstyles. It is suggested that you use proper wig styling equipment to fix your wig, including a wig cap. We at Bono Hair provide a wig cap so you can wear the headpiece more pleasantly and comfortably. A wig cap can is the best thing to protect your hair from getting further thinning and breakage.

The wigs we mentioned above are human hair wigs; we also deal in high-quality fiber hairpieces. These hairpieces need proper washing as our hair does; you have to buy wig-specific shampoos and conditioners to wash your rug. You are suggested to use shampoos that are devoid of sulfates as it helps preserve the wig’s texture, and conditioners are best to make them healthy and smooth.

Use of oil on your wigs is strictly prohibited as oiling them will only worsen their condition and make them tangled and unmanageable. Similarly, avoiding using hair dryers and other heating objects on synthetic wigs is also suggested.

The most important thing is how frequently you should wash your wig. Well, we at Bono Hair recommend that you wash your hairpiece if you have worn it the whole week for full days; you can even wait a bit longer if it still feels like a new one since washing more often is not recommended.

If you want to take proper care of it, you can easily take some professional help for wigs from a professional wig stylist.

Other similar Lori Greiner’s wig


However, the success and popularity of Lori Greiner are not based on the question of whether her hairs are natural or a wig; instead, it’s based on her sheer hard work and determination. So if any of you wants to be like her, don’t just get inspired by her gorgeous appearance but rather follow her path to success to become a powerful young woman.

Bono Hair is undoubtedly the best name for providing natural-looking wigs. We provide our dealers with the best matching hairpieces of almost all your favorite celebrities. So, if you are witnessing hair loss, hair thinning, or going bald, you must check our hair products from our website, which will surely get you a perfect solution to all your hair problems.


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