Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extension Length

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extension Length (2)

Hair extensions have nowadays become a fashion statement not only for those who have hair problems but also for those fashionistas who always want to try something new. The best thing about these extensions is that they come in real human hair and give your natural hair the desired volume, density, and thickness that are missing in your appearance. Hair extensions are available in a wide range of lengths, colors, and densities so that they can overcome all your hair problems and styling issues. Here is the guide for hair extension length; we follow the structure below to answer all your hair extension-related queries.


Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extension Length (1)

Hair extensions are true life saviors; they enhance your silhouette and many others when it’s worth wearing an extension. You often have a bad hair day, or you don’t like your new hair color as it didn’t come out as happening as you thought, or you get a bad haircut from an unqualified hairdresser, and getting a re-cut is impossible. In such instances, hair extensions are no less than a life-saver as it helps in overcoming your anxiety within minutes.

Good hair greatly impacts your personality; it doesn’t only spice up your look but also boosts your confidence and changes your mood. Having long, healthy, and shiny hair is a dream of every woman, but growing hair can be frustrating for some individuals as hair takes a lot of time to grow naturally. Similar is the case with hair volume; almost all of us go through hair loss and thinning problems after a certain age, and not all can go under the knife for permanent solutions; hair extensions are helpful in such cases. They are easy to use, handy, and give you a wow-worthy silhouette.

There are many benefits of using these extensions; they can be a helpful tool for many reasons; here, we have carved out a few.

  1. These extension lengths can be helpful for those who like having short hair but want to try long for a specific event.
  2. They are the smartest way to conceal split ends.
  3. If you suffer from hair thinning, hair extensions are the safest way to hide that by adding volume to your natural hair.
  4.  Hair Extensions help you to change your style and look in almost no time
  5. These extensions can protect your hair from further damage by using heating products. By wearing these extensions, you can repair and heal your damaged hair.

Hair Extension Length Chart

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When choosing your hair extensions, the most important thing you need to consider is the length you need to opt for. Most of us generally have an idea about what type of extensions we want to buy, but we need to know the lengths these extensions come in and what length we need. Always wear extensions 3 to 4 inches longer than your original hair to achieve the perfect look to hide split ends and a bad haircut.

It would be best to see most sellers’ hair extension length charts to get the best length for your hair. This chart will assist you in finding the right extensions for your hair. The length charts are different for different types of hair. Generally, there are three length charts for straight, wavy, and curly hair. Straight hair is naturally flat; that’s why they fall longer than the other two hair’s texture.

Like 12 inches, the long extension would be shoulder length for straight hair; for wavy, it would be chin-length; and for curly hair, it falls below the ears. Similarly, a 30 inches long extension equal to 75 centimeters would be hips-length for straight hair, waist-length for wavy, and lower back length for curly hair, respectively.

The maximum length of the extensions available in the market is 30 to 32 inches long that goes down to your waist, some exclusive hair extensions are 40 inches long, but they are only for some. Through this length chart, you will be able to know where your hair extensions will fall when you place them on the top of your head.

How to Measure Your Hair Length?

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Measuring your hair might look like a complicated task, but it’s easy. It’s also necessary because you need to compare your hair and the hair extension length. The first and only thing you need is a measuring tape to start the measuring process. Then you need to measure the length of your hair from the end tip. After getting the right measurement of your hair, now it’s time to measure the length of your newly purchased extensions so that you can have a fair idea about what size would suit your hair perfectly. Normally a 4 to 6 inches longer extension than your hair would be an ideal choice.

There are usually various human hair extensions available in the form market, from machine weft,  hand-tied weft, nail tips to clip in, and others that you can use according to the length of your hair. Measuring tape, you find your length now; if your hair length is 16 inches and you have straight hair, your hair will fall on your bra strap, and you need extensions that can extend the mid back. In the same way, if you have straight hair and your natural length is 24 inches, your hair will reach your lower back, and you need extensions that go down your waist to attain a flawless look. These are a few ways to help you measure your hair length and extensions so that you can enjoy the ideal silhouette.

Tips for Picking the Right Extension Length

As we discussed, the length solely depends on your hair texture, so to get the right extensions, you need to know the right length. Picking the right extension length is extremely important as your hair’s style and the entire look depend on it.

First and foremost, you need to know the minimum hair length for extensions. Since when you use hair extensions, you attach them to your natural hair, so the minimum hair length for extensions should be around 6 to 7 inches at least. Any hair shorter than this length would make the extensions look unnatural and unreal, as the hair will not be able to hide attachment points.

Besides the above things, there are several things you should consider when you are thinking of buying a new extension which includes the following.

  • Ideal Hair Extension Length

The most popular and ideal hair extension lengths are lengths between 18 to 22 inches. These length extensions are just perfect and look natural as they are neither too short nor too long, with this length your hair extends down from shoulder to waist.

  • Your Height Plays a Major Role

Your height plays a key role in this matter as the extensions of the same length look different on the different heights of people. The same 18 inches long extensions that go down the waist length of a short-heightened woman would fall on the shoulder length of a taller girl. So your height is very important.

  • Styling

How you style your hair extensions is also very important, as it affects the length of the extensions you are looking to buy. Hairstyles have different impacts on the extensions, so you need to consider that before buying the extension. Some people use extensions to add volume to their original hair as they face hair thinning issues. In that case, choose extensions that are just two inches longer than your hair; in that manner, you would be able to add the right volume to your hair that makes it look natural.

  • Extension Type

The type of extensions you are using is also important as it affects the length like when you pick hand-tied wefts, you lose 2 inches of length when you sew the weft. On the other hand, tape-in hair extensions lose one inch in securing the tape to the hair.


As we all know, long hair is trending these days, and everybody wants to follow the trend by extending a few more inches. Hence we recommend you buy extensions by following the above tips; this will help you get the most natural-looking hair extensions. We suggest that you always buy long extensions as you can always trim them to get your desired length but buying short extensions can be a waste if it doesn’t match your hair length. We know shorter extensions are less expensive, but avoiding risks is better. The bottom line is your hair plays a vital role in making your personality; it makes you confident, strong, and fashionable so buying an authentic natural-looking extension is a must.


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