A Complete Guide on Layered vs Non-layered Hair

A Complete Guide on Layered vs Non-Layered Hair (4)

We live in a world where everybody wants to achieve their dream look by trying different and unique hairstyles and looks. This issue makes us stumble about which hairstyle to choose, look our best layered or non-layered. Picking one of them can be difficult if you don’t know both hairstyles’ features. Hence, to make it easier for you, we compare both styles for better understanding and learning.

If you want to know what layered hair is, its pros and cons, and what you should prefer between layered vs non-layered hair, then you need to read this guide. We will be following the below structure in this piece. 


Most women usually struggle with the question of which type of hair they should consider, layered or non-layered. Both styles have downsides and benefits; some women find layered hair easy to style and stylish and hip. At the same time, some people find non-layered hair neat, simple, and easy to maintain.

There can always be a wrong answer to this question of whether you need to get layers or not. Layered or non-layered hairstyles differ for different wave patterns and textures of hair. Women with curly and coarse hair can have layers as a good option since cutting all their hair in one length can make them look bulky and give them a pyramid or triangular-shaped silhouette. While non-layered hairs are magical for oval face shapes, they can look effortlessly beautiful by just having this haircut.

What is Layered Hair?

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Layered hair is the hairstyle in which the hair is cut in the form of a deck of cards. The cutting in this style is done in different lengths and layers. The shortest layer usually starts from the forehead, and the longest goes to the mid-back. Layered hairstyles give movement to your hair, so if you want to make your mane look manageable and bouncy, layers are for you.

Generally, women who want to add volume and texture to their hair opt for the layers, it also helps in framing the face and covering the forehead, so it’s very famous among women. One can try this hairstyle no matter if they have long or short hair; all you need is a good stylist. Layered hair usually has two types one is classic hair, and the other is multi-layer.

The classic layer is a hairstyle in which only a single layer of hair is cut into various lengths. The classic layer is the most commonly used as it’s very easy to style, and you can make different styles. However, in the multi-layer style, two or more layers are involved in cutting. Multi-layer is relatively difficult to style, but both make your hair look bouncy, wavy, and healthy.       

Layered hairs give you a thinner silhouette, so people who have thick hair are also suggested to get a layer cut so that it can make their face look thinner. However, if the layers are cut incorrectly on your thick hair, the results can be disastrous. The rightly cut layers make your thick hair look thin, easy to handle, light, and bouncy. Those with thin hair should not opt for layering as it would make them look flatter and thinner. Well, if you have thin tresses, you need to check with your stylist whether you should opt for layers or not.

Pros and cons of Layered Hair

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Most of us always need clarification about which hairstyle to choose between layered vs non-layered hair. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and the same is the case with the layers. As this hairstyle is spectacular and gives you the most stylish appearance, it also has some hidden cons we will unleash for you. Here are a few pros and cons of having layered hair.


  • The best thing about layers is you can style them on your hair replacement systems too.
  • The most important and certainly the best thing layers do to you are makes you look stylish. It would make your hair look healthy, bouncy, and voluminous.
  • Layers are ideal for women with curls or wavy hair as it helps define your hair’s shape.
  • If you want to add volume to your hair, the best you can do to yourself is to have a layers hairstyle. Most expert stylists recommend layers for people with thin hair as it makes your hair look voluminous.
  • Another advantage of having layers is it makes you look fresh and younger by redefining your face shape. 
  • One more benefit of layers is that they give your hair a unique visual effect; they make it look lengthier and voluminous and increase its density. 


  • One of the biggest drawbacks of having layers is that the hair would take too long to grow back and make you look full. 
  • Layers can be disastrous if you don’t pick a professional stylist for the job, it’s not everyone’s piece of cake to cut good layers, and an untidy cutting can make you look worse.  
  • Your layers need regular fixing; you can’t just let it be like that; it requires a styling routine.
  • Layers also require proper maintenance from a stylist and regular salon visits if you want to make them look tidy and fresh. 
  • Layered hair also needs high-quality styling products, which could be pricey and expensive.

Pros and Cons of Non-Layered Hair

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Non-layered hairs are the ones where hairs are cut in a way that all the hair ends on the same horizontal level. In other words, it’s the style where the cutting is done on the same length. Non-layered hair is a low-maintenance hairstyle special for those looking to grow their hair and wants to change their look quickly. Non-layered hair has fans who love sporting this hairstyle. Here are a few pros and cons of non-layered hair.


  • Non-layered hairs are effortlessly neat, and you can keep them stylish by using hair serum.
  • The hairs without layers stay long and strong for a very long time; unlike layers, non-layered hair grows and lasts longer. 
  • Non-layered hairs don’t require much effort, and hair products are easy to style and need brushes to fix.


  • One of the drawbacks of having non-layered hair is that it only suits some of the face shapes. It looks great on round, oval, and square faces, but on other face cuts, it’s less magical. 
  • Non-layered hair is not fashionable; it has a simple appearance and neat look.
  • Hairstyles of non-layered hair are only for those who are stylish and want to make a fashion statement, as it only gives your hair a few styles. 

How to Treat Layered Hair Rightly?

A Complete Guide on Layered vs Non-Layered Hair (5)

To get the best benefits of layered hair, you need to consider two things: your face cut and your hair texture. These two things help determine the number of layers you need in your hairstyle and where layers should be placed to get the perfect shape and contour of your face. Yes, if you have the right cutting and hairstyle, you don’t need any makeup or other material to contour your face as the hair can help you get the perfect oval shape face you wish to create. Layered hairs need many styling products, such as heating instruments and other machines, which damage the hair. You must take care of your hair by using high-quality shampoos and conditioners and visiting the salon regularly.

You must keep your layers near the earlobe to achieve the perfect look if you have long hair. On the contrary, women who have short hair should keep the layers near the eye to get the perfect result.  


Through this blog, we have cleared all the air between layer and non-layered hair; now, you have a fair idea about all the benefits and drawbacks of layered and non-layered hair. And it’s easier to decide which type of hairstyle you want to opt for yourself. So, layers are for those young modern women who want to keep it chic. However, for those women who want to keep it simple, neat, yet elegant, then non-layers are for them.

Besides, picking one between layers vs non-layered hair is entirely up to your preferences and liking. Layers are not for you if you have straight hair and an oval face; similarly, if you have a diamond or heart-shaped face, you should not pick non-layered hairstyles. 

However, if you are going through hair problems and using a hairpiece and still want to have one of these hairstyles, then let us tell you that you can easily get your wigs customized. All you need is high-quality hair replacement systems made with human hair.


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    I love the blog, very informative. I wasn’t clear on what type extensions I would use. My hair is about an inch below my ear and thick I’ve tried all types of extensions I alway have a problem with having enough fullness. Do I start the extensions right above the ear or do I start high? I know I will need at least 100 gram hair or should I use more or less and my hair is pretty much one length I do have bangs. Thank you; Nancy I’m a Nancy too.

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