Is KISS Star Paul Stanley Bald or Wearing a Wig?

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Celebrities around the globe have always been under the paparazzi’s scrutiny lenses for different aspects of their lives, be it their lifestyle, relationships, cosmetic surgeries, or hair loss issues. Fashion media never let go of a moment to embarrass celebrities of their complexes. Similarly, famous American rock band KISS stars have always been in the news for their unique instinct and sense of style.

Paul Stanley is another frontman of KISS, which is immensely famous among his fans, and his followers want to learn every little detail about the rock-star that, whether Paul Stanley is bald or he wears a wig to hide his bald spots. In this blog, we will cover all such details about Paul Stanley’s life and hairstyles; we will focus on the structure to cover all the aspects.


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Stanley was a gifted musician as he enjoyed listening to music even after living with an ear deficiency by birth called Microtia. His parents recognized his love for music as early as age seven and gifted him a guitar to make his music; he got his real acoustic guitar at age 13. Due to his ailment, he could not hear from one ear and had a deformed ear; he also had difficulty determining sounds and speech in a noisy atmosphere. Kiss had reconstructive surgery for ear deficiency at age 30. The American rock star was always in graphics and arts; that’s why he graduated from New York City’s High School of Music & Art.

KISS was not his first music band with Paul; he started his career with a local band called Rainbow and became associated with baby boom and Uncle Joe. Paul’s connection with his co-vocalist Gene Simmons started with the latter’s band Wicked Lester which Paul joined in the early seventies. Although the group worked hard for their band, Wicked Lester never made it official and did not work. These guys founded KISS by adding guitarist Ace Frehley to their band and released their debut album in 1974. Since then, according to his partners, Paul has been the driving force behind KISS’s success.

Paul Stanley shares a great bond with his co-founder Gene Simmons; these guys together invested in many ventures; they own a restaurant called Rock & Brews and a football team in the Arena Football league. Besides being one of the greatest singers, Paul is also a tremendous painter, his love for painting is immense. Paul does terrifically well with a paintbrush and has made many by selling a few of his creations.

On the personal front, Paul has married twice; he has a son with his first wife, Pamela Bowen, who was also an actress. He then married his long-time girlfriend Erin Sutton in 2005. Together the couple has three kids, a son and two daughters.

Is Paul Stanley bald?

Paul Stanley is famous for his Starchild persona and unique and quirky on-stage appearances; one look went viral over a decade ago. A few years back, the internet was stormed by Paul Stanley’s bald photo in suited attire, and his fans went crazy looking for the truth behind his baldness. Soon, people discovered that the image was nothing but a photoshop trick to give all of us a good laugh over our favorite rock star getting bald.

Does Paul Stanley wear a hairpiece?

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There has always been a lot of speculation regarding Paul Stanley’s hairstyles or his wearing a wig to hide his bald head. Most fans think so because Paul also used various attires and hairpieces during live concerts worldwide. His quirky instincts have made people believe that the star is wearing a hairpiece in real life, which is not true. On the other hand, it’s also true that most of the rock stars of his time wore wigs while performing as they did not want to experiment with dyeing chemicals on their hair. And that could be why people assume he wears a wig also, but in real life, Paul Stanley doesn’t rock fake hair.

Another reason why people think the rock star wears a wig is that Paul generally keeps long hair, and it’s because he hides his receding hairline. And whenever the KISS star keeps short hair or uses a backcombed hairstyle, his receding hairline gets very prominent, which makes us believe that the famous vocalist has rocked different wigs to cover his hairline during his live performances. But one real thing about this legendary star is that he has been in the music industry for more than four decades and is not famous for his hairstyles or wigs but for his unbeatable passion and unmatchable skills.

Where to get Paul Stanley’s hairpiece?

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