Does Martial Arts Prowess Steven Seagal Wear a Wig?

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From hosting reality shows to becoming an established film star and martial artist Steven Seagal has always been in the news for all the right and controversial reasons. Steven Seagal’s Hair has always been the talk of the town for being so maintained and perfect, even at age 70. His fans are eager to know the secret behind his head full of dark black Hair, so to end the curiosity, we are doing a detailed blog on Steven Seagal’s Hair by following the structure below.


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An environmentalist, guitarist, screenwriter, director, and martial artist, this famous American actor Steven Seagal has many feathers under his hat. Steven Fredric Seagal was born to a Jewish father and Irish mother in Michigan on 10th April 1952. Steven’s paternal ancestors were both Russian and Serbian descendants, so the actor has honorary citizenship in both countries. The American actor was just five when his family moved to California, where he did his schooling.

Steven developed his love for martial arts while working at Dojo during his teens, which made him visit Japan to learn more about it. Steven was in his early twenties when he visited Japan from 1971 to 1973; his martial arts staff made him meet his wife Miyako Fujitani, a second-grade black belt and aikido master from Osaka who was teaching in Los Angeles. The couple returned to Osaka in 1975, married there, and became parents to a boy Kentaro and a girl Ayako. Steven started teaching his father in law school in Osaka with his wife and her family. After spending some periods in Japan, Steven finally moved back to the US in 1983 to open an aikido dojo with his student Haruo Matsuoka. Seagal was 33 when he started his acting career with the successful film Above the Law, which opened the door to many box office hit films for him. His super hit film Under Siege established him as a recognized action hero. From 1987 to 2003, Steven starred in various film roles; later, the actor started directing and producing many direct-to-video films.

Besides his cinematic and martial art career, Steven Seagal is also a professional guitarist and musician; he has given music to a couple of movies and released a few music albums.

He has also served with the law and enforcement agencies; his famous series Steven Seagal: Lawman is based on his real-life work in Louisiana, where he served as Reserve Deputy Chief at the Sheriffs. He was appointed to the forces after teaching the deputies many martial arts techniques and skills.

Steven Seagal Hair: Is Steven Seagal Bald?

Steven Seagal was never bald, but from the beginning of his acting career, the actor suffered from some visibly serious hair-thinning issues. Seagal baldness is the male pattern baldness that most men go through in their mid-thirties. Male pattern baldness is a common phenomenon amongst men; there can be many reasons behind this problem; sometimes, it’s due to aging and hormonal issues, but mostly your genes play a key role in pattern baldness.

Steven Seagal’s appearance during his debut can result from male pattern baldness, but we are not sure about it. We can undoubtedly claim that this legendary star suffered from close balding at the beginning of his cinematic career. Although an actor’s life is full of lights and make-up, there are images of his early times that clearly indicate that Seagal was facing balding in the eighties. We are only dubious about what he was wearing in his next movie that made his head look full of darkish Hair, was that a hairpiece or hair transplant? Only the actor can comment on this.

Does Steven Seagal Wear a Hairpiece?

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There have been speculations about Steven Seagal wearing a wig, as the actor is in his seventies and still possesses a head full of black Hair, making his fans wonder whether the martial arts prowess is wearing a hairpiece or has his real Hair. Well, if you see the old interviews of Steven Seagal that he gave during the release of his debut movie, it’s quite visible that the actor was facing clear hair loss issues at that time. But when his successful movie Under Siege came out, it felt like something magical had happened to him, and his frontal region started looking more fuller and darker within just four years.

So the actor went through some hair transplant or had been using a hairpiece to cover his male pattern baldness. The only thing that makes us baffled about his hairpiece is that his Hair blends perfectly well with his head and gives them a natural and bouncy appearance. Hence this proves that his perfect hairline is a result of a hair transplant rather than a wig.

There are a few points that make us all believe that he is wearing a wig.

  1. He keeps a conservative hairstyle that makes us wonder if this is wrong.
  2. At his age, it’s very unusual to maintain such a dense hairline.
  3. Steven Mane could have been better at his early age, which is a clear sign of wearing a wig.
  4. Steven Seagal’s Hair resembles the rugged carpet piece that doesn’t look real but a piece fixed on his head.
  5. The actor’s receding hairline indicates that the frontal region of his head has faced severe thinning.

How to get the Steven Seagal Wig?

Most people believe that Steven Seagal had a hair transplant to overcome his Hair thinning issue, as it was when hairpieces and wigs were not widespread. Nowadays, if anyone wants to have Steven’s Hair, the easiest and painless option is hair replacement systems. These hair systems not only conceal your hair loss problem but also enhance your appearance and confidence. Human hair wigs have become immensely popular these days; they elevate your personality instantly and make you look younger and fresh. A wide range of colors, sizes, and types of these hair systems can perfectly match your natural hair type to give you an undetectable hairstyle.

You must check the Bono Hair website if you are looking for trustworthy hair replacement manufacturers. Bono Hair is currently one of the best hair systems providers in the market, and we deal in all types of synthetic and human hair wigs. We use state-of-the-art techniques to make different hairpieces and wigs to meet our client’s needs and preferences. Here are three best-selling models that can give you attention-grabbing Steven Seagal hairstyle.


BLN465810 French Lace Men’s Toupee

This one that tops the list is a French lace wig, our most sought-after model. French toupees are famous for their durability and easy functionality; these are easy-to-use toupees made with layers of PU, making them flawless and extremely comfortable. It’s a freestyle hairpiece that one can easily customize according to your needs and it’s made of Remy Hair.


BHU Invisible Thin Skin Hair System

BHU’s invisible hair system is that one piece that can give the same hairstyle as Steven Seagal. This hair system is constructed on a 0.02 mm super thin skin base, making it super comfortable to use and giving an impression of rocking your own Hair. This one is the selling article at Bono Hair for its durability and exclusivity; it’s made of Indian Hair.


BWN059520 Men’s Poly Lace Hair System

The poly hair lace system is another in-demand skin base hairpiece; these hair systems are very famous among clients as they provide a seamless appearance and perfection to their wearer. The top of this hairpiece is made of poly, making it more effective and natural. The use of poly makes this system more durable and eye-catching. This hairpiece is easily customizable, which makes it look natural, just like your own Hair.

All of the products at Bono Hair are made of human hair, making them super comfortable and durable. Our sole purpose is to serve our clients with premium quality hairpieces that provide the most natural appearance that makes them confident about their existence.


Although most of the gossip mongers believe that the legend underwent some hair transplant procedure to have such a perfect and authentic-looking hairline, if you want a similar hairstyle to Steven Seagal’s Hair, you can get it without opting for a surgical procedure. We at Bono Hair serve our customers with the most authentic-looking hairpieces; our hair replacement systems blend so well with your original Hair that nobody can ever differentiate between real or fake Hair. Hence, next time you want to do hair shopping, you should know that Bono Hair’s website should be your go-to place.


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