Ten Most Stylish Hair Replacement Systems for This Christmas Season

Ten Most Stylish Hair Replacement Systems for This Christmas Season (13)

Christmas is coming, and the holiday season calls for many parties, from night-outs and brunches to beach parties; there are many things people plan for the festive season. Everybody prefers investing in trendy outfits to stand out in these festivities but to nail the party; you need to match a trendy hairstyle with your killer outfit to get a wow-worthy silhouette.


We will discuss these five points to help you get the best Christmas hairstyle this festive season.



Ten Most Stylish Hair Replacement Systems for This Christmas Season (14)

There is a wide range of hairstyles to sport at Christmas parties, but what if you face hair loss problems and still want to look dapper this holiday season? People who struggle with hair loss always find it difficult to look their best on different occasions. In such cases, hair replacement comes to the rescue; this hair system doesn’t only cover your bald patches and hair loss and enhances your overall attire by boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

Normally people who face hair loss issues consider hair transplant as a permanent solution, but most people don’t opt for it for mainly two reasons firstly, it is expensive, and secondly, it doesn’t guarantee how long the planted hair would last on the scalp. Hence the only tested, economical and hassle-free solution is using hair replacement systems. 

However, if you still need a particular style and want to achieve an attention-grabbing hairstyle, you should try hair replacement options. Toupees, wigs and other hair systems are the most efficient solutions for hair-related problems. These hairpieces don’t only give you your lost hairstyle but also help you regain your confidence, and on grand occasions like Christmas, these hairpieces can give you a charismatic look.

Benefits of Wearing Hair Systems as Christmas Hairstyles

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There are many memorable things about Christmas parties, be it delicious food, drinks, entertainment or cherishing moments, but nothing beats the admiration you receive when getting stylishly dressed. Getting chicly dressed is something you do on special occasions like Christmas, so you must make sure that you pull off your hair game elegantly. There are many Christmas hairstyles to get inspiration from to switch to a new hairstyle. Here are a few benefits of wearing hairpieces on Christmas.

  • Christmas calls for many parties, so you try different hairstyles at different events by changing hair systems.
  • No worries about having a bad hair day; you can change the style instantly if you don’t like it.
  • The hair replacement systems are very easy to use; you can fix it yourself, so you don’t need to go to the stylist.
  • You can change your style according to your outfit; you don’t need to worry about dressing according to your hairstyle.

List of Top Ten Men’s Hair Systems

The best hair replacement systems are the ones that are easy to use, breathable and look natural on your head. Here is the list of our best-selling hair pieces that our clients love worldwide.


1. BH4 0.06mm Thin Skin Hair Systems Men’s Toupee

This freestyle super thin men’s toupee is one of our most liked articles around the globe; you can style it in the modern, slick-back hairstyle, which is too hip for Christmas parties. This hairpiece is a light-weighted, natural-looking product knitted with V-loop hair invisibly to give it an authentic appearance. By styling this customizable toupee in your personal and unique style, you can achieve a modern fashion look that would accurately compliment your Christmas outfit. 

Special Features:

  • Hair density: Medium light
  • Base construction: 06mm ultra-thin skin
  • Front contour shape: CC
  • Hair length: 5-6”


2.  BH3 0.03mm Ultra Thin Skin Hair Systems for Men

This super thin hairpiece is especially for those who want to keep it simple yet sharp and attractive to get attention at Christmas parties. This hair system is perfect for those who like scissor cuts; you can easily style into hip Christmas hairstyles and give an eye-catching hairstyle for grand parties.

Special Features:

  • Base construction: 0.03mm ultra-thin skin
  • Hair type: Indian human hair and synthetic gray hair
  • Hair density: medium light, light


3. BH1 0.08mm Wholesale Skin Hair System

The BH1 hair system is the thinnest skin wig with an undetectable appearance. This model is a separate following, the customers who have used this hairpiece rate it very highly. The best part about this wig is that you can style it like a crew cut or quiff haircut to get a daring and bold look for this Christmas night. 

Special features:

  • Base construction: 0.08mm thin skin
  • Hair length: 5-6 inches
  • Hair density: medium light


4. BH2 Undetectable Men’s Lace Toupee

This hand-sewn French lace toupee is our best product on this list; the hair of this toupee is very strongly and finely knotted with the base, giving it the most authentic and undetectable look. This hairpiece is breathable and can be designed in versatile Christmas hairstyles like slick back and fringes. 

Special features:

  • Base construction: French lace with hand-sewn
  • Base size: 8×10 inches
  • Hair type: Indian human hair and gray in synthetic


5. BH5P Fine Mono Hairpiece with Lace Front

If you want durability and strength, this mono-hair system is for you. These lace fronts with PU gauze base blend the hair with your scalp so well that it gives you the most natural-looking appearance. You can style this hairpiece into the popular trend fringes for the festive season.

Special features:

  • Base construction: Fine mono with PU gauze and a lace front
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: 30mm


6. Q6 Wholesale Men’s Stock Human Hair Systems

The best thing about this article is that it’s easily attachable and removable; you can easily fix it with a glue stick. This super thin side hair system is exclusively designed for chic hairstyles. Winter is for all the messy wavy hairstyles; you can style this hairpiece into messy waves to get the most famous Christmas look.

Special features:

  • Base construction: French lace in the middle with 0.08mm thin skin all around
  • Hair type: Indian human hair
  • Hair curl: 30mm


7. Hollywood Lace Hair System And Lace Front

Hollywood is a classic PU-based partial hairpiece; this article provides the most authentic look exclusively for those who suffer from receding hairline issues. You can make the super sophisticated and sexy sweep-back hairstyle with this lace front and grab all the attention you deserve this winter.

Special features:

  • Hair type: 100% Indian human hair
  • Base size: 6×8, 6×9, 7×9, 8×10 inches
  • Front contour shape: A


8. BH4 FRONTAL Hair System

If you are facing a receding hairline and still want to flaunt fringes this Christmas, then this frontal hair system is the one you should opt for. BH4 is made of a super thin base, blending perfectly with the scalp and giving an undetectable appearance. This piece is the most affordable hair piece available in the market.

Special features:

  • Base construction: 0.06mm thin skin
  • Hair type: Indian Remy hair
  • Front contour shape: CC


9. BH6 0.08mm Injected Thin Skin Hair Systems

BH6 is an injected thin skin hair system; the injection technique makes this piece supernatural and invisible. The hair on this base naturally grows in the direction of your hair which makes this piece popular. It’s a freestyle model which you can turn into any trendy Christmas look for the big fat parties.

Special features:

  • Base construction: 0.08mm thin skin with injected hair
  • Hair curl: Natural Straight


10. BH6D Skin Gauze Hair System

This model is also made by injection technique, making it unique and super comfortable. BH6D skin gauze base is transparent and made of Indian human hair, generating a free knot effect and making it look real. Christmas is for the elegant side part hairstyle; the style works in almost all environments. You can easily style this hairpiece into a side part. 

Special features:

  • Base construction: Full skin with gauze and machine-injected hair
  • Hair length: 6 inches

How to Get the Christmas Hairstyle?

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You can easily get the most inspiring and trendy Christmas hairstyles by switching to hair replacement systems. Customizable hairpieces are getting immensely popular these days as they give you your favorite hairstyles within a blink of an eye and are pretty affordable too.     

Regarding hair systems, we at Bono Hair provide the lightest, most undetectable and most natural-looking hair systems worldwide. Our wide range of hair pieces is the most economical and natural; we can duplicate almost every hairstyle, from your original haircut to any celebrity-inspired hairstyle. Above, we have shared our most stylish hairpieces that can turn into a hip Christmas hairstyle; these hair systems are easily available on our website and can be delivered to most parts of the world in the earliest way possible.


Christmas is knocking on the door; only some have the head full of hair to rock new and trendy Christmas hairstyles. If you are also confused about which hairstyle you should rock at Christmas parties and how to get an affordable hairpiece, then it’s high time you order one for yourself. We at Bono Hair are ready to serve you to give you an eye-catching hairstyle for this Christmas season.


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