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The Best Seller!! The Ultra-Thin Skin 0.03mm model is the hottest hair system on the market.

For men’s toupees, the type of base materials used mainly include skin, lace, mono, and a combination of the three with additional PU. Each material has different advantages and disadvantages. So, for different target markets around the world, the best-seller may be a completely different model. But for Europe and North America, skin style, which accounts for about 45% of the market, has been becoming the definite… best seller! In this blog post, we will mainly describe an  ultra-thin skin hair system 0.03mm, which has only 3~4 weeks’ lifespan but accounts for almost 50% of the sales of all skin models.

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Why is Ultra-Thin Skin 0.03mm Hair System the Best Seller? 

As we describe at the end of the last paragraph, ultra-thin skin hair system 0.03mm has a lifespan of 3~4 weeks, compared to the 3~4 months or even longer lifespan of other models. So, it can’t be because of its durability. What is the real reason that makes it the best seller?

Naturality – When talking about the best seller, we could not overlook the end consumer behavior in the target market. In Europe and North America, business activity and usage of men’s toupee have developed for many years, and it continues to do so. Our observation of the market shows us that due to it being a mature market, the end consumers are not sensitive to prices. In other words, for consumers even though price and lifespan were important, it was not as important as the naturality of the hair replacement. This brings us back to the best-selling, and best male undetectable toupee hair replacement system…The 0.03mm Ultra-thin Skin toupee.

Why do Customers Love this Type of Super Thin Skin Toupee as the Most Natural One?

Extremely Thin – The Ultra-thin Skin hair system is made from an ultra-thin polyurethane material. This material is very light and at 0.03mm, which is extremely thin. It looks like a piece of skin. Therefore, when a customer puts it on his head the level of transparency makes him feel like it is his scalp. This is an extremely incredible feeling, and it is even more incredible being able to make someone feel great.

No Knotting – To go further the ventilation method used with Skin base systems is the V-looped ventilation method. This method uses no knotting, which means that the hair looks like it would on a real head of hair. It has the best-undetected effect, especially along the hairline. With regards to consumers, a hair system is part of their everyday life, it helps them take on each day ahead of them with confidence. Nobody would like others to know that they are wearing a male hair system, it’s a very personal thing. Therefore, price and durability are not the most important things they care about. The naturality would be the most important thing they care about. Exactly, ultra-thin skin men’s hair piece 0.03mm meets their needs perfectly. This is the reason why it’s the best seller for European and North American markets.

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Horizontal Comparison

This table illustrates the differences and characteristics of all three Ultra-Thin Skin’s thicknesses:

hair systems

What makes it the best hair system among all three ultra-thin skin’s thickness?

Obviously, for consumers who are not sensitive to price, ultra-thin skin 0.03mm is the best choice of all super thin skin hair systems. For consumers who are more sensitive to the price, but still value naturality very highly, there are other options. For example, the 0.06mm gives an almost identical finish as the 0.03mm, and that also uses V-looped ventilation. An Ultra-thin Skin base with an even longer lifespan is the 0.08mm that uses single split knots as its chosen ventilation method. Therefore, there are other options, but for the most natural hair system for men, 0.03mm is the best with 0.06mm coming to a close second.

Vertical Comparison 

What makes it the overall best hair system on the market?

First of all, we need to know what’s the key points to make the best hair system.

  • Naturality  
  • Comfort Level 
  • Lifespan
  • Hair Quality
  • Fast Delivery 
  • Easy to Take Care Of
  1. Naturality: In terms of naturality, the main part is the Front Hairline, because this is the part of the hair system most noticed in face-to-face interactions. The next section when looking at naturality is the Parting Area. The 0.03mm hair system has the best hairline and parting area. It looks completely invisible because of the Skin material and the V-looped ventilation method with no knots.
  2. Comfort Level: Looking at comfort, the two main contributors is the texture and breathability. With the 0.03mm base, the hair system is extremely soft and delicate. This impacts the durability of the hair system which we will cover later. In terms of breathability, it’s not as breathable as other base materials such as Lace and Mono. But this is OK, because usually the target markets where this is selling best, the weather isn’t too humid.
  3. Lifespan: For the ultra-thin skin 0.03mm, it has a short lifespan of 3~4 weeks. Not because of the hair quality, but the base. Since 0.03mm is so thin, it is almost a one-off product. Once removed and taken off from the head, the ultra-thin skin is easily broken. Because of this, although the price is not higher than the other styles, the cost will be higher due to the high replacement frequency.
  4. Hair Quality: Have you been puzzled? Short lifespan and high costs? These do not sound like the best hair system. Please note that for any hair pieces, since there is no nutrition like our own hair, the longer it is used, the worse the hair quality gets. Compared to the normal lifespan of 3~4 months for other models, a 1/3 lifespan, however, makes ultra thin skin style a better hair quality, no tangled, not dry, and no hair loss. What’s the most important is that there is no complaint of quality from clients. For clients who are not sensitive to price, higher quality is more important. How amazing!
  5. Fast Delivery: Fast delivery worldwide for the best undetectable men’s toupees, available in stock; in many colors, including a large range of grey percentages. Bono Hair is always the best!
  6. Easy to Take Care Of: Comparison with the most powerful competitor – Full French Lace


Why has the sale of Ultra-Thin Skin 0.03mm exceeded that of Full French lace, compared to Full French lace, which is also natural, soft, more breathable, and with a longer lifespan?

Easy to take care of – We could say because it’s more natural, but we have already covered that… let’s look at how easy it is to use and maintain the hair system from the perspective of the end user. The main reason that the ultra-thin Skin 0.03mm has exceeded that of Full French Lace is that the ultra-thin skin is much easier to take care of.

For French Lace, glue is not workable because of the holes in it. The glue could permeate through the holes and stick the hair together. If tapes are used, they still have to be washed and cleaned regularly and thoroughly to avoid any sticky matter left on the base, which will be mixed with the dust, causing hair to tangle or get mass.

But for ultra-thin skin hair system, there are completely no worries like what is mentioned above. Both glue and tape are ok. Put it on and just wash it like wash your hair. One month later, throw it away and change to a new one. Wonderful experience, isn’t it?


Although, there is a higher frequency for replacement and accordingly a little higher cost, all the other aspects are advantages, including the most natural effect, soft, comfortable, good hair quality, no troubles with maintenance and pressure of hair getting tangled or hair loss, and easy to use.

Your clients will definitely love it. If your location is not in the low latitude area where the climate is hot, if your target market is focused on medium-to-high-end clients who are not sensitive to price, ultra-thin skin will be the best choice.

Thanks for reading our blog!  We hope that it was insightful!

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