Causes of Double Crown Hair and its Myths

Causes of Double Crown Hair and its Myths (3)

A hair crown is the clockwise circular pattern of hair follicles on the top of your head with a round spot in the center where there is no sign of hair. Most people are born with one hair crown on their scalp, but some of us, like 5 percent to be exact, are born with double hair whorls on our heads. There are many secrets and cultural assumptions connected with double crown hair; some say it’s linked with autism, some say it’s a sign of early hair loss, and some connect it with brilliance. But what secret lies behind these multiple whorls still needs to be determined.

We are writing this blog to discover the facts and myths behind this double crown hair and to make you understand the term more easily; we will be covering the following topics in this piece to help you find the truth.  


Causes of Double Crown Hair and its Myths (5)

Most people are unaware of the term called double crown hair or double hair whorl, but just like its name, double crowns are the two circular patterned hairs on your scalp. Some five percent of the world’s population have double hair whorls on their scalp. It’s generally because of genetics. Genes play a key role in your hair development, so if your parents or family members have double crown hair, it’s an indication that you might have it in your kids.  

That’s the only fact about double crown hair. Besides that, many long-held cultural notions about the multiple whorls are all falsely established and wrong.

Only in some cases does the crown hair circulate clockwise; in some cases, the hair pattern runs anti-clockwise, or some types have odd angles on their scalp. But this is all just a feature on the head; there is no medical condition or hair problem involved in it.

However, people with double crown hair want to hide their crowns in different ways to make it look normal; for such instances, we will also be covering different styling options that can conceal the whorls.


Causes of Double Crown Hair

The double crown hair is said to be connected with ethnicity; if you have a double hair whorl, it’s perhaps because it runs in your family. Genetics plays a key role in double hair whorl on your head because you inherit it from your kin. 

That’s all we have about this feature of our body, as few pieces of research have been done on the causes of double hair whorls. Hence this is still a mystery. 

What Does Double Crown Hair Mean?

Causes of Double Crown Hair and its Myths (4)

Double crown doesn’t mean anything specific, but many myths are related to these hair whorls.

  1. There is a myth related to double crown hair that says that the whorls are a sign of hair loss and patterned-baldness, but there is no proof. Hence we can assume it’s not related to early hair loss.
  2. Some say that those with double-crown hair are exceptionally brilliant and talented. It can be said because of the coincidence as double hair whorls are linked with genes, and if intelligence runs in your family, you might inherit that too.
  3. Lastly, the bizarre theme is that having double crown hair is a sign of autism. A small study in Turkey found that the autistic male participants of that study had multiple whorls on their scalps. But no well-established support for this link. Autism is also linked with genetics, so this can be a reason that people establish such notions.
  4. The funniest myth regarding the double hair whorls in some parts of the world is that if your baby is born with double crown hair, it’s a sign that your next baby will be a baby boy. Well, there is no well-established fact about this thing, but people think like that about the multiple whorls in different parts of the world.

How to Style Double Crown Hair?

Causes of Double Crown Hair and its Myths (6)

There are many ways to style your double crown hair; if you want to hide the crown area to make it invisible, then you can grow the hair a bit longer to make it voluminous and lengthy. Once the hair has grown, you can style it with different styling products like gel, mousse, and hairspray to get a chic hairstyle.

You can make several styles by using these things to get your desired look. You use mousse to create a messy look which can move the focus from your whorls to the messy hairstyle. Besides this, you can also part your hair to one side by combining them with gel which will conceal the crown area. You can also cover the double crown hair by adding texture to your hair, asking your hairstylist to give you a haircut that adds instant volume to your crown and increases texture.

But most importantly, there is no harm in sporting your double hair whorl with confidence because it’s not a medical condition you need to hide, so take it in a unique style.

What Kind of Toupees is used for Double Crown Hair?

There are multiple ways to conceal the double crown in hair through stylish toupees. Many reputable manufacturers assist with how you can get great styling strategies. However, if you need the finest options for double crown hair, then Bono Hair is a perfect choice. Bono Hair is the most innovative and fast-rising manufacturer in the hair replacement industry. We have been in this business for a very long time now, and with continuous modernization and a well-skilled team of artisans, they are on a mission to provide the most economical, comfortable, and natural-looking hair systems to their customers around the world.

Hair is very important in everyone’s life; everybody wants to sport a head full of hair. Things get worse if you suffer from hair thinning on the double crown; the best you can do in this regard is to wear a human hair toupee. French lace toupees are best in this regard as they’re made with mesh, which helps easily blend into the scalp. The best features of these toupees are their breathability, naturalness, and affordability. All lace hair systems from Bono Hair are light-weighted, so you don’t feel cumbersome wearing them. These systems are breathable in place to air so that you don’t get irritated after wearing them. Most importantly, the lace material is available in different colors, making blending well with different skin tones easier.

 These toupees don’t only look realistic but also are very comfortable and durable. Here are three favorite toupees from Bono Hair that can give you the most natural look if you have double hair whorls on your scalp.

  • BLN465810 French Lace Men’s Toupee
  • Australia-T French Lace Hair System for Men
  • BH2 Undetectable Men’s Lace Toupee


BLN465810 French Lace Men’s Toupee

Causes of Double Crown Hair and its Myths (7)

We at Bono Hair design some high-quality, luxurious hair replacement units that help you fully cover your head, especially specific bald areas like crowns, templates, and hairline. This French lace men’s toupee from Bono Hair is our most sought-after hair replacement system. This wig has layers of PU to make it super comfortable and flawless; this toupee will cover your double crown hair and enhance your overall appearance.


Australia-T French Lace Hair System for Men

Causes of Double Crown Hair and its Myths (1)

Bono Hair is the house of premium quality hair systems and toupees. This Australia-T French lace system is one of the latest toupee models available in stock; it’s made using the most recent technology, making it unique and stylish. This most natural and airy hair replacement system is made with 0.10mm skin all around and Indian human hair, which makes it super comfortable and undetectable. If you are looking for a toupee that gives you volume and looks authentic, then this one in the list is all you need.


BH2 Undetectable Men’s Lace Toupee

Causes of Double Crown Hair and its Myths (2)

This undetectable piece is the best pick for those who want to completely hide their multiple whorls on the scalp with a rug. The base of this toupee is constructed hand-sewn with French lace. The great feature of this toupee is that it’s easily customizable and can be altered according to your preference. You can use it to conceal the double whorls in your hair undetectably, as it blends perfectly with your hair strands to give an authentic appearance.


A double hair whorl is just another feature of your body, just like the shape of your eyes or hair color, which doesn’t need to be concealed. Nor is this thing linked with any health condition, nor does it indicate anything about you, so all the unsurely-established notions about double crown hair are false. The only thing linked with this condition is your genetics; hence if you also have a double crown in your hair, don’t worry about it; you are as normal as left-handed people are; having double-crown hair doesn’t make you any less or more.


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  1. LatestmodApks says:

    I never knew that double crown hair was caused by hormones and genetics! Thanks for debunking the myth that it’s due to a diet rich in dairy products. I’ve been dealing with this issue for a while now, and it’s good to know that I can’t blame it on my love for ice cream

  2. camerashuttercount says:

    Thanks for this informative post! I had no idea that double crown hair was caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. I’ve always heard people talking about it being due to ‘bad haircuts’ or ‘ styling habits’, but it’s great to know that there’s more to it. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the home remedies you suggested to fix my own double crown hair

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