All You Need To Know About Hair Dye and Its Effects

All You Need To Know About Hair Dye and Its Effects (3)

Hair dying is a trend that will be around for a while as it makes one look younger and more stylish. People, regardless of gender, caste and race, practice dying hair regularly. Some of us do it to conceal gray hair, while others do it to try unique and stylish looks. Hair dying is fun and highly satisfying, but the only worry is whether frequently dying your hair is safe or not or does hair dye cause hair loss. This article is to answer all such queries regarding hair dye  


Hair coloring is a fashion statement nowadays; it’s a practice of changing your natural hair color into a desired one. You can dye your hair in two ways permanent and non-permanent hair dyes. In non-permanent hair dyes, the hair color usually fades after a specific time and washing. While the permanent ones just like their name suggests, stay on as it’s done by permanently cutting down your natural hair color by chemical reactions.

There are many benefits of hair dying as it gives you a refreshing and stylish look, it makes your hair look fuller and voluminous and also the right hair color brings a glow to your skin and enlaces your facial features. However, frequent coloring to try new looks can make your hair fragile as the dying process involves too many chemicals, which can make your hair look tedious. 

Does Hair Dye Cause Hair Loss?

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Well, hair dye doesn’t cause hair loss, and neither can it because the hair grows from the follicle, and you treat your hair with color from the scalp; it doesn’t penetrate through it and hence does cause hair loss. But hair dyes can undoubtedly damage your hair by causing breakage. Generally, people use permanent hair color to make their tint last longer, and the chemical reaction involved in permanent dying causes some damage to you. Still, it’s the kind of damage that can be repaired and treated.

Thus, hair dye doesn’t cause hair loss, and you shouldn’t worry about getting permanent hair loss issues or alopecia by dying your hair. Still, a few other concerns are linked with using hair dyes, be they permanent or semi-permanent hair color. This hair-dying process involves a chemical reaction that alters the hair shaft and protein structure by shredding the protective layer, leading to hair breakage and damaging your healthy hair. The chemical reaction involved in this process can also cause split ends, skin irritation and allergic reactions. Although it doesn’t cause permanent hair loss, hair dye hinders hair growth by stalling the cycle. 

How to Stop Hair Loss after Coloring?

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Dying your hair is chic, but it takes a lot to maintain healthy hair after coloring. Coloring causes hair breakage and dulls hair, as these dyes are a combination of harsh chemicals like peroxide and ammonia. These chemicals are used to cut down the color from the hair shaft, making it weaker and dull; that’s why your hair requires proper nourishment and care after coloring. Good maintenance can help prevent your hair from getting damaged and minimize hair breakage. Here are a few nourishment steps that can help you prevent hair loss and hair breakage, through these steps you can make your dyed, color-treated hair look rejuvenated and healthy.

  1. The most important thing is never to dye your hair at home with a box; no matter how expert you are, always go for a hairstylist to get the best results. Hairstylists are professionals; they know the right formula and how many chemicals your hair can stand, and then they start the process accordingly.
  2. Most people don’t wash their hair frequently after getting color treatment for fear of messing up the hair color. However, regularly washing your hair after coloring is essential as the hair structure needs extra nourishment and moisturizers after exposure to harsh chemicals. We highly recommend washing your hair with proper repairing shampoos and conditioners specially designed for dyed hair.
  3. Our hair gets fragile and very vulnerable after getting color treatment, so avoiding blow drying and other heating objects when hair is wet is suggested. Instead, use towels to prevent breakage, split ends and frizz.
  4. Our hair becomes tangled and rough after dye, which causes hair loss and excessive hair breakage; always brush your hair safely to avoid this situation. Always use a brush with flexible bristles that helps in safely detangling your hair.
  5. Hair dye also makes split ends, and these split and stringy ends, if not treated timely, can have severe damage to your hair by traveling up to your hair strand. So it’s highly recommended to regularly trimming of your hair to make them look healthy.  
  6. Our color-treated hair requires daily moisture retention, which plays a crucial role in hair growth, elasticity and flexibility. So lastly, but more importantly, the damage done to your hair by hair color can always be repaired by oil nourishment. Regular oiling of your hair with hair serums or coconut oil can minimize hair loss and provide the extra shine to your hair that everybody loves.

What are the safest hair dyes for thinning hair?

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Hair dyes are not a great option for thinning hair as they can further damage your already fragile hair, but it dauntlessly gives a rejuvenating appearance to your thin hair, so you must look for hair color brands safe for your hair. If you go to any drugstore you will find aisles and aisles there filled with a wide range of hair colors, but not all of them are safe for your hair, some of them are so bad in quality that they can trigger hair loss and other hair and skin related ailments. We at Bono Hair care for our client’s well-being, so we are listing down the hair dyes that are long-lasting and capable of dodging hair loss and damage.

●        Olia Oil-Powered Hair Color by Garnier

Garnier is a renowned hair expert brand that doesn’t need any introduction, all the products by Garnier are super safe for hair thinning as they are all formulated with natural ingredients. But the safest amongst them is Olia hair color, an ammonia-free permanent hair dye. The best thing about Olia is that it is Garnier’s first oil-powered hair color made with a 60% blend of natural flower oil, making hair silky smooth and visibly healthier. Olia works on hair types and textures and claims to provide three times shinier and long-lasting hair color. So, if you have hair thinning, this is the dye you must try.

●        Excellence Crème by L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris is a hair color brand you can blindly trust regarding quality and protection. A wide range of hair colors comes under this brand. L’Oreal Paris specially formulates ammonia-free hair colors to prevent hair damage. The products are also embedded with pro-keratin that strengthens the hair strands.

Excellence crème by L’Oreal is known as the selling hair dye of this year; it’s considered the safest hair dye for hair thinning as it’s formulated with ProKeratine complex that doesn’t only offer 100% color coverage but also provides deep protection to your thin hair from damage.

●        ColorSilk Beautiful Color by Revlon

Revlon is another brand that one can blindly trust, and it’s USA’s most trusted brand that’s only safe for thinning hair but also provides an instant silky texture to your rough hair. The new ColorSilk Beautiful Color by Revlon is a new ammonia-free non-drip formula that provides salon-like shinier hair healthier and fuller hair at home. This product is highly recommendable as it’s packed with 3D gel technology that gives your hair a natural multi-tonal color and boosts your hair’s dimension.

●        Natural Instincts by Clairol

When picking a milder hair color that doesn’t harm your hair, nothing beats the satisfaction Clairol hair dye provides. Clairol is an ammonia-free hair dye that enhances your natural hair color. All the products under Clairol are made with 80% natural ingredients that are its named instincts.  

Natural Instincts is excellent for thinning hair as it’s created without any harsh ammonia smell and no-drip formula, which gives you a rejuvenating lilies’ fragrance. It also contains ME+, a dye molecule that minimizes the chances of allergic reactions caused by dyes.


Hair coloring is tempting every one of us tries our hands at hair color at least once in life. So if you have decided about hair color and are looking for a durable option, always opt for a high-quality branded hair color. A branded, premium quality product can guarantee the best results with minor damage, but you can only partially rely on it as you would also need to take careful measures for your hair maintenance. Thus follow the step to step guide we shared above to make locks look healthier and shinier after the coloring.  


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