All You Need to Know About Ever-trending Blonde Highlights for Men

All You Need to Know About Ever-trending Blonde Highlights for Men (10)

Men with unique colorful hair look stylish and charismatic. They look so hip that everyone around them wants to start a conversation with them. Men’s highlights were a major hit in the nineties, and guys out there still want to know whether the highlights are in fashion or not. Men’s highlights are gaining immense popularity nowadays, and one can apply these highlights to all lengths, styles, and textures.

From midnight blue to blazing purple and pale pink, you can try a wide range of hues to enhance your silhouette. All you need to color your hair is confidence and passion for styling differently and uniquely.

The most popular celebrities of the nineties, like Nick Carter, Taylor Hanson, and Justin Timberlake, all had one thing in common: all had molasses blonde hair. Hence if you are looking for a style that attracts girls and makes them fall for you, then blonde highlights are the safest option.

Your colored hair can be statement-making and eye-catching if you do it rightly. Blonde highlights for men are the most trendy; here are all the details about this trendiest color.


Men’s hairstyle trends have evolved immensely, and highlights, especially men’s blonde highlights, can always go right. Those daring men who try a new trend and look for options to transform their look opt for highlights. Blonde highlights for men are known for creating an impactful and daring silhouette, and one thing is certain this iconic hairstyle will not go out of fashion soon. Highlights are a men’s fashion trend worth trying once a time as it’s super trendy and makes your hair look thicker and voluminous.

Besides the refreshing and stylish look, highlights also make your locks look fuller. Thus, if you have thinning issues or a thin mane, you must try blonde highlights for men.

Types of Blonde Highlights for Men

Highlights are vital in transforming your personality, whether for men or women. It just rejuvenates your look and makes you feel good about your appearance, while blonde highlights specifically give your hairstyle a fresh and stylish vibe, and it goes perfectly well with the scorching summer heat.

Here are a few trendy blonde highlights for men that you can try on any hair type and rock to any occasion.

1.      Blonde Highlights with Dark Hair

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Blonde look amazingly well on a pompadour hairstyle; for this hairstyle, you would need to gradually trim your sides short of creating dimensions on the top. Blonde highlights on this hairstyle look perfect when you leave some or leave them some inches apart to make your natural color visible.

2.      Blonde Highlights with Brown Hair

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Blonder highlights with brown hair are a chic style for all those fashionable men who want to keep a trendy and stylish silhouette. Brown hair with blonde highlights is the safest combination to enhance your appearance. You would only require hair wax to style this awesome hairstyle and hairspray to make it last longer.

3.      Blonde Highlights on Short Curls

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Blonde highlights for men look stylish on all types of hair, but if you have afro-American curls, the blonde highlights can up your hair game to the next level. Give your tight ringlets some ombre blonde highlights to make them look unique and glamorous.

4.      Blonde Highlights for Afro-American Man

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Everyone wants to try unique hairstyles to enhance their appearance, but men are usually scared of the results, which is why they don’t try new stuff. To gain a public appreciation for your hairstyle, you must trim your hair to frame your face. And to make your hairstyle attention-grabbing, make a mohawk of blonde highlighted hair on the top of your head.

5.      Dirty Blonde Highlights for Men

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Are you searching for a silhouette that turns your head and transforms you completely? Then it would be best if you tried these dirty blonde highlights. Dirty blonde highlights create a dapper look when you style it with platinum blonde dye on a long quiff.

6.      Blonde Highlights on Long Hair

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Long hairstyle is the preference of all the boys that want to look macho. You must frame your face with long layers and add sassiness to your style using blonde and light brown highlights to attain this. This hairstyle is enough to give you an eye-catching appearance and enhances your facial features to make girls fall for you.

7.      Platinum Blonde Highlights for Men

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Do you want to try the trendiest blonde highlights for men? Then this platinum blonde highlight is the one for you, and it’s the chicest and most sexy highlight among guys. This platinum blonde hair dye creates a wooing factor in your personality if you color your hair on a hairstyle that gives volume and dimension to your top hair.

8.     Ash Blonde Highlights for Men

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Ash-blonde highlights are a great way to transform your appearance into a dapper one. This men’s blond highlight shade can be essential in making a dauntlessly stunning impression for you. This dyeing technique is so rewarding that even girls can get jealous of your stylish locks. It’s an ideal option for men with brown skin tones, especially Asian men.

Why Choose Blonde Highlights

Highlights are not just aesthetic but much more than that, and it doesn’t bring a drastic change in your appearance but also make your dull hair more textured and defined. Blonde highlights are so eye-catching that they highlight your overall look.

Blonde highlights in men are the most trendy highlights; blonde looks amazing on brown hair; it adds volume and texture to your brown hairstyle, and the combination grabs all the attention to your hair. Even men with dark brown hair color prefer dyeing their hair blonde because it creates a high contrast and bold look on their locks.

How to Style and Keep Blonde Highlights Longer?

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The best thing about men’s blonde highlights is that they can be styled with various hairstyles and give a chic appearance. These men’s highlights are not for any specific texture and length but can be used on all types of hair and styles, from mature bob, quiff, and frosted edges to the bun and foggy haircut.

The lasting of the highlights highly depends on your hair growth; usually, your desired highlights last between 8 to 10 weeks. Normally if you naturally have darker color roots, your blonde highlights would fade over time, and you would need regular touch-ups for your root.

The fading of the highlights majorly depends on your natural hair growth, texture, genes, and hair thinning. However, you control your highlights from early fading if you avoid washing your hair daily, as regular shampooing with chemicals can affect your hair color badly.

Hence we suggest you only use the products specifically made for color-treated hair. Using such products will help your blonde highlights last longer.

How Much Does the Highlight Cost?

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The cost of highlights for men can vary from $20 to $200, depending on the size and quality of the dye. It also depends heavily on the skills and techniques and special kinds of highlights requiring exquisite products and skills to achieve the perfect look. Like balayage is an expensive highlight as it’s achieved by hand-paint work on hair and costs more than $450; the best part is it doesn’t need any touch-ups later. While the traditional highlights are done using foil, which costs much less.

Certain complex highlighting techniques, like pintura and balayage highlights, come at a higher cost. But the benefit of these techniques is that it makes the hair look effortlessly natural and stylish. But there are many other highlight techniques that you can get to change your appearance by not paying too much money. These techniques include:

  • Partial highlight the highlights where you only color the locks that help frame your face.
  • Full highlights are the ones where you add highlights all over your head.
  • Ombre and Balayage are the two hand-painted techniques, and balayage is the natural blending, while in ombre, the color is added to the bottom of the hair.

Moreover, the popularity of the salon and the brand name is also important in determining the cost. The high-end salons charge a hefty amount for highlights compared to local salons.


Blonde highlights for men are a trend worth trying at least once in a lifetime. But it’s suggested that you must get this technical process done with professional assistance since only then can you get the best results. The salons have professional-grade products to do this job, and they also have different highlighting treatments that ensure your hair’s safety and health.

Although people try highlighting their hair at home as they need to be made aware of the basic technicalities, they might end up damaging their hair by excessive use of bleach and dye. Hence, it would be best if you got yourself a refreshing highlight, but first, find a professional, stylish hair colorist to finish this job perfectly.


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