Top Ten Reliable Chinese Wig Manufacturers

Top Ten Reliable Chinese Wig Manufacturers (1)

Dauntlessly, Chinese wig manufacturers are known as the world’s largest hair market, and the hair replacement business in China has been operating for ages. Many clients worldwide dealing in hair replacement systems blindfolded trust Chinese wig manufacturers for bulk buying. The hair market in China is an entire sector based on large-scale industries and mass production.  

This blog will give you all the information you need about the top ten wig manufacturers in China, their pros and cons, and their criteria for dealing with clients. This blog aims to help you find the most trustworthy and beneficial manufacturers to work with. We are following the below structure to cover all the aspects of Chinese manufacturers.


No country can beat china when it comes to the cost and production of hair replacement systems. Wig manufacturers in China produce the most cost-effective and premium quality hairpieces that anyone in the hair market can get to start the business. The wig manufacturers in China provide more than seventy percent of the total world’s wig production.  

Top Ten Wig Manufacturers in China

Here is the list of China’s top ten most reliable and reputable wig manufacturers.

1. Guangzhou Glamor Hair Products

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Guangzhou Glamor Hair Products Co is surely known as one of the leading wigs in China; though the company was founded just five years back in 2017, they have emerged as one of the best human hair manufacturers in china. They provide premium quality hair systems to their clients around the world. Guangzhou Glamor has a wide collection of human lace, machine wigs, and frontal wigs in various styles and shades. Guangzhou is based in the Guangdong province of china.


  • The best thing about this manufacturer is their timeliness and quick response rate.
  • Guangzhou Glamour generates very high annual revenue, which makes them super famous among its clients.
  • They are known for their authenticity and have established great trust in the market in such a short period.
  • All of their products and types of machinery are certified and trademarked. They also deal in certified research and development products.


  • They only have a little high-tech machinery and equipment right now.
  • One of the biggest drawbacks of Guangzhou Glamour is the size of its staff, the company only has 20 technical staff, and workers are not included in this team.

2. Qingdao Honor Hair Products

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Qingdao Honor Hair is a well-known manufacturer from China that has been in this business for more than a decade now. Honor Hair was founded in 2011 in the Qingdao province in China and soon emerged as a professional and modern wig trader. They deal in various kinds of high-grade natural and artificial hair systems. Honor Hair knows how to do this business as they have all the proper certifications in product lines, compliance, and supplier assessment. They have a large team of 200 skillful workers, making this company stronger and more popular daily. 


  • Honor Hair’s experience in the hair production industry is one of its biggest advantages.
  • Their vast production capacity and a great team of skillful workers make them different from their competitors.
  • They have a small list of requirements to place orders.


  • The only con of this manufacturer is that they have no pending patents.

3. Bono Hair

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Bono Hair is also a renowned Chinese wig manufacturer and supplier based in Qingdao province in china. Bono Hair has a decade-long experience in this hair industry, and within this time, they have established themselves as one of the best human hair wig providers in china. They have a vast range of hair systems, wigs, extensions, and toupees that give their wearer the most authentic and natural appearance. 


  • The company provides great deals to its bulk buyers to make a trustable relationship with its clients.
  • Bono Hair uses state-of-the-art techniques to make unique and recent styles and a team of skilled workers to produce the best products.
  • All of their products and masterpieces are easily available on the website.

4. Luohe Afro-Euro Hair Products

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Luhe Afro-Euro hair manufacturers are also a well-reputed name in china; they are located in Luohe, Henan, china. This company produces many hair products, but they have great expertise in producing tape hair extensions, hair weaving, pre-bonded hair extensions, and others.


  • They produce some premium quality wigs.


  • They need to provide more information about their target market.

5. Guangzhou Jingchen Beauty Hair

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Jingchen manufacturer has three decades long experience in the hair replacement industry. This brand is known as one the most reputable wig manufacturers worldwide; they have dealt with many renowned global brands over the years and earned remarkable popularity.


  • Jingchen produces bulk stocks to fulfill the urgent demands of its clients.
  • They provide the highest-quality, 100% human hair products.
  • This manufacturer is known for its quick response and customer service.


  • This company’s only drawback is its very low supplier index.

6. Zhengzhou Sizhiyi Hair Products

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Located in the heart of Henan, a landlocked province in China, this is also known as Zhengzhou. Sizhiyi Hair Company is popular for having a great workforce and highly equipped machinery to complete their bulk orders. They are highly popular for their hair extensions, weaves, and hand-tied pieces.


  • They have a huge number of workers.
  • Sizhiyi’s greatest advantage is its high review rate.


  • This manufacturer also has a low supplier index.

7. Qingdao Blueforest Hair

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Qingdao Blueforest Hair Company is a globally recognized Chinese wig manufacturer known for using the most durable technical force and well-equipped testing equipment. They deal in premium human hair weft, lace wigs, and weaves.


  • They are popular for their quick responsive attribute and high review rate.
  • Blue forest has more than eight years of experience in the hair industry.


  • The only negative aspect of Bluforest manufacturer is that they don’t have trademarks.

8. Yuzhou City Xiao Yuan Hair Crafts

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Yuzhou City Xiao Yuan Hair Crafts is certainly one of China’s biggest human hair production companies. Based in Henan, China, this manufacturer entered the hair replacement arena in 1999, and since then, there has been no looking back for this company.


  • They have more than 200 skillful employees in their company.
  • They started their overseas delivery in 2015.


  • The only drawback is they have no patents.

9. Shenzhen Unice Technology

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Suppose you want to see a relatively new yet promising manufacturer in China, then Shenzhen Unice Technology is the one you must check. They have great deliverability and review rate and are a reputable company for their massive production lines.


  • They have great production capacity with five production lines.
  • They generate very high revenue.


  • Shenzhen Unice Technology has yet to be a fully established company.
  • It’s a relatively new company in the market.

10. Guangzhou Fei Mei Er International Trading

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This Chinese manufacturer is surely one of the strongest companies on the list. Fei Mei is known for meeting their client’s expectations, providing customer satisfaction, and having ample experience in the hair replacement market.


  • They are popular for their high capabilities for trading.
  • They have more than 50 competent workers.


  • They don’t have any patents available.

Why do Global Clients buy from Wig Manufacturers in China?

China has the largest share in the world’s wig production industry; the wig manufacturers in China produce 70 percent or even more of the wigs available in the market, which makes them popular among global clients. Many small and large-scale hair industries in China mass-produce hair products with very low labor and production expenses. The Chinese manufacturers keep their prices low because they have huge manufacturing units in their country, which help them produce premium quality human hair. Also, they easily import humans from neighboring countries like India, Indonesia, and Cambodia, which cuts the cost.


The wig manufacturers in China have gained immense popularity and trust among their customers around the world. Almost all the hair replacement market buyers trust Chinese manufacturers because of their affordable rates, a responsive attitude, and high-quality products. These manufacturers deal in bulk buying and provide wigs for wholesale to salon owners, hair replacement clinics, and online buyers. You can easily rely on these manufacturers for your business as most companies have mass stock available for urgent dealing; you only need to be cautious about which manufacturer you pick. The manufacturers, as mentioned earlier, are all trustworthy and experienced wigs producers; hence you can rely on them with your investment.  

We have answered all your queries through this detailed blog regarding Chinese wig manufacturers; however, our favorite manufacturer is Bono Hair. Bono Hair doesn’t only have the most authentic and original human hair hairpieces, but their customer service and easy customization make them stand out from their counterparts. With their amazing services and accessible website, we can say that Bono Hair is the right place to invest in hair replacement systems.


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