Ten Most Stylish Hair Replacement Systems for Men

Best hair pieces for men (8)

Men’s hair replacement systems have transformed significantly with time; those ugly-looking wigs that used to give a fake appearance now have become the best way to fight hair-related issues in men. People with noticeable hair loss and receding hairline nowadays opt for toupee as it’s an economical and feasible option to conceal hair fall and cater extreme distress it causes. The hair fall journey isn’t only stressful, but it is also a confidence-killing experience. People with male pattern baldness don’t only deal with this hair problem but also with depression.

Here are a few most natural-looking hairpieces for men that can instantly boost your confidence and give a head-turning silhouette. We will cover the following structure to get you all the necessary details.


A perfect hair replacement system plays a great part in transforming your appearance and self-esteem. As hair is the most important part of our appearance, rightly styled hair boosts confidence and enhances your entire silhouette. The best hairpieces for men are the ones that are made with the highest quality material and give their wearer an undetectable that nobody can think about it being fake. 

Modern toupees have become remarkably popular since many celebrities have endorsed using them to overcome their balding. Many celebrities have admitted to using hair replacement systems to enhance their appearance, from renowned names like Nicholas Cage and Elton John to Daniel Craig and Ben Affleck. Celebrities also use these hairpieces to disguise their look for a specific character and scene, but besides that, there is a long list of celebrities who use wigs and toupees to conceal their hair problems. Hair fall in men is natural; it happens to almost every man at a certain period through hair thinning, receding hairline, and bald patches at temples or crown area. These hair-related issues severely affect the sufferer’s lifestyle, confidence, and appearance.

Hence they look for options to help them attain self-confidence by adding volume and thickness to their locks. Hair replacement systems were taboo some decades back as they used to be a tuft of unmatched and uneven hair for people with balding issues. But since the world has evolved rapidly, the quality and design of these hairpieces have also transformed significantly and come a long way. Nowadays, these toupees and wigs have become the most viable option to fix hair loss woes.  

Why wear toupees: are they natural?

Best hair pieces for men (9)

Men’s wigs have come a long way; their remarkable ability to cover up diffuse thinning and baldness without much intervention has made them popular among its wearer. These toupees are undetectable and high on realism; that’s why most of the men dealing with some degree of alopecia find toupees a better option than getting medication and a hair transplant. Toupees nowadays are designed with such skilled techniques and modern technologies that it blends flawlessly well with your hair to give it an extremely natural look. 

Ten best hairpieces for men

Here is the list of the ten most durable and stylish hairpieces for men struggling with hair loss. All of these products are from Bono Hair, which is known as one of the most trustworthy hair system manufacturers in the world.  

1.     BH4 0.06mm Thin Skin Hair System

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BH4 is one of the most natural-looking hairpieces at Bono Hair; this model is specially designed to provide its wearer with a realistic and comfortable feel. This product is an easily adjustable hairpiece that can be trimmed according to your desired hairstyle. You can easily attach this hairpiece with the help of lace front tape without worrying about the barber’s assistance. This hair replacement system is also super easy to clean and maintain; you can also shampoo it as it’s made of human hair.

Special Features:

  • Made of Indian Human Hair
  • Base constructed with 0.06 mm super thin skin with V-loop hair
  • The length of the hair is 5 to 6 inches.
  • Available in a wide range of unique hair colors
  • This hairpiece is available in medium-light hair density.


2.     BH1 0.08mm Thin Skin Toupee

Best hair pieces for men (10)

BH1 is my favorite, as it feels exactly like your natural hair. This special design has remarkable characteristics like great texture and easy usage, making it look natural and premium. 

Special Features:

  • The base is constructed with 0.08 mm thin skin all over.
  • This model is made with both hair type synthetic gray and Indian human hair.
  • BH1 is 8 to 10 inches in size.
  • This product is available in various shades to match your natural hair type.


3.     BH2 Undetectable Men’s Lace Toupee

Best hair pieces for men (11)

BH2 is our most unique and popular article; the base of this hairpiece is hand-sewn with French lace material. French lace is ideal for hairpieces, making the product soft, natural, and lasting longer.

Special Features:

  • This article is made of French lace material.
  • The type of hair is Indian human hair and synthetic hair.
  • It’s available in multiple shades and can be dyed in your desired color.


4.     BH3 0.03mm Ultra Thin Skin Hair System

Best hair pieces for men (12)

The ultra-thinness of BH3 makes it one of our most sought-after hair replacement systems. Just 0.03mm thickness makes its base super comfortable and breathable. We imported shiny, smooth Indian, and synthetic gray hair to produce this model.

Special Features:

  • The ultra-thin and super lightweight base gives it an optimal comfort level.
  • This amazing hairpiece is available in many hues to fulfill your aesthetic taste.
  • The standard base size of this hairpiece is 8 by 10.


5.     Q6 Men’s Stock Hair Systems

Best hair pieces for men (6)

Q6 is a classic and timeless hair replacement system by Bono Hair. This model, crafted with hand-stitched French lace in the middle and thin skin on the sides, is extremely popular with our customers worldwide.

Special Features:

  • It has a 0.08mm thin base, which makes it very durable
  • The hair at the front is so real that it guarantees an undetectable hairline.
  • It has super easy maintenance and usage.
  • This hairpiece is available in various hues and even gray hair options to customize.


6.     BH5P Fine Mono Hairpiece with Lace Front

Best hair pieces for men (3)

Mono hairpieces are our most durable and well-built hair systems; whenever our clients demand some strong hairpieces, we recommend them to our wide range of mono toupees. These models are highly realistic and natural looking and give you a stylish appearance.

Special features:

  • The dimensions of this base are standard 8 by 10.
  • BH5 is available in all our stock hues, including the gray option.
  • This hairpiece is constructed with fine mono with PU gauze and lace front and is extremely comfy, breathable, and durable.


7.     X-Australia Skin Lace Hair System

Best hair pieces for men (7)

This hairpiece is the modernized version of the traditional Australian hair system. X-Australian toupee is a skin lace system with poly all around it—this hair system is certainly the best option if you want perfection and sturdiness for your locks. 

Special Features:

  • This toupee is made with Indian human hair; this wig comes in a standard base size of 8 by 10.
  • Constructed with a thick French lace base and PU at the front and back makes this hairpiece sturdy.
  • It has a great texture that blends well with your natural hair.


8.     BH4M

Best hair pieces for men (2)

BH4M is another running article at Bono Hair; it’s regularly been in demand by our bulk buyers worldwide. The best part about this hairpiece is that it’s currently on clearance price.

Special Features:

  • Made with premium quality imported Indian Human hair
  • Available in five unique shades to match your hair color.


9.     BH4 FRONTAL Hair System

Best hair pieces for men (1)

Frontal hair systems are the best option for men with receding hairlines as it seamlessly covers the wideness of your forehead with an undetectable hairpiece. It’s one of our finest hairpieces at the cheapest rates.

Special Features:

  • This piece is best for beginners as it covers a specific area.
  • Super thin skin with loop ventilation makes it breathable.


10.     Hollywood Lace Hair System

Best hair pieces for men (5)

Hollywood is our celebrity-inspired hair system; it’s one of our masterpieces designed by our highly skilled craftsman. This toupee is created with premium quality material, providing its wearer with an undetectably sleek and natural silhouette.

Special Features:

  • The usage of 100% human hair makes it easily washable.
  • French lace with bleaching knots at the front makes it look highly realistic.

Tips to get the best men’s toupee?

  • It would help if you always preferred a hairpiece made with a French or Swiss lace base, which is heat-resistant and breathable.
  • Always pick a hair system that has a sturdy and strong base because a fragile base can be ruined by glue or tape.
  • Human hair hairpieces are expensive, so always buy from a manufacturer that offers high quality at a reasonable price range, like Bono Hair.
  • Buying a product with the right density is also very important. Although a dense hair system looks realistic, extreme density can make it look fake.
  • Knowing the right measurement of your head is also crucial. always measure your head circumference before ordering a new wig because the wrong size can save time and money.


A rightly picked toupee not only conceals your hair problems and male-patterned baldness but also boosts your self-esteem and spices up your appearance. We have selected the best toupees for men in this blog so that you can get a fair idea of which one to pick. If you follow the tips we shared above and use your toupee properly, no one can ever guess you are flaunting fake locks.


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