Three Stunning Hairstyles to Style Lace Front Wigs

Three Stunning Hairstyles to Style Lace Front Wigs (2)

Wigs are not only the easiest solution to solve your hair loss problem but also great accessories to get you a hip style. Although most of the wigs come with basic styling, you can find different ways to style a lace front wig. From gorgeous braids and buns to layered cuts and ponytails, there are endless possibilities to get stunning hairstyles for lace front wigs. We are going to discuss all such incredible styles in this article, and also we will be covering how to style wigs for beginners in this piece. Below is the timeline we are following to cover all the aspects.


Are you also sick of trying the same hairstyle every day, everywhere, but only having a few options to style your dull and shedding hair? Then, lace front wigs are the best solution to your problem. The best thing about lace front wigs is that they are easily customizable according to your style, preference and creativity. Various types of lace wigs are available in the market, like full lace, lace cap, lace 360 and most popular lace front wigs.

Human hair lace front wigs are known for providing a natural appearance and hairline to their wearer. In these wigs, sheer lace is attached to the crown that blends amazingly well with its wearer’s skin to give a realistic look. Lace front wigs aren’t only versatile but can do wonders for women with hair thinning as they share their receding hairline an illusion of natural hairline. Lace fronts are known for their thin and delicate nature, making them fall perfectly on the forehead without any visible space between skin and wig; hence, they look super realistic.  

These wigs are breathable units, making them flexible and highly versatile. The best part is that these wigs also last longer, and you can quickly wear them for at least two years if you provide them with proper care and maintenance.

Choosing the Right Lace Front Wig

Three Stunning Hairstyles to Style Lace Front Wigs (3)

It will help if you consider the following things while choosing the perfect lace front wig. You would have plenty of variety in the market, but you must pick the most appropriate one to attain the best silhouette.

1.      Pick the Right Hair Texture 

Lace front wigs come in a wide array of textures like wave hair, curly, straight, body wave, deep loose wave and many others. Hence, always choose a hair texture that blends well with your original hair to make it more realistic. However, if you want to opt for a hair texture that is easy to manage, you must opt for body waves or straight hair, as they are manageable and require low maintenance. 

2.      Getting the Right Hair Color 

The best part about flaunting fake hair is that you can try different hair colors whenever and wherever you want without causing any damage to your original locks. Lace front wigs are available in a vast collection of hair colors, so you can pick any color you like, but the most common among them are natural black human hair, as it gives the most natural appearance.

3.      Picking the Right Lace Size is also Very Important 

Choosing the right size for front lace wigs is essential as the larger lace gives women more freedom and space in parting their hair. Lace front wigs come in five different sizes, including full lace wigs, 360 lace front, 370 lace front, 13×4 lace front, and 13×6 lace front wigs. A 13×6 lace area is usually the perfect choice as it gives enough parting space to its wearer. The prices of these frontal wigs depend on their sizes; larger lace is costlier.

4.      Color of Lace and Texture 

Lace wigs are famous for providing comfort and a natural appearance to the user. That’s why lace texture and color are vital in choosing the right wig. Mostly lace front wigs are either made of French or Swiss lace. These laces are generally available in three colors: transparent, light brown and medium brown. These three shades can blend well with all skin colors. For instance, a medium brown shade goes well with women with darker skin. While light brown is perfect for women with soft brown skin tones, and those with fair skin tones can mindlessly pick transparent lace front wigs.

5.      The right Length and Thickness of Lace Front Wigs are Also Crucial 

Knowing how long and thick a wig you want before making a wig purchase is also significant, as the prices of these wigs are based on their length and density. The more extended lace front wigs require more maintenance and are more expensive; hence always opt for shoulder-length lace wigs that are easily manageable and economical. Lace front wigs also come in four different densities 250%, 200%, 180% and 150%; thicker wigs are pricier, so always make sure that you buy the density that you think would be easier to treat. High-density wigs are commonly suggested for long hair because they look thinner when you opt for long wigs, so to make them look voluminous, always opt for high-density.

6.      Always opt for Human Hair Lace Front

We always suggest our readers invest in human hair lace front wigs for longevity, durability and realistic appearance. Although there are various types of synthetic lace front wigs available in the market, and they are incredibly affordable, we don’t recommend you use those because of three primary reasons

  • Synthetics don’t last long and hardly last for six months.
  • You can’t color synthetic lace front wigs.
  • They have a weird shine which gives an impression of fakeness.


Three Stunning Hairstyles to Style Lace Front Wigs (4)

If you get quickly bored with the same hairstyle, you must know that there are numerous hairstyles for lace front wigs, and one such classic and versatile option is ponytails. Ponytails are an excellent option for lace front as it incredibly helps hide the back hairline.

High Ponytail Style: When it comes to ponytails, high ponytail nails every gathering, whether private events or professional. Although a high ponytail is a hairstyle, we don’t suggest lace front wigs as it exposes the wefts at the back. However, if you style a high ponytail with different accessories like headbands, scarves or flower bands, it would not only give you a chic style but also help conceal the rear hairline and provide a realistic appearance.

Low Ponytail Style: If you don’t have many options to style your lace frontal, pick this low ponytail as your go-to style. A low ponytail gives you an elegant and sophisticated silhouette. This look is perfect for all the events at your workplace, dining out with friends and even parties. You can quickly achieve this look within a few minutes with the help of hair gel, bobby pins and hair ties. 

Half-up and Low Glamorous Braids

Three Stunning Hairstyles to Style Lace Front Wigs (5)

There are different ways to style lace front wigs, but braids are the most popular and chic nowadays. French braids and other braids are becoming immensely popular among young girls.

Half-Up Braid: If you want to glamour your silhouette, add this famous trend half-up braid to your style and add oomph to your hair game. Half-up braided style isn’t only stylish and looks flawlessly stunning in lace front wigs. You would need a rattail comb, hair ties, rubber bands, bobby pins and styling sprays to achieve this gorgeous hairstyle. You can also opt for a halo braid with lace frontal for a heavenly look.

Low Braid: Sleek and stylish low braids are trendy among girls with medium and long hair; women who use lace front wigs can also try this style to add flavor to their hairstyle. Low braid doesn’t only give you a neat look but also is a hassle-free style. 

Pixie Cut

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Pixie cut lace front wigs are the most sought-after product for women with receding hairlines. This hairstyle provides a seamlessly realistic hairline that can fool everyone around. This haircut suits almost all face shapes well, be it round, diamond, long or square, but it does wonders and is ideal for oval-shaped faces. Pixie cut hairstyle is a low-maintenance hairstyle that goes perfectly well with any occasion, from work to play. This hairstyle can be further styled into numerous versatile options according to your mood and occasion using products and tools. Many lace front human hair wigs also come ready-made in pixie haircuts, so you will not need to make a style by chopping your locks.

However, by getting professional stylist assistance, you can always cut your lace front wig into a pixie cut to flaunt this chic look. And you can also DIY (do it yourself) by using a few cutting techniques; always start cutting from the back. If you have a long wig, chop the hair to the shoulder before beginning a pixie haircut. After the back, cut the sides, then the hair on the top, and make the bangs to get a neatly trimmed pixie style. All of this must be done by taking proper measurements of your head and hair and learning proper pixie-cutting techniques. 


Although there are three ways to style your lace front wigs incredibly, there are endless possibilities to attain a unique and stunning look for your lace front wig. This guide is to get you started and help beginners how to style wigs. Moreover, to make your styling easier, more comfortable and more natural, we suggest you invest in only premium quality hair systems that have good lace base and gives you a natural appearance. In that regard, you can always check Bono Hair’s wide range of front lace wigs and other hair replacement systems at the most reasonable price.


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