Detailed Guideline for Tape-In Hair Extensions, Its Application and Removal

Detailed Guideline for Tape-In Hair Extensions, Its Application and Removal (2)

Hair extensions are everywhere these days; the most trending among them are tape-in extensions. Tape-in hair extensions are trending for all the right reasons; these extensions are famous for being lightweight, invisible, and easy to use. Hence, if you want to purchase tape-in hair extensions and want to know every little detail about them, what are tape-in extensions, and how long does it last? Then, you must be reading this blog; we will cover the below topics in this piece to answer all your queries.

A small strip of hair fixed on an invisibly thin taped piece with medical-grade adhesive is known as a tape-in hair extension. Tape-in hair extensions are preferred by women who want a natural appearance but not a very long-term look. These are easily manageable hair extensions that can be installed and removed instantly without creating much fuss, as bonded extensions do. The main points that make these taped hair extensions better than other permanent extensions are that they are less damaging and go well with all hair types, be they thick or thin hair.

Tape-in extensions are the best choice for women on the go for quick usage; the price of these extensions depends on the number of wefts you need and what type of hair you choose, like Remy or synthetic. Typically these extensions cost you somewhere around $200 to $400. 

What are Tape-In Hair Extensions?

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Like its name, tape-in are the hair extensions with pre-taped 4cm broad wefts on the top. Tape-in extensions are made by using medical-grade glue; it’s that one adhesive that is used in different medical procedures like plaster. In the tape-in extension, the sticky side has a paper tab to cover it, which is peeled off when you apply it. These taped hair extensions are available in various shades and lengths and can be altered according to your style and liking.

These hair extensions are available in human, Remy and synthetic hair; however, the ones with Remy’s hair are most famous for providing a realistic, healthy and shiny look to their wearer. The best thing about Remy’s hair is that the source of these hairs usually is one donor, which makes the hair cuticle intact and growing in the same direction. Tape-in extensions made of Remy’s hair are way better than synthetic ones as they produce fewer knots and tangles, making them easier to style and use.

How long do the tape-in extensions last is the most frequently asked thing about these extensions. As tape-in extensions are known as semi-permanent extensions, their longevity is mainly based on their maintenance and hair growth. Typically these extensions last for two months until they need reapplication and change.

Are Tape-In Hair Extensions Suitable for Hair Thinning?

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Women with hair thinning always look for the best options for hair extensions, as just any other extensions can’t only damage the thinning hair but can also lead to rigorous hair loss. The kind of suggested hair extension for thinning hair is the one that is lightweight, invisible and the one that doesn’t involve any heating and other chemicals for installation.

Tape-in hair extensions, in this regard, are a suitable option for hair thinning; there are various invisible tape-in hair extensions available in the market that provide an undetectable natural look to their wearer. These Remy tape-in extensions are lightweight, invisible and chemical-free that cause no damage to the natural hair. Hence, these extensions are safe for women struggling with hair thinning since they provide a fuller and more voluminous appearance to their thin hair using just a couple of strips.

How to Apply and Remove Tape-In Hair Extensions?

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Application of Tape-In Extensions 

Applying tape-in extensions is a simple task, but we recommend you get it done by a professional stylist to get the best results. Tape-in extensions application process takes a few steps. First, remove the adhesive’s covering like a sticker, then sandwich the two wefts of extensions between your natural hairs. Usually, these wefts are only 1 inch wider, so you must carefully section your hair. That’s why we recommend professional assistance for that. Ensure that the thickness of your natural in-between the wefts is the same weight as the tape so that it can hold the extensions properly. The base of this medical-grade adhesive is super thin, which makes the extensions lighter and helps blend well with natural hair.

Make sure to evenly lay all the extensions so that all are distributed evenly around the head in terms of length, texture and volume. Also, don’t apply tape-ins near the scalp as it would damage the roots and become very difficult to remove.

Apply tape-ins evenly in a manner that they are aligned with the roots and prevent setting the taped hair near the hairline as it would reveal your secret. This method doesn’t last more than an hour, depending on the number of extensions you are applying.

Removal of Tape-In Extensions

You can easily remove these taped extensions with the help of liquid solutions. First, you dampen the bond so the adhesive loosens its grip and the extensions can be removed gently. We also suggest that you get professional stylist assistance for the removal process, as the stylists have acetone-based alcoholic sprays that break down the adhesive so that one can easily peel off the wefts from your natural hair.

However, if you want to do the removal process at home, we suggest you buy oil-based tape removers that are available in the market. These oil-based removers help loosen tape instantly to remove the extensions easily. You need to spray these removers generously on the top and leave it over for 30 seconds so that it starts to loosen up, then tap the top a few times so that the glue bond melts down and you can pull it out of your hair. After removing the extensions, wash your hair with shampoo until all the glue residue is removed from the scalp.

Other FAQs

1. How long does Tape-In Hair Extension Last?    

Tape-in extensions last up to four to eight months; taped hair lasting depends mostly on hair growth. If your hair grows more rapidly, you may need a change in the extensions.

2. How to Take Care of Tape-in Extensions?    

You can make these extensions look fresher and last longer if you provide proper care and protection. There are main things you must do for tape-in hair extension protection.

  • Avoid any styling product that contains oil, alcohol and sulfate, as these ingredients damage the hair and the adhesive.
  • Always brush your hair twice a day to make the knots and tangle-free; you can also remove these knots with your fingers whenever you find any.
  • Heat protection and other quality hair extension products are always recommended before styling to avoid hair breakage and protect them from drying out.

3. Can I Style My Hair With Tape-in Hair Extensions?  

   Tape-in extensions last up to eight weeks; during all this time, you have endless possibilities to make different hairstyles on this taped hair.

  • You can try using heating tools to style your taped hair. We know that heating extensions are damaging, but with heat protection products, you can get a fantastic look for your tape-in extensions. Ringlet curls are a great heat style that you can make with your tape-in hair extensions.
  • Steer clear of oil products for styling your extensions, as it will make them greasy and slippery. Instead, use natural styling products to give a new style to your extensions and fishtail braids in one such manner that you can easily make with your hair extensions by just using natural styling products.
  • A bubble ponytail with backcombing is another whimsical hairstyle that you can make to style your extensions. You can use dry shampoo on your extensions to make this style look neat and frizz-free, as frizz can be caused by bubble shape.

4. Can I Reuse Tape-in Hair Extensions?

Yes, you can easily reuse your tape-in hair extensions; all you need to do is clean the hair weft properly so that any old sticky residue left on it can be cleaned. You can clean the hair weft by spraying some solution and scratching leftover adhesive with your nail. Usually, this process doesn’t take much time, but if some stubborn residue is there, you can wash it with water. After removal, wash the extensions properly with the help of shampoo and conditioner and let them dry completely.

Once the cleaning and drying process is done, your extensions are ready to be reused; you need some new tapes to reapply the extensions on your head. After getting the required things, you can follow the tape-ins application process shared earlier in this blog again.


Tape-in hair extensions are a great option to enhance your look instantly; you can apply, remove and reuse these extensions without creating any fuss. Although we aforementioned easy ways to apply and remove these extensions, we still suggest you get the installation done by a professional stylist to achieve the most natural and satisfactory appearance. These taped hairs can be reused repeatedly if kept well-maintained during the installation and removal process.

However, you are looking to invest in this remarkable product. In that case, you can visit the Bono Hair website for the premium quality human hair collection and the most satisfying rates.


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