All You Need to Know About Men’s Glue-on Hairpieces, And How to Get a Perfect One

All you need to know about men's glue-on hairpieces (2)

Hair loss is an inevitable phenomenon amongst men, from hair thinning and receding hairlines to bald spots and male pattern baldness men suffer from all of this at some point in their lives. Hair loss doesn’t only make one look much older than their age but also tarnishes one’s overall appearance. And to triumph over this issue, the best solution is glue-on hairpieces.

The glue-on hairpiece is the perfect way to achieve a natural-looking glamorous hairstyle for your appearance. Men’s glue-on hair is a detailed topic with different aspects, so let’s dive into the world of glue-on hair pieces and discover more about it and how you can get a perfect one. Below is the format we will follow.

Male pattern baldness is a common hair problem amongst men, as most men at certain ages suffer from hair-related issues. Male pattern hair loss can be moderate initially, but it gets aggressive with aging.

To overcome this issue, usually, men take the help of glue-on hair pieces. These hairpieces are crafted from premium quality human or synthetic hair; it comes in a wide variety of textures, lengths, and shades that can seamlessly blend with your original hair to give them unique looks.

Glue-on hair pieces can help you achieve desirable hairstyles for special occasions and even enhance your appearance by adding volume to your hair for everyday use. Several types of glue-on hairpieces available in the market can help you get an amazing look by just sticking it to your head. The most common types are full hair systems, lace front, and skin hair systems.

The Advantages of Glue-on Hairpieces

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There are many benefits of glue-on hair pieces; let’s discover a few of them:

  • Instant Transformation 

Glue-on hairpieces can significantly transform one’s look by concealing the hair problem and providing a head full of hair. It’s a realistic and instant solution for all of your hair problems. Men with receding hairline, bald spots, and hair thinning can opt for this hair system as it instantly and effectively conceals hair loss and give you a youthful appearance. This boost in your hair can immediately shed years from your look and drastically increase your self-confidence. Glue-on hairpieces can flawlessly mimic the shine and movement of your natural hair, giving your hairstyle a realistic appearance. Besides addressing hair problems, glue-on hairpieces also allow you to experiment with different versatile hairstyles to bring out the best version of you.

  • Non-Invasive Solution 

Glue-on hairpieces offer a non-invasive and non-surgical way to deal with hair loss; it helps achieve a desired head full of hair without getting a medical procedure. The application process of a glue-on hairpiece is simple and quick. It doesn’t involve any surgical intervention. These hair systems are painless and hassle-free and are perfect for men who want to avoid transplant surgeries. The application process also has minimal to no side effects, making it the best alternative as it doesn’t worsen your hair condition.

  • Time and Cost Effective 

Compared to other hair replacement options like surgical procedures and glue-on hairpieces are relatively economical and won’t cost you much. The application process is also instant and easy and helps you to get the desired look without cleaning your bank account.

  • Low Maintenance and Customizable

The best advantage of a glue-on hair piece is that it’s easily manageable and requires the least maintenance. Once the system is applied, it calls for minimum upkeep, making it a time-saving option for men with busy schedules. Another benefit of having a glue-on hairpiece is its various customizable options. It offers various textures, lengths, and shades to match your natural hair.

How to Apply Glue-on Hair Piece

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The application process of the glue-on hair system is also instant and hassle-free, and it only requires specialized tapes and adhesives to safely fix the hair system on the scalp. The latest hair systems are designed to easily apply them at home. However, one can opt for professional assistance for applying hair systems for precise results and a seamlessly natural appearance. Conversely, only five simple steps are involved in applying glue-on hairpieces.

  1. Firstly, clean your scalp with mild shampoo to make it oil and dirt free. Cleaning is very important as it helps in making adhesive adhere properly.
  2. Now apply a thin layer of specialized adhesive on the scalp along the hairline where you are supposed to attach the hairpiece. Be careful; don’t apply much adhesive, as it creates a mess.
  3. The next step is to let the glue dry and gently apply the hairpiece. Start pressing the system from the front and then move towards the back. You can also use a mirror for accuracy.
  4. Once you have placed the hair system accurately, press down the hair piece to secure the bond. You can also use a hairdryer to settle the adhesive.
  5. Finally, after fixing the system, you can trim, cut and shape your hairpiece to attain your preferred hairstyle.

Tips for Maintenance and Care for Glue-on Hairpieces

  • Regular hair system cleaning is highly important to enhance its appearance and longevity. Thus regularly wash and clean your glue-on hair piece with ammonia-free shampoo and conditioner to keep it in the best condition.
  • Using a high-quality and specialized adhesive or tape to ensure the proper attachment of the hair system is also crucial, as the low-quality adhesive can ruin your hairpiece.
  • We suggest you occasionally take professional assistance for maintenance. Try visiting a hairstylist for reapplication and periodic adjustment after some time, as it would make the hairpiece look its best.
  • Although glue-on hairpieces are long-lasting and durable, you must avoid doing activities and things that can cause premature detachment to your hair system.

Men’s Glue-on Hairpieces from Bono Hair

Bono Hair is not only the leading hair system brand that deals in premium quality hair replacement systems, but we have been a significant part of the hair systems manufacturing industry for over a decade. We manufacture all kinds of human hair and synthetic hair systems that we provide to our clients in different parts of the world. We produce a plethora of glue-on hairpieces like wigs, toupees, and hair patches daily, and to make it easier for our readers, we have made a list of our most selling and popular glue-on hairpieces that can instantly overcome your hair loss problem and help you achieve a natural-looking realistic appearance.

BH4 Frontal Hair System

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The BH4 frontal hair piece by Bono Hair is specially designed for men who struggle with receding hairline. This glue-on frontal hair wig is perfect for individuals seeking to enhance their hairline. BH4 has a super thin skin base that seamlessly blends with the natural hairline and gives its wearer an undetectable appearance. This frontal hair system offers smooth and precise application and gives an illusion of hair growing naturally from the scalp.

The BH4 frontal is made of 100% human hair and v-loop ventilation, which makes it smooth and knot-less. This particular piece is available in thirteen shades and four sizes to match your natural hair and give you the most satisfying appearance.

BH1 0.08mm Thin Skin Toupee

BH1 has a 0.08mm thin base made with poly, a transparent material that perfectly mimics human skin. The poly base makes this product incredibly invisible. That’s why BH1 is highly famous among young men with hair loss issues.

Bono Hair’s skin hair systems have gained immense popularity over time. BH1 is one of our selling products, famous for providing a highly realistic look and in the most affordable price range. Moreover, the BH1 hair hairpiece is available in a wide range of shades and available that’s more than forty to match its wearer’s locks. This glue-on hair system is available in only one size that can alter according to your desired style.

BH4 0.06mmThin Skin Hair Systems

If you are seeking something that offers comfort and realness at the same time, this glue-on hairpiece is your first choice. The bh4 hair system is an ultra-thin toupee that we have designed for comfort and realism. This hairpiece is best for men struggling with patterned baldness as it’s made with an ultra-light transparent super thin base that is just 0.06mm thick. This glue-on hairpiece is available in many colors; it has standard front contour, light and medium-light hair density, and a realistic front hairline.


To summarize, a glue-on hair piece is a remarkably realistic solution for men seeking to triumph over hair loss. A glue-on hairpiece can instantly transform men’s looks, boost their confidence, and help them achieve their desired hairstyle quickly.

Bono Hair offers various options to cater to hair loss patterns and styling preferences. One can easily find the aptest hair system on our website that fits their needs, lifestyle, and preference. Hence men’s glue-on hair systems are a savior for men dealing with hair-related issues, and by opting for these hairpieces, one can significantly transform their appearance and enjoy a renewed sense of self-assurance.


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