Is Bret Michaels Bald? Secret About Bret Michaels’s Hair

Is Bret Michaels Bald Secret About Bret Michaels’s Hair1

Have you seen Bret Michael’s natural hair?

It is not uncommon for people to wonder why a celebrity like Bret Michaels will choose to cover aspects of his hair regardless of the occasion.

That is why one of the most common questions about Bret Michaels is,Is Bret Michaels bald?”

Whether or not Bret Michael is bald has not been officially established. However, some evidence suggests the rock star might be struggling with hair loss. Many people suspect balding because it is a common hair loss problem for men his age.

We will discuss further if Bret Michael is bald as we proceed in this article, but first, let’s talk about Bret Michael. 

You might wonder: who is Bret Michael, and why are people concerned about his hair?

Well, Bret Michael is an accomplished musician and well-known public figure. He is also an actor and a filmmaker. Although his acting and filmmaking skills brought him some popularity, he is still well known for his musical excellence.

If you have heard of the Rock bandPoison”, then yes, you most likely know Bret Michael, the lead singer. You can easily spot him:The guy who always wears a bandana”. Maybe you can’t remember his name or can’t seem to place a name on the face.

Being the leader of the music band (Poison) that has sold over 50 million albums worldwide propelled his music career. However, the rockstar has also built a recognizable brand with the bandana as his signature hairpiece.

Bret Michaels has also recorded personal albums without the band’s name. The ever-green singer was born in Chicora, Pennsylvania, on the 15th of March, 1963. Bret is currently 63 years old.

Almost everyone knows Bret Michael as the Bandana rockstar, but the big question is – why is Bret Michael always wearing a bandana? Is Bret Michaels bald? 

Is Bret Michaels Bald?

Is Bret Michaels Bald?

Like you, many people have been wondering if Bret Michaels is bald. Well, you can’t blame them since the music legend is always seen wearing his bandana.

It is normal for people to be curious about why Bret Michaels always wears a bandana.

In response to an interview question in 2008, Bret revealed that he is bald and also wears hairpiece and his signature bandana and cowboy hat to conceal his baldness.

Although Bret Michaels hasn’t openly discussed the extent of his baldness, he has built a signature look with his bandana and cowboy hat rock star brand.

No one can tell whether he uses hairpiece to add more length and volume to his hair. Or if he is completely wearing a wig.

Considering his consistent hair accessory style, we can assume the singer might be suffering from balding.

Balding is a common hair condition for men in Bret Michaels’ age bracket. It is not an infectious condition, it is mostly a genetic condition.

Let’s see some of the causes of balding.

4 Common Causes of Balding in Older Men

4 Common Causes of Balding in Older Men

According to Mayo Clinic, people lose 50 to 100 hair per day, but they won’t notice it since new hair is growing.

Most people start noticing hair loss when they lose hair without new hairs growing back. One or more of the factors below contribute to hair loss in older men.

●    Heredity

Some people suffer hair loss as a result of heredity or family history. In some families, people start to experience hair loss as they age. This condition usually begins with a receding hairline or bald spots.

●    Medical Condition

Medical conditions like hormonal imbalance, alopecia, pregnancy, childbirth, etc. can result in hair loss.

●    Medications

The side effects of some drugs and treatments for conditions like cancer, high blood pressure, heart problems, depression, etc. can result in hair loss.

Treatment procedures like radiation therapy to the head can affect hair growth. Thinning hair, receding hairline, and balding are some of the symptoms.

●    Stress

Stress is one of the major causes of a majority of medical conditions. Physical and emotional stress can contribute to hair loss. These kinds of hair loss are usually temporary and it’s mostly categorized by receding hairline or bald spots.

Considering these common causes of hair loss, we can assume that stress might be a contributing factor to Bret Michaels’s hair condition.

We can assume this because of his lifestyle. Bret is an accomplished singer, and achieving that level of success comes with a lot of training, rehearsals, and physical performances. From his lifestyle, stress might be the reason for his hair loss.

What’s with Bret Michael’s Bandanna Look?

What’s with Bret Michael’s Bandanna Look?

If you look closely at how he ties his bandanna, you might get a clue about the severity of his hair loss. From the picture above, the bandana is covering the area around his hairline and slightly his ears.

Did you also notice that the bandana is also folded before being tied on the head? What do these two things signify?

To an extent, you can guess what he is trying to achieve with the hair accessories and the hair loss problem he is trying to deal with.

From the above, you can assume the rock star is trying to conceal his receding hairline as a result of balding. Slay his long “rock and row hairstyle” with as much confidence.

The bandana has been the musician’s unique way of solving these two problems while maintaining a signature look. With these facts, can you guess what Bret Michael’s hair looks like without the bandanna?

Let’s see.

Bret Michaels’ Hair without Bandanna

Bret Michaels’ Hair without Bandanna

What do you notice about Bret’s hair without the bandanna?

From the picture, you can tell that Bret is concerned about his hairline. Even if he is not wearing the bandana, you can see that he still uses his fingers to conceal that portion of his head.

You can also notice that the hair around the hairline region looks thinned out. Although, we can’t say whether or not he is wearing a hairpiece or wig in this picture. Bret doesn’t seem to be in his usual rockstar element without the bandana. There are unique ways to deal with different hair loss conditions. The preferred methods depend on the severity of the condition.

Does Bret Michael Wear a Wig or Hairpiece?

Does Bret Michael Wear a Wig or Hairpiece?

Because Bret is always wearing his signature bandana, it is difficult for people to tell whether he is wearing a wig or hairpiece.

However, Bret himself revealed he wears hairpiece during an interview in 2008. When he was asked what he was hiding under his bandana.

Bret Michaels in his words responded by saying:

“My hair is combined with my hair and the finest extensions Europe has to offer. I do Rock of Love without it all the time, and they won’t film me. They are like, ‘Put your bandana back on. It is your image.’ It is my signature thing.”

From Bret Michaels’s response, we can say for sure that he wears hairpiece in combination with his natural hair.

Although we can’t tell how much of his natural hair is left and how much hairpiece he uses. We can’t tell for sure the kind of hairpiece he wears. Does he wear a toupee, clip-in, or a full wig on his head?

Even if Bret didn’t disclose the kind of hairpiece he uses, we are sure they are high-quality hairpieces.

Where to Buy Premium Wigs like Bret Michaels?

Where to Buy Premium Wigs like Bret Michaels?

One thing we take from Bret Michaels’s revelation about wearing hairpieces is that he wears only high-quality ones. In his words:

“My hair is combined with my hair and the finest extensions Europe has to offer.”

We can say that one of the best ways to deal with balding using hairpiece is to invest in high-quality hairpieces. These hairpieces are made to blend seamlessly with a person’s natural hair and skin tone.

High-quality men’s hair pieces perfectly conceal areas of the head affected by hair loss in a convenient and undetectable manner. Regardless of the hair loss condition (whether it is receding hairline, bad patches, etc.).

What better place to buy high-quality hairpieces than to buy from Bono Hair? Bono Hair makes the finest male hair pieces from high-quality synthetic and natural human hair. These hairpieces offer a natural-looking temporary solution to common hair loss conditions.

If you don’t want a permanent solution like a hair transplant to deal with your hair loss, then buying high-quality male hair pieces from Bono Hair is the way to go. These hair pieces are convenient to use and easy to maintain. For a wear-and-go solution to your hair loss, Bono Hair has you covered.


It is no news that one’s hair contributes to their identity. Consistently maintaining an identity is what helps one stand out as a recognizable brand. For Bret Michaels, his long hair and bandana greatly contribute to his identity. Despite suffering from hair loss, Bret Michaels is still able to maintain his brand identity. We can’t help but notice this as a sign of resilience and strength.

This further proves that nothing can stop anyone from achieving anything if they put their mind to it. Also, there is always a way around a situation. For Bret, the way his bandana looks. For you, a high-quality male toupee, frontal, or full wig from Bono Hair might be all you need. Don’t let anything stop you today. Are you thinking of buying a high-quality male hairpiece? Click here to pick the one that best meets your needs.


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