Hair Transplant Guide For Men In 2022

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Genetic, age, and hormones when in action- cause severe male pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness refers to the tendency of losing hair in men as age progresses. Half of the men across the US suffer this type of baldness after the age of 50, whereas for some, it starts to appear as young as the early 30s.

On average, a person sheds at least 100 to 120 strands daily as a part of the normal hair regrowth cycle. Normal hair loss is not bothersome; new hair starts to reappear as soon as the old ones fall off, making the hair loss less visible. Problematic hair loss refers to the process during which new hair does not regrow even after several days, causing the scalp to become visible.

The health of hair follicles is to be blamed here. Healthy hair follicles stimulate faster hair regrowth. Genetics, age, medical illnesses, hormones, and environmental damages often deteriorate the lifespan of hair follicles. These follicles shrink due to the combined effect of contributing factors, impacting the hair regrowth cycle adversely.

Early prevention slows down the process of androgenetic hair loss, provided the diagnosis is correct. Most men confuse the male pattern of baldness with seasonal hair loss upon initial stages and consult a physician only when the hair loss is already unmanageable. At this stage, medicines or topical hair loss treatments are nearly useless. These treatments help in stopping hair loss but fail to restore the health of hair follicles.

Progressive hair loss calls for a more severe action plan. Invasive therapies like hair transplants work better in revamping a head full of hair again. Hair transplants, however, are a universe in themselves. One needs to acquire proper knowledge before diving into this ocean; therefore, here is the ultimate guide for men’s hair transplant.

From pros and cons to hair transplant alternatives and total cost, everything has been discussed in detail. Please give it a thorough read to be a wise and knowledgeable consumer.


Hair Transplant Guide for Men in 2021: PREVIEW

  • Introduction
  • Why is Hair Replacement Treatment important?
  • What is a hair transplant?
  • Do Men’s Transplants really work?
  • Hair Transplant 5 Pros and 5 Cons- Unmissable
  • How much does men’s hair replacement cost?
  • Men’s hair replacement alternatives
  • Where to find best men’s hair replacement alternatives
  • Conclusion



To address the hair loss problem in men, the first step towards the issue should be to understand the problem and its root cause better. Less awareness leads to taking measures that flare up the situation and make the person spend tons of money, which is fully avoidable. Besides the point, the person fails to notice any betterment.

Hair loss in men can occur due to uncountable reasons; however, not each type of hair loss requires to be taken seriously or progresses into male pattern baldness. The most common causes for hair loss in men are;

  • Normal hair fall

    – an average person sheds 100 to 120 strands daily. There is no need to panic over it.

  • Seasonal hair fall

    – winters and fall season also impact the hair growth cycle. People may experience more than average hair fall; however, this type of hair fall automatically stops once the season is over. Supporting multivitamins can be taken during this period to help hair thinning.

  • Hair fall due to stress

    – if a person is subjected to emotional distress like excessive workload or psychological trauma like loss of a job or a loved one, all these situations can trigger severe hair loss. Once the distress subsides, hair starts to regrow again.

  • Malnutrition

    – an unhealthy lifestyle contributes to hair loss as well. Not getting enough sleep, and eating junk cause the body to age faster, which brings about age-related changes earlier. At this stage, hair loss can be reversed with topical and oral medications, along with making healthy amendments to the overall lifestyle.

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  • Hair loss due to medical issues

    – diabetes, hypertension, hormonal disturbance, kidney-related disorders, and chronic flu can cause the natural hair to fall off. Here treating the contributory cause ultimately stops the fall; hence, there is no need to address it directly.

  • Alopecia and other hair-related issues

    – alopecia is a condition in which hair starts to fall off without any reason. It may or may not be genetic. Alopecia caused bald patches to appear, making the scalp visible. It is different from male pattern hair loss. There is no treatment for alopecia, and the condition can only be stopped through medications. Hair may or may not regrow after contacting alopecia. Scalp dermatitis, folliculitis, or fungal infection may also cause hair to fall off, but these are treatable medical conditions.

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  • Chemotherapy– cancer treatment, aka chemotherapy or radiation therapy, also cause the hair to fall off. This type of hair loss is reversible. However, it may take up to a year to get a head full of natural hair again.
  • Male Pattern Baldness– male pattern baldness is the condition in which hair starts to fall off following a particular pattern. The scalp starts becoming visible first from the crown, then the sides’ follows, making an “M” like shape. This type of hair loss is irreversible and is said to be genetic. The stats for male pattern baldness are becoming horrendous, affecting one in every two males across the US after the age of 50.
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Why is Hair Replacement for Men Treatment So Important?

No hair is equal to no sense of pride. Hair from the very beginning is considered an important part of human personality. Those having fuller and thick hair always receive attention in the crowd. Impressive hair never fails to turn heads, making people long for naturally beautiful and thicker hair. The increasing pollution and evolution are affecting hair health adversely. Hair thinning is becoming more and more common.

No matter how common it becomes, perceiving healthy and fuller hair as a sign of elegance and beauty is now ingrained in the human mind, which is why the importance of great hair would not fade. Baldness, therefore, is the monster no one ever wants to meet.

The cosmetic industry is also reaping the benefit out of this insecurity of human beings. Big brands introduce hair care products every day, promising people to help get gorgeous hair after using their products. Men are not safe from this phenomenon. Most men fall prey to these brand campaigns, spending tons of money and buying several products.

We understand it is important to have healthy hair; otherwise, the sense of self-worth shatters to pieces.


Psychological Problems Due to Male Pattern Baldness

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  • Low confidence

The foremost problem is low confidence. Men having bald heads feel inferior to their counterparts which affect their overall life functioning. Self-confidence helps humans to function amongst peers and deal with external pressure aptly. Low confidence means Low-pressure tolerance, which further leads to poor problem-solving.

  • Depression

Most men have reported depression-like symptoms such as not wanting to go out, not wanting to perform daily rituals, lethargy, maladaptive thoughts, and dizziness. In severe cases, people report taking antidepressants due to baldness and associated shame. Men are also less expressive towards their emotion and how they feel which multiplies the distress.

  • Anxiety

Palpitation, panic attacks, constant worry, and profuse sweating is also common following baldness. People perceive themselves as not good enough to go out and face the world. The thought of going out without hair provokes uncontrollable anxiety, which affects the life quality of the sufferers.

Some people take abrupt measures like using different hair care products and trying several treatments at a time, which further deteriorates the condition and causes even more anxiety. Financial trouble while spending heaps over hair repair treatments also evokes anxiety. The overall cycle feels like an inescapable circle.

  • Social Phobia

Not wanting to face people is often described as social phobia. A huge part of losing hair is connected to losing appreciation and acceptance from people. Human beings require acknowledgment from their peers as much as they need food and water to sustain themselves. Not receiving enough admiration and recognition leads to severe psychological distress. This further increases the feelings of insecurity.

Nonetheless, having healthy hair is important; therefore, treating hair loss with suitable treatment is essential for normal and healthy daily functioning.  Be it a hair transplant or any other hair replacement for men alternative, it needs to be done in order to save self-esteem and to enhance the sense of self-worth.


What is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon takes hair from the sides or any other area of the scalp and grafts them into the area where baldness is visible. The process is carried out by either a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who is an expert in cosmetic surgeries. It is an invasive process that requires local anesthesia to numb the head.

The first hair transplant was also carried out in 1952 by an NYU dermatologist to treat male pattern baldness. Initially, the doctors utilized the hair plug technique, which involves moving huge tufts of hair from the back or sides to the front.

However, this technique was not well-accepted by people due to its unnatural appearance. Hair transplant via plug technique yields huge hair chunks in the front in a circular shape compared to the natural hairline in which a single follicle results in a single hair strand.

Modern hair transplant techniques were introduced in the late ’90s. This newer technique is now known as FUE (follicular unit extraction). FUE hair transplant in men involves grafting one or two strands in a single follicle, giving off a natural finish. The procedure is more extensive as compared to traditional FUT (follicular unit transplant).

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FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) Procedure

This traditional hair transplant method has the following steps;

  1. The surgeon makes several inches long cuts with the help of a scalpel at the back of the head. A thin strip of skin is removed.
  2. This strip is then cut into several pieces with the help of a knife, and all the pieces are then grafted over bald areas.
  3. The cut is closed by stitches and left for recovery.
  4. For faster healing, the person may need to take antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Procedure

FUE hair transplant, on the other hand, involves the following steps;

  1. Natural hair is extracted from the donor site. The donor site is the area where hair is present in a vast amount.
  2. The area that needs to be treated is then punched with the help of a blade or surgical knife to make several holes.
  3. Extracted hair is then grafted in these holes. The process may take more than one session, depending upon the size of the bald patch.
  4. The head is then covered with bandages or medical tape for recovery.
  5. The doctor will suggest medicines to recover faster.
  6. The doctor may advise sleeping in an upright position after receiving the hair transplant. For at least three nights following the procedure, the person is instructed to sleep on the back with head and back slightly elevated.

Not all people, however, can benefit from a hair transplant. A hair transplant is not possible if a person does not have enough hair strands at the donor site. Additionally, if the overall health profile is not good, the doctor would not allow the person to undergo hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant is widely used to treat male pattern baldness and is a good option if the person is physically fit and possesses the financial resources to bear the hair transplant cost.

After the hair transplant, the grafted hair falls out at about two to three weeks and makes room for new hair, stimulating the hair follicle and restoring the natural hair regrowth cycle. The hair transplant is, therefore, a permanent fix for hair loss in men.


Do Men’s Transplants Really Work?

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A common question encircling consumers’ minds is whether hair transplant for men works. Of course, one would want to be reassured before investing a huge chunk of their money in a procedure.

Compared to the other widely available cosmetic hair products and surgical treatments, hair transplant has a higher success rate, but this cannot promise desirable results to every hair transplant candidate.

There are still certain factors governing the success of hair transplants in men. To discuss a few;

  • Hair transplants work better for those who experience hair loss due to male pattern baldness or some injury. This procedure may not be the ideal choice if the hair loss is due to any medical condition that typically attacks hair follicles.
  • The hair may or may not grow thicker than usual after undergoing a hair transplant. The surgeon cannot predict hair texture beforehand.
  • Over time, the transplanted area may undergo hair thinning, impacting the effectiveness of the procedure. To cater to this issue, some physicians suggest hair regrowth medicines as supportive therapy.
  • A hair transplant cannot be carried out if the person has a serious infection over the scalp or any injury. The scalp needs to be healthy before undergoing hair transplant abrasions.
  • Men with progressive hair loss or hair thinning cannot receive a hair transplant. The procedure calls for having a good amount of hair at the donor’s site, which is not possible in case the hair loss has already taken over the entire head.
  • Men who have been on steroids may not benefit from hair transplants as well. Steroid consumption increases the amount of DHT-dihydrotestosterone, which accelerates hair loss.
  • Men who do not have a hair donor site on the scalp but have enough hair on the chest or beard shall use those. The hair on the chest and beard resemble the hair texture on the head, making a perfect match.

Additionally, the success rate of hair transplants is 10 to 80 percent. The higher fluctuation is due to the individual’s lifestyle, age, genetics, and overall health profile. Post recovery care and transplant maintenance also contribute to some extent.


Hair Transplant 5 Pros and 5 Cons- Unmissable

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Like any other treatment, a hair transplant for men has its risks and benefits involved. Consumers need to weigh the consequences of this surgical procedure according to their own lifestyle preferences.

  1. Promising Results
  2. Natural-Looking Hairline
  3. Low-maintenance Post Treatment care
  4. Higher Success Rate
  5. With improved appearance comes improved self-confidence.
  6. Invasive Surgery
  7. Recovery takes time
  8. Not very cost-effective
  9. Post Recovery Complications
  10. Not suitable for all

Let us walk you through the major pros and cons of hair transplant, so you guide your clients better and suggest hair replacement for men alternatives as per their profiles.


Promising Results

The popularity of any treatment depends upon outcomes. A head full of hair feels utterly rewarding. Rewarding enough that a person forgets the financial dent and recovery pain. Hair regrows after the treatment and lasts a decade, which encourages the consumers to undergo this hefty surgery.

People from various walks of life prefer hair transplants over any other treatment because of its guaranteed and faster results.

Yes! The transplant is also quick in action. As soon as you come out of the treatment session, you can see grafted hair all over your crown. The hair may also grow some inches after some time.


Natural-Looking Hairline

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Hair transplant is almost undetectable. People around are not able to differentiate easily amongst the natural hair or transplanted hair unless the person is vocal about getting the procedure done. Since the cosmetologist grafts natural hair in the follicles, the hairline appears natural, and the transplant is invisible.

Transplanted hair can further be styled easily. Men can use gel or heating tools to shape their hair perfectly, which additionally helps in mimicking naturally grown hair.


Low-maintenance Post Treatment care

A person after a hair transplant does not have to invest in expensive hair products or medications to sustain the procedure. After recovery, the hair can be treated as naturally grown hair without additional support. Regular but mild shampoos and conditioners are enough to clean the hair gently.

Excessive use of heating tools or harsh chemicals may damage the hair or scalp, causing irritation or infection. Treating the transplanted hair gently is all it takes to increase the lifespan of hair transplant surgery- provided an expert surgeon has carried it out.


Higher Success Rate

Hair transplant does not depend upon luck. Instead, it’s a guaranteed procedure after which the natural hair regrows in the treated area. Hair transplant, if executed properly, yields miraculous and long-lasting results. This benefit clearly makes the hair transplant outshine other surgical and non-surgical hair replacement for men solutions.

Many celebrities like John Travolta, Wayne Rooney, Jimmy Carr, and others chose hair transplants and showed noticeable transformations after undergoing surgery. Their aesthetic improvement further made people believe in hair transplant as a go-to option for male pattern baldness and hair thinning.


With improved appearance comes improved self-confidence.

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Hair loss causes serious psychological distress in the sufferer. Hair is considered a vital element of human personality. People with a head full of hair always receive compliments and appreciation, causing others to wish for a similar experience. Hair loss at any point makes the men feel embarrassed. Often people do not want to go out and face the world.

Hair transplant offers an instant boost to self-confidence. When a person no longer sees a bald head in the mirror, it provides an adrenaline rush. It strengthens the inner sense of self-worth and increases the readiness to face the world again.

However, many risks are also attached to hair transplants, so do not jump to conclusions without weighing the pros and cons rationally.


Invasive Surgery

A hair transplant is, without a doubt, a surgical procedure. An expert hair transplant surgeon shall carry out. Otherwise, it can turn into a disaster. To be honest, finding the right surgeon is in itself a struggle. Trusting somebody with your body requires courage and confidence. Even if the person is an expert, the thought of undergoing an invasive treatment always comes with a fair share of fear.

The hair transplant procedure is painful. Although most surgeons numb the area beforehand with the help of local anesthesia, the pain is inevitable after the anesthetic numbness subsides. Especially the FUE hair transplant method, which involves making several holes over the scalp, causes marked distress and discomfort. 

Consumers shall inquire about the hair transplant surgeon carefully. Picking up a surgeon without checking reviews and inquiring is not a wise decision.


Recovery takes time

Recovery demands time and effort. After the Hair transplant surgery, the doctor suggests oral and topical medications to numb the pain and prevent infection. Healing time depends upon the intensity of the procedure as well as the expertise of the cosmetologist.

Smooth recovery demands some measures, such as avoiding scratching the head or pulling hair. The person is also advised to sleep with the head and neck elevated otherwise; the friction may damage the transplant. Direct sunlight exposure also hinders recovery, so it shall be avoided as much as a person can.

Those who do not take recovery seriously face serious consequences like bleeding, scarring, or pus formation.


Not very cost-effective

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Hair transplant is not a cost-effective or affordable hair replacement for men procedure. Medical insurances also usually do not cover the cost of cosmological treatments. The procedure bores a hole in the pocket unless the person has unlimited financial resources.

Talking about the expense, the appointment charges of consultants must also be added along with the cost of products and medications that are required during the post-recovery period. In short, hair transplant is one luxury treatment that requires heaps of money.


Post Recovery Complications

Pain and swelling are the byproducts of hair transplants. The person undergoing this surgery has to take antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications to keep the pain and swelling manageable. The risk of infection is also always involved while going through abrasive treatments.

Post-recovery complications are common after a hair transplant. Folliculitis, itching, inflammation, crust formation, and lucrative pain- to name a few.

Some people may experience dizziness, headache, or inflammation around the eyes. Medications also have adverse effects like diarrhea, bloating, or vomiting. The person has to be mentally prepared for facing the complications. Otherwise, the procedure can turn out to be traumatic.


Not suitable for all

Some people do not have perfect health profiles to bear the pressure of hair transplants. People with compromised immunity, diabetes, thyroidism, and blood pressure problems might not be suitable candidates for hair transplant surgery. After scanning the general health and medical history, only an expert can decide and suggest a hair transplant.

The transplant requires people to consume medications. If the medications are contradictory to any existing health condition, a transplant may not be an ideal choice for the particular client. Overall, hair transplant does generate results but demands an exhaustive commitment- both physically and financially.


How Much Do Men’s Hair Replacements Cost?

Men’s Hair replacement cost depends upon the procedure a person is opting for. Surgical procedures are, of course, more expensive than non-surgical therapies. Cosmetic caps like wigs or toupees cost less than surgical treatments but more than medications or topical hair regrowth serums, creams, shampoos.

Here is a detailed breakdown of hair replacement for men’s cost. Compare the price and guide your customers accordingly.


Men Hair Transplant Cost

Men Hair Transplant (9)

The cost of a men’s hair transplant depends upon various factors. However, it can range somewhere between 5000$ to 15000$. Yes, it’s undoable for most people. The other factors are;

  • Commute cost- how far does the surgeon practice from your house add in the total cost. People may overlook this factor. However, it needs to be considered if the person has a restricted budget.
  • Surgeon’s fees- A hair transplant usually requires two to three sessions along with pre and post-health and recovery assessment. The appointment fees of the surgeon are required to be added to the transplant procedure cost.
  • Medications required to be taken for healing after the surgery also possess a decent cost.

Choosing a hair transplant service over the financial aspect only comes with the risk of post-surgery complications. The surgeon needs to be an expert; otherwise, the outcome may turn out bad.

PRO Tip: Make sure the clinic you chose practices hygiene measures perfectly. Contacting unhygienic surgical tools leads to serious illnesses such as AIDs, Typhoid, Psoriasis, or fungal infections.


PRP Hair Replacement for Men Cost

The cost of PRP settles down between 1000$ to 1500$. Some clinics charge a total cost, while others may ask for per-session charges. Cost also varies as per the type of procedure. General micro-needling costs more than local PRP injections.

The intensity of hair loss, desired hair thickness, and frequency of PRP sessions also contribute to the cost. Commute charges and consultant charges remain the same in this treatment as well.


Men Hair Replacement for Men Units Cost

Men Hair Transplant (10)

Hair replacement for men units such as wigs, toupees, and hairpieces cost less than surgical treatments. As compared to hair transplant or PRP, there is no requirement to see a consultant or even go to a salon. A person can buy directly from a distributor and wear the hair replacement unit by himself with ease.

The cost of these hair replacement for men systems also varies greatly. Roughly it lies between 100$ to 500$, which is very affordable. Luxury pieces like full lace caps or hand-tied monofilament wigs may cost more. Still, it’s a one-time investment only. The systems can be bought online, so there are no additional commute charges.

The cost of these hair replacement for men units varies according to the hair type. If the system is made up of synthetic fiber, it will cost a lot less than the one made with original human hair. Human hair, however, is more manageable and looks natural.


Men’s Hair Replacement Alternatives

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A hair transplant is not one shoe that fits all. If a person is not a suitable candidate for a hair transplant due to medical reasons or does not have financial resources to meet the need, he may look into other hair replacement alternatives.

  • PRP Injection Therapy
  • Laser Caps
  • FDA-approved medications
  • Wigs
  • Male toupees


PRP Injection Therapy

PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy injection is a simple procedure. The doctor takes a blood sample from the particular person and places it in a machine that spins the sample to extract platelets. These platelets are then injected into the scalp of that person via injections. The process may sound complex. However, it does not take more than fifteen minutes. There is no post-recovery phase.

Platelets are protein-based, which is an essential component of growth. These platelets stimulate hair follicles to regrow natural hair. PRP is not ideal once the hair loss becomes markedly visible. It works better on preventive stages when baldness starts to appear, and hair thinning becomes observable. PRP is also not a permanent solution for hair loss.


Laser Caps

Laser beams are all the rage these days. From facial treatments to other cosmetic therapies, these rays are showing tremendous results. Laser caps are now available to promote hair regrowth. These are specially constructed caps that have laser lights installed inside. The person wears the cap and turns the rays on. These rays stimulate hair follicles, causing them to regrow natural hair. While hair thinning can be improved, these rays may not recover the hair loss that has happened due to male pattern baldness.


FDA-approved medications

Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Propecia) are the two most used FDA-approved drugs to use in hair loss. These medicines do not help in growing the hair and works as supportive therapy to slow down the process of hair loss. Propecia is specifically used for male pattern baldness as its main function is to hinder the activity of DHT-dihydrotestosterone. This hormone speeds up genetic baldness, and medication stops it from doing so.

Medications are only helpful if the diagnosis is made way before progressive hair loss or baldness establishes.



Men Hair Transplant (4)

If the person is now visibly bald, hair replacement for men systems are a better alternative. Wigs provide full coverage to those who have male pattern baldness all over the head.

Numerous wigs are available, and a person can choose one easily after matching one to the natural hair color, texture, and style. Most wigs offer a natural-looking hairline, making the hairpiece undetectable.

People are not able to differentiate between wigs and real human hair due to the high-quality fabric and hair texture. The wigs are also affordable and within reach of every other person.


Male toupees

Men Hair Transplant (3)

Male toupees are an extension of hair wigs. It is an advanced form of wig specifically designed for those having hair thinning above the crown only. Toupee provides limited coverage above the crown. The toupee hair blends in smoothly with the natural hair, creating an illusion of a naturally fuller head and healthy hairline.

These hairpieces have smaller caps justifying their affordable cost. Toupees are also available in synthetic and human hair alternatives. A toupee lays flatly above the crown, hiding the receding hairline perfectly. Adhesives like hair tape and hair glue are required to install and secure the toupee in place.

Click HERE to get a FREE quote for male hair pieces at WHOLESALE rates.


Where to Find Best Men’s Hair Replacement Alternatives

Many companies make wigs, toupees, and other hair replacement units for men. Wigs and toupees are available in the market at a varied price range. From $50 to $500 and more, various hairpieces are available according to the customer’s preference and budget. Those who prioritize budget over quality can get cheaper versions. However, those who want their wigs to last longer may invest in premium quality fabrics.

Are the expensive ones more durable? No! The more is not always merrier.

Some companies charge unnecessarily in the name of quality. Customers have to research and go through reviews before purchasing wigs or toupees online. If you deal with clients who demand quality hairpieces at affordable rates, contacting a trustworthy supplier is a must.

Hair Replacement for Men NEAR me

Bono Hair is one of the largest and most established hair replacement for men units manufacturers. We ascertain quality before anything so that distributors do not face disappointment or low sales in the market. If you are a business owner, salon owner, or hair unit distributor, you may get free quotes from Bono Hair. Refined fabric and high-quality material are used in crafting striking hairpieces that perfectly mimic natural hair and hairline.

Most wigs and toupees for men are made with genuine Indian human hair and premium quality silk or PU. The cap construction suits those having sensitive scalp or hair loss due to medical conditions. Luxury caps have a silicone base for maximum quality and comfort.

Often customers demand tailored wigs and send their hair bundle to get a highly customized wig. Our wig designers are experts in converting mere hair bundles into a lavish and most comfortable hair unit—well-trained, skilled workers hand-tied hair strands to the base camp in a skin, lace or monofilament base.


BWN90062 French Lace with Poly All-Around and Lace Front Men’s Lace Hair System

It is a comfortable hair system to meet the requirements of customers. The lace hair system had poly all around, which keeps the scalp comfortable throughout. French lace is a high-quality fabric known for its softness. Therefore, this hair system does not irritate the scalp and is perfect for those who already have a sensitive scalp.

Base camp can be customized according to the given template size. The lace front makes an undetectable hairline for a realistic-looking hair unit.

Men Hair Transplant (20)

Additional Features

  • Base construction: French lace with poly all around and 1/4”lace front
  • Base size: As template
  • Hair type: Indian Remy hair
  • Hair length: 4”
  • Hair color: As hair sample
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: 6cm
  • Front shape: As a template
  • Hair direction: Left crown


BNW10942 Custom Mono Toupee Fine Mono with PU Coated All-Around

With PU coating all around and the finest mono fabric in the center, the wig has additional super fine mono at the front. The hair system is ideal for men who do not want an unrealistic-looking wig. The hair strands are made with Indian Human hair, which is known for its natural appearance and smooth texture.

Men Hair Transplant (21)

Additional Features

  • Base construction: Fine mono in the center, 1″ PU coated at sides and back, 1″ skin gauze at front
  • Base size: As a template
  • Hair type: Indian human hair, including grey hair
  • Hair length: 6”
  • Hair color: As customer’s color ring
  • Hair density: Medium-heavy
  • Hair curl: 2cm
  • Front shape: As the template
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


BNW68152 Mono Base Toupee Factory Fine Mono with PU Coated Sides & Back and Skin Gauze Front

Toupee wearers must look into this ultra-luxurious hair replacement for men system. It has a welded mono in front to give a natural hairline and comfortable experience. The toupee unit suits men who want a comfortable and durable hair system with medium to full hair density.

Men Hair Transplant (22)

Additional Features

  • Base construction: Fine mono in the center, PU coated all around the perimeter, and super fine welded mono in front.
  • Base size: As the template
  • Hair type: Indian Remy hair
  • Hair length: 6”
  • Hair color: As hair sample
  • Hair density: Medium-heavy
  • Hair curl: 3.2cm
  • Front shape: As the template
  • Hair direction: As arrows on the template


IST Custom-made Injected Silicone Toupee Mens Hair Piece

The silicone base is injected with thousands of hair strands to provide the customers with an ultra-realistic experience. This is a luxury piece with the thickest base for those who prioritize comfort over everything. The elegance this piece offers to the wearer makes it a star amongst customers.

Men Hair Transplant (23)

Additional Features

  • Base construction: Silicone skin all over
  • Base size: According to the customer’s template
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length: 8”
  • Hair color: Hair sample
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: Natural straight
  • Front shape: According to the customer’s template
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


FM AFRO Black Male Hair Units Wholesale with 4 mm Curl Hair Wigs for Black Men

This hair system is particularly designed for men having AFRO textured curly hair. If you have customers from different races and they demand wigs in their own natural texture, contact Bono Hair. We make custom wigs and deal in every type of hair texture to help you generate more sales.

Men Hair Transplant (24)

Additional Features

  • Base construction: Fine mono with 1”PU coating around the perimeter
  • Base size: 7*9”, 7*10”, 8*10”, 8*11”, 9*11”, 9*12”
  • Front contour shape: A
  • Hair type: Indian hair
  • Hair length: 5-6”
  • Hair density: Medium-light
  • Hair curl: 4mm
  • Hair colors: #1, #1A,#1B


Hollywood DYF Lace Hair Toupee Price from Men’s Hairpiece Supplies

This is a very uniquely tailored hair replacement for men system. After the hair is hand-tied to the base, a dye has been used in manufacturing in order to give a sophisticated and natural-looking hairline. This piece is ideal for customers who want to transform their personality by wearing a comfortable yet stunning hairpiece.

Men Hair Transplant (1)

Additional Feature

  • Base construction: French lace with 0.12mm-0.14mm poly perimeter and French lace front
  • Base size: 7*8 1/2″
  • Front contour shape: CC
  • Hair type: Indian hair
  • Hair length: 5-6”
  • Hair density: Medium-light
  • Hair curl: 30mm
  • Hair colors: #1


BLN152020 Men’s Grey Wig and Men’s Hair System from Bono Hair

Distributors largely demand grey hairpieces to attend to their customer’s needs. We at Bono Hair respond to the supplier’s demands instantly. This grey hairpiece has a striking shade that makes the customers drool over it.

Men Hair Transplant (2)

Additional Features

  • Base construction: 0.08mm thin skin all over
  • Base size: 13*22cm
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length: 10”
  • Hair color: #1B80
  • Hair density is Medium
  • Hair curl: 2cm
  • Front shape: A
  • Hair direction: Left crown



Male pattern baldness is common across the globe. Men start losing their precious hair after the age of 50, which negatively impacts their overall physical appearance as well as emotional health. Some men start observing the signs of progressive hair loss even earlier. However, utilization of denial or escape as the foremost coping strategy refrains them from contacting physicians at the right moment.

Several treatments are now available to overcome genetic or pattern-related baldness. From medications to surgeries, men spend a ton of money on cosmetic treatments to get their crowns back. Hair transplant is one of the most sought-after surgical treatments through which permanent hair regrowth is possible. Many celebrities and influencers heavily endorse hair transplants due to their guaranteed results.

Hair transplant involves a small surgical procedure over the scalp during which the healthy hair follicles are taken from the donor’s site to transplant over the problematic area. The process requires extensive grafting and may take up to several hours, depending upon the stage of hair loss and the hair density required by the client.

Not all people can get a hair transplant done. It’s a surgical procedure that requires post-surgery care via medications. The medical profile of a person has to be fine before opting for the procedure. Physicians or dermatologists recommend hair transplants after considering the overall health profile.

Hair Replacement for Men NEAR me

Other than medical complications, the major downside of hair transplants is their cost and expense. Consultant’s appointments, medical tests, the actual procedure, and the recovery care require a heavy amount which is not doable for every other person. As salon owners or distributors, you may come across people who want an affordable solution for hair thinning or male pattern baldness.

You may refer to those clients’ natural-looking hair replacement for men units. These units include wonderful wigs, male toupees, and full coverage hair caps. These hair replacement for men systems provide a cost-effective and non-invasive alternative to hair transplant with even better results.

Bono Hair uses advanced techniques to make well-crafted hair replacement systems for men. Our designers customize designs to meet the demands of your customers and supply you with the best wigs and toupees at wholesale rates.

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