How to choose the best stock toupee for end-users?

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How to choose the best stock toupee for end-users?


The right one is the best. 

Different stock toupees have different characteristics. Different characteristics meet different needs. 

However, facing so many stock hair systems, which one is the right one for clients / end-users? Maybe it is not easy to make a choice, especially for those who just started this business. Today we are looking into the characteristics of stock hair systems and try helping you find the answer.

hair systems

Characteristics of a Toupee

In the previous blog post, we once talked about the secrets of making an undetectable hair replacement system and we also have posted a series of blogs about lifespan.


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So, in the many characteristics of a toupee, both naturality and durability are the most important. Besides these two dimensions, is there any other important aspects to value a toupee? The answer is yes.

For example, both for the low latitudes and for the clients who often go to GYM or do other sports, a full skin toupee, obviously, is not their best choice even though it is so natural, invisible and undetectable. What they need is a hair replacement system that is breathable to help them in rejection of heat. On this occasion, good breathability should be the top thing when you help your clients to choose a hair system.

To make it simple, we summarize the following five aspects or five main characteristics of a toupee that you need to consider while choosing the best stock toupee. Naturality, Breathability, Durability, Convenience of Maintenance, Hairstyle.



The base material, ventilation method, and chemical treatment are the three main variables that determine the naturality of a toupee. 

Base Material

Thin skin, lace, and monofilament are the most common materials used for men’s toupee. 

When we talk about the naturality of a toupee, the front hairline is definitely the most important area we care about. Among the three common base materials, both thin skin and lace are the perfect material for the front hairline. Thin skin is actually a clear poly of rather small thickness, about 0.03mm ~ 0.08mm, which is too transparent to be detected. Lace, on the other hand, which has a similar color to the scalp, could be even more natural if choosing a suitable ventilation method and chemical treatment.

Ventilation Method

Different ventilation methods also have different characteristics, such as strong, flat, etc. Some of them could achieve tiny knots or even no knots so that they are used on the front hairline to reach a natural effect, such as Injected, V-looped, Single Hair Single knot.

Chemical Treatment

For lace/mono, whatever ventilation method is used, there will always be knots, even though maybe they are tiny. So, to make it perfect, some chemical treatment, such as bleaching knots and dye after, would be applied to make the knots and hair root to a lighter color to be undetectable. 

Here we recommend two stock models with perfect naturality.

1) Lace front + Single Hair Single Knot + Bleached Knots

hair systems

2) Ultra-Thin Skin 0.03mm + V-looped (No Knots)

Besides the above two models, other stock hair units that have lace/thin skin front are also ok for good naturality.



Both for the low latitudes where are hot and humid and for the clients who often exercise or sweat a lot, breathability is absolutely the key point that the end-users care about for the best stock toupee.

Both lace and mono are good in breathability due to the holes in it, allowing more air or sweat to flow through. The below pictures are shown for a recommendation.




According to the data collected from our test and the feedback from our clients, hair salon/barbershop around the world, the lifespan of a toupee are mainly determined by two aspects, maintenance and the standard of production processes. Regardless of maintenance, base material and bleaching knots or not are the main variables that impact the final lifespan of a good stock toupee.

Commonly, the mono base is stronger than French lace; Thin skin of 0.08mm is stronger than that of 0.06mm, much stronger than 0.03mm; For the materials used around the perimeter, NPU ( net with PU coating) is stronger than PU with gauze, much stronger than clear PU. Attached picture to help you get an idea quickly and easily.

Stock model BH5 and BH5P, with mono in the middle and strong PU perimeter, could reach the longest lifespan up to 6 ~12 months if they are maintained properly. Since the holes in the mono are small, which would be easier to leave the hair conditioner, gel or any other hair products on the base, it requires more patience to clean the base and hair thoroughly during every washing.

For more details about this part, pls click the below hyperlink to check them out.

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Convenience of Maintenance

Glue and tapes are hard to clean, especially when they are mixed with the net, hair, and dust. So, for the convenience of maintenance, we recommend full thin skin units or stock hair units with PU perimeter. Tapes could be easily attached or removed for both SKIN and PU. The SKIN material could also easily prevent the glue from permeating to the hair side. 


Last but not least, we are coming to an important part of Hairstyle. However, the hairstyle is often overlooked when choosing the best stock toupee. Now let’s check it out.



For custom orders, you can choose different hair direction as the below picture shows.

But for stock units, to make it easy for any hairstyle, we make all stock hair systems in FreeStyle.

In this part, what we are talking about is not the hair direction of the stock toupee. It is the final hairstyle end-users want.

For example, BH6, the injected skin unit, has a good flat effect due to this special ventilation method. The hair strand is not vertical to the skin base but in an acute angle while injecting. It is flat enough to cover the neighboring knots and hair root even it is cut to very short, like 1~2cm. So, this injected skin model is more suitable for some hairstyle in short hair length.

In Comparision, the hair unit of thin skin with V-looped knots is more suitable for hairstyles in long hair length. V-looped means the hair strand is knotted to the base as a V. The hair strand direction is not good enough if being cut too short.

hair systems

For the brush back hairstyle, a stock unit with thin skin or a single layer of lace front would be better to choose. While the hair strand is brushed back, the front hairline would be exposed, which asks for the most natural effect. Front in both transparent thin skin with V-looped (no knots) and French lace with bleached knots would be the best choice for brush back hairstyle.


When looking into the characteristics of different stock hair units, we could find that some characters may even be conflicting, such as naturality and durability. The key point is to know clearly the end user’s need. Is it natural or durable, breathable or easy to use? What kind of hairstyle does the client want? When you got the answer, we will help you to choose the best stock toupee to fit your clients.


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