How Much Do Hair Systems and Toupees Cost? 2024 Price Guide

How Much Do Hair Systems and Toupees Cost 2024 Price Guide1


In today’s world, where hair restoration is possible through surgeries and aftercare aftereffects are common, why not consider alternatives such as hair systems and toupees, which are not only safer but also more cost-effective and budget-friendly? Moreover, it is also important to understand how much the hair system costs and toupee costs before embarking on a hair restoration process.

In this article, we will examine the prices of hair systems and toupees in 2024. We will go over everything from the starting price to continuing service expenses so that you can understand what you might predict financially when thinking about our alternative hair restoration options.

How Much Does a Toupee and Hair Replacement System Cost?

When setting up the toupee cost or a hair system cost, many parameters and small variations are considered. The first is that the price of a hairpiece is figured out by its quality, with those created from human hair being slightly more expensive than synthetic hairpieces. Furthermore, the attachment method, whether the toupee is adhesive or clipped in, has a considerable impact on the entire cost of hair replacement systems.

It is always critical to consider maintenance requirements such as regular cleaning and style. A decent toupee or hair replacement system typically costs between several hundred and several thousand dollars. It is a great option for people who want to look more confident, yet, if you spend more money on a trustworthy service and better materials, you may have a more natural appearance and a longer lifespan. Based on the materials and sizes, here are the prices of our best-selling hair systems.

So let us explore each hairpiece’s attribute in more detail.

Base Material

Starting with the base materials, are the core materials used to manufacture the best hair systems based on the client’s specifications, such as base design, color, density, hair type, covering area, hair length, and base size. Bono Hair offers three types of base materials for hair systems, which are listed below:

1. Skin hair system cost:

Skin hair systems are the most demanding choices for men who are looking for a natural appearance as well as durable hair replacement solutions alternatives. These systems come in ultra-thin options like invisible ultra-thin skin hair systems (0.03mm), super skin hair replacement systems (0.06mm), and thicker options such as skin toupees (0.08mm) and poly hair systems (0.08mm).

Let’s discover the differences, pros and cons, and price range of these materials:

a) Invisible Ultra-Thin Skin Hair Systems (0.03mm):
  • Pros: This system will give you a natural appearance and seamless attachment due to its thinness. It also provides good ventilation that is suitable for warm weather.
  • Cons: It may not be as durable as thicker alternatives, and you may need delicate management during its maintenance.
  • Price: This system is typically priced from $195 to $215 because of its high-end options offering premium features.
b) Super Skin Hair Replacement Systems (0.06mm):
  • Pros: This system is slightly thicker compared to other ultra-thin available options; it offers a balance between natural look and durability. It will provide you with good ventilation and are less prone to any damage in contrast to ultra-thin options.
  • Cons: It might require delicate maintenance to prevent it from any damage.
  • Price: Like ultra-thin systems, super skin hair replacement systems typically start from $195.
c) Skin Toupees (0.08mm): 
  • Pros: This thicker skin toupee will enhance the durability compared to other thinner options. You can withstand more and make it more suitable for those individuals who have an active lifestyle.
  • Cons: Thicker materials could slightly change the natural look, particularly about breathability and effortlessness.
  • Price: Skin toupees are priced like ultra-thin and super-skin systems, ranging from $200 to $220.
d) Thicker Poly Hair Systems (0.08mm and above):
  • Pros: This system will offer you maximum durability and a long lifespan. Furthermore, they are extremely durable and can withstand repeated use and styling.
  • Cons: Thicker poly systems could appear less natural and breathable than thinner skin-based alternatives. They may also make more effort to give you a smooth appearance.
  • Price: Thicker poly hair systems may be slightly more expensive, ranging from $200 to $315, depending on their thickness and extra features.

2. Lace hair system cost:

Men’s lace hair systems are immensely popular because of their lightweight, easy-to-wear, and invisible natural look. It comes in five styles: French lace, Swiss lace, lace front, lace with PU/Poly (Polyurethane) back and sides, and lace with a PU perimeter.

Let us discover the differences, pros and cons, and price range of these materials:

a) French Lace Hair Systems:
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  • Pros: French lace is renowned for its durability and natural beauty. It has excellent ventilation, making it suitable for prolonged usage. When applied correctly, French lace hair systems give the appearance of being seamless.
  • Cons: French lace could be slightly less invisible than Swiss lace, although being more durable. Because of its thickness, it may require a greater ability to apply.
  • Price: French lace hair systems often cost $175 to $240, depending on extra features.
b) Swiss Lace Hair Systems:
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  • Pros: Swiss lace is the thinnest and least visible lace material. It has a smooth, natural appearance and is exceptionally breathable. Swiss lace hair systems are light and comfortable to wear.
  • Cons: Compared to French lace, Swiss lace may be less durable and require more delicate handling. It might also be slightly more expensive.
  • Price: Swiss lace hair systems are often slightly more expensive, ranging from $210 to $230, because of to the improved quality of the material.
c) Lace Front Hair Systems:
  • Pros: Lace front hair systems only use lace material at the front hairline, resulting in a natural-looking hairline that integrates smoothly with the wearer’s skin.
  • Cons: While the lace front offers a natural-looking appearance, the other parts of the hair system can be made of varied materials, which could affect overall ventilation and convenience.
  • Price: Lace front hair systems have costs comparable to full lace systems, starting at $205.
d) Lace with PU/Poly Back and Sides:
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  • Pros: Lace combined with PU or Poly back and side increases durability and eases adhesive bonding. The PU material gives added stability and lifespan.
  • Cons: The PU or Poly material might seem a bit less ventilated than lace-free systems. It may also increase the weight of the hairpiece.
  • Price: Lace with PU/Poly back and side hair systems costs between $175 and $220, which is comparable to complete lace.
e) Lace with PU Perimeter:
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  • Pros: Lace with a PU perimeter has the look and feel of lace but with the extra strength and longevity of a PU perimeter. It ensures an effortless adjustment and stable attachment.
  • Cons: Similarly to lace with PU/Poly back and sides, the PU perimeter might hinder ventilation and add weight to the hairpiece.
  • Price: Lace with PU perimeter hair systems are priced comparable to complete lace systems, often between $200 and $250.

3. Mono hair system cost:

Mono hair systems are considered a typical hair replacement option due to their ventilation and durability. It is often available in a variety of combinations, including mono tops with poly perimeters, fine mono with PU, and lace front hairline toupees.

Let us discover the differences, pros and cons, and price range of these materials:

a) Mono Top with a Poly Perimeter:
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  • Pros: The mono top provides longevity and a natural appearance, while the poly perimeter provides strength and easy adhesive application. It is a secure fit and simple to install.
  • Cons: Although resilient, the poly perimeter may hinder airflow compared to a full mono foundation. Furthermore, the poly border may require additional maintenance to maintain its appearance.
  • Price: Mono top with poly perimeter hair systems typically cost between $135 and $175, depending on the quality and added features.
b) Fine Mono with PU:
  • Pros: Fine mono bases provide outstanding resilience and ventilation. When coupled with PU, they increase firmness and ease attachment. It is proper for those looking for a balance of endurance and a natural look.
  • Cons: PU may add weight to the hair system, reducing breathability significantly. Furthermore, PU may require attentive care to avoid breakage.
  • Price: Fine mono with PU hair systems is priced comparable to the mono top with poly perimeter systems, ranging between $175 and $220.
c) Lace Front Hairline Toupee with Mono Base:
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  • Pros: This combination gives you the youthful appearance of a lace front hairline while keeping the strength of a mono foundation. It provides an effortless shift from the hairline to the rest of the system.
  • Cons: While the lace front produces a natural look, the mono base may be slightly less unnoticeable than lace-only systems. Furthermore, the mono base could need extra care to keep its beauty.
  • Price: Lace front hairline toupees with a mono base normally starts from $215.

Base Size

The base size refers to the hair system’s cap size. Bono Hair is offered in three sizes: partial frontal hair system, crown hair pieces, and full cap hair system.

1. Partial Frontal Hair System cost:

Partial frontal hair systems are designed for people who have severe hair loss on the frontal hairline. This system will give you a natural-looking and young appearance, boosting your confidence level. Bono Hair’s BH4-FOREHEAD Receding Hairline Patch Is Forehead Toupee and BH4 FRONTAL Hair System Supplies Male Toupee are priced between $118 and $155.

Here are some pros and cons associated with this hair system as followed:

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  • Natural Appearance: Partial frontal hair systems integrate into existing hair, creating a natural-looking hairline.
  • Customization: These systems can be adjusted to your hair color, type, texture, and density for a more precise fit.
  • Boost Confidence: Restoring one’s natural hairline can dramatically increase self-esteem.
  • Targeted treatment: Treats exclusively frontal hair loss, providing a specific remedy for concentrated hair loss.


  • Price: Partial frontal hair systems may be more expensive due to their unique manufacture and personalization.
  • Maintenance: To keep everything looking good, cleaning, styling, and adjustments must be done on a regular basis.
  • Comfort: Some wearers may experience initial discomfort; however, good fitting may relieve this.
  • Durability: It varies depending on the material, with lace systems requiring special maintenance.

2. Crown Hair Pieces cost:

Crown hair pieces are designed specifically to address hair loss or thinning at the crown of the head, providing covering and volume to restore a more complete look. Bono Hair’s BH4-CROWN Partial Crown Hair System is now available for prices starting from $140 to $150.

When deciding the cost of crown hairpieces, it’s critical to examine the pros and cons:

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  • Overall appearance: This system will perfectly blend with an individual’s natural hair, giving a realistic appearance that can change your overall personality.
  • Customized choice: Customers can also get this hair system of their own preferred hair color, hair density, hair type, hair length, and texture to fit into their existing hairstyle.
  • Confidence level boost: This will increase your self-confidence by adding fullness and volume to your crown area by helping individuals to feel more at ease and confident in their appearance.


  • Keeping maintenance: This hairpiece would need human hair and with regular maintenance,you can keep it beautiful and long-lasting.
  • Initial investment: The cost would depend on the materials used and the personalized features that can give you long-term benefits.
  • Sensitivity of weather: Crown hairpieces might be sensitive to weather and activities that include sweating, and swimming, it all depends on its materials and manufacture.

3. Full Cap Hair System cost:

Full cap hair systems are alternative solutions to cover up your entire scalp which makes it ideal for those experiencing complete baldness. Bono Hair’s full cap system price depends on material and craftsmanship. If you are considering buying one for yourself, look at these pros and cons before making a purchase.


  • Coverage: This system will provide you with full scalp coverage conceal all the affected bald patches and create a natural-looking appearance.
  • Versatility: It will allow you styling options that include hair color, hair lengths, and styles according to individual preference.
  • Durability: This system is typically constructed with durable materials and ensures long-term wear with minimal maintenance.
  • Secure attachment: It offers secure attachment methods like adhesives and tapes that will provide you with a stable and secure fit for the hairpiece.


  • Prices: This hair system is more expensive compared to partial hair systems due to the large amount of material and labor needed for its manufacture.
  • Maintenance: For being durable it requires maintenance to preserve its appearance and ensure proper attachment.
  • Heat Retention: Because of its full coverage it might increase its heat retention,particularly during hot weather that might create discomfort for a few individuals.
  • Weight: As this system gives full coverage to the scalp it can add weight to the scalp that can create discomfort for too few individuals.

Other Factors Affect the Cost of Hair Systems

But you can also keep these few factors in mind while calculating the cost of hair systems.

  • Hair Density: The thickness and quantity of hair fibers within the system are referred to as the hair’s density. A higher hair density requires more hair material and careful handiwork throughout the construction process, which increases the cost of production and the hair system’s price rise.
  • Hair Length: To look natural, longer hair lengths need more raw materials and complex ability. Longer hair could also require more styling and processing to keep the correct form and texture. Due to the high labor and material requirements, hair systems with longer hair lengths typically cost a higher price.
  • Ventilation Methods: The technique for ventilating technique into the hair system’s foundation material may affect the price. The maker must devote different amounts of time and skill to different ventilation procedures, such as injection, looping, and knotting. The cost of the hair system may increase due to complex ventilation techniques that provide a more natural-looking parting or hairline since they increase production costs.

Customers can better understand the different components that influence the cost of hair systems by considering these considerations in addition to the base material. Whether you choose a custom hairpiece with specified hair density, length, or ventilation system, you must measure these elements against your budget to get the right balance of quality and affordability.

Custom Hair Toupee

How Much Do Hair Systems and Toupees Cost 2024 Price Guide2

Custom hair toupees give a customized choice to people undergoing several types of hair loss, allowing them to reclaim their confidence and individuality. Bono Hair offers personalized hair toupees for men and women, allowing consumers to customize their hairpieces based on their individual requirements and tastes.

Here are some vital elements of our customized hair toupee service.

  • Base design and Base size: Clients can choose the desired style, color, length, density, and texture, as well as the size and design of the toupee. Additionally, Bono Hair provides complete, partial, or targeted coverage with hairpieces.
  • Hair Type: Choose the appropriate hair type based on the customer’s requirements for hair quality. You can choose from the following hair type such as Indian hair, Chinese hair, Virgin hair, European hair and Human grey hair, etc.
  • Hair color, length, and density:  With our customization options, you can choose hair length, color, and density to fit in seamlessly with your existing hair. This ensures a personalized look that enhances their unique hair characteristics and preferred trends.
  • Hair Curl and Texture: Customers can also choose the curl pattern and texture of the hair, which makes it simpler for them to achieve the desired look. We offer a range of options, regardless of their desired hair type—straight, wavy, or curly.

Advantages of Customization:

  • Custom Fit: For the ideal fit and comfort, hair toupees manufactured to order are shaped and fitted to the wearer’s head.
  • Natural Appearance: To make a hairpiece that looks authentic and blends in with their own hair, customers can choose the length, type, color, density, curl, and texture of the hair.
  • Enhanced Confidence: A customer’s confidence and self-esteem can be raised with a customized hair toupee that complements their particular style and preferences, making them feel more assured and in control in social and professional settings.

For those who experience various bald patch patterns and thus begin to lose their identity and confidence, a custom hair toupee is the finest alternative. Bono Hair is also offering the custom hair toupee option both for men and women.

You can get customized hair toupee according to your customer’s exact requirements including base size, base design, hair type, hair length, hair color, hair density, hair curl, etc.

You can GET A QUOTE for a customized toupee for MEN or WOMEN and schedule an appointment with us to place an order right away!

The Cost of Using Hair Systems Per Year

How Much Do Hair Systems and Toupees Cost 2024 Price Guide3

Cost is an essential part of buying a hair system. If you want to start using hair systems, then you should know about their annual cost, and how you can keep it for a longer time. Moreover, it will also help you to plan your budget, and make a wise choice before purchasing what to buy. Here are some important queries for you that might help you in setting up your annual cost.

· How long does a hair system last?

An excellent quality hair system is designed in such a way that it could last up to from two months to a year, it all depends on some factors. These factors will include the overall quality of your hair system, and how well you are keeping it, how often you wear it. We suggest regular maintenance and proper care, which will help prolong its lifespan, which guarantees you it is still in good condition if it is workable.

· How many hair systems will you need each year?

The longevity of each individual hair system and how often it is worn figure out how many hair systems are needed annually. For instance, two hair systems would probably be required annually to guarantee ongoing coverage if a hair system is used every day and lasts roughly six months. One may be sufficient, though, if the hair system is worn less regularly and lasts for almost a year. Furthermore, having many hair systems enables rotation, which extends the lifespan of each system by providing it with time to rest.

How to Save Money on Hair Systems?

How Much Do Hair Systems and Toupees Cost 2024 Price Guide4

Earlier we had already discussed the toupee cost, hair system cost and what are the factors that could lead to costs. So now, we will discuss strategies that can help you save a lot of money on hair systems and keep yourself trendy.

Firstly, you should always consider buying the products in bulk quantity and buy them in package deals that are available on discount offers which are currently available on Bono Then, try to do research on different suppliers along with their comparative prices that can help you to find your best deal and you will not need to compromise on the quality. Moreover, you should learn about the basic maintenance of hair systems like cleansing and styling that can extend the lifespan of your beautiful hair toupees and you will not have to have any frequent hair replacement systems. Lastly, always consider the cost-effective options like loyalty and rewards programs offered by Bono Hair to maximize your savings in the right way.

  • Buy toupees & hair systems at Wholesale Prices

In addition to being priced, Bono Hair provides hair systems and toupees at wholesale costs that are of the highest standard. If you are searching for the best wholesaler, buying toupees and hair systems from Bono Hair will enable you to take advantage of cost-effective options such as customized toupees and bulk purchases at a discounted price.

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  • How to get started with buying a toupee?

To get started with buying a toupee from Bono Hair, here are a few steps to start your buying journey:

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  3. Now SIGN UP to get yourself a Wholesale registered account and find the best prices and deals that suit you.
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  • How can you talk to us?

If you still have difficulty creating an account or finding your desired items, our customer support team is always available 24/7 to help you in the best workable way.



At the end of this blog post, you will be able to understand the toupee cost and hair system cost in the best possible manner if you are considering any hair restoration alternatives. By carefully looking at the various prices of our hairpieces in 2024, we have highlighted the affordability and accessibility solutions for all individuals.

From mentioning the first price range to ongoing maintenance, we have explored many factors that have a greater impact on the cost. In addition to this, we have also discussed various strategies for maximizing your savings while making purchases and the benefits that you can enjoy.

So, if you are just about to start your hair replacement journey or desire to upgrade your current hair system then consider as your most authentic and budget-friendly wholesale supplier which can help you to make informed decisions as well as achieve your lost confidence and overall appearance of your desired dreams.

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