Why Is John Travolta Bald and His Wig History

Why Is John Travolta Bald and His Wig History

How did You Feel About John Travolta’s Big Reveal on Social Media?

Just like you, many people were surprised and curious at the same time. The two questions on most people’s minds were:

  1. Has John Travolta always been bald?
  2. Why is John Travolta bald?

Looking back at the actor’s history, we can say he hasn’t always been bald. John Travolta was known for his long hair in the 70s and 80s. One of the reasons the Grease actor’s character became so recognizable is because of his hair.

Since his full long hair stood out in the early stages of his career, people quickly noticed when his hair started thinning out around the 90s. So, the change from once full and long hair to receding hairlines and thinning around the crown, shows that the star has not always been bald.

Now, the big question is – if John Travolta hasn’t always been bald, why is he bald now?

Well, hair conditions like baldness are often genetic. A person who tends to be bald from their genes is not likely to show signs of baldness until their later years. They will enjoy their full hairline for a long time before they start noticing thinning hairs and changes in the pattern of their hairline.

Before we look at the reasons for John Travolta’s baldness in detail, let us remind you of who John Travolta is.

John Travolta is a 64-year-old famous and accomplished Hollywood actor. His acting career started with his role in the American Sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter from 1975 to 1979. Aside from his appearance in the sitcom, the actor was a part of other productions (both personal and others).

Although these productions made him famous, his major big break came after he played Grease. Grease pushed his Hollywood career further and quickly made him a household name. John Travolta continued to feature in different productions over the years. We have seen the stellar actor star in successful movies even in recent times like, Paradise City.

John Travolta’s consistent screen appearance over the years has made him loved by lots of Americans. No wonder almost everyone seems to be interested in his appearance looking at the reaction from his baldness.

People’s interest in John Travolta led to the question: Why is John Travolta Bald? After his big reveal.

Why is John Travolta Bald?

Why is John Travolta Bald?

Looking at John Travolta’s picture before going bald publicly, we noticed the changes in his hairline and hair volume around the crown of his head. These are common signs of natural male balding (which is usually genetic) that happen as they grow older.

This kind of balding is also referred to as Male Androgenetic Alopecia (MAA). According to Healthline:

” When hair loss is caused by your genetics, it occurs in a predictable pattern often referred to as male pattern baldness (MPB) or female pattern baldness (FPB). For men, MPB starts as an m-shaped recession at the front of your scalp and often starts in your 20s or 30s. About 80 percent of men experience MPB by age 80. “

Since John Travolta is already past age 60, we can understand the reason for his baldness.

When Did John Travolta Baldness Start?

How John Travolta has managed to show up in different hairstyles with a full hairline over the years has left many people wondering. Following his baldness reveal, many people wondered when he started noticing his baldness.

Well, John Travolta’s baldness started in his late 30s. His hair became thinner, and the shape of the hairline started changing. The shape of the hairline changed from a full one to an M-shaped one. Having an M-shaped hairline is one of the symptoms of baldness.

Aside from the changes in the shape of his hairline, John Travolta’s hair generally got thinner. You could see his scalp merely looking at his hair. The growth of his baldness opened a new chapter of his life: Wigs!

When Did John Travolta Start Wearing Wigs?

When Did John Travolta Baldness Start?

John Travolta started wearing wigs in the early 2000s when his hair started thinning out so badly. We could tell that this is when his wig game started because of the frequent changes in his hairstyle.

Looking at his pictures from different events, we could see him wear hairstyles varying in length and color just a few days apart. Even if this doesn’t prove for sure that he is wearing wigs, the changes in the shape of his hairline did. You can’t have different hairlines except you are wearing wigs.

While John Travolta went bald for his movie role in 2010, the actor has gone ahead to rock different hair pieces over the years leading to his big reveal in 2019.

John Travolta’s Wig and Hairline Transition

Looking at his different hairstyle transitions, we can easily say that John Travolta was wearing a wig. One thing that stands out in John Travolta’s wig game is the hairline transition. The wig hairline transition quickly sold him out.

You can notice the wig and hairline transition in the pictures below.

a. Full Head of Hair

John Travolta’s Wig and Hairline Transition:Full Head of Hair

Looking at the picture above, you can see that John Travolta’s hairline looks full as well as the general hair on his head. We don’t think he has started experiencing balding at this point.

b. Signs of Balding (Receding Hairline)

John Travolta’s Wig and Hairline Transition:Signs of Balding

From the picture above, you will notice that his hairline has started receding and going further back towards his head. That is one of the early signs of balding in men, the hairline also forms the shape of the letter M.

Looking at this picture and the previous one, we can see a significant change in his hair volume and hairline shape.

c. The Wig Era

The actor must have started wearing wigs around this time considering the loss of volume his hair started experiencing. We could also see the swift transition from thinning hair to a fuller one. Take a look at the pictures below.

John Travolta’s Wig and Hairline Transition:The Wig Era

You can see from the picture above that the actor’s hair appears thin and the hairline is more receded than what we saw in the previous picture. Now compare this with the next picture below.

ohn Travolta with a more defined hairline

What did you notice with this picture? Well, from the picture you can tell that his hair looks fuller with a more defined hairline. Even if the hairlines look similar in both pictures, you can tell that the latter is cleaner.

We can assume that John Travolta is wearing a wig here. Although you might not be able to tell from just this picture, this next picture gives it all away.

John Travolta is wearing a wig here

Can you see the changes in his hairline from this picture? Well, we did. We noticed that the shape of his hairline drastically changed in this picture. His hairline has transitioned from the natural M-shaped hairline to a more defined U-shaped hairline revealing mostly the center of his forehead.

The shape of one’s hairline usually doesn’t change overnight, except if you do one of these two things:

a. Undergo a hair transplant.
b. Wear a full frontal wig/toupee.

For John Travolta’s situation, he went for a wig/toupee. Looking at the whitish glue residue on the edges of his hair, you can easily tell he is wearing a wig.

Aside from John Travolta’s sudden fuller hairline and hair suggesting he is wearing a wig, we could also see how he was able to reclaim his full hairline quickly when signs of baldness started showing.

How to Achieve a Full Head of Hair Like John Travolta

How to Achieve a Full Head of Hair Like John Travolta

Looking at John Travolta’s hair transition, we can see how he moved from having a full head of hair to experiencing receding hairline, and thinning, and how he eventually achieved a full head of hair before going completely bald.

Do you experience any form of hair loss (receding hairline, balding, shedding, etc) and want to reclaim your full head of hair like John Travolta?

Well, there are a couple of ways you can go about this:

1. Hair Transplant

Just as the name implies, hair transplant involves removing hair follicles from hair-rich areas and then planting them in hair-deficient areas of the scalp. This method of hair loss treatment can be expensive. Also, you might not be a candidate for a hair transplant if you have over 50% of hair loss.

2. Medications

Some over-the-counter medications are known to treat hair loss caused by diseases. These drugs won’t help if your hair loss is genetic.

3. Laser Light / Hair Tattoos

Laser lights like blue infrared light are said to improve hair volume (although more research needs to be done to ascertain this). Hair tattoos are also used to cover up balding areas, this might not be a good solution if you are looking to achieve a full head of real hair strands.

4. Hair Pieces

When it comes to achieving a full head of hair after experiencing baldness, then hair pieces (wigs and toupees) are by far the best options.

With wigs and toupees, you can quickly replace your thinning hairline with a fuller one without a surgical process for a far more cheaper price.

Aside from the convenience of wearing them and removing them as you please, they replace your natural hair perfectly with individual real hair strands. Plus you can find hair pieces that look just like your natural hair.

Looking at John Travolta’s hair journey, one thing we can say is that he wore high-quality hair pieces. This is equally a way to go if you want to get a full head of hair with a natural hair feel.

Wondering How You can Get a High-Quality Hairpiece?

Look no further. Bono Hair got you covered. You can buy high-quality human hair male wigs and toupees like John Travolta’s by simply clicking here on Bono Hair. With Bono Hair, you are sure to rock a full head of hair like you’ve always wanted regardless of your balding pattern while getting a great value for your money.


John Travolta’s hair journey is sure an inspirational one. Moving from having a full head of hair to going bald. Regardless of the hair transition, it did not stop the actor from making great accomplishments.

This further emphasizes that you can look however you choose to look regardless of the situation. Bono Hair is here to help you easily navigate your hair journey as well.

Do you have any questions? Do let us know.


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